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Draft: Day two has begun and so has live blog

The second day has begun and we are live blogging throughout.

Players to think about today include Georgia Tech OLB Michael Johnson, Abilene wide receiver Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian, and Penn State's Derrick Williams.

Been thinking about the first day also.

Look, I'm not ripping the Vontae Davis selection. But the guy underachieved in college and he underachieved in high school. And his older brother Vernon Davis has been an underachiever with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hello? That doesn't raise red flags for any of you?

So I would not be surprised if he underachieves.

I actually like the second round more than the first.

As I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I thought the Pat White selection rocked. He adds a new dimension to Wildcat that Ronnie Brown didn't bring. He can complete passes consistently and that prevents the safety from cheating up in the box and that opens things up for the running game out of that package.

The Sean Smith selection also offers the Dolphins a HUGE cornerback (6-3, 214 pounds) that will be a great matchup against bigger, more physical receivers such as Terrell Owens. Smith also projects as a safety down the road if the cornerback spot isn't home for him.

Smith is a former receiver and is still learning to be a cornerback. That's good because he has not yet developed hardened bad habits. The Miami coaching staff will build him as they wish and that's a good thing.

On to the second day!


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Jason Phillips please......

whyt the hell r the eagles helping a divisional opponent?? I hope Ramses makes them hurt for 10 yrs!! Stupid A's!!!

Couple tough breaks this draft!!

sidbury now or never

notice all the teams jumping up in front of us to snatch all the recievers- tate, barden

wow aniother commercial

How about Levitre right here... versatility on the line as he can play G or T.

Wow -- very disappointed we did not get Bardan. WE needed a tall get the ball type of reciever.

Patrick Turner!!


who is patrick turner?

Patrick Turner WR USC is Miami's pick

6'5, 223...

We are official...JT signs and I say we're solid on D. Special teams figured it out to have Bess on PR's and Ginn on KR's...so that leaves Offense...give us our WR!

Amazing that our team is that complete 2 yrs after that 1-15 debacle!

Let's get this rollin' baby! 2009 AFC East reigning champs...GET THAT STAMPED!

WR it is!


6'5"!!!!! Woooo hoo

Patrick Turner?

Kiper says he's a big receiver but not productive. "Not nearly the player he was expected to be," Kiper says.


6'5 big guy

McShay just said "We just had a run on good receivers up until Patrick Turner."

Todd McShay doesn't like this pick, so it must be a good pick.

NFLNETWORK actually called Ginn a 'vertical threat." hahahaha.

Don't know anything about this USC Wr. Someone enlighten us?

Reach. Decent possession guy, but Duke, Sidbery, etc would have been a better pick.


Mayock says he had a great pro day & his best days are ahead of him.. Kiper is a hater!!!

Herm Edwards is the voice of reason

Kilper is frustrated the real experts are not picking what he thought!

Patrick Turner - Big tall WR player at USC. Barden was much more athletic and productive. HE was never the go to reciever at SC. Very questionable.

McShay hates the Patrick Turner pick as does Kiper--underachiever in a passing program. Are we doomed?

i believe too mike mayock. ( pat white)

i am lovin these picks.

McShay and Kiper don't run NFL teams.

CBS on Turner...
WR Patrick Turner, Southern California: After coming to life as a senior with 10 receiving touchdowns, his stock continues to rise. He looked good starting from the weigh-in (6-5, 220, 33-inch arms) and didn't stop shining when he hit the practice field. He looked very quick for his size and his hands were solid

"I think steroids are as American as apple pie!"

Anyone else sick of (and kind of disgusted by) this commercial?

Guys . New blog on Patrick Turner is up now. LOL

This reminds me of the situation around picking Shawn Murphy...A run on OG we liked, we traded up and pick Murphy. Now, a run on WR we liked and we take Patrick Murphy?!

ahh armondo, exactly how many illinois games did you see this year ???, well i watched them all and where you say vonte is an underachiever is just a clueless comment ! He will be a great CB for the fins just as he was a differencemaker for the illini. I do believe he covered a certain mizzou wr this year and locked him down even though they lost that game. so wake up do more research before you run your trap. Im quite sure bill knows more than you do so trust him, i know i do !

There's something about WR and USC that doesn't sound right... Too many busts perhaps? LOL!!


See, told ya... Fins picking guys that have something to prove!!

ESPN's coverage has been awful. How Berman having to "predict" every pick even though somebody was telling it to him in his ear? I am with NFL Network now. I like Mel, but I cannot stand ESPN right now.

