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Draft: Day two has begun and so has live blog

The second day has begun and we are live blogging throughout.

Players to think about today include Georgia Tech OLB Michael Johnson, Abilene wide receiver Johnny Knox of Abilene Christian, and Penn State's Derrick Williams.

Been thinking about the first day also.

Look, I'm not ripping the Vontae Davis selection. But the guy underachieved in college and he underachieved in high school. And his older brother Vernon Davis has been an underachiever with the San Francisco 49ers.

Hello? That doesn't raise red flags for any of you?

So I would not be surprised if he underachieves.

I actually like the second round more than the first.

As I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, I thought the Pat White selection rocked. He adds a new dimension to Wildcat that Ronnie Brown didn't bring. He can complete passes consistently and that prevents the safety from cheating up in the box and that opens things up for the running game out of that package.

The Sean Smith selection also offers the Dolphins a HUGE cornerback (6-3, 214 pounds) that will be a great matchup against bigger, more physical receivers such as Terrell Owens. Smith also projects as a safety down the road if the cornerback spot isn't home for him.

Smith is a former receiver and is still learning to be a cornerback. That's good because he has not yet developed hardened bad habits. The Miami coaching staff will build him as they wish and that's a good thing.

On to the second day!


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Was Bill taking an extended nap on draft day, draft weekend? Vontae Davis I can see, he fills a need and was the best CB available at the time. Sean Smith I have always thought would be one of our picks. Pat White at #44 was a stretch. He's a good pick that will fit our team well, but I think #44 was a little high for him. I know Parcells abhors trading picks, but it would not have cost much to move up 3 spots to get Ramses Barden. I'm hoping like hell they pick out a few of the lesser known gems in the later rounds, but so far, I'm not impressed with this year's class. Wher is our NT and LB's?

Barden will be a bust.

So far this have been one good draft for us Dolphins, but somehow makes me feel unfulfill.Agood draft so far , yes, but not expectacular.

What if the trifecta put together a trade package involving Beck,Wilford,1400 kegs of beer and a side of beef; somebody think we might get a ,lets say, a six rounder or so? For the 2010 draft?...Please?

I was really excited about the draft, but now I just feel disappointed. We won't know for a couple of years but this draft class bores me at this point. Big letdown.

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