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Dolphins pick WR Brian Hartline in fourth round

The Dolphins have just drafted a very excited and engaging young man in the fourth round, taking Ohio State slot receiver Brian Hartline in the fourth round.

"I'm super competitive and hate to lose," Hartline just said. "No one is ever going to out-work me. I'll do anything for our team to win."

Hartline, who is 6-2 and 195, ran a 4.58 time in the 40-yard dash at the Indy Combine. He compares himself to former Ohio State and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who is his mentor.

"I like what he does," Hartline said. "I like what he brings to the table. But I'm my own player. I don't know what Miami has in mind, but whatever they have in mind I'll get the job done."

Hartline will make the team -- just about every fourth-round pick does -- but to be active on game days he's going to have to play special teams. And he's apparently ready for that.

"I'm a big kickoff coverage guy," he said. "I love cracking heads."

Hartline is getting married May 23 to a young lady named Lindsay Smith. That isn't necessarily the first thought in his mind this hour.

"I can't wait to get down there and get to work," Hartline said. "My heart is beating out of my chest right now I'm so excited."


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Mando, Ricky Jean would be a great pick. I think you called it same as with Pat White.

We should take Victor Harris and James Davis this round

Pyrex, I stated earlier the Giants have done very well for themselves. Excellent, in fact.

James Casey, TE from Rice would be good. RJF from LSU or a RB would be nice too

Fasano will be locked up soon enough. Parcells loves him.

TE's can be gotten just about any where and they'll likely get one in next years draft unless there's some one out there they really like that falls to them in the 6th or 7th.

yeah the Giants did good... Houston did good too.

Very funny how the talking heads keep bringing up White and Bilicheat in the same sentence. How much he wanted him, and how the spread offense is here to stay.

Get over it...his a Dolphin now!


you are whats wrong with fans today. HOW DO YOU KNOW NONE OF THESE GUYS MATCH UP TO BOLDIN?!!! They haven't played a down yet. You get tied up in big names, star attractions. Read the briefs on these players http://www.nfl.com/draft/2009/tracker#dt-tabs:dt-by-team/dt-by-team-input:MIA

they have alot of upside. Boldin is 29, expensive and wants out of Arizonas becouse they favour the best receiver in football over him. Don't get me wrong, love to have a talent like his on the roster BUT not at the expense of the rebuilding process. And make no mistake we are still rebuilding.

You want to load up on expensive, big name guys? Ask a Redskins fan how thats worked out for them so far

WR Brian hartline = STEAl in 4th round! Anyone here watch the Buckeyes play last year?

This young man will contribute to special teams!


He is the type of player we want on our team!

A+ choice!

Hartline gives max effort at WR or ST. I think he could even play at DB because he loves the contact.

Lol it funny how Miami single-handily changed the league and how teams plays with the wildcat offense lol Now everyone is trying to use it. Like one of the analyst said if Miami wildcat offense is good next year with the addition of Pat White, he will be the one that determines if Tebow will be a high pick next year lol

chris, amen!

Who cares about Boldin. He is too old and will not be the same after having his sinuses turned into jelly (Look at last few games of last year). They should have gotten B Edwards for R Brown and the pick they wizzed away on P White.

Fact is BOLDIN is one of the leagues best WR. I personally like his game better than Fitz.

I think he wants out because he was verbally promissed a contract upgrade based on his production and Arizona reneged on him. So he's pissed.

If there's one WR I see that fits a Parcells mold it would him.

I doubt we'll ever get him but that doesn't mean we shgouldn't try. And sure he's older but we've got a 2 to 3 year "TUNA WINDOW" that Boldin could put us over the edge.

Thanks njrich

"Pat White, he will be the one that determines if Tebow will be a high pick next year lol"

Exactly,just like what Devin Hester did for Ginn and Deshaun Jackson.

But Pat White is 10x the QB Tebow is

Zack Follett with the next pick.

Its looking plausible that they might trade for a pass rusher now, I mean they passed on quite in the first 2 rounds and we've been hearing that they covet more pass rushers as a matter of urgency. The only one worth looking at left in free agency is JT so maybe we'll see some movement after the draft is done with.

zed: Boldin better than Boldin!!!!! Lay off
The weed!! Havin & Tate will track u down...


I don't think the Wildcat evolved the way the Fins describe it either. I think the Fins came in here last year planning to run that offense on day one:

Remember the undrafted kid Jayson Foster... QB Georgia Southern... could run like the wind, but was a too small.... why do you think they'd sign him to begin with?!? For the Wildcat!!!!

And then remember how they brought Quincy Carter in for a workout last year? What do you think that was for? Wildcat!!!

The first day Sparano and the boys walked through the door they were planning on using the Wildcat... and Pat White is the player they've been searching for ever since they signed Jayson Foster out of Georgia Southern!!!!

nt guys u heard it from the shape first.

Why is it a 2-3 year window? You aren't getting what they are trying to accomplish. If we build it right it should be competitive for many, many years. That is why you don't trade for a player like Bolden because if you don't get over the top you end up like the Raiders or Lions.

Tommya, that's a really interesting point. Good job.

well TE is now out of the question.

Robby, I love Fitz also but as I said, and its only my opinion, but I like what Boldin brings.

