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Possible answers to gaping, glowing CB void

Hello? Over here ...

No, further out here. Yeah, you see this big void over here where a starting cornerback should be getting ready to line up for the Miami Dolphins? This is what folks in the NFL call a major honkin' draft need.

I have covered the Dolphins for a good many years. I've covered Tim McKyer, who Don Shula hated. I've covered Vestee Jackson and J.B. Brown. I've also covered Troy Vincent and Patrick Surtain, the two best cornerbacks in team history.

So I think I know when the spot is well-manned. And when it is not.

The Dolphins cornerback spot opposite Will Allen is not well-manned today. Not even close. Of course, general manager Jeff Ireland isn't that blunt about the enormous gap at starting cornerback he must see when he looks at a current depth chart.

But even the word-cautious Ireland admits the spot needs addressing in the coming draft.

“We have three undrafted free agent corners there so it is a position we are going to have look at like every other position," Ireland said during his pre-draft press conference last week. "When you have three UFAs going into a position, you have to look at the draft and free agency. We have Eric [Green] and we didn’t get some of the other guys we looked at.

"There is Joey Thomas who I think has tremendous ability. Will Allen is here. He is a terrific player for us. Nate Jones did a terrific job for us. Jason Allen is going to have a chance to compete again. It is kind of like the receiver position. There are some young players there that have to come out of their shell a little bit. They need do show what they can do.”

I say Ireland needs to show what he can do relative to the gaping hole at this spot. He must, absolutely must, draft a cornerback or two in the coming draft. And that isn't all. Ireland and Bill Parcells must identify and select a cornerback they have confidence can compete for a starting job as a rookie.

That doesn't mean the rookie must start immediately. But he has to be a factor immediately because at least that makes other players at the position better as a result of the competition.

You see, just filling the spot with bodies that might develop in a year or so isn't good enough when the Dolphins are facing a 2009 schedule that threatens Terrell Owens twice, Lee Evans twice, Randy Moss twice, Andre Johnson, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Wes Welker twice, Antonio Bryant, and Roddy White. All those players, without exception, have played at a Pro Bowl level at some point in their careers.

The Dolphins need to draft a cornerback or two that will serve as an answer to the problem those players pose.

So, you ask, who is available and interesting?

The Dolphins, as you read here a month or so ago, have shown consistent interest in Utah cornerback Sean Smith, who is likely a second-round type of player. 

The team on Friday will host University of Connecticut corner Darius Butler, who is a local player and will be among the two dozen or so locals visiting the Miami facility.

Everyone is enthusiastic about Illinois corner Vontae Davis (in the video) as a potential first-rounder. He has elite size, an excellent closing burst and very good ball skills. The guy rocks, which is one reason the Dolphins have spent countless hours studying him and meeting with him and working him out last week.

But ... well, he's not a sure-fire guy. And the Dolphins often pick sure-fire guys ahead of more talented players that aren't as safe.

This is what Scouts Inc. says in part about Davis: "Illinois head coach Ron Zook did not start him versus Iowa in 2008 because [the coach] reportedly felt [the player] wasn't playing as well as he could.  Lack of visible improvement from sophomore to junior year is a concern. We've been told by multiple sources that he lacks proper respect for coaches and he only works hard when he's in the mood to do so. Vontae's brother is 49er TE Vernon Davis, who is currently underachieving in the NFL."

There are other cornerbacks the Dolphins have shown varying degrees of interest in so their names deserve mention: Jairus Byrd of Oregon, Mike Mickens of Cincinnati, Alphonso Smith of Wake Forest, Morgan Trent of Michigan and Jerraud Powers of Auburn.

Byrd is interesting. He's the son of former NFLer Gil Byrd. He also has elite ball skills and knows how to be a professional. But he lacks top-end speed.

Trent is lanky at 6-1 and 193 but the Dolphins always believe they can make players stronger in their workout programs. He's a second-day possibility.

Mickens had good production, which is always something the Dolphins study, but his left knee caused him to trouble at the end of the season and required arthroscopic surgery. That's a red flag.

Ohio State's Malcolm Jenkins is expected to be gone by the time the Dolphins draft at No. 25 in the first round.

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Cuban Assassin,

That's "tee-pee" not "kibby" needed for his bunghole. Kinda just like all JETS fans are bungholes!


Am I # 50000?

They'll take Sean Smith with the 25th pick.

Unless one of the elite ILB is there, then without question it'll be one of them (even with them resigning Channing).

Smith is the pick... OLB and NT (I predict they'll take Ron Brace in the 2nd round) will be the next 2.

We shall see

We're at 50,088 right now. But I'm about to go back and delete all the crazy comments now so we might be under 50,000 when I get done.

The Fins have applied for a draft bailout.

So I erased about a dozen comments about dolphins working for the navy, people's moms in yards, people's sister in compromising spots, pie and other assorted things.

