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Which endangered Fin might become extinct?

In the summer of 1996, I remember a conversation with then-defensive end Trace Armstrong that applies to some Dolphins players today.

Armstrong came to the Dolphins in 1995 because Don Shula was eager to improve the team's pass rush. But then Shula blitzed toward retirement after '95 and Jimmy Johnson was hired within the span of two weeks.

And Jimmy Johnson brought his guys with him. Johnson signed defensive end Dan Stubbs, drafted Shane Burton and even made initial plans to use Daryl Gardener as a defensive end on some passing downs. Armstrong, Shula's hire, realized he was suddenly an endangered species -- the last coach's player.

"Things have changed around here for guys like me," Armstrong said of himself and other Shula holdovers. "And not for the better. We've got to be better than the new guy's boys just to stay even."

Armstrong did more than stay even. He led the team in sacks in 1996, and '97, and '98, and 2000. But his point about survival on a new coach's roster is relevant today, even as the players not drafted or signed by Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland continue to dwindle in numbers.

A couple of days ago the Dolphins released quarterback John Beck, the sixth player from Randy Mueller's 2007 draft class that was either cut or traded by the new regime. The survivors remaining players from that class are first-rounder Ted Ginn Jr., fourth-rounder Paul Soliai and punter Brandon Fields, a seventh-rounder.

The 2005 and 2006 draft classes, authored by Nick Saban, have been similarly decimated. Cameron banished Fred Evans and Kevin Vickerson, while the current regime has cut or traded Travis Daniels,  Derek Hagan, Anthony Alabi, and Joe Toledo. The survivors remaining players from those classes are Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, Jason Allen and Rodrique Wright.

Guess what?

All those players, with the possible exception of Channing Crowder, are endangered in one regard or another.

I would tell you the guy who should be most worried about his spot on the roster between now and the start of training camp is Jason Allen. This coaching staff appreciates his special teams work -- some anyway.

But as a cornerback? Not so much. And as a safety? Not at all.

The Dolphins 2006 first-round draft pick has frustrated Miami coaches in that he is tutored and coached and told how to do things. And then in time of crisis and pressure, when he needs the techniques taught to him the most, he reverts to instincts and techniques he learned years ago. And those things do not serve him well, aside from the fact they frustrate the current regime.

Allen should notice the Dolphins drafted two cornerbacks -- Vontae Davis and Sean Smith -- last weekend. They also signed Eric Green before that. Those three are this regime's guys. Allen is not. He has a bull's eye on his back. He is endangered on this roster.

Matt Roth? The Dolphins signed Cameron Wake this offseason and are currently negotiating with Jason Taylor, as are at least two other teams. (Yes, that is breaking news but we kind of assumed that would be the case anyway). The point is Roth's job as a strongside OLB is not secure in the least.

Ronnie Brown? The Dolphins entertained trade talks for the running back prior to the draft. His wildcat package role will likely go to Pat White because White is expected to be a more accomplished thrower and the fact is teams stuffed the Wildcat last year with constant blitzes, which can only be stopped with passes over the top of the defense that forces the D to respect the back end. Brown will be on the team this year -- I expect -- but he's on notice he has to play well to be on the team beyond that.

Ted Ginn Jr.? It should not escape his attention the Dolphins counted wide receiver a need position this offseason and drafted two receivers that, if plans work out, will be in the mix for red zone snaps, because of their size and quickness (both of which Ginn lacks). Yes, he's fast, but I don't believe anyone would argue he's either big or quick. The point is 2009 must be Ginn's breakout year. If he doesn't do it in 2009, under the same offensive system, playing with a veteran quarterback he knows, and given the staff's creativity, he'll have no excuse for not succeeding.

Brandon Fields? Bill Parcells thought him to be a core player before last season. But then Fields was only middle-of-the-road in gross average at 43.9 yards and his net average of 35.5 was 25th of 32 -- which is, frankly, not good. So the Dolphins signed an Australian tryout Jy Bond, who has never played in any college. Fields has to watch his Ps and Qs and win a punting competition this summer whereas last summer the Dolphins had no punter in camp competing with him.

