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Dolphins pick WR Brian Hartline in fourth round

The Dolphins have just drafted a very excited and engaging young man in the fourth round, taking Ohio State slot receiver Brian Hartline in the fourth round.

"I'm super competitive and hate to lose," Hartline just said. "No one is ever going to out-work me. I'll do anything for our team to win."

Hartline, who is 6-2 and 195, ran a 4.58 time in the 40-yard dash at the Indy Combine. He compares himself to former Ohio State and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who is his mentor.

"I like what he does," Hartline said. "I like what he brings to the table. But I'm my own player. I don't know what Miami has in mind, but whatever they have in mind I'll get the job done."

Hartline will make the team -- just about every fourth-round pick does -- but to be active on game days he's going to have to play special teams. And he's apparently ready for that.

"I'm a big kickoff coverage guy," he said. "I love cracking heads."

Hartline is getting married May 23 to a young lady named Lindsay Smith. That isn't necessarily the first thought in his mind this hour.

"I can't wait to get down there and get to work," Hartline said. "My heart is beating out of my chest right now I'm so excited."


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NIce, sounds like a great kid.

yet more proof espners are dopes---they're debating whether John Beck is/should be on the trading block,or whether he's a keeper as 3rd qb--is this really an issue now????

I wouldn't be opposed to moving up for Taylor right now. With so many teams going to 3-4 he may be gone before we pick again.

Mando, what is your take...what do you know about him/

NFL.com analysis

Hartline tested unbelievably well. He's got more quickness than speed. He may have been better served staying in school. He's got good size for a receiver and has a great mental makeup, which is a key element to what Bill Parcells looks for in building his team.

Hey Mando, earlier you had written that you favored JT to sign with NE, at this point of the draft would you say the odds have changed to favor the fish as his landing spot?

Has very good hands

Hartlines 33inch vertical makes him a legitimate redzone threat

Still need a NT and more G/T/LB and S deph.

Sounds like a kid with his head on right!


This just shows you that Camarillo will not be ready for season start.... they know it

I don't know what to think about the Fins now. Wilford is gone for sure. Camarillo? Bess? One of those guys is gone too. Unless the team just threw away one of the two picks in the third and fourth round!!

I think this guy is a bigger Wes Welker. Very quick according to his reputation. I'm not saying he's going to be as good as Wes Welker. I am saying he's not your No. 1 WR. He's a slot guy.

hey macho harris is still available... good value in RD 5.

GM, nice video..looks fast, great hands



One thing I know about this draft is that
most of these picks, considering where they
were chosen, are high risk/reward type
of players. Is that a good strategy for
the Phins who never got Top 10 picks
in any of the rounds except the 4th?
Maybe. Is that a good strategy for them
in the Year 2 of rebuilding? Don't know.
I have a weird hunch that this Hartline
kid is a total ball-buster in the Wes Welker mold,
only slower. Might be more productive than
his OSU alum in Ginn (or Robiskie).
I trust Peter King's assessment on the kid.

Speaking of Ginn, Roddy White and even
Steve Smith never got going until their 3rd ear in the league.
I am not giving up on him just yet.

Georgia, too early to change tell you for sure about JT. I have not made the proper phone calls on that issue to give you the answer. Later.

Well his youtube videos are impressive. You can tell he is a competitor and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. And he is a HITTER on kickoff coverage!

DaRealMr305,please hit the CAPS key

Looks to me like we are drafting guys that can do something once we are in the red zone. Great picks!

Mando what are your thoughts?

With the run on the wideouts I believe BP is sending a message loud and clear this season. That its either put out or get out!

ARMANDOOOO make the JT calllll!!! I wanna know.

I would love to have him back. If nothing else for his leadership qualities!!!


Hey Armando, was Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline worked out with Chad Henne? I heard that Chad was brought along with the coaching staff to throw to potential picks?

P.S. Don't be so down on Vonte. Really.

He's a good athlete. Killed it at the Combine; best 60-yard shuttle of any WR; and he ran 4.52 not 4.58. Anyway, Peter King likes him and thought he could go in round 2;

Would Franz Joseph from FAU be a reach with our next pick? They say he would have been a first day pick if he had stayed at Boston College.

They Keep
Bess #2
London #ST
Cam #3
Turner #4
Hartline# ST

White will be “listed” as 3rd QB. Beck is history.

Shows you the offensive will have more 3-4 WR sets.

No wonder we’re not taking a TE


While I don't expect these WRs to be anything groundbreaking, I do question whether this is an indication management doesn't believe in Brandon London's 'potential' as much as previously thought. Your take?

thank you Mando though I don't know how much JT has left in the tank though I don't think a one year contract could hurt as far as the cap. The Fins should have room to fit him in this year.

Agree with Superfin72 about the competition.
We had TWO urgent areas of needs - WR and CB.
And by bringing in bunch of picks in those two areas,
you know it's going to be a damn dog fight come
training camp and competition brings out the best
in everyone, so that's GREAT. NOBODY will sit on their asses
and do a half-ass job on non of the snaps.
Man, I'd like that and you know Tuna and Tony will
LOVE that!! Bess, Camarillo, and Ginn might have never been
the true protypical WR's that Tuna wanted in the first place,
so if Tunrer and Hartline end up replacing two of the three
via outproducing,I can live with that.

