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Dolphins Sunday: Beck outta here? [Updated]

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Today's Dolphins column in Mama Herald focuses on the fact John Beck is a Miami Dolphin. It also focuses on the fact John Beck doesn't fit on the Dolphins and is trade bait.

Let's face it, Beck is not the quarterback of today. He's not the quarterback of tomorrow. He's not young and yet he's inexperienced. He is, however, on the trade block.

The video below of Beck's first career NFL start shows a guy that was terribly unsure of himself. He had no poise nor confidence. Consequently he was inaccurate, as several easy throws were high or behind the receivers. Beck's footwork was also atrocious. You have to excuse part of that to inexperience and understanding his offensive line wasn't very good, but he seemed to bail out too quickly as if not wanting to get hit.

So on a team eager to, as I first reported a month ago, add draft picks and come out of the April 25-26 selection process with about 12 drafted players, Beck is a trade waiting to happen. Maybe Cam Cameron, who loved Beck so much, should lobby for him to come to Baltimore, where the former coach is the offensive coordinator.

Maybe you folks see a future for Beck in Miami. I do not.

After you check out the column and read Tony Sparano's quotes on Beck, you tell me if you agree or disagree with me. 

[Update: There was an ongoing debate in 2007 whether the Dolphins made a mistake in passing on Brady Quinn and eventually picking Beck in the second round. Obviously neither player has done very much his first two seasons. But Quinn seems to have held greater value despite his relative inactivity while Beck has not.

According to The National Football Post, the Browns have multiple offers to trade for Quinn and the asking price is already at a first-round pick and the Browns are looking to get even more. Beck meanwhile is nowhere close to being worth a first-rounder and isn't even returning the second-round pick the Dolphins invested in him on the trade market. Food for thought.] 


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i just finished reading and i have about 113 points to make but that's mark's style so isay only,
1-so many football teams and very few young QB.
2-fins will get what want out of trading Beck since most the QB playing today are senior citizens.
3-if tuna co think that Beck is not good enough to play that doesn't in itself mean they are right as we know from the past tuna was wrong many times.
4-LUCK and different team sometimes more important for QB to thrive
5-i ate roast rabbit for dinner last night.GO FINS

While I agree that Beck needs to be traded I am not sure that he will be traded anytime soon. They might wait till preseason and try to build his value up by placing him in games. Right now he is probably worth a 7th rd if anything.

A 6th or 7th rounder would be fine with me. He is done in Miami. We could get another diamond with the late pick like Donald Thomas.

I'd take a 7th rounder in 2021 for his Horrible azz. He's just another reminder of Cam the Moron ..........lets be rid of it already.

I saw some pretty good throws in the video. He has talent. Maybe we keep him, If Chad goes down like he often does then he would be our #2. and I feel good about that. His debut was on one of the worst teams and coaches in history. I think he has more upside than you report Armando.


i dunno what you are talking about, yes there were some errant throws, but making his first NFL start on the road in philly is no easy task, there were some very nice throws in that video, running for your life everytime you drop back doesnt help either, i hope we keep that guy around, you cant have enough good qb´s on your roster

Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss. It's the menace !

Give the guy a break Armando. You are a columnist, not a G.M.(thank god.) Many of your columns have been 'atrocious', but you still have a job.

mr bunglito, do you ever talk football?

Byron Leftwitch to the Bucs!!!!

I only bring attention to this because with Leftwitch to Tampa and Garcia to Oakland, there are no more decent free agent qb's for the Jets to pick up! hahaha! Looks like its Kellen Clemens or Brett Ratliff for the Jests... that is, unless they feel like signing J.P. Losman...

Bill Parcells table manner's are atrocious....

