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Draft: Day two has begun and so has live blog

The second day has begun and we are live blogging throughout.

Players to think about today include Georgia Tech OLB Michael Johnson, Abilene wide receiver Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian, and Penn State's Derrick Williams.

Been thinking about the first day also.

Look, I'm not ripping the Vontae Davis selection. But the guy underachieved in college and he underachieved in high school. And his older brother Vernon Davis has been an underachiever with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hello? That doesn't raise red flags for any of you?

So I would not be surprised if he underachieves.

I actually like the second round more than the first.

As I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I thought the Pat White selection rocked. He adds a new dimension to Wildcat that Ronnie Brown didn't bring. He can complete passes consistently and that prevents the safety from cheating up in the box and that opens things up for the running game out of that package.

The Sean Smith selection also offers the Dolphins a HUGE cornerback (6-3, 214 pounds) that will be a great matchup against bigger, more physical receivers such as Terrell Owens. Smith also projects as a safety down the road if the cornerback spot isn't home for him.

Smith is a former receiver and is still learning to be a cornerback. That's good because he has not yet developed hardened bad habits. The Miami coaching staff will build him as they wish and that's a good thing.

On to the second day!


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Demetrius Byrd is probably a sixth or seventh round pick. The guy was in intensive care last week so that could not help his stock. But I hear he'll be OK.

Cody Brown went to the Cardinals yesterday.


If you have any media friends at
NFL network, call them and ask them to tell Rex his Jets are not that good!!

He's on now..

Tell him he reminds us of Ditka trading his draft for Williams..

We can forget about Michael Johnson. He goes to Cincinnati.

63rd overall

Funny Robby!

Cody Brown is gone with Cards at 31 st pick

Cody did indeed go to the Cards at the end of the night Saturday. My bad. It was a loooong day.


Any WR's out there that have something to prove. Just sayin, seems like the Fins are drafting guys that have something to prove:

Davis... that he can prove doubters wrong and live up to potential.
White: that he can play QB in this league
Smith: that he can play CB even with his size.

I'm thinking Derrick Williams Penn State has tons to prove: that he can be a return guy, and be a playmaking WR that will live up to his physical potential.

DAMN. There goes Knighton !

Yes, Johnson is gone. I still say we missed out in not grabbing Connor Barwin at 44, we could have gotten White with the other second rounder or the third round pick.

Fins worked out Lois Murphy from Florida not a bad pick although not as big and physical as Barden

What about Miami picking Jason Phillips (MLB) in the 3rd Mando?

Receivers with something to prove: TED GINN! Ernest Wilford!

If those two guys lived up to what they're supposed to be, we would not be talking about WR as a need position.

I think Ted Ginn has lived up to exactly what I expected.

Mando, what's up with Leroy Hill from Seattle? Is he a free-agent now that that Seattle removed the franchise tag?

I hate when you hear that a WR can be a WR/Return guy cuz lets face it, if he is projected as a #1 he aint gonna return so if he is a WR/RETURN GUY he's an OK receiver. #2 #3...

...Then your expectations have been quite low Mr. Bungle.


U think Ireland is being honest when he says White could be the starter in a couple years or is he justifying his pick?

It's makes no sense since Everone has a man crush on Henne..

No Wr are taken yet. Which Wr could fit more a 1 wr rigth now??

Mando what do you think of Dorell Scott 6' 3 312lbs can he be made into a NT

My expectations for him were low from the minute I heard his name.

Drafting for the future free agency issues and best available. Some possibilities:

Lawrence Sidbury LB - Richmond
Jared Cook TE - South Carolina
Duke Robinson G - Oklahoma
Andre Brown RB- NC State

Leroy Hill is an unrestricted free agent now, if the report that the franchise tag is off is correct.

I'm afraid I don't know enough about the guy to say if he's worth chasing or not. What do you guys know about Hill?