Paul Soliai? Size is this guy's saving grace. He is bigger and stronger than commercial refrigerators. But he must hold off the challenge of offseason acquisitions Tony McDaniel and Joe Cohen. His spot is not guaranteed by any means. He has to grow up and produce or, or, well, or else.

Rodrigue Wright? He had so much potential coming out of Texas. It has not yet translated to the NFL and Lionel Dotson, who the current regime drafted last year in the seventh round, has already passed him even before minicamps begin.

So you tell me ... of all these endangered players, which is most likely to become extinct in Miami?

[BLOG NOTE: I want to thank all of you who shared time with me on the live blogs Saturday and Sunday. This blog had 141,108 page views for those two days. You guys rock! Thank you.]


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Endangered? I'll say ...all of them.

Ronnie Brown is not going anywhere...

Currently negotiating with Taylor? That news is not in any of the Florida newspapers. I'm sure you are right Mando, but that information is infinately more exciting to me than anything else at this time. Each of these players will have to fight for a spot and nothing is guarenteed. To me, Brown is the most assured player as long as he makes good on his contract year. Ricky cannot be counted on for much longer and without Ronnie, we're on a straight shot back to the days before Ricky of shoddy running backs and mediocrity all around.

Please let us know about any Jason info! That signing would be monumental, much moreso than the fate of Rodrique Wright and Brandon Fields

Some boobs writing other blogs kept telling us Jason Allen would compete to start at CB. I appreciate the explanation of what is wrong with the guy, which also tells me he's going to get cut in training camp if he doesn't figure things out.

And nice scoop on JT, mando.

Ronnie Brown is the only one i believe that
will be on the roster by the start of the

hi boyz

Why is Wilford not on this list? I don’t care what the salary cap ramifications are, he’s a goner!

No question it is Jason Allen. 2 of the 1st 3 picks were spent on CBs, that tells you exactly what the trifecta thinks of Allen. Roth is safe for this year but I doubt he will back in 2010. Ginn is save. The WRs that we drafted are for a role that is different than Ginn's. Turner in particular is the big physical target in the redzone, Hartline is an insurance policy in case Camarillo is not healthy. Neither of them are stretch the field types which Ginn is. If Ginn is taken away then we have no WRs that can really stretch the field. I think Soliai is safe but Wright is not. Ronnie Brown is not going anywhere either. He may no longer be the qb of the wildcat but Pat White is not an RB that can pound it 25+ a game like Ronnie Brown can.

Armando, without trying to be a suckup, I gotta say that you R the best when speaking Phins.....radio, blogs, whatever.

These 3 guys are on Tuna's kill list > J.Allen, P.Solai, R.Wright......hell, they may be gone before the OTA's start! Reason is not only because their from another regime, but because the first two guys just flat out stink.
R.Wright, I believe has never been given a fair shake. I think he must have pissed someone off....he showed promise his first year and then got shoved deep in the depth chart.

Roth? I'd keep him and put him inside with Crowder, he is tough enough to do it. He could be a bigger version of Zach inside.
Outside will be manned by Wake and Porter with JT coming in and out to keep them all fresh. Fields? Still ok for now, but if a decent punter - vet comes available, he could be gone too, but not for some Aussie rookie, this ain't rugby.....

Allen and Wright are in immediate danger and will go away first which is too bad because they are locks on paper. Next casualties will be based on competition which includes Fields and Roth. I think all four of these players will no longer be with the team this time next year. Ginn will be gone if he doesn't have better production this year and Ronnie Brown will be gone if he produces modest numbers and/or wants too much $$$ on contract renegotiation. Solai is the safest of the bunch but not by much. Dolphins will draft another NT or sign someone in free agency for next year. Phins will also draft for starting linebacker and running back next year. Rest of the 2010 draft will be to add depth and stock picks as they are able.

