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Dolphins pick WR Brian Hartline in fourth round

The Dolphins have just drafted a very excited and engaging young man in the fourth round, taking Ohio State slot receiver Brian Hartline in the fourth round.

"I'm super competitive and hate to lose," Hartline just said. "No one is ever going to out-work me. I'll do anything for our team to win."

Hartline, who is 6-2 and 195, ran a 4.58 time in the 40-yard dash at the Indy Combine. He compares himself to former Ohio State and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who is his mentor.

"I like what he does," Hartline said. "I like what he brings to the table. But I'm my own player. I don't know what Miami has in mind, but whatever they have in mind I'll get the job done."

Hartline will make the team -- just about every fourth-round pick does -- but to be active on game days he's going to have to play special teams. And he's apparently ready for that.

"I'm a big kickoff coverage guy," he said. "I love cracking heads."

Hartline is getting married May 23 to a young lady named Lindsay Smith. That isn't necessarily the first thought in his mind this hour.

"I can't wait to get down there and get to work," Hartline said. "My heart is beating out of my chest right now I'm so excited."


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Chris: sorry bud.. They removed my online feature when the merged with XM (had 2 pay 3 yrs)

If u guys can get it somehow, Gil Brandt is awesome & makes Kiper sound like a wannabe & a chump

All I know is:

THIS DRAFT IS WEAK MAN!!!!!! It's like every pick by every team is a guess. A shot in the dark.

Give the Bolden thing a rest already,he cost to much,he doesn't honer contracts, he's not a team player,has injury problems, we are building a team for the future with the draft with young players that fit a certain mold.its nice to dream but get real!!!

I like the Hartline pick. He is tough, determined and has fairly good size and speed. He also has big hand and long arms from what I read which will allow him to play even bigger than his size. An obvious special teams ace as well. Time now for some LB's, O-line depth and a NT project.


found thier online player...got three day free trail. link below



Hartline? Had they taken Shawn Nelson TE that would be addressing the TE situation for next year, when Fasano and Martin are free agents.
Aty the same time would have added a very good pass catching TE who should in the senior bowl and practice week that he can block. He manhandled Maualuga and Matthews during senior bowl week.
Sure wish they would have taken this guy.

But this tells me with the selection of Hartline, that Ginn will be traded sooner rather than later. What do you think?

Daytona: I agree

Would the fins draft 3 wr's if they still thought they could get Boldin?? C'mon..


Sorry but White isn't a WR. I agree with ya on Boldin... but the Fins only drafted two WR's.

White is a QB, and he's going to be a QB for Miami.... watch and see.

weird draft for BP in that he's drafted all skill pips & no MEAT!! If u are under 250lbs, u will no longer be selected by fins in 09; unless, of course, it's an undrafted kid a la Bess

I think before the draft, everyone here thought CB and WR were our biggest needs, correct? Well then I think the Dolphins did a good job of filling their needs. Everyone in the draft is a crap shoot, at least they've hedged their bets by taking 2 CBs and 2-3 WRs (depending on White being a QB or WR). One way or another, CB and WR shouldn't be an issue next year and that's the point.

Personally I couldn't care less which picks wind up being starters, just as long as some of them are quality starters long term for Miami.

Remember we still have 5 picks left, 2 in the 5th, one in the 6th and two in the 7th. We dropped down a few spots and still got Sean Smith and a fifth rounder which with some talent on the board. C. Ingram, Duke Robinson....and what about Herman Johnson a bunch of you were all in love with. Also a couple of good backs in C. Peerman, J Ringer and R. Jennings

tommya: White can't b listed as QB.. If a 3rd string qb enters a game, a 1st can no longer play.. I may be explaining it wrong, but it's something like that.. Someone described it betr in a previous post.. Thus, White will be a WR or RB & the emergency/reserve qb

Just got back from lunch. I don't get this pick at all. Where on the roster do we have room for two more receivers? Excluding Wilford, we have Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, London, Turner and Hartline. Plus, this doesn't help Pat White get more time on this field. This seems like a huge waste of picks because somebody won't make the roster and somebody else won't dress for games.

Jason Taylor will not be back. Cam Wake is going to be a great pass rusher. Taylor is old and fragile now. Unless he agrees to play for the base salary plus incentives it isn't happening.

CAMERON WAKE. Believe it.

T Taylor gone to indy!!!


This also tells me that the Dolphins are getting playmakers as many as they can. And I belive theve done a very good job...Hartline though I thought could have been selected a little later, brings special teams and reliability to the team.
Playmakers on both sides of the ball.

London and Wilford are out. Beck will be gone which is where PW comes in. Atleast we'll have a third string QB that won't be a clipboard holder. Bess isn't going anywhere. Hopefully Camarillo gets healthy or he may be out if the the other guys shine. JT will be back for one year and the Phins will more than likely beef up in rounds 5-7.

The PAT-ATTACK is gonna be a nightmare for other defenses. Think of it; White can line up as QB or receiver or as a running back if the Phins get really creative. The PAT-ATTACK will kill the Pats in atleast one of the games this season (a repeat of last year); just wait and see.

we selected 3 WR???? whats going on? how about OL support..

