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Dolphins Sunday: Beck outta here? [Updated]

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Today's Dolphins column in Mama Herald focuses on the fact John Beck is a Miami Dolphin. It also focuses on the fact John Beck doesn't fit on the Dolphins and is trade bait.

Let's face it, Beck is not the quarterback of today. He's not the quarterback of tomorrow. He's not young and yet he's inexperienced. He is, however, on the trade block.

The video below of Beck's first career NFL start shows a guy that was terribly unsure of himself. He had no poise nor confidence. Consequently he was inaccurate, as several easy throws were high or behind the receivers. Beck's footwork was also atrocious. You have to excuse part of that to inexperience and understanding his offensive line wasn't very good, but he seemed to bail out too quickly as if not wanting to get hit.

So on a team eager to, as I first reported a month ago, add draft picks and come out of the April 25-26 selection process with about 12 drafted players, Beck is a trade waiting to happen. Maybe Cam Cameron, who loved Beck so much, should lobby for him to come to Baltimore, where the former coach is the offensive coordinator.

Maybe you folks see a future for Beck in Miami. I do not.

After you check out the column and read Tony Sparano's quotes on Beck, you tell me if you agree or disagree with me. 

[Update: There was an ongoing debate in 2007 whether the Dolphins made a mistake in passing on Brady Quinn and eventually picking Beck in the second round. Obviously neither player has done very much his first two seasons. But Quinn seems to have held greater value despite his relative inactivity while Beck has not.

According to The National Football Post, the Browns have multiple offers to trade for Quinn and the asking price is already at a first-round pick and the Browns are looking to get even more. Beck meanwhile is nowhere close to being worth a first-rounder and isn't even returning the second-round pick the Dolphins invested in him on the trade market. Food for thought.] 


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How can you tell Jimmy Jam to post without a smart azz remark, when half of you guys talk about non-football subjects on here. What does Eddie Murphy have to do with the Miami dolphins? is he going to play, coach, or do anything to help the Dolpins get better next season? doubt it. so lets not criticize the people who actually talk about the Miami Dolphins on a Miami Dolphins blog, and let's start criticizing the people who talk about gort and Eddie Murphy and other non related topics. its really tedious having to scroll through hoping I don't waste my time on a moronic post, which 75% of the time I end up doing.

Are you related to jed ?

That being said, I don't think Beck was given a fair chance when he was thrown in there with that team. He had no o-line, Ronnie was injured and there was no run game, he had no receivers. what the hell is a QB supposed to do with that? Unfortunately he isn't really going to get a fair shot again, there is a new regime in place, who picked their own QB of the future, and that really leaves no place for Beck. If we can get a 5th rounder for him I think it would be best for both parties involved. He can get a clean start some place else and we can get someone who might have a chance at the field.

I Say keep beck, hes got a year with the new trifecta, lets keep him as a back up to the heir appernt chad(size 96 neck) henne for the 2010 campaign., discuss.

mr bunglito, are you related to souljshbeats?

we should keep beck in case penne get injured then if henne get injured too then beck can start then we can to the basement in hurry,then if beck get injured penne will be fine by the then.bty bunglito shut up.

I am not related to anyone on this blog... I only sign in under one name (unlike most people on this blog)... I might get off subject sometimes, but thats just because its the offseason and its boring....but I'll try to keep it to football...

I think that we should definitely deal John Beck, whether its to get a draft pick or to somehow package Beck with a pick to move up in the draft. We need to get whatever we can for him now, its not like his stock is going to rise after another year on the bench. He doesn't fit in the trifecta's plan and a trade would be best for them both.

Lets grow up aka Jimmy Jam . Wow , your a real tough guy smart azzzzzz . LOL . More like a punk smartazzzzzz

souljahbeats, you didn't any thing new ,tell me who's you think is better QB ,penne or henne? are you related to bunglito?

Carlito aka Maxx. You SHUT UP !

Nope... but I do think that gopats is related to Ray Finkle..."Laces Out Dan!"

JIMMY JAM. Do you know gort. Well you better watch how you talk on here or he'll kick your punk AZZZZZZZ.

souljahbeats related to jed the red neck stud, what you say bunglito?