We needed youth in the secondary; we got two excellent players. We need youth and size in the receiving corps; we got a guy with upside and experience playing in a good program. We added a major offensive weapon in Pat White. Without seeing these guys play in the NFL yet, I love what we are doing.

Dolphins are changing the way the NFL looks on offense, less base more situational based on who they are playing. Love the picks, pat white already giving headaches to opposing def corrdinators, big receivers, big Cbs!

Keeping quessing Trifecta, great job, no wonder Kiper and the others are frustrated with Fins...they have no idea what to make of them. From 1 -15 to Divison Champs to ? this year.

Go Phins!

Hayden, you are exactly right. I hate that BS that Berman pulls at the last second acting like it just dawned on him who the perfect pick would be.

@Dr. Nick

Watch a special called "The Man Who's arms exploded", or something like that. It is the story of the guy in that commercial and it is a very anti-steroid program.

6-5, 223 - Turner is massive. Shizzle.

ginn is a vertical threat u moron, wait til pat white is throwing the ball to him

and unless u don't get the nfl network, who is watching the tards on espn? i watch the guys who have actually played or coached on the nfl network

alaskan_dolfan,Davis got benched for playing soft and not up to his potential and only worked hard when he wanted to.

That came from Ron Zook

Patrick Turner 2008 highlights:


I have ESPN on my TV and NFL Network is on free at nfl.com. I can't get NFL Network on my cable.


We are not doomed. Ramses Barden played at Cal Poly Pomona.....any of you guys heard of that school before this guy....didn't think so. He played against the Cal State Fullertons of the world and was a foot taller than every DB he faced.

Turner has all the physical tools. The problem was that he was the only receiver at SC this year but they had a ton of great backs and the offense was tilted towards them. Turner got coverage rolled to him all year and the level of competition he played against was much much better than Barden.

I hope Im wrong but the Phins just flushed another pick down the toilet. Turner in the 3rd round? Are you serious? He sucks. Terrible pick. Terribble value. What are they doing?

worse case scenario if turner sucks, he & Wilford can hold
Hands and form a bridge for team to run through b4 game

Chris,Cal Poly beat Wisconsin this past year


Chuckles - Ginn is a prototypical vertical threat (except for his size) but he is too afraid to actually do it. He will not take a hit. He is too thin. He is Lamar Thomas without the guts. He had ONE game where he equalled his ptoential and then went back to being a shroinking flower. So no, he is not a vertical threat at all. He just has the potential to be and you cannot teach courage.

Dam the Pats just picked up a 2nd rounder next year!! Where's Mafioso?? U need to send Belicheat a bloodied horse head!!

i told you.

Category5cane if zook said that, what he didnt say was that he might have benched him for a play or 2 ! I guarentee if you watched any of the illni games like i watched them all they were all with vonte playing a significant roll on defense ! so say what you want you got a great football player and im lovin he is a fin !

Turner is Wilford's replacement.

What are the Dolphins doing? They should've selected DT Terrance Taylor with the 3rd round pick. I know they wanted a big WR But after Ramses Barden got picked by the goddamn gi-ants. They should've just tried to fill one of their needs by taking the best player available at that position. Patrick Turner was project as a 6 or 7th round pick. This is ridiculus.

To Mr bungles assessment about the picks, I'm not saying that the phins draft isn't a successful one but only time will tell. I'm not sure any of them are a sure thing but I have to think that Ireland and Parcells have done their homework. Perhaps I got caught up in some names that the dolphins "were interested in"--this appears to have been a smoke screen or they weren't able or willing to trade up. Meanwhile, NE keeps building picks and controlling the draft. For instance, in round two the patriots jumped ahead of the phins to take brace and butler - both players that miami was suppose to be interested in. IN this case NE get their players and trumps a team in their division from getting theirs. It appears to be a double blow and I don't like how it feels. So we'll see if the trifecta was right for sticking to their guns or if they should have been more mobile.

Chris - Ramses Barden played at CAL POLY SAN LUIS OBISPO. CAL POLY beat Wisconson last year as well. It a D-II program on the rise.

Turner might work. Ginn on the other side, Bess running the underneath slot stuff and Turner the 'possession' WR and if Camarillo heals up well its a good depth move.

Plus all those guys calling for a pass rusher don't forget about Cam Wake. They paid him like a 2nd rounder so have faith that they know whats what.

Hey Armando, was Patrick Turner or Brian Hartline worked out with Chad Henne? I heard that Chad was brought along with the coaching staff to throw to potential picks?

P.S. Don't be so down on Vonte. Really.

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