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Dolphins pick WR Brian Hartline in fourth round

The Dolphins have just drafted a very excited and engaging young man in the fourth round, taking Ohio State slot receiver Brian Hartline in the fourth round.

"I'm super competitive and hate to lose," Hartline just said. "No one is ever going to out-work me. I'll do anything for our team to win."

Hartline, who is 6-2 and 195, ran a 4.58 time in the 40-yard dash at the Indy Combine. He compares himself to former Ohio State and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who is his mentor.

"I like what he does," Hartline said. "I like what he brings to the table. But I'm my own player. I don't know what Miami has in mind, but whatever they have in mind I'll get the job done."

Hartline will make the team -- just about every fourth-round pick does -- but to be active on game days he's going to have to play special teams. And he's apparently ready for that.

"I'm a big kickoff coverage guy," he said. "I love cracking heads."

Hartline is getting married May 23 to a young lady named Lindsay Smith. That isn't necessarily the first thought in his mind this hour.

"I can't wait to get down there and get to work," Hartline said. "My heart is beating out of my chest right now I'm so excited."


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chris, let's take your statements one at a time.

> "I am what's wrong w/ fans today". Why, because I want to see a quality WR not seen since the Marks brothers.....you're probably too young to remember that though.

> "How do you know none of these guys...yadda, yadda, yadda". That's' right, I don't know, you don't know and Parcells don't know. And won't for a couple of years....that's how long it takes to develope a WR.

> "They haven't played a single down". No comment necessary.

> "Expensive" "Load up on expensive guys". Read what Mando said this blog.

Know what you're talking about before you bail on me junior.

Has anyone seen this Clemons guy play? Is he a good tackler? Fast?

Will he help us on special teams right away?

Someone fill us in on Mr. Clemons. Thanks!

LMAO @ Booger!

I love the guys who don't want one of the NFLs elite WR's (Boldin). I guarantee if he was on the team tomorrow you'd all be jumping for joy.

Courtney Bryan will be back working @ Arby's with the Clemons pick.

Man. every single one a skill position. What about NT? Surely they aren't satisfied with Soliai (sp?) as the next starting NT? Their OL isn't deep enough; they need a LG (Smiley is close to done with his injuries I think).

I wanted some skill players but this lacks Parcell's stamp except for the size thing.

Overall I am happy. I have doubts about Davis ('tude) and Turner (skills) but they really aren't big enough doubt that they can't be overcome by coaching and philosophy. You either comply or you're gone, here.

I'd love to have Boldin here. I just don't like the idea of giving up crazy draft picks and crazy money.

Crazy draft picks for Boldin? Who says that what it would take?

Maybe Beck and 2nd next year? Or Jason Allen and something else.

Arizona says it hasn't recieved any offers. So who's to say it would cost much at all.

And as far as money goes...I'm pretty sure Miami has got money.

This draft is an utter disaster. There I said it. Besides Vonae Davis (assuming he behaves himself??), I don't think a single one of our draft picks will contribute next year. Not a single one. All we got are a bunch of developmental players!!

I never said I didnt WANT Boldin, I am just saying, that all of these peeps who are wanting to invest so much in him, I would rather have who we have than someone who is more about wanting to be THE guy. Boldin is a great talent. If Miami would have gotten him, I would have been happy about that. But since that is not an option, I am glad to have who we got.

I agree Mr. Bungle. Giving up two picks and tens of millions of dollars for Boldin is too high a price for a team that's still building a foundation.

Zed, I understand you're trying to show up most of us. But get real about Beck, Allen etc.

go_heat....you know jack about football.

go watch that shity B-ball team and leave the Fish to the big boys

everyone wants a nose tackle....don't forget about the guy they picked up from Jacksonville. They must think he can be the heir apparent to ferguson.

clemmons is a nice pick. Potential to start.

Can anyone find some video on chris clemons?

jrizzle - so right. I totally forgot that. Thanks


Prolific Clemson University free safety Chris Clemons might be one of the fastest-rising prospects leading up to the 2009 draft. One league source indicated that the 6′, 208 pound native of Arcadia, Florida has really open eyes with his 40 times. Multiple scouts have clocked him between 4.37 and 4.38 in private workouts and, according to our numbers, he ran a 4.39 and 4.40 at the most recent N.F.L. combine. Clemons has had multiple private workouts with the Atlanta Falcons (DB coach) and most recently displayed his skills for the New England Patriots (DB coach and def coor). In addition, Philadelphia and New Orleans, who have a strong need for depth at safety, have set up private workouts with Chris. An anonymous scout reportedly told one of our sources: “His film work doesn’t lie, he has positioned himself as a day one safety”. The scout went on to mention that Clemons might be drafted much higher than most are currently expecting.

Draft Projection: 2nd-3rd Round

Overshadowed throughout his career by teammate Michael Hamlin, Clemons’ consistency in coverage might actually make him the safer NFL prospect. A three-year starter for the Tigers who leaves with 323 career tackles, 20 passes broken up and five interceptions, Clemons’ production warrants a closer look. If he can prove his speed in workouts, Clemons’ could surprise as a second-day defender capable of contributing immediately.

AnalysisPositives: Lanky build with room for additional growth. … Has at least adequate pure game speed to be the last line of defense. … Takes good angles in pursuit. … Reads the quarterback and gets a jump on the ball. … Flashes a late burst to close. … Good open-field tackler. … Has the lateral quickness and balance to break down in space and wraps up. … Agile enough to slip blocks and make tackles near the line of scrimmage. … Durable. … Has never missed a game due to injury at Clemson.

