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Dolphins Sunday: Beck outta here? [Updated]

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

Today's Dolphins column in Mama Herald focuses on the fact John Beck is a Miami Dolphin. It also focuses on the fact John Beck doesn't fit on the Dolphins and is trade bait.

Let's face it, Beck is not the quarterback of today. He's not the quarterback of tomorrow. He's not young and yet he's inexperienced. He is, however, on the trade block.

The video below of Beck's first career NFL start shows a guy that was terribly unsure of himself. He had no poise nor confidence. Consequently he was inaccurate, as several easy throws were high or behind the receivers. Beck's footwork was also atrocious. You have to excuse part of that to inexperience and understanding his offensive line wasn't very good, but he seemed to bail out too quickly as if not wanting to get hit.

So on a team eager to, as I first reported a month ago, add draft picks and come out of the April 25-26 selection process with about 12 drafted players, Beck is a trade waiting to happen. Maybe Cam Cameron, who loved Beck so much, should lobby for him to come to Baltimore, where the former coach is the offensive coordinator.

Maybe you folks see a future for Beck in Miami. I do not.

After you check out the column and read Tony Sparano's quotes on Beck, you tell me if you agree or disagree with me. 

[Update: There was an ongoing debate in 2007 whether the Dolphins made a mistake in passing on Brady Quinn and eventually picking Beck in the second round. Obviously neither player has done very much his first two seasons. But Quinn seems to have held greater value despite his relative inactivity while Beck has not.

According to The National Football Post, the Browns have multiple offers to trade for Quinn and the asking price is already at a first-round pick and the Browns are looking to get even more. Beck meanwhile is nowhere close to being worth a first-rounder and isn't even returning the second-round pick the Dolphins invested in him on the trade market. Food for thought.]