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If it's Sunday, there's a Dolphins column

Happy Sunday everyone!

Now that you are all captive on this site, I encourage you to head to this column and read how the Dolphins' assignment in 2008 was easier than it will be going forward in 2009.

That's right. Turning around a 1-15 team is easier than doing what comes next, which is going from being good to being great.


General manager Jeff Ireland describes the new assignment as, "monumental." Tony Sparano agrees that becoming great is harder because he saw that difficulty in Dallas.

Yes, as hard as climbing out of the division cellar was, it was not nearly as hard as staying in the division penthouse.

Discuss ....


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The use of the word cellar is fine but when you get to the penthouse i don't know what that means, i am going now to my research to find out,i hope it's doesn't involve dancing.BTW armando is a great guy he always give us some thing to talk about.

Miami still have some ways to go to be GREAT. A good foundation was laid last season to build off. They are now the defending AFC east champs and that will breed an attitude that will hopefully keep them focused.

But I agree it will not be easy. I just hope we don't make it easy for any opponents either.

I agree. Especially with the way the Jets and Patriots have improved in the offseason.

Lets draft mega-tron or gort , for defence line, mondo, check out to see if gort is avialable this year, he looked impressive in "the day the earth stood still" though the movie sucked , gort rocked!!

What Are youre guys thoughts?



Where have you been? Jamar Fletcher, Jason Allen, John Beck and Chad Henne. Caps Lock is completely unnecessary.

I think we need to bring back taylor and thomas. They have alot of experience and miami just can't win the super bowl without them. They just can't. So pretty please . bring them back. Jason ! jason ! jason ! jason ! jason ! we neeeeeeeeeeed jason. OH YEAH . GO RAYS !


fudolphins13.....when are you going to learn ,look at ravens,steelers,pats and sea hawks .....they're all young teams ,i know you live near senior citizen home but don't please call for the return of the old and the leaders of the proud record o...................1---------15

Ireland is a freaking jerk ! We neeeeeed taylor. He has much experience and we can't win without the super bowl without him. I looooooooove Taylor. T think we need to bring back thomas , madison and surtain. Ireland is a freaking jerk and will see what he does without the tuna,gooooooooooo jason !

This Trifecta is sticking to their guns, no veterens over 30. They will not sign a F/A if he is over 30. Ireland believes they will impede the progress of young up and coming players.

Since this is a weak class for CB's we need to draft the best available CB at 25. If Sean Smith or Darius Butler are on the board the Trifecta needs to pull the trigger. I believe Jenkins, and Davis will be off the board at 25.

Then in round 2 we can address OLB, then WR. Guys like Connor Barwin, Cody Brown, Larry English, Clint Sintim, and my personal favorite Lawerence Sidbury could still be available at 44.

I think Robiskie will be off the Board before 56. So that leaves Juaquin Iglasias, Louis Murphy, Derrick Williams, Brandon Tate, Brooks Foster, Mike Wallace, Ramses Barden, or Pat White.

What's a matter John "The dolfan" ? No new blogs over at the sun-sentinel ? Nobody to talk to over there so you decided to teach us about what the trifecta is going to do. Tell us something we already know ? LOL

It must be because that's how this league is year in and year out. 1 or 2 really good teams 1 or 2 really bad teams and the rest of them get stuck somewhere in the middle. It is tough because for most its all about the money, and just as you are about to get over that hump and take it to the next level, you lose your best players to FA. Luckily for the Phins they were able to keep the team intact and they now have something to build on.

Nice subliminal message in the opening. Let's keep it to football, Armando. Rememeber no religion or politics - otherwise I will delete your post. Oops, its your blog - my bad. Anyway keep up the good hypocrasy.

Since there's nothing worth reading here today, here's some nice stuff from Ireland on their draft board from another paper.


whats up cuban?

i sure hope and pray that Parcells does not leave our front office. I just don't have any confidence in Jeff Ireland or Sparano without the tuna guiding them on how you build a franchise. he has done it several times. He picked these two because all his former coaches have jobs or have retired. He still calls all the shots even though he lets them take the credit. If parcells stops suddenly they'll need a tow truck to pull jeff out!

wow, i just watched ireland talk to the fans. he is about as dry a personality as you can get. and did you notice he doesn't tell you anything you didnt already know. a true politican that looks very uncomfortable sharing any info on "his team".