Happy Easter to all Dolphin Fans around the world.
Hope all is well and good, less than 2 weeks before the big draft, anticipation!
Trying to get what we can for Beck would be good, now I'm not expecting any high picks for him but a 6 or 7th rounder would be fine. We need to add more draft picks because the more chances you have to find a diamond in the ruff the more likely we are to strike gold!
Now if we can packaged him with another player or something else with a little more bite, maybe we can get a higher draft pick. See if Cam Cameron would like to take him back to Balitmore...CC that no good son of, its Easter and regadless if CC set the Dolphins back a few years I'm not gonna go there.
Moving on: our best chance to land a high draft pick is to trade Ronnie Brown who will be a free agent after this coming year. I know what you all are saying Ronnie no no no, but facts are facts now is when he has the most trade value, will be in his last year of his contract, and is getting a little older for a running back. If the trifecta are looking to add more picks you have to think they want a high pick maybe a second or third rounder. Don't forget there is always someone willing to listen when it comes to trades and Ronnie does have real good value as bait, so if a team's GM is enamored with Brown they might be willking to give up a 1st or second rounder. You never know till you try and Ireland has said before that everyone on the team is a commodity that for the right price can be had.

Eddie Murphs Coming to America was funny, but for me I loved him in Trading Places with Dan Akroyd. The Klumps and Norbit were well...did nothing for me I laughed a little but it was just allright. Coming to america was funny and I liked it but his pairing with Dan Akroyd and a then hot Jamie Lee Curtis for me was sooo cool and funny. Murphys' Gumby skits on SNL are hilarious too.

Becks value can only go up.Let him play the preseason and wait for some teams to develope a real need.Hopefully it won't be us!

Happy Easter all
Hosting Bruch as the familiy has arrived time to talk smack to my brother in law about his beloved 49ers!
Go Dolphins!
Bigger, younger, stronger, and faster!

D4life....Happy easter to you......BUT what with,Bigger,Younger,Stronger and Faster....give us a break ,will you please


Trading places is another good one! You ever notice how Randolph and Mortimer (the 2 wall street guys) from Trading Places have a cameo in Coming to America? They are bums on the street and Eddie Murphy gives them about 10 grand... "We're back Mortimer!"..... Definitely his 2 best... followed closely by Harlem Nights...

When you talk great movies we have to bring in police academy and scary movie it was point of american movie history .

best quote in the "scent of a women" when AL.P said "you have integrity charlie "

SOULJA. I see that you tried to take on 2 of my friends and biggest stars in the movie Industry last night. LOL. NOT A WISE MOVE . LOL

Pretty obvious to anyone with eyes who saw Beck play in 2007 and last preseason he is jittery. That's fine if you're a feral cat. But not good if you're trying to be an NFL quarterback. Trade him for a phillips screwdriver if possible.

While I have always thought Beck seems a bit too lady-like on the football field, he does deserve the benefit of the doubt. His first games are not a fair hearing, further still if you consider that was done playing for one of the worst teams ever during the CanCam hurricane. That said, Dolphins should just cut him loose if there are no takers. He does not have a serious chance of making it in Miami.


Haha...never said I didn't like pacino and deniro...just the punk that posts under their names...

Bull Durham, the best movies ever made, susan.S turned gays into men in minutes without any plastic surgery tricks.

p.s. now the morons, souljah and njphins, are talking about movies in this comment section. good grief, what a waste of human flesh.

Jed . Don't you have to go tip some cows or something . Better yet don't you have to go whack off to your jason taylor posters.

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Soulja. Are you a simpleton ? LOL . I gave you a clue. Here's another one. watch who you call a punk , YOU PUNK. LOL

A questions for you armando, Do the Dolphins want to get rid of Beck more than he wants to get out of Miami? I think Beck is eager to find a new home because he realizes he has no future in Miami. Agree?

Jed said the Dolphins should just cut Beck loose. Dude you know less about football than we do. Glad you're not the GM.

soulj, did you insult my god father NJ PHIN FAN you dumb who loves the movie dumb and dumber, i will unleash my robot vents if you don't stop you Punk


...you are slow enough to take someone seriously when they say "Coming to America just might be American Cinema at its finest..." Does that sound like a serious statement to you???

JED , the toothless, jackazzzz , mutant redneck is a complete idiot. The only thing he knows about the dolphins is how much he's in love with jason taylor.

SOULJA. LOL. YOU were serious and you know it. LOL. If anybody took things serious last night it was definitly you . LOL. Read your last post. I was cracking up all the way to bed last night. I was just messing with you. Anyway , Happy Easter to you buddy. LOL

in honor of jed this a red neck poem;
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I was being sarcastic... Coming to America, even though its one of my favorites, and a comedic classic, is not anywhere close to best ever..."finest in american cinema..." who really talks like that? I was actually watching Coming to America at the time, and just kidding around...