I actually am not Jimmy Jam, it just so happens I have been annoyed coming on here trying to read the articles and what people think about them and 75% of the comments I read are not related to football... I mean Eddie Murphy??? what does he have to do with Miami Dolphins football? Nothing, and when you post "dont make smart azz comments" to people who actually post something relevant to the article and the dolphins its just ignorant and annoys me.

souljahbeats, is it true that you still trying to find your self? who's your favorite male actor when you see him you go WOW.

seriously shut up with the non-football stuff. go to a hollywood blog if you want to talk about movies.

Beck hasnt had a fair shot in the league, and never will on the dolphins, trade him. and seriously if we get down to our 3rd string qb are we really gonna have a shot anyway...

nyfinfan3493. Shut the F up . You're an embarressment to NY.

nyfinfan3493. Shut the f up !. You're an embarressment to NY.

Bungalito, you're an embarrassment to the human race. I really think you come from the shallowest of gene pools. And no a gene pool is not a pool full of denim.

Nyfinfan. you're a horse toothed jackazzzz .

nyfishface0000. You're a horse toothed jackazzzz.

ok well im going to ignore you from now on because i would be a hypocrite if i continued to talk about non dolphins things.

Unfortunately i doubt we will find anyone willing to trade for Beck. Does anyone know if he has really small hands or something he seemed to fumble alot and drop the ball even without being hit.

that's the smartest thing you said so far.

The youtube video shows Beck to be decent. A jay fiedler of the future. a stop gap QB at best. Look at where most of the possessions start : in our own 10-15 Yard line. There are several drops and only 1 nice heroic catch. Plus he is always on the run given the crappy o-line. Oh CAM what a scam of a team you ran.

I would like to have beck as a backup 1 more year. Let him play a full game in the preseason.

Cam cameron had talent and no one tried to help him expand on it , he was very good at some thing,destroying team in record time.

I'm with waterboy on the fact that John Beck deserves a FAIR chance to compete. Of course that would mean an open challenge with Henne for the backup role, and a normal result of such thing will lead to Henne keeping his actual status of QB of future, but can prove Beck's worth and even sell him to any team suffering Bradyesque fortune of last season.

My favorite move by Cam was trading one of our best player's (Wes Welker) to of all teams, our division rival cheatriots. Then to send Chris Chambers to the Chargers, another afc team. He then threw Beck in the game with not one single starting caliber player on offense. It was as if he was trying to ruin his chance of a career, while at the same time destroying our team. While I think Beck will never be a starter in the NFL, I do think if he did have any help whatsoever his numbers would be a little better. I now hate Cam as much as Nick Saban!!

ACE TURBO. Welker was a restricted free agent who signed an offer sheet that miami wasn't going to be able to match. SO the teams worked out a trade. Miami got Chad Henne in the trade with SD for chambers. Henne might be the Qb of the Future. Can we please see how henne works out before you make anymore clueless posts.

you see ace we agree some times, now every time i say some thing i want you to agree with cause it's the right thing to do when you follow a petter football mind like mine,and one more thing welker is a prove that some players when they change team and coaches they thrive in huge ways and Beck could be one of those players.

NJ,are you saying that the worst coach in fins history knew that Welker was a great player but didn't have enough money to sign him,come on man .the honorable Cam.c ,the honorable N.Saban and the honorable J.J were three coaches that destroyed the the team and the name dolphins for 12 years and counting.

Gort ( aka ? }. Cam and Saban were Horrible. The Patriots were going to put the so called " poison pill " in the offer sheet in which there was no way Miami would match. They got a 2nd round and a 7th for guy they got off the street. Where cam and mueller messed up was with who they drafted in the 2nd.

I wouldn't even consider talking with another team without a minimum of a 3/4th rounder on the table..

The guy was an early 2nd rounder and was high on a lot of teams boards in his draft... Plus, look at the team he was playing on...

What will it hurt to keep him on the roster as a 3rd stringer... Do not give him away Ireland, like you did Satele!!