Just like I like Steve Smith more than T.O.

Its not all about size its attitude and toughness.

And its noy like there is a huge drop of in production between the 2. Don't just listen to announcers fawning over Fitz becuase he's the new stud in the NFL.

Thats the thing Zed. Our window isnt even open yet! We are trying to build a team that will compete for years to come not just in the next 2-3 years. We arent the Pats or Colts...getting old and needing one guy to put us over. We are one year into a three year plan to get us to the point were we are consistantly competing.

I would love to have Boldin but we would have to give up a second round pick AT LEAST and given how good next years draft is SUPPOSED to be, i dont think we will pull that trigger.

Mando can u see miami tradeing a late round pick this year or next year for the rights of mike vick dont hate on me guys im just asking.

DAMN the NFL network coverage has dropped of on day 2. I guess all these comercials are paying for day 1.

Where's the setup for the upcomming pick/team needs. There analyzing picks from 10 min ago!

With us getting White,I think that throws out all possibilities of getting Vick


Not with Pat White onboard but i get were ur coming from

Chris we won the division last year and Parcells is gone ...maybe after this draft. Its the NFL and that means now or never.

If your planning for 2 years down the road you'are going backwards.

No way the Dolphins get Mike Vick. None. Zero. Not happening.

Hey Mando if beck doesn't get traded would he be cut. we will loose pennington next year he will not want to be a back up. for Beck it may be good to stick around. Pat white is good but he will never be a strater. He has more of a fill like a slash guy some WR, QB,RB.

zed: I'm a season ticket holder for Cards & Boldin is
Nothing like Fitz!! NOTHING!! I love Boldin as well - before his pri modonna antics - but he has NEVER played a complete season!! Boldin is tough, but Fitz is faster, more dangerous, jumps higher, adjusts to
The ball better & is a better team player..

Zed, you're so wrong. Winning NFL teams plan for the present and the future at the same time. Both are important.

If they trade Beck it will be for a pick in next years draft.

Miami needs to think a la Bellicheck on Beck and get volume over round.


Jeff Ireland just said yesterday that he sees White being a starter. And not as a WR.

how about vance walker w the next pick?

Ye, amazingly we one the division whilst rebuilding. But if Brady doesnt get injuried, Favre doesnt sign in New York, it doesnt happen. Im not one of those guys who say it was a fluke cos that suggests it was all luck. It took luck but also alot of good caching and solid playing. However, that doesnt mean we throw the plan away and act like we are superbowl contenders today cos we arent, we'll get there but not just yet.

Tuna might go at anytime but Ireland and Sparano are in place and they know from Bill how to build a team.

This from the Ireland interview yesterday,

Do you envision Pat White as a potential NFL starter?


Do you see him as a No. 1 or 2 receiver?

"I don't think I've seen that yet. No"

Alex, I believe the Dolphins would resist the temptation to cut Beck. QBs are valuable, even when they are flawed.

zed: mute your tv & listen on line at Sirius. Chris posted the free trial link earlier.. They are doing the guestline now, which sucks if u don't care about the players, but it's a million x's better than Espn or Commercial Network

great picks I liked both players as soon as I saw their work at the combine. I think Patrick Turner is gonna keep maturing and with his size and strength he is gonna create the mismatches we have been missing in our passing game for so long. Hartline name says it all. I like the way he explodes after securing the ball. watch for him and Bess to tear up the slot. One question where does this leave Camarillo?

What do you guys think about Javon Ringer from MIchigan State as the nest pick for the dolphins?

Bungle you essentially just agreed with me.

Sure you never mortgage your future and always want depth(AKA future players) but Parcells came here to win not just to get Miami back to the middle of the pack. Thats why Hene was handed the starting job and why Penny is still here. Because he gives them the best chance to win NOW.

Any of you guys who think Miami isn't trying to win right now obviously haven't been paying attention.

We're going back to back. I'm going to post both together, if that's Ok with you guys.

James Davis is the best back left on the board

Eagles just took Macho

Sorry that should have read " Henne WASN"T handed the starting job...but I think you guys know that

If this regime is looking for "size and position interchangeability," then Herman Johnson from LSU should be a potential consideration for one of these next two picks.

I'm with you cneigbor on Follett. Watched all his games. He'a a bigger, faster Larry Izzo. Can play MLB or OLB despite what you may read on-line. Passrusher and ST madman.

Javon Ringer or James Davis would be really nice pickups. Good backs with big time speed.

question guys i thought the plan was to stockpile lbs and dts not cb's to improve and pressure offenses?

I'm betting we pick a ILB next....Beckwith?

I Hope we pick Dannel Ellerbe LB hes versatile and a big anchor on georgias D or the Duke Robinson two 3rd rd valued players

herman johnson LSU OG

Zach Follett

Cam Cam-moron on Sirius.. Let's c
If he mentions Beck...

Tommya I read that too.
But look he reminds me a lot like randell el or kordel stwerd a few years ago. this guy is a play maker not your future Qb.
He will most likely beat out ronnie to run the Wildcat.but he is not a every down player at qb.
He will be at best a #3 Wr. But don't get me wrong I love the pick. It's just that it look like we will loose to good Qb in Beck and Chad( (10) next year.


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