We should pick up Louis Murphy, WR from florida. I'm not too sure about Johnny Knox Mando...

How many stinkin' interviews do we need with Rex Ryan. Now he's on ESPN, also.

what I know about Hill is that he's not as good as Curry

Some where a read that the patriots try Pat White as WR, thats is true??

Dorrell Scott is a good name. But another underachiever?

LOL!! I think Ted is going to be just fine. I worry about his toughness though.

Somewhere I read that the Raiders tried Pat White as a DT.

Mr Bungle: obviously Rex is delusional!! He's probably measuring everyones fingers for their rings since they were 2 players away from the championship

My UF specialist Edgar Thompson tells me Murphy is "inconsistent" and "not a No. 1 receiver probably."

He almost got thrown off the team because he was frustrating the coach.

Houston is having one helluva draft!!

mando, what do think if miami grabs a tight end with the pick coming up here ...say jared cook or chase coffeman?

NFL Network just came off a commercial to say Chargers are on the clock & they were going to another commercial

If Miami does not select an OLB with our next two picks you can expect Jason Taylor to sign within the next week. Almost all the OLB or DE/OLB Miami coverted are of the Board. Lawrence Sidbury remains as well as Russell Allen, Moise Fokou and Pierre Walters.

Both stations completely throw in the towel after the first round. Coverage of the second round was unwatchable. It was all commercials or NBA previews.

James, finding a TE is one way to address the improvement of the passing game that everyone hopes the WR position will handle.

But remember guys JOEY HAYNOS!


ESPN sucks!!

Why do they list guards as OG? Is it to differentiate between defensive gaurds?

James I agree Chase Coffman big target and catches the ball well in red zone.

Mando, thanks for the feedback on Murphy; I didn't know that.
What do you think of Juaquin Iglesias then? I'm starting to get worried about our choices at WR. Or do you think that the Trifecta will find a diamond in the rough out there?

SD last pick G Vasquez benched 39 reps!!! Jeez! He's a BEAST!! 333 LBS.

Mike Singletary just dropped his pants.

When are we picking this round?? I have to know the exact number as we will be on commercial & I'll miss the pick

Terrence Taylor in Round 5??? that would really fix our NT depth!


We're #87 if we don't trade it...

Iglesias is a fifth-sixth rounder. But the guy was VERY productive. I don't know what the knock on him is -- other than speed -- but I love guys that produce.

njrich: Excellent call on Taylor.

How about we trade John Beck for Armando's ego. It's bigger than any wide receiver we could draft. Pennington could get the ball to it with no problem.

I thought yesterdays draft coverage by ESPN was horrific.

at the end of the first, the cardinals selected DONALD Brown, not Cody. This next pick will be OL, watch and see.

We need to take Ramses Barden,steal of the draft behind Darius Butler.Which we should of taken instead of Davis

Why Taylor over Corey Irvin?

What's your inkling right here Mando? Are we going after a WR or a NT or OLB?

JJ: I have a lot of flaws. I big ego ain't one of them.

Don't want to keep talking about yesterday's picks much more than I have....I would prefer to focus on today's possibilities....but one thing the Trifecta does well is they are VERY well prepared. They really do their homework on these guys. That's a real plus for us!! So if they feel that Vontae Davis can be a top talent and Sparano can get the most out of him then I am confident this was a good pick. If Davis acts up he won't play and at some point down the road he will be released or traded. But I am confident they will get the most out of him. And let's face it. The fact he wast still there at 25 could be for a lot of reasons. Other people maybe didn't have a need for him, or were scared of him or were influenced by his brother. Regardless, we got a great talent at 25.


I don't think the Fins are going to draft a WR that can't contribute on special teams as a return guy. Could be wrong though.

Good morning Armando... Since the Seahawks drafted LB Aaron Curry with the 4th overall pick yesterday afternoon, they have removed the franchise tag off Leroy Hill... Any chance the Dolphins might be interested? Thank you Armando

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