On a serious note, most critics would say that "Citizen Kane" is the best American Movie ever made, but DAMN, that movie sucked!

Everybody should lay off JED. He's in mourning . One of his other senior Citizen boy toys signed with KC and isn't coming back to the dolphins.

Ok, back to football...

Zack Thomas just signed with the Chiefs... Anybody else think he should hang up the cleats?


WAH ! WAh !WaH ! WAh ! WAH ! WAh !. Zach thomas isn't coming back . Now jason taylor just has to come back. PLEEEEEEEEEEEase bring back taylor. I just gots to have him. GIT-R-DONE !

the rest of the poem
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Gort, good poem, you seem to have a very good understanding of inbreeding... Is that the custom on your planet, or did you learn in from your intense research and analysis of rednecks?

1-IT'S CALLED THE FAMILY TREE POEM FROM GOOGL.you see fins people pushing me to search for things i never heard of before

Thats why you dont play rookie quarterbacks, b/c they arent ready. And then they get ruined after 4 starts and are relegated to the trash heap.
The John Beck story is why I am thrilled Chad Henne wont play his first 2 years in the NFL.

I think we should cut Jake long and save money. Then we can bring back richmond webb. Webb has more experience and can win us the super bowl. Thoughts ?

Fake GM consider these names: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco. All started as rookies. Really ruined them didn't it?



Consider these names:
Heath Shuler, Joey Harrington, Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, David Carr, Tim Couch, Alex Smith. All of them were top 5 picks that had atrocious NFL careers.
And now consider these names: Tom Brady, Steve Mcnair, Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Matt Cassell. They all sat for at least a year before playing and all of them are now franchise quarterbacks or future Hall of Famers.

Obviously I cant prove anything definitively, but it seems to me that all those great QBs had the talent when they came into the league. The ones who are pressed into service early simply lose confidence if they dont play well. The ones who get to sit have a much better chance of succeeding b/c they arent put in impossible situation.
Everyone around the league (John Clayton, Mel Kiper) knows you should sit guys. Teams just get too impatient.

i agree with fake GM, even though there are a few exceptions ( most of which had a good team ) it is better to sit a QB and let him play in preseason for a year or 2 then start rather than just throw him out there with no real NFL experience because they become worried and make lots of mistakes and develop bad habits and become trash QBs

Names I forgot to mention Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Bledsoe, DAN MARINO, Eli Manning, JOe Montana, JOe Namath, Jim Kelly, Eddie LaBaron, Sonny Jurgenson, YA Title, Fran Tarkenton, Sammy Baugh. All started games as rookie quarterbacks. All did just fine.

The fact is if a player is good, he's good.

If you want to bring up the fact Joey Harrington sucked as a rookie, I would tell you he still sucks in his sixth year. The guy could have sat until he was on medicare and he would still suck.

It's about having talent or not. It's not about sitting on the bench or not.

Rene ,is the most knowledgable fan feamle i have ever red on this fourm and i have a Question for here ,where did you get this from ? oh i forgot my name is mike tv

you pick you your pick for next year's dolphins


1-today was a story about Cornelius Ingram ,TE.U of florida prying to be picked by Belicick and the pats in second round -pick no.26.

2-first round pick at NO.23 seems to be a sure thing of Lary English the DE/OLB

The Menace is on the web, whats the 1st Q for the menace?

Nice chat room again.

Beck was not as bad as his worst mistakes. He does not fit here but he has enough talent to make it as a #2. He also has a great attitude. I agree that they should hold him and wait for a trade. Except for the money - which is not 3rd string QB money - he is not so bad to have around. But he has more value in terms of cap room (okay I don't klnow his cap number but I am ass-uming) and trade.

No need to make him out to be a total disaster. Cam bowed to pressure from the fans to replace the lemon with Beck and put him out there with a terrible offensive line and Ted "Baby, don't hurt me" Ginn as his best receiver. Cam didn't even coach the kid up - never gave him enough snaps during the season and threw him in there against the effin Eagles! Give the kid a break. And send him packing for whatever you can get - but for a QB that should be a 5th.

Jimmy Jam. Next time just post your comment without a Smartazzzz remark.

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you mad cause i want jason back and you don't, why you hate jason?bty i do have jason on my bed room wall so what?

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