I am not sure the task is "monumental" although difficult. Recent events in the NFL show that you do not have to be a superior team in every facet of the game to win a SB, like the 72, 73 Fins were, or 88, 89 Niners, 85 Bears, early 90's Cowboys.

Look at Pittsburgh last year, terrible running game, but great D and a pretty good QB made the difference. Phoenix almost won it all with a poor running game and average D on the strength of a great passing game.

I could go on, the Ravens won on D, the Pats on Brady's arm, etc.

Therefore, I think the Fins can become a championship caliber team with some deficiencies present, as long as they are very strong in other areas. And of course all around team chemistry, smart, tough, disciplined. I'm on board with the mantra.

It appears the Trifecta's blueprint is strong running game and strong D. Passing game is 3rd place re priorities. Not that they are neglecting that, but first things first. Strong special teams ranks ahead of passing game too.

Fans of every NFL team have hope, we actually had a decent passing game last year, look at Penne's stats. But if the running game improves as expected, that will help the passing game immensly, and I HOPE, Brandon London will emerge as the big receiver we need, and Ginn and Bess will show improvement over last year. If these pieces fall into place (as we all HOPE), then anything can happen. Just look at the 08 Cardinals. Who woulda thunk it?

I am not hoping, but expecting the D to be better this year, with the rookies improving and Wake and Gibril Wilson adding punch. Plus our new monster ILB we will get in the draft, I HOPE.

Old news. Is this really what you get paid to do?

Sparano said weeks ago that this next step with be tougher.

I think we need to bring back taylor and thomas. They have alot of experience and miami just can't win the super bowl without them. They just can't. So pretty please . bring them back. Jason ! jason ! jason ! jason ! jason ! we neeeeeeeeeeed jason. OH YEAH . GO RAYS !
Posted by: Fsudolphins13 | April 05, 2009 at 12:15 PM

vcachlito from golfito,
this is not me and someone is a very poor imitator, they couldn't even get my name right lol but it's always fun to see some poor fool who can't read try to be something he's not, anyways i merely said that we should bring back JT because like sparano said “that we can never have enough pass rushers” and JT is a good pass rusher and miami had other seasons with him than just the 1-15 season (which i blame on cam cameron)

i think ur idea is genius, we could use him at CB

1st wr 2nd passrusher 2nd nose tackle 3rd corner 4th te 5th corner 6th ot 7th safety 7th bpa

Hey, "fsudolphins13," don't bother wasting your energy about the d-bag who goes on and on like a child whenever someone mentions that JT would be a nice re-addition to our team. CLEARLY this pathetic simpleton was snubbed for an autograph from JT back in the day, and now, coupled with the fact that he has obvious daddy-issues, (which is why simply because JT left in the first place, he now holds a grudge and acts out like a child), we all must endure his behavior. Oh well.

Fortunately for all, since his social ability is that of an adolescent, if you just shine a bright light in another direction he should go chase it for a while, so the rest of us adults can talk Dolphins.

Forget all this championship talk. Lets focus on getting better, filling holes, and putting ourself in the best position possible. No need trying to keep up with the Jones', or the Belicek's, or anyone else.

We've got needs at CB, OLB, WR, & NT. We have wants at TE, ILB, & OT. More importantly, we need to continue to develop the players we already have on our roster. Jason Allen, Crowder, Roth, Langford, Merling, Wake, D Thomas, etc.

Draft wise, this is not a good year to grab an OLB/NT, unless we are going to reach for a player, which I dont believe in. There are too many teams (Chiefs, Browns, Raiders,Jags, Broncos(x2), Packers,Pats,Falcons,Skins) who need pass rush/DT/NT help ahead of us in the first round. All of the guys in those spots who have first round grades will be gone by 25.

Instead, we should focus on CB/WR early in the draft. I know Tuna doesnt like CB/WR early in drafts, but the run on OLB/DE/OT/NT should mean that there will be better value at CB/WR than at the trench warfare positions. We should take advantage of that, then look to fill those trench positions on day two.

