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Draft: Day two has begun and so has live blog

The second day has begun and we are live blogging throughout.

Players to think about today include Georgia Tech OLB Michael Johnson, Abilene wide receiver Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian, and Penn State's Derrick Williams.

Been thinking about the first day also.

Look, I'm not ripping the Vontae Davis selection. But the guy underachieved in college and he underachieved in high school. And his older brother Vernon Davis has been an underachiever with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hello? That doesn't raise red flags for any of you?

So I would not be surprised if he underachieves.

I actually like the second round more than the first.

As I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I thought the Pat White selection rocked. He adds a new dimension to Wildcat that Ronnie Brown didn't bring. He can complete passes consistently and that prevents the safety from cheating up in the box and that opens things up for the running game out of that package.

The Sean Smith selection also offers the Dolphins a HUGE cornerback (6-3, 214 pounds) that will be a great matchup against bigger, more physical receivers such as Terrell Owens. Smith also projects as a safety down the road if the cornerback spot isn't home for him.

Smith is a former receiver and is still learning to be a cornerback. That's good because he has not yet developed hardened bad habits. The Miami coaching staff will build him as they wish and that's a good thing.

On to the second day!


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Is Ramses Barden available? I like the size of this guy and we could use that at WR.

the brilliant Jets have traded away all but one of their picks

I like Sidbury more than Johnson, and I think the
Fins could take another CB... Macho Harris maybe. And I also think the Fins should pick up a fast deep threat TE like Cook to put in that Wildcat formation.

All I know is the Dolphins MUST, MUST, MUST add a receiver or two today. That was the second highest need IMO>

Despite some of the character flaws that Davis possesses, you have to believe that the Dolphins brain trust has done their homework here. The fact that Ireland has a relationship with Zook is something else to take note of here. I think with attitude of the team and the work habits that is expected by the trifecta, Vontae Davis is an extremely solid pick. Top ten value and best coverage CB in his class...at 25, you trust in your program to overcome the supposed charater issues.


What do you think the fins can get for Beck?

For Beck? A fifth rounder? Maybe.

All I know is the Dolphins MUST, MUST, MUST add a receiver or two today. That was the second highest need IMO>

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 26, 2009 at 10:18 AM

I believe that is all you know.

By the way, Brandon Tate, the other NC WR who blew out his knee last season, might be an option in the fifth now that Miami has two picks in the round.

I know he tested positive for marijuana, but maybe the Dolphins have done their homework on that and can excuse it. After all, not all their current players are choir boys.

when do we pick next?

Should someone be nice & brotherly and tell Rex Ryan his Jets were not that good last year? Poor nerd thinks he's 2 players away from the SuperBowl!! A rookie qb, a 3rd RB and a 6th... What a crappy draft!! I love it!!

Probably worried about drafting another Gholston so they rather not pick.. Way to bank away your future J-e-t-s, jets jets jets


Any information on who the Dolphins like out of the remaining WR?

I would not be surprised if the Dolphins pick Michael Johnson if he still on the board.

4th Round, look out for Jarrett Dillard... The best route runner in the draft. Decent speed and can jump through the roof. Reminds me of Marvin Harrison...

Armando, can you reallly pick up a #1 stud receiver on day two???

with the browns taking 2 wide outs do you think that braylon might be on the outs.. and does this make the dolphins maybe interested in him

Hey Mando, any idea when Stillman DT Sammie Lee Hill will come off the board? Would love for the fins to grab him.

Mando, any receivers left that could actually make an impact this year?

Do you see the Pat White pick being used as another Bess, and He is fast but does he have the speed to stretch the field?

What about Iglesia from Oklahoma??? He would be a good WR pick....right?!?!

Are you on the Ticket today??(please please). I'm sick of the Big O on 560 slamming Pat White!

Anything new on Jason Taylor?

I would love for the fins to get Michael Johnson, but I don't think that he will be there for the next pick...

By the way, Sean Smith is on twitter. Yesterday when the Saints took Malcolm Jenkins, Smith sent a tweet that said:

"Saints!!! You wanted the lil guy?"

The funny thing about that is Jenkins is 6 feet tall. It's AWESOME to have a CB that thinks of a 6-foot corner as a "lil guy," isn't it?

