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Draft: Day two has begun and so has live blog

The second day has begun and we are live blogging throughout.

Players to think about today include Georgia Tech OLB Michael Johnson, Abilene wide receiver Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian, and Penn State's Derrick Williams.

Been thinking about the first day also.

Look, I'm not ripping the Vontae Davis selection. But the guy underachieved in college and he underachieved in high school. And his older brother Vernon Davis has been an underachiever with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hello? That doesn't raise red flags for any of you?

So I would not be surprised if he underachieves.

I actually like the second round more than the first.

As I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I thought the Pat White selection rocked. He adds a new dimension to Wildcat that Ronnie Brown didn't bring. He can complete passes consistently and that prevents the safety from cheating up in the box and that opens things up for the running game out of that package.

The Sean Smith selection also offers the Dolphins a HUGE cornerback (6-3, 214 pounds) that will be a great matchup against bigger, more physical receivers such as Terrell Owens. Smith also projects as a safety down the road if the cornerback spot isn't home for him.

Smith is a former receiver and is still learning to be a cornerback. That's good because he has not yet developed hardened bad habits. The Miami coaching staff will build him as they wish and that's a good thing.

On to the second day!


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On a serious note. I can see Ted Ginn have a more significant role in the wildcat now that Pat White can throw. Ginn could slip behind the defense. Just another added element.

What round do you think WR Dudley Guice goes in?

Craig M,
I say this about Davis:
I'd love to be out there during the offseason workouts hearing Parcells push his buttons. That kid seems simple minded... and I can just imagine Parcells twisting his brain around like a pretzel.

ESPN blows yesterday, today & tomorrow. Has Chris Berman ever watched a Fins game, unless it involved his beloved BuffBills? He is so played out.

Duke Robinson?

As a Miami Dolphins, born and raised, now transplanted to Seattle, I know Leroy Hill and he will NOT be going anywhere...the Hawks already traded Peterson to the Lions, so Hill just moves over, still have Tatopu, so Hill, Tatopu and now Curry give the Hawks one helluva LB core...so NO, he is NOT an option for the Phins....holding my breathe now for either Cook or Barden.....but I am not Ireland and Tuna, so what do I know....

sal d amico: coverage on both networks suck!!! If not for this blog, I'd b watching the same effing commercials and wondering who the heck was picked & who's next

Made a phone call about Hill. Two things:

He'll be expensive. And he's a little undersized. But the guy does have great instincts. Just don't know if he's a fit based on the first two things I said about $ and size.

Patriots just took Brandon Tate


NE brandon tate - very productive wr

Pats pick Brandon Tate...

Pats just picked up Brandon Tate

Tate to the Pats

Rhyno, he's an unrestricted free agent... What makes you so sure he'll stick around??

so much for tate as possible wr .... hes a patsy

I think the Pats are trying to take players that fit our needs. WR Tate GONE!

Strong comments Rhyno.

Of course, NE is returning the favor to the Dolphins by picking Brandon Tate! Just like we stiffed them by taking Pat White. Damn Bellichik! I hate him. Brandon Tate would have been a great pick for us....

Let's review. A CB with all the physical skills but has been labeled a slacker and head case. A situational (wildcat) QB....in for 5 plays every other game who's taking up a roster spot. A CB who is too big and slow. The word is, maybe move him to safety.....sound familiar.

Sorry to sound negative but you would think that after hundreds of hours watching tape, combine, workouts, they could have done better.


You are right, Parcells will be in his ear all off-season. It will be good for the kid. He will need that if he wants to play corner in the NFL. He needs to be more receptive to coaching. Hopefully he gets it. Could be a big star if he can transition to being a professional.

Smoke-a-tote Tate goes to Patsies.. Hope he becomes a headache & gets caught smoking it up with Belicheat

You ginn haters kill me.Ask yourself why the underneath stuff is open.Then ask how bess's or camo-brillo's 4.7 40's will work with henne's big arm.

Brandon Tate is a smart pick for Pats. They don't need him to produce right away. Geez, the Pats will not ever again run the football. They will pass on every down.

Eagles trade with Giants?

If Sidbury's there in two picks I think the Fins go with him.

thats funny a player the pats could trust ..... it helps when the commish is in your pocket


I have draft envy when I look at NE:

Brace, Butler, Vollmer, Tate...Chung was not great, but the other 4 are really strong depth that we could have used as starters.

Is this a demonstration of the true difference in our talent levels or more about depth levels?

Armando, can u block JJ? Geez

trade coming up again just before the Phins pick. Giants with Philly.

Eeek 3 wr's gone just before the Fins go on the clock... Not good if your lookin for a WR. I think the phins will go with DL/LB.

I dont think Irvin is strong enough to play NT. Taylor is much stronger. Check out his stats from the combine at cbssportsline. They specifically state Terrence Taylor is built to play NT for a Parcells team.

ROTFLOL!!! The GMen go with Barden!!! LOLOL!

Gints steal Ramses Barden. Traded up to do it, too. Harsh.

Wow this sucks,Ramses to the Giants


Were next.. I'm thinking commercial..

Dam!! Bardens gone!!

4 wr on a row. I don´t think wr could be an option. 2 more selections to wait.

There goes Ramses Barden, I guess either TE or Sidbury

Barden to the NYG, WTF no WR lift...

I knew it! Barden to the Giants...c'mon ireland! We should not have been scooped on this one.

Barden gone, make it 4 wr in a row

all those teams trading up must think WR for the fins here.

Everybody is jacking all the receivers before Miami picks.. Coincidence? Dont think so..

Barden gone. We are still going to suck at WR

Miami might go OT this round.

Ramses Barden gone!!! that's just great guys. Our only hope right now is Juaquin Iglesias. This is crazy. What a disappointment.

Sintim, Nicks, Tate ... The Giants have had the Dolphins draft.

dolphins will trade out now.

Linebacker, maybe.

Dolphins are on the clock. Don´t surprise if they trade awy from the pick.

Sidbury, TE or iglesias could go for miami...

I think the Giants did that because we stole Brandon London from them lol

Jarrett Dillard!!!! please!!!


Remind us ALL again why you are on here posting/criticizing making mediocre pay while Parcells/Ireland & co. are making "executive" decisions with multi million dollar pay?

Oh yeah....also remind us of how many PRO NFL GAMES you have coached and won?


Lawrence Sidbury or Duke Robinson


I'm betting on Jared Cook


I wouldnt be surprised if we took Dj Moore

Let's go Fins, pick Sidbury!!

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