White is not the QB of the future. Henne is. White is the perfect wild cat pivot and that is his role....plus being the emegency QB should disaster strike.

chris: Sirius started with the guest line S soon as I plugged them!! It's still better than Kiper & Commercial Network.. Just mute them & listen on line

Robby Marino, thanks the Sirius coverage is great compared to Espn...

Its pretty obvious that dolphins are hopeful for cameron wake since they have been passing on some very good pass rushers. It also speaks for their thoughts on matt roth. They still believe he is a solid starter.

are we planning to have a high powered passing offense in the years to come.


Yep. I thought you were saying the Fins picked 3 guys to play WR and that's proof they had no interest in Boldin.

I was just saying they picked 2 guys to play WR. Being listed as a WR and playing the position are two different things when it comes to White.

But anyway, either way, the Fins had no interest in Boldin....

Who cares which 5 WR's make it...who cares who gets cut...all that matters is the Best 5 are on the team, and the Best 3 on the field...so if we stock pile peeps right now to have a major competition at a skill postition, then so be it...yes, we have 9 (!!!) WR's counting Armstrong and Lowber as well, but whoever those best 5 are is all that matters...and Pat White gives you even more options, and both Ronnie and Ricky catch the ball, and Martin and Fasano both solid...so they are totally preparing Henne to have the best chance to win when he takes the field....dont like the Dolphins picks?? Then go tell Ross that you wish to buy the damn team and pick your own....


I wouldn't count White out. Henne is no lock as a franchise QB. Especially if the Fins plan on running a spread offense on every down.

Tommya: cheers

haha no worries robby man sticking with them.

I remember last time i listened to sirus, the draft expert was talking about these 5 and 6th rounders and the presenter pointed out, he didnt have notes! he just KNEW about these kids. He was very impressive

listen to espn talking phins

ESPN blows. The commercials might just about kill me and I'll miss the season. I am getting the dish and hooking up the sports package. Pure cable sucks.

Anybody think we will package a couple of picks to move up in round 5?

good stuff...emphasis Wildcat and Pat White!

Dilfer says new type of Hybrid offense coming from Miami. Everybody is scared....

who is paying for all these commercials during the FIFTH round?!

Hartline was taken in the 4th round not the 3rd. Getting your readers the correct facts is more important than getting them your opinions on the "character" of people you've never met or spoken to.

RealMr305? Is the comparison of Hartline to Welker and Stokely based on anything other than race?

I like the Turner and Hartline picks. They both fit Chad Pennington Perfectly! Both make spectacular catches and attack the ball at its highest point. C Penny like to float balls up for wrs to go up and get. They both certainly look like they have the capability to do that.

Alright Tuna, time to draft your hidden defensive gems... come on now, who's it gonna be?

Johnny Knox is gone. Goes to the Bears. Oh well.

Punters going in the fifth round now.

I can't believe we missed out on Terrence Taylor. Guys are going alot earlier than they were expected. I think we should be looking at Cornelius Ingram at TE. Fasano's contract is up this year I believe.

hey Mando's still around!!

Mando I think we go defense now...what are you top 3 picks left of the D side. THX

Ingram would be nice. I'm shocked he's still around. People must think his knee is still bad...

Mando, Knox?? U still
Wanted another WR?

Where do the Fins go now?

I say CB Macho Harris VT.

Or a runningback that's super fast and super big that went to some no name school because of off the field issues... ;-) Memories of Cecil Collins lol

Defense Defense

I like Ricky Jean out of LSU

Well that's another reason Ingram would be a nice pick. There is no need for him to see the field right now. If healthy he is a good fit for our offense

It has to be Macho if he is still available

AFC East is stacked with reciever,well everybody except the Phins atleast :/

I am still here. A couple of things:

Where did I say Hartline was the third round pick?

Cat5: That's not how the salary cap works. Suppose the Dolphins sign Boldin to a 5-year, $32 million deal with say $20 mill guaranteed. His cap number is $4 million plus his base salary. He would not take up $10 million in cap space.

Think Dolphins start to fill in on defense now and eventually add a RB.


Ricky-Jean Francois?

My bad then,I read some wrong info

What is the problem with Robinson anyway?

Doesn't it bother anyone that of all the WRs, vets and rooks, none and I mean none, comes close to Boldin? Cost too much? Add up all the money you paid/going to pay and you could have had him. But nooooo, got to have younger, cheaper, doesn't make any diff if they can't catch, can't fight off a block, so slow you only need a sun dial to time them, just sign 'em up.

I say if a chicken can pull a wagon, hitch him up!

I love that the Bills will suck bad this year.

I am leaning towards a TE with our next pick, considering Fasano and Martin are both FAs after next season (I think). I still think we need defensive depth and a backup RT.

Hartline will make the team -- just about every third-round pick does -- but to be active on game days he's going to have to play special teams. And he's apparently ready for that.

-- just about every third-round pick does --

hey mando thank u for clearing up that salary cap stuff on boldin.

TE is a possibility and both vets are unsigned, but they will re-sign one and Joey Haynos is waiting in the wings. Still possible, though.


I think they still need another CB. For raising the quality level in depth.

But more importantly, they're one injury at RB away from the whole season being flushed down the toilet. I like Ricky but he can't carry the lead role if Brown goes down.

Has anyone seen the draft the Jerry Reese of the Giants had? Nicks, Sintim, Beatty, Barden...

Isn't that the draft we should have had?

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