Good pick. We are definitely addressing the WR and CB positions. People make it from each round and produce, sometimes a crapshoot, playing the percentages, if we get one CB and one WR that does real well for us of these 4 then we are actually doing pretty well and getting the help at needed positions, rather than having our misses come out at a position of need and our hits coming out at a position of strength. Interesting draft that is making some sense to me.

Armando, donde estas?

What is your feedback?

a long wait until 161 & 165

From reading around, it looks as if Pat White was the only player Miami wanted in the whole draft. After looking at his highlights, I see why. He has Michael Vick ability. Michael Vick is faster but Pat has his quicks... Pat is a better passer too... I am excited to see him play in Miami... Ireland sounded as if he was his guy and has a future as a starter for Miami.

Hartline was a 4th rounder.

Hartline? What about Duke Robinson for fudge sakes!!!!!!!!!!

I'm here stating.

Ian: I would say the last two picks were a swift kick in the behind to Brandon London and Ernest Wilford (Turner) and also one to Camarillo and Bess (Hartline).

Just like Pat White had to get John Beck's attention.

coolito ur spot on as usual ur on a streak.

As I think I shared with you yesterday, my favorite pick so far has been Pat White. I LOVE that pick.

no trading up for a DT/OLB (Sidbury) OG?

Wilford can take his 6 mil and disappear--what a wiff by Ireland on this signing. Unfortunately I think this signals the end for camarillo. damaged goods. He will never be forgotten in Dolphin lore for his TD and keeping us from going winless.

Well all of a sudden we're almost too deep at WR.

Pat White WILL NOT be listed as the 3rd QB. He'll be the emergency QB but still listed as a position player. 3rd qb's can't play unless the 1st &2nd guy goes down and if they do play the 1st stringer can't re-enter the game.

I smell a trade of Ginn for Boldin or Braylon Edwards.

I'm surprised the Dolphins have selected WR for 3 straight picks. I was a glaring need, but there are others - how about pass rushers? NT? I hope someone becomes available around training camp time. We could use the depth at those positions.
Armando - do you think the Dolphins are completely out of trade talks with Boldin now? Do you think some of these drafted WR would make good trade bait?

armando i love the pat white pick as well only because it adds confusion to defense and my fave part it gets pennington off the field for a series and gets things intresting... awsome pick i agree.

Armando spot on with your comparison to anthony gonzales & Hartline. good insight!

Zed, don't see it mate. Cards aint giving up Boldin for Ginn...not worth it. maybe with pic from next year but will tuna wanna give that up? doubt it

Edwards more realistic but still doubtful

Ginn, Beck and anyone else that you guys would like to trade have no value. What's the point of trading someone like that if you can't get quality picks in return?

Armando, do u agree with Culitio's receiver list? Camarillo just signed a contract extention and he kicked A before getting

I think London is gone & Hartline
Takes his spot in ST..

Your thoughts??

Armando, do u agree with Culitio's receiver list? Camarillo just signed a contract extention and he kicked A before getting

I think London is gone & Hartline
Takes his spot in ST..

Your thoughts??

P.S. another team passes on Duke Robinson and selects a different guard. This guy must not be that good.

To the people that think we'll go after Boldin.

We have what 13 mil in cap room?Boldin is going to get 10 mil,that leaves us 3 mil to sign our draft picks.

Boldin will not be a Dolphin

A lot of other teams would like Ginn's speed and youth. I just don't think he's a Parcells type.

Another point...really hate Miami didn't grab VAUGHN MARTIN(Chargers). He's a stud that could have been molded behind Ferguson for a year or so and NT is our biggest weakness right now.

Contract can be spread out and worked to ease the cap. Not too mention if you send another contract to the other team that creates room.

Zed agree with you bout Ginn having SOME value but im just saying that he isnt enough on his own to get Boldin.

The Eagles have sent two of their many fifth-round draft picks to the Pats for veteran cornerback Ellis Hobbs

No need to go OLB now. JT is available and now so is Leroy Hill since Seattle took the franchise label off.

Louis Murphy was picked by Oakland. He might end up being better than Heywerd-Bey.

would have liked austin collie, or sidbury come to that. Just dont get Hartline pick

Wes Welker like, a slot guy? I don't get it, didn't Jerry Rice have similar speed at around 4.5 - .6, and size at 6'2" 200 lbs?

Not saying he'll be the next Rice, but comparing him to a slot guy at 180 lbs?

Blazing speed is NOT required in the NFL, ability to separate, run routes and catch the ball are. Apparently this guy can do all three. Plus he's not afraid to take a hit or give one.

I think this guy is a bigger Wes Welker. Very quick according to his reputation. I'm not saying he's going to be as good as Wes Welker. I am saying he's not your No. 1 WR. He's a slot guy.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 26, 2009 at 01:00 PM

I can no longer listen to one thing coming out of Kiper's mouth. I am can't take 1 more commercial on NFL Network.. I am in the garage drinking a
corona & listening to NFL Sirius..

The coverage is crazy good!! They talk about the selecting teams needs & then discuss the player selected!! I can't believe I wastes so much time watching tv seeing networks interview the water boyz of certain teams..

RobbyMarino listened to sirus online couple years ago, was great coverage, u gotta online link by anychance?

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