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Possible answers to gaping, glowing CB void

Hello? Over here ...

No, further out here. Yeah, you see this big void over here where a starting cornerback should be getting ready to line up for the Miami Dolphins? This is what folks in the NFL call a major honkin' draft need.

I have covered the Dolphins for a good many years. I've covered Tim McKyer, who Don Shula hated. I've covered Vestee Jackson and J.B. Brown. I've also covered Troy Vincent and Patrick Surtain, the two best cornerbacks in team history.

So I think I know when the spot is well-manned. And when it is not.

The Dolphins cornerback spot opposite Will Allen is not well-manned today. Not even close. Of course, general manager Jeff Ireland isn't that blunt about the enormous gap at starting cornerback he must see when he looks at a current depth chart.

But even the word-cautious Ireland admits the spot needs addressing in the coming draft.

“We have three undrafted free agent corners there so it is a position we are going to have look at like every other position," Ireland said during his pre-draft press conference last week. "When you have three UFAs going into a position, you have to look at the draft and free agency. We have Eric [Green] and we didn’t get some of the other guys we looked at.

"There is Joey Thomas who I think has tremendous ability. Will Allen is here. He is a terrific player for us. Nate Jones did a terrific job for us. Jason Allen is going to have a chance to compete again. It is kind of like the receiver position. There are some young players there that have to come out of their shell a little bit. They need do show what they can do.”

I say Ireland needs to show what he can do relative to the gaping hole at this spot. He must, absolutely must, draft a cornerback or two in the coming draft. And that isn't all. Ireland and Bill Parcells must identify and select a cornerback they have confidence can compete for a starting job as a rookie.

That doesn't mean the rookie must start immediately. But he has to be a factor immediately because at least that makes other players at the position better as a result of the competition.

You see, just filling the spot with bodies that might develop in a year or so isn't good enough when the Dolphins are facing a 2009 schedule that threatens Terrell Owens twice, Lee Evans twice, Randy Moss twice, Andre Johnson, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Wes Welker twice, Antonio Bryant, and Roddy White. All those players, without exception, have played at a Pro Bowl level at some point in their careers.

The Dolphins need to draft a cornerback or two that will serve as an answer to the problem those players pose.

So, you ask, who is available and interesting?

The Dolphins, as you read here a month or so ago, have shown consistent interest in Utah cornerback Sean Smith, who is likely a second-round type of player. 

The team on Friday will host University of Connecticut corner Darius Butler, who is a local player and will be among the two dozen or so locals visiting the Miami facility.

Everyone is enthusiastic about Illinois corner Vontae Davis (in the video) as a potential first-rounder. He has elite size, an excellent closing burst and very good ball skills. The guy rocks, which is one reason the Dolphins have spent countless hours studying him and meeting with him and working him out last week.

But ... well, he's not a sure-fire guy. And the Dolphins often pick sure-fire guys ahead of more talented players that aren't as safe.

This is what Scouts Inc. says in part about Davis: "Illinois head coach Ron Zook did not start him versus Iowa in 2008 because [the coach] reportedly felt [the player] wasn't playing as well as he could.  Lack of visible improvement from sophomore to junior year is a concern. We've been told by multiple sources that he lacks proper respect for coaches and he only works hard when he's in the mood to do so. Vontae's brother is 49er TE Vernon Davis, who is currently underachieving in the NFL."

There are other cornerbacks the Dolphins have shown varying degrees of interest in so their names deserve mention: Jairus Byrd of Oregon, Mike Mickens of Cincinnati, Alphonso Smith of Wake Forest, Morgan Trent of Michigan and Jerraud Powers of Auburn.

Byrd is interesting. He's the son of former NFLer Gil Byrd. He also has elite ball skills and knows how to be a professional. But he lacks top-end speed.

Trent is lanky at 6-1 and 193 but the Dolphins always believe they can make players stronger in their workout programs. He's a second-day possibility.