3rd, maybe 4th rounder and if there are no offers, than its back to clipboard duty for Mr. Beck...

The definition of atrocious is this paragraph

"The video below of Beck's first career NFL start shows a guy that was terribly unsure of himself. He had no poise nor confidence. Consequently he was inaccurate, as several easy throws were high or behind the receivers. Beck's footwork was also atrocious. You have to excuse part of that to inexperience and understanding his offensive line wasn't very good, but he seemed to bail out too quickly as if not wanting to get hit."

His atrocious footwork kinda reminded me of Tom Brady in the 2008 superbowl!

NJ , YOU know too much info about all this stuff like draft and more ,so when you talk to a Gort like me who looks only at the big picture and not know all these little details you know very will please mercy on me and people like Souljahbeats.


Today's Dolphins column in Mama Herald focuses on the fact John Bech is a Miami Dolphin"...... Two spelling errors in the opening line of your article? Does'nt say much for edditing in Miami does it??

Gotta love Mimai'ns.....

COME on rick, it's florida ,thank god they have some thing to read,don't be so harsh on mama due to money shortage .

Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick. The "opening line" in my post was in fact, 'Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!'

That's one fact error by you.

I also meant to write Mama and not Miami. Think of the wording as Mother Herald rather than Miami Herald. Get it?

That's two mistakes by you.

And Beck is spelled with a K not an h.

Three strikes and you are out in Miami and anywhere else.

For the sake of value, i wouldnt take anything lower than a 5th rounder for him in a trade.

He is atleast a good backup, and we could keep him as a decent 3rd stringer for cheap.
I would trade him in a package deal with J.Allen or Wilford and a late round pick for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

The reason there is so much demand for Quinn is that he has a lot of upside and a contract that won't kill the club. If the Fins had taken him with #9, the dollars required to lock up a QB would force Quinn's value to drop. No one would want to pay him that much since he has not proven anything yet. Since he was drafted in the 20s, any club sees potential with little monetary risk.

If we get a third rounder for him , Ill throw a party !
Not the biggest Ted Ginn fan, but i prefer him over Quinny any day. That guy is horrible !

Wow after watching that segment i did not realise how bad our recieving corps was last year, numerous drops.
I hope beck gets a good chance somewhere else. Good kid who wroks hard and dont moan. He has been treated dreadfully at the fins !!! I hope he stays - 6th or 7th his not worth the trade for me. Love penny but history says he will get injured again !!!

the kid has potential.
he was fresh out of college,behind a line that the moment he was handed the ball he was being chased.a few hurried throws,nothing a little time behind the steering wheel couldn't help.
sorry armando, I don't see it that way although I don't see this administration hanging on to him.
he could be a good backup incase of someone going down.

I wish only god thing for ZACK. He is a class act. As for Jayson Taylor. I think now he realizes that he is "not all that". Hollywood does not want him, the Redskins did not want him, and The Dolphins only talk about the downside of signing him. He got what he wanted, to leave the Fins. Dry up, and blow away Taylor. The only way your going to be signed is for buttons not $8 million. To bad, you went out a loser.

While this is a horrible draft for QBs, there are lots of decent measurable guys that could be signed after the draft for much less than Beck costs...and even those guys might have more upside at this point. I'd take a used pair of retreads for Beck at this point.

This is nothing really to do with this post but I have been biting my proverbial tongue for months about Armando, now I really have to ask as many others have, are you a Dolphins Fan, what matters most to you, how the Dolphins do or how many bloggers you get, some of your post lately have been ridiculous bordering on augumentative, I think you care more about how many hits you get on your meaningless bloggs than this franchise we all know and love as the Miami Dolphins. This team has enough negative fans without you stirring things up. Maybe you see things differently to me as I'm English but god I miss Jason Cole!!!