Negatives: Lacks the bulk many teams prefer at safety. … A reliable open-field tackler, but lacks the explosiveness to be an enforcer in the middle. … Isn’t a natural playmaker. … Loses sight of the ball and doesn’t have natural hands for the interception. … Surrounded by legitimate NFL talent and has been allowed to freelance as a centerfielder.

Hmmm, a WR that wants the ball. Never heard of that before.(MOSS, T.O. Chris Carter, JERRY FRICKIN RICE!!! heard of them?)

And it not that he want to be the only guy catching balls he just wanted Arizona to hold up to their end of the deal when they told him they'd redo his contract and then didn't.

Arizona said they haven't had any offers, but that doesn't mean they haven't communicated what they want. Beck and a 2nd would not get it done. Do you think Philly, NYG, Baltimore would have not made an offer if there was a chance to get Boldin for a 2nd rounder in 2010??? Arizona is not gonna let Boldin go for less than market value especially now that he has come down off his "demands". Use Roy Williams as market value and you are talking 1st and 3rd.


go_heat your wrong that why your not a GM 1/2 this guys will play this year. Just sit back and let the Tuna and his Boyz do there thing.Look what they did with last years picks.
We have 12 F/A next year some of this guys will replace them.

Chris Clemons video:


go_heat, Smith was projected as a first round pick, so how can you say he isnt going to contribute? Smith and Davis could be our starting CBs next year, Smith will at the very least be rotating in at nickle and dime packages. Turner was a great pick, Mcshay is an idiot. There were no stars in the offense at USC, they spread the ball around but the guy is huge, has great hands and can go up and get the ball in traffic, something we dont have. Everyone knew CB and WR were our glaring holes and we filled those holes. This is a great draft. What do you know about Nalbone? He can long snap, he can catch, and the dude is nasty strong. Oh yeah, he is pretty damn fast for a guy his size 4.65 40 in his pro day workout. Yeah he wont contribute either....Pat White isnt going to contribute? Are you smoking dope with Ricky? Who do you think is going to run the wildcat for us starting yesterday? White is our Wildcat QB allowing Ronnie to move into the Patrick Cobbs role. We just got a whole lot scarier in that formation.

CHRIS CLEMONS: 6-1 210 lbs

Overview: In his third year as Clemson's starting free safety...has made at least one tackle in all 38 games...Clemson has finished in the top 25 in all four major categories in each of the last two years, as he has had a lot to do with that...big reason Clemson has not given up many big plays...has 229 career tackles, more than any other active Tiger and second among active ACC players...has a chance to join just a handful of defensive backs with 300 career tackles...#9 free safety in the nation by Phil Steele...has a 38" vertical jump, fifth-best on the team...has 197 tackles in the last two seasons...has started every game (26) the last two years and has played 38 in a row over three years...has three interceptions and 13 pass breakups in his career...has played over 700 snaps each of the last two seasons...has nine career games with double-figures in tackles.

HEY MR BUNGLE. When are you going to stop impersonating The real MR BUNGLE and start using your own post name ? By the way, Mr bungle doesn't use that name anymore. He goes by another name idiot.

NFL.COM says about TE Nalbone Pick Analysis: The Dolphins nab a tight end with enticing skills as a complete tight end. Nalbone is one of the few tight ends who is adequate as both a blocker and receiver.

So just because you havent heard of them doesnt mean there not good players.

Mando save a pastaleto for me

Sean Smith was drafted to specifically man up on T.O. and Moss(especially in the red zone fade situations)

Maybe the smartest pick in the entire draft.

Zed, you are correct sir. Most of these folks are parroting incorrect info. Parcells was certainly an upgrade over what we've had in the past. But some of his decisions are flat out wrong. He paid Wilford 6 mil, 4 more will get you Boldin.

So much 4 smoke screen by Fins about rushers, rushers, rushers!! They've tricked all of us in all picks.. I won't judge till they put pads on!! I don't have my own personal scout team & watch hundreds of hours of tape like so many other judgemental fans on this blog..

Wiford was a miss...but who really saw that coming. He looked decent in Jax and has some great size. Too bad really could have been a good player for us.

I think there some thing else going on with him(injury/drugs/personal problems...who knows) because he REALLY should have beaten out someone to get on the field.

But hey even the trifecta are human. But who knows if some team suffers a ton of injuries at WR them maybe we can turn him into a 6th or 7th next year.

Armando,you think Anthony Reddick will be taken in this round?

Finally a Cane got drafted

Please Tuna...take Zack

Remember the smack he laid on the canes? Follett, who had two sacks and a team- leading nine tackles, was honored as the defensive MVP

Alright. 3rd times a charm.

Miami drafts an ILB.

or a guard. Man I just be the only one who thinks they're thin at ILB

I think Turner is there as a hybrid receiver to line up inside (maybe even a TE) force defensive looks & create match up problems, similar to what the phins did with the Wildcat offense and unconventional players in unconventional positions. If his head is on right, he could be a great add to a really problematic (for defenses) offense.


Dont like this pick. We shoulda got Demetrius Byrd

I sometimes wonder if people that post in Caps know that is considered shouting. It make them look like rude, inconsiderate slobs even though they might just be ignorant.

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