Mickens had good production, which is always something the Dolphins study, but his left knee caused him to trouble at the end of the season and required arthroscopic surgery. That's a red flag.

Ohio State's Malcolm Jenkins is expected to be gone by the time the Dolphins draft at No. 25 in the first round.

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Yea, I have to agree, Sam Madison was the best corner SINCE Troy Vincent, and maybe better. When Wanny let Madison and Surtain go, I think that might have been the beginning of the end for us.

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If the studs they really want aren't there at #25, I wouldn't be surprised to see BP & Co. trade out of the 1st round to get additional picks later. This year, expect the unexpected (like trading one or more of our better ballers).

Jets Sux,

Please don't call me and go back to your Jets site or whatever you do.

MIKE MICKENS is the most UNDER RATED db in this
intire draft!

he will have nfl trainers and medical staff, plus the PROVEN weight and endurance program of BILL PARCELLS.

mickens is a ball hawk and a guy who knows his angles well and that may be the most important trait a db can have.

he is a more diciplined [though still neads a bit of polish] terrell buckly [who gambled to much and never worked on real technique].

fiesty, competative, confident, talented.

a GREAT second round choice. if nothing else, he will come right in and man the slot.

SMITH from utah is going to be a real player in the nfl also. we need that kind of corner BAD! tall, fast, strong, talented.

we get burned so bad with those jump balls by the tall wr's in the leauge [randy moss/t.o] and a couple of TALL db's are needed in the worst way.

we need 3 db's at least. one instant starter at corner. one who can come in and play the slot and another safety. heck, if they drafted 4 db's i wouldnt cry. we have enough fat guards, project tackles, potential type lb's and rookie de's.

lb is just not the big need with wake on board. there is such a thing as TO MUCH competition at a position. to many bodies, not enough reps to go around.

wr and db should be LOADED UP in this draft.

just rememember, we have NO starter opposite will allen [who is ok at best] and NO depth!

the dolphins have past up on the last three years of LOADED db drafts and bawked at all the f/s', so they better get on it with this draft. this run af good db drafts wont last.



i notice that bungholio and assassin not using Ha ha ha any more,good boys

I hope we find a CB and a NT that are gems in the late rounds those always seem to be the most productive players.

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the dolphins would be in great shape if they take sean smith in the first round..... pick 2a should be the best wr available...... 2b should be the best olb/de available..... and then in the 3rd round pick up j byrd who i think will still be there or the next best cb left..... then it should be 1 nt, another wr, and depth for the oline...... done deal and a playoff team is born


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So much junk in here. I thought this blog was about needs at CB? Here's a long shot, and probably a wild, shot in the dark, but here goes ...

Joey Porter is 31 (not sure, didn't look it up, but go with me on this). Miami has a huge youth movement in progress. Taylor and Porter play the same spot. We've gotten value for Taylor. Porter is coming off a 17.5 sack season, and his value it at it's peak.

What if ... what if ... we believed Taylor had the mental and physical skills to play close to his former level? What if ... we could get a solid CB, or WR from another team, as well as a first day draft pick, for Porter?

We're looking at anything we can do to get better. I see this as having the POTENTIAL to make us better.

Wow, a Jets fan was post number 50,000. How typical for the Miami Dolphins...

I would like to see Sean Smith in a Dolphins uniform. In addition, we should not bank on several unproven young players. Back to what Armando said in a previous post... mix in a veteran or two. I still think McAlister and possibly even Madison could be brought in to compete. How many times does NE bring in an older stopgap veteran to fill a hole? Will we ever learn from them?

In all the videos i saw of Sean Smith so far, he always seem to be toasted, and in the final moment, he came out with an interception, or well defended pass. So I think he need to be to much polish, but i love to grab him, because his possibilities seems to be unlimited.

Uhm aren't you forgetting Sam Madison as the best CB in team history? You really think Troy Vincent was better than Madison?

Bill. That had to be one of the dumbest posts ever.

