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Dolphins pick Vontae Davis in the first round

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland called Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis moments ago and told him he'd be the Dolphins first round draft pick this year. And sure enough, the Dolphins selected him moments later.

The Davis addition immediately fills a major need for the Dolphins. The team had signed Eric Green as a free agent earlier this offseason, but Davis is expected to compete with Green and Jason Allen for that job.

"I had a workout with them and I knew they were one of the team interested in me," Davis said. "I'm a physical corner. I fit the style of their defense with my physical play and I can be aggressive."

There is no question Davis is a physical speciman. He is 5-11 and 203 pounds. But his ability to accept coaching has been questioned. And there are also rumors about whether he is something of a prima donna.

Davis doesn't think that is so. 

"I'm a great person," he just said. "They know what kind of person I really am. Everybody that knows Vontae knows what type of person I am."

Davis said his goal his rookie year is to be the "Player of the year in the Natonal Football League."


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mando calls it


Wow!! White!!


Plays receiver and QB and in the wildcat.

PAt White no way,,, hahaha that is a wildcat pick

wtf mando are u related to walter mercado..???

PAT WHITE?! no johnson, no barwin, no smitth??????????????

Nice pick Mando. Welcome to the Dolphins Pat.

yo they can't be series. This must be some kind of an error by ESPN or some sort of a sick joke.

goodbye beck the developmental back up while running the WILDCAT. nice!

NJ, I guess you are LYAO right about now.

Waste of a pick...Pat White pick44

Phins pick Pat White

yes pat white!!!!

the spread is in the NFL!!!!

Pat White ??...is what we need???...I dont understand

You guys kill me with Davis. Who of you knows him personally? If you do not know him personally you cannot speak intelligently about his character. Have you talked to him? Do you have specific examples of his character flaws? Or are you just a bunch of sheep following some blog hack who cant think of anything wrong with the guys game and decides to write he has maturity issues...lol...at 22 I had a lot of maturity issues. Get lives. Go breathe.

Pat White: Reach. Beck is gone.

What a waste of a pick, could have got him in the 3rd or 4th easily if not later. With Barwin Johnson and Smith on the board, wow

How long before Miami trades John Beck?

Ted Ginn is not great? Gee Mel, tell us something we don't already know!

White is a good pick.

WTF ????

Pat White great athlete - not sure how he fits into the program but he's versatile.

Marcus. yeah at you. how did butler work out. LMAO.

Maycock says White will beat out Henne next year.

I cant believe this

Pat White = WINNER! WILDCAT will be AWESOME with Pat! Tuna does it AGAIN! We are so damn LUCK to have Tuna! GREAT 2nd round pick!


Fat AZZ Tuna 2009 draft BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

giants and pats taking all our players....no really...PAT WHITE?!

who's white ?is he a sanchez ? NO, WTF

gentlemen, u wanted an offensive explosion?? Well u got it!!!

Sorry Fin, must have mistaken you for someone else. There goes one 2nd....Boldin almost gone. Don't blow this Parcells.

Then Maycock is not very bright

positive guys jason taylor is back baby

pat white? i just pooped my pants!!! what a waste! pretty high pick to spend on a niche player for a prop offense when other needs were more pressing. first killer mistake of the parcells era

NFL Network is losing as much $ as NFL Europe & U CAN TELL!! WTF!!!! I've never seen so many commercials in my life..

We got the wrong Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat White woulda been there with second of seconds .
Hard to pass up on Sintim !

The guy that was projected to b mr irrelevant
Just got a call from Al Davis

A failure of titanic proportions. I am so depressed.



round 1 n 2 no starters thats GRRRREAT!

This is such a waste of a pick. With som many critical needs (DE, OLB, more CB') he last thing we need is a hybrid QB. Now Stintim and Barwin are gone. This draft is a nightmare so far.

I think that the Tuna is starting to get stinky.

The guys from NFL network said White is better than Sanchez but since he is only!!! 6'-1" he fell.

WE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vontae is soo conceded, he already was speaking of himself in the 3rd person!! who says im a 'great person'!!!

Drug test Parcells.

ESPN has lost all credibility especially mel kiper the expert.. they all just knocked the fish pick and NEVER once mentioned the WILDCAT!

mel said this has to be for WR...lol..

I love the White Pick.

To add insult to injury, NE picked Brace and then Butler. Still no WR or DT or anyone that can rush the passer. Davis will be the bust of the draft. This is killing me.

When did Bill and Cam hook up?

Well its going to be another long year..6-10 at best this year!

Unless they deal Beck and then deal Brown for Boldin then this draft is a huge failure. Love Brown but White can ONLY run the wildcat so I assume they see Brown as expendable. Shaking my head. God I hope something is up because this cant be it.

If you like White, do you really think he wouldn't be there with the second pick? We lose Sintim by taking White. Who was going to pick White ahead of us?

Kruger would help a lot here.

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He's already referring to himself in the third person by first name. Bummer.

As long as he plays big and is coachable, I'll take the big ego.

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