That means we may have to swallow our pride and bring JT back for one more season, provided he agrees to take part in the conditioning program. He isnt an every down player anymore, but he can still bring the heat in passing situations, take pressure off of Joey Porter, teach Wake and Anderson a thing or two, and prevent us from having to blitz to get pressure the way we were doing late last year. And with the young/unproven CB's we have, they will need as much help as they can get.

I'd love to see Hakeem Nicks, Sean Smith, and either Alphonso Smith, Darius Butler, or DJ Moore added on day one. If Connor Barwin, Larry English, or another top rated pass rusher/NT is available, grab him, but like I said, I doubt those guys will be on the board b/c of how many teams will be looking to add players at those spots this year.


Omar - What about the other top religion? We have returned from praying as well!

I don't agree Armando.
Let the past speak for itself. How many teams went from 11-5 to SB Champs? I bet there are plenty. Now, how many teams went from 1-15 to 11-5? Only 1. Our Dolphins. So if it is easier to go from 1-15 to 11-5 then to SB Champs; why is it that only 1 team has been able to do so? The mere fact that only 1 team has a turn-around like that in NFL history tells me that not only was it hard to do, but it is monumental.

Church is a waste of time...

Maxx is a man with many talantes ,one he's alien man from hell,he's really sucks and never leave people alone as if fsudolphins 13 dumb as him,it's a blog you creep ,why you are so worry about every one else.BTW DO YOU LOVE MR 1-15 JT.

Ron In Charlotte,

Your's may be (or have been), mine is definitely not.

Go Dolphins!

Some of you fans need to get a clue. Ireland does not have to have this amazing personality. He needs to know how to run an organization! Bilicheat does not have some amazing personality he hides in his hoodie. We do not need Taylor or Thomas period. Get over them they are old now. 1-15 with them 11-5 without. Really some of you need to smell the coffee or something.

Armando was being sarcastic, he knows you idiots don't go to church because you're on here 24/7.

Maxx. The only simpleton on here just happens to be you. You're the only idiot who thinks the reason they don't want taylor is because someone didn't get a autograph from him LOL . Maye be it has more do do with the fact they no more about football than you. you're living in the past. You want to bring back a 35 year old , past his prime player for sentimental reasons . we just got rid of holliday for that reason . This team has said they want to get younger , bigger and faster about a hundred times . They want to move forward . so please spare us with your condescending excuses !

scalzo, just remember that a lot of the moronic posts that you read and feel like tearing your hair out over are most likely young kids who don't know a lot about football yet. And if they aren't kids YIKES! Remember when we were younger and we thought we knew everything? And then you grow up and realize how stupid you were. Well they just haven't come to that realization yet.

fsudolphins13 . That's your name right ? that's the way it was written. How was it wrong , when you wrote it.

typo : know more

scalzo . Amen. Try telling that to idiots like Maxx who want to bring back taylor because they live in the glory days of the past. maxx probably still has jason taylor posters on his wall and just can't let go. lol. Then he comes on here and acts like he knows what he's talking about.

Jason ! Jason ! Jason ! JASON ! pleeeease bring back taylor. We loooooooove taylor. We just can't win the division nevermind the super bowl without him. we just can't. we neeeeeeeeed jason taylor !

I think people will be surprised how well the Dolphins perform this year...

We really need a corner first,grab either a wr or nt and pick an lb in the later rounds. Grab Torry Holt and bring back JT for one year. That will help the pass rush and give our young recievers a true pro to learn the ins and outs of that position.

I Think that maybe C3PO from star wars would make a good corner but dont think he would be accepted in the locker room if you know what i mean...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Is it me or does no one else on this thread seem to be aware of the fact that ILB maybe our weakest position because its part of our defensive front 7.

Does everyone see Crowder, whom himself is only workman, but not spectacular. Starting alongside him is Akin O'dele whom the cowgirls packaged together in a 2 for one trade, for only a 5th round draft pick.

Once we were past the halfway point in the season I rarely heard Akin O'Dele's name called for anything at all except for an occasional special team's tackle.

