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Dolphins pick Vontae Davis in the first round

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis moments ago and told him he'd be the Dolphins first round draft pick this year. And sure enough, the Dolphins selected him moments later.

The Davis addition immediately fills a major need for the Dolphins. The team had signed Eric Green as a free agent earlier this offseason, but Davis is expected to compete with Green and Jason Allen for that job.

"I had a workout with them and I knew they were one of the team interested in me," Davis said. "I'm a physical corner. I fit the style of their defense with my physical play and I can be aggressive."

There is no question Davis is a physical speciman. He is 5-11 and 203 pounds. But his ability to accept coaching has been questioned. And there are also rumors about whether he is something of a prima donna.

Davis doesn't think that is so. 

"I'm a great person," he just said. "They know what kind of person I really am. Everybody that knows Vontae knows what type of person I am."

Davis said his goal his rookie year is to be the "Player of the year in the Natonal Football League."


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Gort, Optimus Prime????what the duece??

Brace gone. Crap.

The Pats OWN us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pats take our guy. Thats wack.

I officially hate Brace & Butler!! Damned Patsies...

butler gon...damm!

wow. First Ron brace then Butler. Miami just got creamed by the Belicheat

Well, we don't get Darrius Butler. We get to face him. And that will probably mean Vontae Davis will face comparisons to Butler. At least for Dolphins fans.

Everette Brown?

And wow does butler look like he's gonna be good.

dam u pats dam u ..................

Brace and Butler!! Arrgghhh -- I'm dying here!

Once again the Pats prove their genius while everyone else looks like they belong on the short yellow bus...how do they do it time after time

NE takes Brace & Butler - nice block on the dolphins - NE showing everyone how to run a draft.

Phucking Pats got Brace and Butler We can't hang with these guys at this pace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Brace to the Patriots. As i've reported before, the Dolphins never called Brace, never interviewed Brace, never worked out Brace. So that doesn't hurt.

But ...

The Patriots also take Darius Butler. That hurts like all get-out.

Did someone just hand our car keys to the Pats too?
either that or we just left our clipboard on a pats seat

we going WR at 44?

Guys admit that the pats have the NFL in there pockets, must be nice to be the flagship team huh???

Damn NE is loading up everywhere, im surprised we havent made a trade noticing how our 09-10 opponents are championship contenders

I hate the Pats they are so weak

Finsfan4life, weren't you one of the ones who didn't want Boldin? Glad you came around even if it took you a while.

Several outside rusher still available!! Trade down a couple of picks and
Get more!! NP can't let his prodigee do it better than him!!

this vontae guy has a bad attitude! why not take the fat korean LB from SC mamaluga??

does this mean the pats don't break the bank for wilfork next year?

would've liked butler to fall to us and give us another corner.

maybe the sean smith guy from utah?

I HATE THE PATS. HOPE they FAIL. They are phucksticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the pats came in and partyed with me i passed out they just left and for some strange reason my azzzzzzzzz hurts

Byrd now too, sigh will ANY of our targets be left. nothing left at Wr except tate in rnd 3

Hope we get Boldin

I hear bill (the tuna) parcells ate a entire prime rib roast last nite in jersy, mando can you confirm this??????

brown or barwin?
brown or barwin?
brown or barwin?
brown or barwin?
brown or barwin?

who have panthers come to steal from us now?!

Brown gone right before us...ughh

we can say now that armando was very wong on many fronts but that will save for some other day and kilper doesn't know any thing about draft choicec.
Sanchez my hero
love number 5
jets are back in a big way
to clean the ground with
dead fish
jason come back
1-15 has 5 in it
i love the new daddy of the fins

By the way this from Vontae Davis on whether he thinks he can handle covering Terrell Owens and Randy Moss:

"Oh yeah, I am ready. I am going to get ready."

armando what are you hearing here now? what are your thoughts right before the pick?

Bill and the boys gotta wake up...this sucks

mando get on the blog tell us somethng im loseing it here wouldnt mind haveing u around while the fins pick.

Ive been for Boldin since he came on the market. we would be nasty on with him.


U think Belicheat is edging with BP's mind?? BP taught him everything he knows & Tuna can't even trade down!! Belicheat is making Tuna his bi**tch!!


here we go.....

Would everyone just relax! Just becaues the Pats pick-em doesn't mean they will all be good.

at 44...
1. Conner Barwin
2. Sean Smith
3. Michael Johnson

i love vontae davis but we are getting b*tch slapped by the rest of the league, everyone is jumping right in front of us

we are on the clock what do ya think, WR, or NT, perhaps OLB

Michael Johnson is still there so is Jared Cook and Sintim

We are DEAD last in this draft in the AFC East...

I guess Miami saw no need to move up in this draft. I don't agree with the strategy. New England seems to know their divisional opponents needs and then work to subvert them. Its uncanny if nothing else.

Sintim or Smith.

they are purposely going to commercial when we pick to annoy us for not letting us have access to their draft room or interviews . damn NFL network you s%ck!

People need to relax...phins gonna be ok..no need to get worked up over players that havent even hit the pro field yet.

did peppers get traded to san fran.

These bitches go to comm every time Phins pick!

Carolina knew Miami would take Everette Brown, and they just traded next year's #1 pick to scoop us! Damn!

CUBAN,why dolphin fans not happy to be behind the Pats in the NFL ladder,what you think of sanchez as a future daddy to njphinfan and the like of rex ?

Lol commercial again right before miami picks


WTF. Is everyone of our picks gonna be interupted by a $@cking commercial!

Whats with the commercial breaks everytime the phins pick. The Berman curse strikes again! I hate that guy! ESPN missed the 1st round pik for miami.

Pat White??? WTF!?!?!?!?

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