The corner I want is Byrd. Don't be too concerned about his 40 time. He's coming off a groin injury and hasn't been able to run at all until lately. He's not regained all his speed yet. His cone and shuttle times were fine. He is just the type of player Parcells covets. Best run support corner in this draft. Excellent open field tackler. Ball skills as good as any, even Alphonso Smith. High character, takes football very seriously, NFL pedigree.

BTW, the best Dolphins corner ever was Curtis Johnson.

Miami should wait till 3rd / 4th / 5th round to draft CB. There are no instant starters in this yrs class. These players I have selected have huge upside and are future starters rather than part time contributers. Asher Allen UGA, Donald Washington Ohio St, Coye Francies San Jose St,.

Armando, I am tired of you saying the Dolphins won't have the players to man the cornerback position well. You name all those receivers that the team is going up against this year. What you fail to point out is it's the Miami defence going up against those guys, not just the cornerbacks. It might be tough for the quarterback to get the ball to those guys if he's running for his life or lying flat on his back. And our safeties will be good this year. So you need to get off this point!! You make it seem like the sky is falling when you talk about it. Yes, cornerback is not the strongest part of our team. I don't even rate Will Allen that highly. But to run out and throw big money picking up a cornerback makes no sense. I also don't want the 'Phins to pick a cornerback in the first round. They did it with Jason Allen and Jamar Fletcher and those picks were wastes. We can get a good corner in the second or even later but PLEASE enough of this 'the team is going to struggle without a good corner'. There are other ways to skin a cat.

Trade the picks for Jason T already!!

Greg Cote

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Bonifacio is the man! Where did they find this kid????

does anyone feel that eric green just may have (hopefully) actually learned/ absorbed some of the things he needs, on the cards run to the bowl? thats some big time, big game exp. no? i would think maturing as well go fins oh ya f jim kelly

Eric Green is an adequate starting corner...about average...not good or great, but he IS a step up from Jason Allen's previous performances... I think Green is a good insurance policy in the case that J. Allen finally shows the he is a definite bust and/or a stud rookie isn't ready to start day 1

jim kelly is the best QB back ever lived,at least he has a ring not like dan marino,go bills

not any winning rings, id rather have none than 4 chokes kelly, bite me

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but jaksin, you don't understand dan marino never won any thing like jt so jim kelly is way better than both of them put together,you agree right?

jim kelly won ring of the world in high school,did marino win any thing?

jason t is never going away is he?

only if he he get's a permit to open a dance studio

The " He plays hard when he feels like it" should be enough to make this coaching staff to look elsewhere. A talented player is a waste without heart and the ability to give 150% on every down. The regime wants players with a great motor and this guy, (Davis)doesn't have it for 60 minutes

Bobaloo.davis is a great player ,pleaase go easy on my man,BTY,do you give 150 percent where you work/

Billsfan=jetsrock or gopats

Dolphins are interested in the amount of time the opposing QB has and not so much the recievers they will be facing. Therefore looking to cut the amount of time a QB has is the first order, this coinciding with a eventual replacement of either Joey Porter and or Akin Ayodele is the most logical choice.
Armando, you may have covered CB's for long time but we can throw you out there and it wouldn't matter IF the QB has no time to throw.
There is also better value in this deep but moderate CB draft in rounds 2-5. Besides, Armando you have been asking the dolphins to sign all these talented but troubled/issues FA CB's this off season. They no doubt would want good money and they would need eventual replacement after a year or two when they could draft a second rounder or later CB to eventually play that position if not a start out right day one.
Please put down the panick button one more time Armando, wait for draft day in 2 and half weeks and watch the Dolphins grow into a bigger, younger, stronger, faster, and better team.

I dont think we draft vontae with the 25th pick. He looks like a good tackler with good instincts. But I dont know if he can handle nfl wideouts. Not sure how fast this guy is, but I think we draft the player that can make the biggest impact. Wideout and defensive tackle would be nice. We have two 2nd round picks that we should address cornerback and linebacker. We'll see though. Our coaching staff knows what they're doing.

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