Crowder and O'Dele. So we have one legitimate yet unspectacular starter in Crowder and have a pretty good backup ILB in O'Dele at best. None of you geniuses see that as a problem. Especially considering the fact that future Pro-Bowl potential ILB'b like Rey Maualuga and James Laurinaitis may be available at #25.

Yes lets consider the fact almost every draft expert has said that there are absolutely no shut down corners available anywhere in this entire draft. Lets take a corner first anyway.

Offensive coordinators all across the league will absolutely love us. Not only will they be able to grind us into mince meat with the run game up the gut. But over reaching for a corner who wasnt worth the slot, will allow them to spread jelly on the toast as theyre able to exploit us thru the air too.

I realize we also need corners but over reaching for one doesnt solve the problem, it adds to it. Has history not taught us a lesson yet. 2010 offer a much better DB class than '09.

Since odds are that we wont be good enough to win the SuperBowl anyway.Seeing how its only year 2 of our rebuilding process. Doesnt it make better sense to wait until 2010 to use a high pick on a DB when a much better crop is available. Patience is a Virtue guys.

Hey Armando any inclination that the dolphins are going to update their uniform, leave the 70's behind once and for all and get it up to 21st century as most NFL teams have done.???

Aren't you a genius. We have TO, Lee Evans, Randy Moss, & Welker to deal with. You don't have to run the ball on us! Jackass!

And were do u get the sack to call unproven, yet to play in the NFL linebackers potential pro bowlers.

What no response from the all knowing ”superfin72 ”?

Superfin72. LOL . You're a real genius aren't you ? LOL Who the hell is akin o'dele LOL . You come on here with your condescending attitude , but yet you come away looking like the fool . O'dele LOL . Who's he the new LB miami got from IRELAND Do you mean akin ayodele ? also Ilb isn't one of the primary positions that you draft very high in the draft like you would QB , LT , Cb , pass-rushing olb. Good ilb's can be had in the later rounds.

Linebackers are deep in this draft. By the way when was Zach drafted? Come 4/27 I expect an apology from you, not for just myself but everyone else on this blog by your ignorant, sarcastic comments you've made. And I never said draft an LB early. Read up. And don't run ur DSL's too soon

Riley . Exactly.

Hey Bunglito. Good post. Let him have it!

He's probably eatin cheetos and watchin Brady and wondering why his peckers orange!

Did someone say glory years? I don't remember glory years with Taylor on the team. We were alright but if I remember correctly we didn't win anything.
If we can't sign him for what Parcells thinks he is worth, why waste money?
We have a great chance to improve the team long term. Why hire vets to groom younger players? Isn't that why we hire coaches.
Build build build build build build. Use the draft and scouting.

Not much football news so just let me say that posting in caps is moronic. It is also rude!


if its monday, there's no Dolphins column

Right on Kindry.

hey,carlito.....where do you come from golfito carlito cause i am from golfito and i never heard of you before? any way ,do you think fins should bring back zack thomas?


I'm going to be real with you. I've enjoyed pretty much every article you've written since I've been coming to your blog. With that said, your efforts Sunday were weak at the most. Its not even a new topic. I've read the same stuff on here before from you.

As a fan of your blog, I'm going to assume you were busy but still took the time to throw a bone to us(a very small bone). Maybe you just are running out of ideas. If you want to continue to be the top dog which I seen you were very proud of last month then you going have to continue to out work your competition.

We as your faithful need to help give you some fresh ideas. Guys help me out here. Here are a few from me.

Breakdown the Chads.

Is either Ronnie or Ricky going get pushed by Cobbs anytime soon.

"Will the real Ted Ginn Jr. please stand up"(cuban menace).

We Ginn ever be a true #1.

When will Tuna take his golden finger of The Dolphins Franchise.

CardiacFin....armando has life not like the rest of us,and any bone mando throw to us is a good bone.some times you can't be that hard on him but i like your ideas of new topics coming from real good fan. one topic i like is to ask fans to write the worst and the best game they ever saw fins playing and it gives the fans some rest from the trade take for a day and we will have so much fun .

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