We apologize for not knowing that Pat White was a good player. Props, Mando.

id have to consult with my son if andre goodman and renaldo hill were as goons as the oposition made them look Son discuss...

starting from top to bottom on these guys

jason allen- may be the odd guy out he is lacking technique and needs to show what he can do immidiately b4 these rookie db's emerge

matt roth- ISNT GOING ANYWHERE, he is a hybrid linebacker in the 3-4 defense and has the perfect size and strength to play in parcells scheme, needs another year or 2 to really learn the position

Ronnie brown- only leaving if the price is right

ted ginn jr.- if he doesnt improve this year miami will want to get rid of him but they would have to find a trade because releasing him would impact their cap too much

paul solai- physical gifts are tremendous, he needs technique but i doubt he will be let go, he is stronger than a bull

brandon fields and rodrique wright- both will come to camp looking over their shoulders since miami has signed punter jy bond and that defensive end from purdue who is 6'4 295 as undrafted rookies(which we know how miami can find gems that are undrafted.. Davone Bess)

EDPHIN,you have no clue man,you can't get ready of the players who got you here and depend on lousy draft picks you assume they do better.please stick to making pork chili

I agree on wilford if he is traded straight up for a used jockstrap, it wont affect the cap will it?

But on the other hand what about the crab issues....
Armand id like your take on this.

Get rid of all of them except Roth & Crowder.....
If Jason Allen has not learned the proper techniques in over 2 years I don't think he will do it now! lol.... and Brown, I'm sorry to say he is not a top notch NFL back.

get ready of Henne also,Pat White will kick ass

KEN and Anthony posts were right on the money. Excellent posts. also You have tp put wilford on there. One more thing, Stop with the moving roth to ILB posts. Roth can't play ILB in the 3-4. THE ilb spot in the 3-4 requires you to be fast , fluid and athletic . Which roth isn't.

So, you say that Jason Allen has a big bullseye on his back? I would say that The Trifecta has "missile-lock" on his worthless hide.Bet on Allen being cut or traded very soon.

Although I agree with you in the cases of coaches favourites, you have to look at the players that they may be cutting.
The one thing that screams most to me is the 1-15 season. The players that you mentioned played on the worst Dolphins team ever.

What did JT do last year in Washington? nada

When Dallas traded for Roy Williams last year, they traded for a guy that played on a team that is 0-16 and 3 and 13 the year before. Did Roy take them to the playoffs? nope

I am not blaming these guys for the team losing. But the pride and confidence to win must be inside the player, otherwise you are getting (or in this case, Keeping) a loser. Teams that lose more than 8 games year after year are filled with guys who accept losing.

Roth is way better and more fluid and faster than Wilford, where these idiot fans come from who say Roth is not good enough ?

Mando, very interesting and educational column today - thanks.

One suggestion - I don't think you serve yourself or Jeff Ireland well by referring to him as Tuna Helper.

You usually show more class than that and it is demeaning to the GM who , I think deserves a little better out of the home town press. No I'm not related to him - I just expect more from you than that.


Didn't the Trifecta say that no one was safe?

For me I would most definitely keep Ronnie Brown he's gonna have the same all-pro season he was having prior to his injury for the Dolphins. And has had another year of rehab on that knee, which usally players in their second season from major surgery come back stronger than the first year removed from injury. The line will be stronger more polished and Brown is gonna reap the benefits and have a great season.

All others for me, get what you can and move on.
Tedd Ginn should be traded to the highest bidder, pcakage him or something. Just don't see him as a Parcells type and Ginn just does not fit the system. They drafted 2 WR and maybe a third in Pat White. But the Dolphins also picked up 2 other wide outs via undrafted free agency. So it will be a crowded house at the wide out spot someone has to go.
Tedd Ginn gives us good trade value, though not sure what we can pick up but anything in rounds 3-5 is ok. Doubt we can get a second much less a first which is what he was picked, 9the I beleive in the first round. Ask Cam Cameron if he would give us first or second for him. LOL

No way Ronnie goes anywhere, you can't have the impact he has and trade that guy.

It's too bad for Ginn, Pennington doesn't have the arm to fully take advantage of his speed to stretch the field.

The rest can go, not worth the headache. It would be neat to see all the players selected after these bozos that we could have picked up.

