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If it's Sunday, there's a Dolphins column

Happy Sunday everyone!

Now that you are all captive on this site, I encourage you to head to this column and read how the Dolphins' assignment in 2008 was easier than it will be going forward in 2009.

That's right. Turning around a 1-15 team is easier than doing what comes next, which is going from being good to being great.


General manager Jeff Ireland describes the new assignment as, "monumental." Tony Sparano agrees that becoming great is harder because he saw that difficulty in Dallas.

Yes, as hard as climbing out of the division cellar was, it was not nearly as hard as staying in the division penthouse.

Discuss ....


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I disagree that its harder. We made history last year by having the best Turnaround season in NFL History! Almost parallel to the Obama victory for the Presidency! Now its about consitency and building for the future with a strong foundation. The Pats are getting older and added players to win now not necessarily players for the future the way we're building our team. The Jets have a huge question mark on offense and a new coach so they didn't necessarily "improve" and the Bills, besides adding TO have lost more starters than added. I believe we'll have an excellent draft and our FINS are becoming the future in the AFC East! Thats something to be proud of! Football is back in South FL and here to stay for a good while, Great feeling!

Yeah , and look at how both ended up . Disastrous !!

Yo a lot of people are placing a lot of credit of 1-15 on JT and ZT. Zach didn't have his all time best career, especially with the injuries he incurred. However Jason played every down very hard (and well) and was not part of the problem.

I'm proud of what the team accomplished turning around the season and going further than expected.

First, the challenge today is always greater than the challenge yesterday.

It's always tougher when you're closer to the top or at the top. The challenge is to stay hungry.

The schedule this year is tougher than last year. The challenge is to take the experience from last year, build on it, and grow to the level where you can match, compete, and believe that you can beat the great teams.

The Wildcat was a good design, but if it's our bread and butter, it's a gimmick. The real bread and butter in any offense is being able to attack the middle of a defense.

The challenges are greater but doable.

I think that if we resign Taylor, that is great. However, if we don't resign him, that is fine also. I do think that if Nicks is still available at 25, then we have to jump on him. If not, then we get a stud LB. As far as round 2 goes, we need to get the best available CB with the first of our picks then the best WR with the second. After that, we just take the best player on the board. If we can pull that off, we will be alright this year.

I think we should sign Jason Taylor at the right price. Going from good to great requires consistency and leadership and Jason has that. I also think we need to add a veteran recevier as well.

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