Mr. Bungholio, you wrote the 50,000th comment on Dolphins In Depth. Ed McMahon should be knocking at your door right now.

Meanwhile, I know many of you loved Sam Madison and thought him better than either Patrick Surtain or Troy Vincent.

Those other two were more complete corners in that they covered as well as Madison, but also supported against the run. Madison was infamous for his ole' tackles.

who will b the worst jets or bills?

i think miami's first 3 picks should consist of sean smith, ron brace, and the best player available, i would like to see us trade down for another 2nd and a later pick and pick up a DE like the guy from GT, i would also like to see us get the TE from south carolina if he is available in the late 2nd or 3rd

my predictions for the AFC East
Pats 11-5
Phins 9-7
Bills 7-9
Jets 5-11

Kids, just got back from the mighty marlins sweep of the nationals that will be knocking at congresses door soon looking for a bail-out... So whats the 1st Q for the cuban?

Fsu, I concur that looks like a safe w/l for the fish, by the way hows your doggy? hopefully she made a complete recovery...

Darius Butler will be the steal of the draft

John, Ireland isn't reusing quotes, writers are reusing quotes. I can't believe Goodman hasn't been mentioned in this blog or the comments. Perhaps losing him and getting players like Wilford is the reason why Ireland and Parcells haven't ever won a playoff game. It's in the past but I believe we lost a pro bowl corner at a great price when they didn't come to terms with Goodman.

ON BEHALF OF THE jets,jt we don't want you my dear .as for dolphins,


i meant mr 1-15 jt we don't want you my dear

Alphonso Smith is the answer. Get him with our first second round pick and he will start from day 1. He's a little small but he fits the mold of a supermotivated and dedicated Sporano guy.

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every time i hear you
i say to my self
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Futureman, i hope next year when your team suck to 6-10 you don't turn on the dedicated Sporano guy like Pit Bull

I Hear jason taylor will be opening a dance hall on duval street in key west....not that there's anything wrong with that...

If for some strange reason the "trifecta" would happen to view this blog it would have to be worth a good laugh!

Cuban,the only way for JT to spare all of you the agony of him coming back is to give him a permit for dance studio ,BTY did you see any toothless person during the game today?

Futureman, whats your take on Gort from t.d.t.e.s.s ?, is he a suprano or a parcell's guy?(what ever that means)(l.m.f.a.o)

Vachlito, No no toothless peeps, i was on the look out for the pink short wearing m@@c, and the toothless swasticka tattoed rexryan, but didnt see either one of them(which leads me to believe that the fla. law enforcement people or on the ball)

Vachlito, No no toothless peeps, i was on the look out for the pink short wearing m@@c, and the toothless swasticka tattoed rexryan, but didnt see either one of them(which leads me to believe that the fla. law enforcement people or on the ball)

for the proud record of this blog, i have spoken today to the assassin and mr bungholio and i fond them 2 of the most educated people i ever met on this blog and further more i would love to invite them to the dog race track of their choice which i never been to .even i will not be there i will be happy to pay for every thing including hot dogs and the rest.

P.S ...no body should think i am doing that out of fear of them.

J. T, Will be opening that dance studio in the keys , according to a nameless source...right mando...opps my bad...

Funny cuban, one more Q, what's the name of that fish you ate today?
is it grouper ? can you please tell us which player looks close to that fish

See you guys in a hour or so...

is he hiring for the studio?

I dont know why nobody is metioning alphonso smith and macho harris!!! these two corners are football players!!! people keep getting caught up with height and speed and dont recognize talent!!! these two should be considered without a doubt!!! phonzo is a stud and a ballhawk and is gonna be a pro bowler eventually!!!

The two most glaring mistakes made in free agency were signing Jake Groves & letting Andre Goodman go. Since we're on topic of cbs, let's focus on that. Goody closed the season incredibly strongly & had several key plays in the stretch drive. It was pennies-wise & pounds-foolish to let him go, even if the Broncos "overpaid." The Fins are already starting to feel the effects of their foolish failure to retain Goody. Remember this next weason, as "properly" paid cbs fail to cover AFC East receivers.
Love Tuna & ireland, but this one was d-u-m-b!!!

how old is goodman,& will allen? also, harvin gone by 15th pick?

There is no truth to the rumor that Rey Maualuga has something against the Dolphins or would not play for them just because they traded Samson Satele, that is false.
Goodman wanted to much money, check out what he signed for in Denver.
Jake Groves you can make a case due to his history of getting hurt and missing games during the season. But the Dolphins will be looking to add a center in the draft or if one falls to them somehow like Penne last year they will look into it you can count on that. Joe Berger and Allenman can and have played back up center.
Goody did play well torward the end when he was NOT playing against Randy Moss. See the last game against New England when Randy lit up goody like a roman candle.
In fact if you look at the playoff game against Baltimore, Mason lit him up too not to mention he's another one of those older CB's turning 31 in August and had more downside than up given his age money he signed for there is no value for a over priced CB on a team still in rebuilding mode.