Allen and Roth have a lot to worry about, Ginn is next on that list, and Ronnie isnt going anywhere. I wouldnt be surprised if Allen and Roth arent on the roster come week one. Ginn is one of the players that I would have packaged with a pick to Arizona to trade for Boldin. I think you can still make that trade if you offer a second next year, since you are giving them a good third reciver in return to fill the wr vacancy left as Breaston is bumped up to #2. I really dont know what the hell this regime is thinking as right now we are entering the season without even a clear #2 wr on any other NFL team. Ginn, Bess, Camarillo.....so thats our top 3 wr's unless one of our draftees steps up. I expect Turner and Hartline to make contributions but honestly these guys are 2-3 years out from making any kind of strides in the NFL. So while I love what Tuna and Tony have done with this very average team,I do not understand how we can go into the season so talent deficiant at wr.

Crowder is ok for the 2 years of his contract. He will need to stay healthy and make plays if he wants to stay after that. Brown shares time with Ricky and Cobbs so his numbers are not as great. Williams only has 1 year left then he is out so Brown should take over. I don't think the Dolphins will find anyone better and need to resign Ronnie. I hope they do. Roth can play OLB and a little DE. He is a player this regime likes because he will do anything and is a gym rat. He might go if he can't get playing time behind JT or between his subs. Ginn will stay. They will keep him as a #2 and return guy if they find a #1 WR. Soliai is this teams hope at NT. It is a tough spot to fill so I think he will stay but maybe just as a back up. J Allen will be gone if he is unwilling to take a pay cut very soon. I don't care about punters. If our ST is as bad this year as it was last year, we should take out punting and just go for it on 4th every time. At least there is less of a chance the other team will score.

Oh yeah and cut Jake Long, too. Idiots.

cut ginn and crowder,pat white will kick ass

Jason Allen

Roth needs to be released immediately. The Roth supporters don't understand the dynamics of the 3-4.Your outside linebackers need to get to the quaterback.

oh yea,cut Wilford and crwoder and sign JT back, he will kick ass

sign roth for multi year contract before he leaves us like jason

i dont think matt roth is in danger, i mean he was learning to play a new position, and had a ok year, this year he should be better at it.

anybody up for a fight??


True. Allen, Brown, and Ginn need to be big contributers this year. aside from brown's flashes of brilliance, a waste of three years worth of number 1's.

okay why the heck does everyone hate on Ginn so much? wasnt his fault cam took him 9th overall. he is def a legit reciever. hes only going into his 3rd year, i mean at worst if he is our #2 or #3 hes pretty damn good number 2 or 3. why the hell would anyone releease him????????? even if he was our #4 why would we releease him? Beck ican see cause he wouldnt have played and maybe would not have made the roster

Been out of the country, Armando. Had to read your posts online at an airport and a hotel. Congratulations on the traffic.

And I congratulate the dolphins on picking Sean Smith and Pat White. Like the second round better than the first.

Bye-bye Jason Allen. Hello Jason Taylor. How cool would that be?

how is Jed comparing a wr with a linebacker/de

anyway Jason Allen is definately on the hot seat

and there definately alot of pressure for Ginn to Produce

After what Bess did for this team last year it shows that you can get a WR that produces other than the two first rounds of the draft so if the trifecta drafted these guys they most feel pretty good about them. Should be an interesting season

One last thing can't wait to see Pat White run the "WILDCAT"

Go Phins

The first thing that sticks out to me is how average/mediocre the group of players is that we’re talking about, outside of Ronnie Brown…..I’d think he and Ginn (and Crowder) have the best shot at sticking, but for the first 2, the expectations simply came from where they were selected in the draft…..the rest of those you mentioned are truly almost fringe/depth players to me, even Roth…..and Jason Allen has been the biggest disappointment, obviously…..guy can barely get on the field...

Brown has underachieved for the 2nd pick in the draft, and I’ve been frustrated with him many times at his seeming hesitation/tentative style at times, but overall, across the league, the guy is a good (and sometimes very good) running back that is fairly durable (outside of the knee injury, but thats the life of a RB), can catch the ball and is still in his prime…..Wildcat or not, good teams need and have good RBs, so I think he fits that bill, plus for the near term where is the better alternative?…..it took Miami forever to find a good productive RB, he’ll be mostly shot by age 30, so lets ride him until then….at this point, the fact that he was taken at #2 is sort of irrelevant…..its done, and he’s good (but not great)….

