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Dolphins select OT Andrew Gardner in 6th round

The Dolphins just made their sixth-round selection and it is offensive tackle Andrew Gardner of Georgia Tech, who obviously will compete to be a backup behind Jake Long and Vernon Carey.

"I think I'm really one of the best values in this draft at this position," Gardener said moments ago. "I think the Dolphins got a good player."

The good player may have been available with the 181st selection of the draft because he suffered a torn labrum in 2008. He had surgery to repair the injury in November, but he doesn't believe it will be a problem.

"They'll evaluate me in Miami and hopefully feel I'm good and ready to go," Gardener said. "That's how I feel."

Gardner was a four-year starter at Tech. He was a left tackle throughout his time there. He better be prepared to compete for a at right tackle. And he better be ready to sit and learn and provide depth -- at least initially.


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C'mon, Jeremiah Johnson in the seventh round. This team needs a true mountain man running the ball!

depth, depth, depth, that seems to be the plan. My only concern is NT, but we still have a couple more picks...

I like Brock Bolen out of Louisville as one of the 7th round picks.

It is astounding that Miami took no linebackers so far.

GO DOLPHINS!!!! I don't mind the picks we have so far because I know Ireland and Parcells usually find gems after the draft anyways but I'm thinking that our offense is going to be a little more "explosive" so that we don't have 11 players in the box. Who knows maybe we will have the wildcat package where the whole O-line is 6-6 or taller linemen. Whatever it is the NFL needs to get ready so GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

I thought I read that Gardner was a two time ACC first team tackle. Was that the same as Eugene Monroe and Brandon Albert both who were taken in the first round?

If Parcells and Ireland are looking for blue collar guys and guys with something to prove. I think they've hit a home run so far in this draft.

After the 3rd round there's hardly any expectations at all,except that of failure. Every one of these guys should have a chip on thier shoulders come training camp!

kevin hates most of you: it sounds like you hate me also....I am going to curl up in the fetal position in the corner of my room and cry while I suck on my finger and gently whisper "I want my mommy"

ROFLMAO!! Jrizzle said "Tuna Man Titties"!!! I havent stopped laughing yet!!!

Two time ACC first team tackle? sounds like a good pick to me.

I was excited when the draft started but now I feel letdown. I hope Tuna and Co. will be vindicated in a couple of years when we can evaluate this draft class. I feel we went downhill in the 2nd when we took Pat White, who could have been had as the other 2nd round pick and probably would have still been there in the 3rd. I had been reading all along how interested we were in Connor Barwin, read about him and his speed he seemed like a complete player. I could not believe he was there for us at 44 and was all excited except to see White's name flashed up on the screen. So I think they blew it but I will have to trust in their judgement.

If we pass on Beckwith again I'm going to lose it!


The Patriots or the Cowboys would of snagged Pat White

Sorry I was away for a while, guys. I was doing a hit on NFL Network.

Nice video of Beckwith....but I don't believe he has the size that this regime covets.

Ugh,Browns drafted James Davis

Armando... did you say you put a hit out for a NFL network journalist?

No drafted star outside LB or DE - odds of Jason Taylor coming back are getting better

Frantz Joseph out of FAU would be a nice pick up in the seventh. He's a physical specimen and he's a local boy.

It isn't inconceivable that Clemmons moves over to CB either guys. With Allen gone after next year, our CBs could be Davis, Smith and Clemons with J Allen back to his flex DB position if not gone.

Naw, rizzle. I did a hit on the NFL Network. I guess that is TV talk for I did an interview on there.

I have to believe that Beck AND J. Allen will be dealt after the draft/before camp starts.

Doing a hit , Mando?

Armando, Whats goingg on with Derrick Burgess? you mentioned we may be interested in him any news on that front?
Thanks for an excellent job of keeping us in the know.

john nalbone is parcells' shot at another Mark Bavaro.

Check out these comments from London's Simon Clancy who is commenting on pre-draft possibilities (UK's version of Mel Kiper) and the Dolphins' new secondary conversion...

It would also make Sean Smith a more viable prospect for us over some other teams who might view him as a 2nd rounder. One coach I spoke to said that Smith was his number one quarters coverage corner in the draft. I’ve rated him very highly all season long and with his ability to play across the formation in a number of schemes; man, off man, zone, in the slot and potentially at safety, he’s a strong possibility at 25

Also some info on the TE...

At tight end the intriguing name is John Nalbone of tiny Monmouth, who I mentioned way back at the start of this blog process. He’s been working out with former Parcells WR Odessa Turner and the man who controversially replaced Phil Simms, Scott Brunner, when Bill became Giants head coach in 1983. At 6’4, 256 Nalbone offers decent value in this area and his skill set has piqued the interest of a number of teams. A committed special teamer as well as being a solid in line blocker, he’s a legitimate late 4.5 runner. The Dolphins like this kid and you can be sure that Bill has been tapping Turner and Brunner for information on him.

Mando when is your piece airing on NFLN...or has it already(have been watching and wondering if I missed it)

Guys this guy is A Moster at 6'7''. If he works hard I see him as a starter this year. you wait an see. be for he got hurt he had the record for most consecutive starts.

Gardner is very smart and gets by with his quick thinking for his lack of speed and quickness but he has to work on his technique, and he'll prob. end up like murphy- a decent backup guard

not tackle material yet.