In what insane world is it fair to judge Beck (or any quarterback) on his first NFL start? On a 1-15 team no less. Beck may or may not have it in him to be a good pro, and he certainly has no future in Miami, but I can guarantee you bad tape of his first game doesn't prove anything.

chris j nelson
I agree with you and hope other gm's and coaches like cam cameron still think like you,
so we can get a decent pick for him since we picked him in the second, reach just a tad...coach cameron please take him back. Willing to take practice squad qb for him.LOL

Ok we all know Beck has to go but, who follows and how many picks can we get in this years draft? Any takers

I say Roth has good value and since he is in his last year of his contract. pull the trigger.
TE Martin had ok season last year and if we can get anything!, pull the trigger.
Add Rod Wright DE Paul Soloai DT maybe we can have 3 or 4 added picks to the draft. Not sure we can get anything for Martin? Who knows but if we can add any draft picks that would be great and you know that is what great drafts are made of the more chances you have I'm sure you get the idea. This is what I think the Trifecta should do. Who they draft well, we all have our opinions so lets save that for another time.

Armando, Beck is a good player that now needs some games, Sir Dan Marino would have struggled in that offence that whole season still makes me mad. And also you always seem to think everything the Dolphins do is a step behind everybody else, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder over something, what is it Armando?

I really disagree with people that say beck is trash. I don't think he a great QB by any means but I feel the same about henne. If anything beck was put in game against team with some of the defensive talent (Eagles and Raven, beck did just about as good as Penny) on a BAD dolphin team with POOR coaching. I know all we have to look at is what he did his first year but beck could be a Solid starter for any team if giving the chance and the right situation.
Had some nice throws and some drops in the vid. Beck we getting hit and pressured on 3 step drops, that would make "Dan the Man" look bad.
Hope he find a place that gives him a shot.(vikings i think would be a good place for him)

The comments to the Heralds blog has really gone downhill lately. Did you miss every single English class? The spelling and syntax is so bad, you sound like pre-schoolers.

Get an education!

Not going to argue the logic here as I would like to see Beck go as well but you could have selected a better piece of video to solidify your case....he actually looked good in the redtube video....the line is what was stinking it up

Either way I'd like to see Beck and Pennington go....time for Henne to take over

I think Beck can play, and his only problem was playing as a rookie for the worst Miami Dolphin team in history that had no offensive line, no running back, and no receivers along with terrible coaching. After that, he had to learn a brand new offense, and Miami drafted Henne who is a better prospect and picked up Chad P. The only problem that I see with Beck is his age, which is why I never like for teams to draft older players as it usually never works out as most rookies take a couple of years to develop and by the time that happens, they are knocking on 30. I still believe that Beck can have a good career in the NFL, but it will not be in Miami.

How can anyone say Beck is bad, sucks or trash when he has never had a fair opportunity to play, not even with a mediocre offensive line, he played with one of the worse offensive lines in the NFL during that year and in his rookie year... . I think the same comments where made by fans and sports writers who don't know jack... just like it has happened in the past with Hall of Fame QB's such as; Brett Favre, Steve Young while in Tampa and many more. I'm not suggesting Beck is a Hall of Famer but at least judge him after he has a fair chance.
Once again, just shows the Miami Dolphin fans, just full of negative comments and full of sh#$%t..... support your team and forget about Dan Marino, Coach Shula and the Dolphins of the 70's etc.... its way past due!!!!!.... its the year 2009!!!!

Dear Armando, I have been biting my tongue for months also but can no longer contain myself. You have done an outstanding job for a long time and the idiots that filter on here from other amatuerish blogs come only to pollute the pages here. UK is a bigtime Omarphile and I, for one, wish he'd stay away from here because he's giving the Union Jack a terrible name.

Did you idiots miss last preseason. Beck was terrible. Period. Obviously it was enough for the Tuna to make a decision.

im not sure this video should constitute any harsh moves, i saw some decent throws, however lets not forget beck did get thrown to the wolves, i mean the team bit. also i cant see how he could be that far off the radar against pretty boy quinn. maybe becuase beck saw more time on the field than the fruit quinn and it just looks worse, but i got news, live in the ctown and im so glad the dolphins skiped his candy a. and any one who is willing to give big trade or money for brady leaf u are dreaming. best of luck! and for that matter just get him out of cleve i dont even like the browns im just so tired of hearing he's the future of them , or for that matter anyteam

lol @ quinn being woth "more than 1st round pick" wtf are you smoking, mando?

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