We still need a pass rusher. I still can't get past how Joe Flacco stood back in the pocket like a statue and we had no pressure on him. We apparently like Geo Tech DE Michael Johnson. He scares me a bit too like Vontae Davis but I guess we gotta coach em up. I think Davis is in Todd Bowles hands to mold for this year at least so I feel good about that part at least.


Mando, Charlie Casserly said this morning on NFL Network that Bill Parcells told him last fall that he was going to get Pat White. And he said he kept the secret all the way til now.


Hope you are correct that we can get a 5th for Beck, but I doubt anyone would trade for him. First, he's not that good. Second, everyone knows the fins have 3 qb & have to release him. Third, they would have traded him weeks ago.

good morning ladies & gentleman!

Armando, what do you think about Louis Murphy? he's still on the board.

Marcus: I didn't hear Casserly but if he said that, it makes him (Casserly) an insider of little worth because what good is it to know something and not say anything?

Wich teams coul be interested on Beck for a 5th or 6th round??

I'm not on the Ticket today. I'm right here all day. Stick with US! We LIVE!

To answer alex the dolphins 3rd round pick is at 87. I'm feeling wide reciever.


The Dolphins seem to be reaching more in this draft versus last after they developed depth last year. Are they that confident in what they have at DL and LB? I get the DB pick, but not 2 that early. Pat White seems a luxury pick that I did not think the Dolphins are ready to make yet. Hell, the Pats made more depth picks than we did.

My neighbor runs a church from his basement. I think he might be interested in acquiring Beck for some garage tools or a partially rusted charcoal grill.

Any insight on who the Dolphins like at WR that is still available, Armando? You keep talking about the need for WR, so give us some names.

raiders are on the clock! what kind of crazyness is next???

yeahhhh at this point its feeling like we NEED to get rid of Beck and no one wants him...

we need to take TE Nelson or Cook

I hope Miami pick Jarrett Dillard in the 3rd. The guy looks the best of the remaining WR'S.

Guys, Laveranues Coles was picked in the third round. Troy Brown went in the eighth round. T.J. Housyourmama was drafted in the seventh round.

That's off the top of my head.

haha... Raiders picked a guy graded as a 6th round pick... classic

Michael Johnson are gone.
Who the next best available DE/OLB??
Really we need think about WR or RB for a replacemente for Ronnie Brown for a exchange for Braylon Edwards

Do we get Sidbury or ILB D. Beckwith out of LSU?
Also, Ramses Barden, Iglesias, & Demetrius Byrd are still on the board; who do you like out of this bunch? Derrick Williams out of Penn State has good value... Any thoughts on him?

Johnny Knox. Johnny Knox. Johnny Knox.


How can you complain about the 'supposed' character issues of Vontae Davis on one hand and then say we should draft a guy who tested positive for marijuana at he combine? Sorry, just seems to be contradictory no?

good to see NFL Network was able to sell TONS of commercials for day 2 as well...


coool then its possible

T.O. also was 3rd round, I think.

Bill Parcells told me last year at the horse track, while we discussed the baseball playoff race that he liked him some Zach Follet and Roy Miller. I kept it to myself... We ate sushi later and he let me know he secretly admired sportswriters

Beck possible trade partners?

San Diego, Baltimore, Dallas, Green Bay, Cincinnati, BYU.

how about Ramses Barden 6'6 290lbs receiver or Austin Collie out of BYU?

What do you think?

Armando. We must get a NT. If fergie get hurt miami is done. Fortunatly for miami They're are some available like dorrell scott , sammie lee hill ,terrance knighton and terrance taylor.Vaughn martin from canada is a sleeper.

Johnny Utah?

Oh, I forgot to mention a name everyone should think about today: Cody Brown, my man.

Yes, I forgot to mention Ramses Barden. My bad.

Armando, what do think of Barden with next pick or is NT more imortant at this point?

NICE PAUL! Your scoops are always the best!

I thought someone took Cody Brown yesterday? If he is still on the board, that would be a good pick...

wats with the fuzzy letters you have to type in before you can post? is this ticketttmaster?? wat exactly does that accomplish? wat if I was visually impaired and just knew the keyboard well but couldnt see the fuzzy letters? seems a weeee bit discriminatory.... just saying

Didn't Cody Brown get picked yesterday?

Mando. Cody brown got drafted .

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