Rashad Jennings(RB) looks like a nice fit.


I myself am scratching my head a little bit with some of the picks the Fins are making. However, keep in mind that this time last year, they went D-Line heavy and we felt somewhat the same; that is, until some of these no namers began impressing everyone. I'm curious to see what happens with both the NT depth and LB depth situations. I give us a B- so far.

Miami will be bringing in a bunch of undrafted kids to fill some needs @LB and NT

"I think I'm really one of the best values in this draft at this position," Gardener said moments ago. "I think the Dolphins got a good player."

Andrew Gardener...6th rounder (not Tom Brady, who BTW said nothing like this)
Just proves my earlier point here regarding the "self love" shown by this years crop of draftees.
Now lets see what happens in camp come July.
I can excuse Vontae Davis for a bit of braggadocio, as he's been maligned for the past 2 months.



To play football you need to confident. Personally I like guys who believe in them selves.

Not to say we need a bunch of T.O.'s but guys that believe they can play and maybe are a little hurt(pride) that they've slipped from where they thought or were told they go isn't a bad thing.

Playing with a chip on your shoulder can win you a few battles

I hope we pickup a proven vet beofore the season starts. Like a Taylor or Boldin.

What about this guy with one of our 2 7th round picks?

Justin Durant, LB, Hampton

Durant is an unheralded linebacker from Division I-AA, Hampton and is getting several looks from scouts after his impressive combine results. Durant is a three-time MEAC defensive player of the year and has dominated his competition throughout his career. He is a bit undersized at 6'0, 230 lbs, but he plays with exceptional instincts and gets the job done. During his senior season, he recorded 98 total tackles including 65 solo. Many will question his level of competition and how it will translate in the NFL, but there are no denying his talent and skills. Durant ran a 5.1 in the 40-yard dash at the combine, one of the quickest for a linebacker. His stock is rising and he may not be the deep sleeper he was earlier in the year, but he will be drafted on the second day and could be an immediate starter for his new team.

Definition of a dope....Someone who pretends to know anything about the draft. That's why guys become stars from the 12th round(back in the day) or from being undrafted and guys that go top 10 are busts. Get over it. Best line about the draft is the only thing I know for sure is I don't know anything. So stop playing Mel Kiper(who is a joke in his own right). Trust in the staff that turned us around. If it doesn't work out, you move on. It's much like life.

Maybe take this guy with 1 of our 2 7th rounders?

Chad Nkang, LB, Elon

Nkang originally started his career at Elon playing fullback, but was moved to linebacker for his remaining three seasons. During that timeframe, Nkang amassed 414 total tackles, 54 for a loss, nine sacks, two interceptions, seven forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries and one touchdown. Nkang was named MVP of the Hula Bowl leading the Kai team with nine tackles. He is a tackling machine, with excellent speed and instincts. Nkang is projected to move to strong safety at the next level, but could be a "steal" in the 6th or 7th round.


Taylor looks like a real possibility but Boldin is too expensive and too many teams are after him


Great 7th round value

Or maybe take this guy with 1 of our 2 7th rounders?

Zak DeOssie, LB, Brown

DeOssie is an intriguing prospect because of his size and speed. He began his career as a safety, but bulked up into being a linebacker, which may explain his speed. At 6'5, 250 lbs, he has the physical tools to succeed in the NFL. His father, Steve played in the NFL for 12 seasons and Zak hopes to follow in his footsteps. DeOssie amassed 110 tackles during the season and opened the eyes of many scouts during the East-West Shrine game. He ran a time of 4.58 in the 40-yard dash, which placed him among the top ten linebackers. DeOssie is likely a mid round pick at the draft, with his stock rising since the combine and pro day workouts.

Phee amen brother


Can someone bring up Seattle's Leroy Hill to Ireland and if there will be any interest...isn;t this the reason they leave extra cap space, getting a late FA?

I disagree. All the teams that were after Boldin have all drafted wide outs and arent interested anymore. If were willing to pay for him we can def pick him up.

Byron De La Beckwith? NO--stay away, character issues.

The Dolphins pick is OLB J.D. Folsom of Weber St.

JD Folsom Prison Blues!

JD Folsom? HUH!?!?!?!?!

And no, a seventh-round pick will NOT make the difference between the Dolphins chasing Jason Taylor and not chasing Jason Taylor.

Darry Beckwith LB from LSU


thats just it, we arent willing cos the price is too high. We are talking a 2nd round pick AT LEAST and we already drafted 2 or 3 wide-receivers (depending where you put Pat White) Plus he wants $10 mill a year.

Anyone know anything about JD Folsom?

Please ellaborate. thanks in advance.

Nice player...

Big Sky suspends Weber State's Folsom for kicking opposing player

Folsom got suspended for kicking another player... he was a Juco transfer... seems a little small.

his profile on NFL.com is very in depth


230lb? Bad pick. Deffinatley better guys out there.

Another Safety. Very intriguing. Wonder what they have up their sleeves vis-a-vis NT, pass rusher, OL depth. Lots of choices in the secondary now. I like what they've done here.

After the draft signings and trades are going to be very interesting to watch.

JD Folsom is a throw away 7th round pick?

Maybe we'll get some undrafted FREE AGENT "gems" like last year.

Thats a practice squad pick if I've ever seen one

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