50,002 comment

Davis looks GOOD!!!

It Was grouper, dont know of any player it looks like but picture bill (the tuna)parcells passing a kidney stone would be the closest i can think of..

godman is 37 years old and allen is 35

Will Allen is 30 and will be 31 when the season start. The Dolphins will be looking to replace him this year but more likely next when I believe his contract is up and has had a year of mentoring new CB's on the team.

The Dophins are looking to put Marcia Brady and any other QB on thier backs ASAP so will most likely be picking on Defense with the first pick...but if Percy Harvin is still there at 25 then the Dolphins MUST consider him, because hes a game changer who can take it to the house on any given play.

reinhold, mason did look strong against goodman. although it would have been nice to keep him, i feel its far from the end of the world, imean parcells& co strongly pursued who they really wanted to keep. i feel good about the fact they know somthing & do not seem to be sweating. bring the pass rush on!!!!!!!!!!!!

is grouper has white meat and big head and how much per lb? do you know who's the ugliest NFL player today? i just googled that and came with/
1-par macquistan......cowboys.......nice
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Yeah i can see ricky (bong man)williams mentoring percy on the proper ettiquite of firing up a large bowl of weed...now that make's me l.m.f.a.o

my dog made a complete recovery from parvo... but sadly my mom puppy didn't survive a different disease... that was a sad week

i meant dolphins4life was right on the mason/ goody thing. watching dancing with the stars reruns sorry.

Dolphins for life.......you should thank god every day that you lived to see the best QB in history if you really a football fan.second you guys for more than 20 years now you keep dreaming and dreaming about draft this and draft that and you always end down swiming with the fishes in the deep water of nfl basement .so please pay your respect to your daddy Tom Brady.

ricky & percy chiefin up, yesssss!

"Taylor also declined to discuss his interest in other teams.All of them except one.Taylor still can't stomach the idea of playing for the New York Jets"

"It'd be very, very, very difficult. Very difficult," Taylor said while taking a break from a free, two-day football camp for local boys and girls. "But at the end of the day, if you can't find a job anywhere else and the Jets call, I guess you've got to retire or go play"

"Jason Taylor admitted Wednesday afternoon he has been talking to the Miami Dolphins about a possible return."

all this is from a very intriguing article on espn.com u should check it out if you get a chance... especially you jet fans because JT has a few things to say about you

Vachlito, Coming from golfito iam amazed you dont know what grouper is, its like ricky williams not knowing the deffernce between colubian gold and maui- wowie.

some player never wants to give up the spot light like mr 1-15 and he's talking like jets dying to have him,it's not true and notice he bad mouthed them b/c he knows they are not intersted in him,amazing grace of 2009

go pats, from cleve area. saw" the drive" than saw" the fumble" this time i cant wait to see " the sack" heard around the world! see you later. tom, can you remember the smell of the end of bledsoe's career? take a big whiff

Brady called, he asked if you where through polishing up his balls? Footballs he ment to say but in any case he was wondering if you took out his trash and cleaned his sheets? If so you can now polish his RIMS.

Cuban , i never heard of it , the grouper i heard of is the saturday night live skatch"grouper".BTY if you google the ugliest NFL player you will find gold cuban gold cuban, amazing faces

dolphins4life, thats what im saying, i know its not really in the plan, but dude if percy's there, i mean you gotta consider him seriously no?

There's some thing wrong with fin fans style in writing in response to people like me, as the honorable D4life and the honorable jakass ,They resort to their family history of low life .i can see D4 life drviing an old taxi with 2 tires needed to be changed and missing 3 teeth in front as for jacksin,i can picture him as a door man for pet food store.


You afarid of them boys. You pu**y


Why you say? They both mention the number of teeth a person has. Very similar vocabulary. The alter ego is jetsrock, who will resort to tirades posted earlier. The side side is gopats, not very confrontational. Still a loser

go pats, why attack me? i mean sorry man, but nothing lasts for ever, i guess you brady believers could freeze him like walt, but like any relationship that has run its course, sometimes you just have to walk away. listen i no it maybe tough, but even the the almighty great dan had to eventually bow to the end. you will be ok little buddy. by the way, i do demolition, so i see bradys knee as an easy demo job


Gopats is also jetsrock, read the previous posts. The similarities are there in the tirades. jetsrock is scared of the two boys and is now posting under gopats. What a loser.

ace, thanks for the heads up. i just didnt want to think that someone with such strong beliefs or opinions would hide like a b. but hey its a trip how the world keeps turnin

jacjsin, we are having fun and i liked your last post ,it was funny without using bad words,Q...DO you think fins will top last year nice record 11-5?

Gopats you are funny too, oh I mean jetsrock.

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