I like Ginn more than most people do apparently, and agree that he was taken too high at #9 (but he was slotted in the middle/late first round in most mock drafts, so its not like a crazy reach), but speed is the entire deal in the NFL (and sports in general)…..obviously thats an overstatement but not by much, but unfortunately Miami has no other great WR to take the pressure off, so they snuff out Ginn at the line or with a double team, and he’s not that effective either…..but the dude is electric when he touches the ball, and even if he’s disappointing (again, only bec of where he was drafted, which is not his fault), why would they cut/trade him? He certainly can be a solid/better WR (prob a better #2-3, but you need those guys too) and he can be a very dangerous return man….SO, yes he was taken too high at #9, but we got him, and the guy is pretty talented and very fast (which you cant coach), so play to his strengths and let him help the team.

Think about Ginn lining up along side of Boldin…..hhmmm, how much more effective would Ginn be then, w/ Boldin getting the double team? But now…..he’s along side Camarillo (oohhh, scary)…..or Bess (eh….nice player)…..or (last year) Hagan….London…..etc, etc

Wilford is not safe, but is not on today's list because unlike the rest Mando discussed - he's the Trifecta's guy - and is not a "survivor" from a pror regime.

part of it is a self fulfilling prophesy. i.e. we have a new coach because we had poor performers on the field. so of course these guys go. what is more telling is where they land. if it was just an ego thing, they would land quickly and star elsewhere. but most of these jokers are out of football. saban's draft was just terrible. and let's see what happens with beck. my guess is he hangs around for a few years as a 3rd stringer and then disappears from the nfl. he looked completely lost when he had the op.

I think Brown is the most secure in his position, only because the alternatives to not having him around are not close to being even. Ricky was once exciting, but am not sure he can carry the load and Brown is a pretty decent RB.

I'd also like to say that Ginn deserves to get the criticism after his third full year (which would be only his second with the same coach/system). I think until now, he has shown progress and is in step with the early career of other receivers, and without the benefit of other #1/2 receivers. I think as the offense fills in more wiyth skilled players, and as our line gives Chad more time, that all of our offensive players will have improved stats.

J.Allen needs to snap out of his old funk and fast. The only thing worse that a wasted draft pick is sticking with that pick too long and repeatedly costing your team wins. Sucks not getting anything out of him but negative impact is much worse than no impact!

Everyone, this is what Mel Kiper said on his post-draft conference call about Pat White and Patrick Turner. I believe he is dead wrong on White. I believe he's on the money with Turner, who I think was drafted too early.

Kiper On the Dolphins’ Selections of West Virginia’s Pat White and USC’s Patrick Turner:
“I didn’t have a question with Pat White. I just said he has to be a receiver to make sense at that pick. I would have said that about any team that took him in the second round. … He doesn’t have the second-round value to be a wildcat quarterback. He’s got to be a receiver … if he’s not, he’s not worth being picked in the second round ... I like his potential and I think he can be a good second-round pick for them if he emerges as slot receiver, return man. Patrick Turner, personally I didn’t think he’d get drafted and if he did it’d be late. … He’s big, comes out of a great program, expected to be the next big receiver out of USC, but turned out to be very average. ... I thought he was a short immediate threat, but average in a lot of categories.”

Dudes - last years O'line is NOT this years line. Satele was a swinging gate. Jake was a green rook. Smiley was out. Thomas was a rook who was out. We could't throw deep so teams were totally keying on the backfield and Ronnie. Why the hell do you think they went to the Cat?

You get so enamored with backs and receievers that you forget what makes teams good - line play. It's still won at the line of scrimmage.

To say Ronnie is suddenly expendable after a year behind last years line and with a pass offense that scared absolutely nobody is just plain dumb, dumb and yeah, REAL DUMB.

Belichick said during Brown's rookie season that he was a special player. Why don't you geniouses just trade him to NE while you are at it.

The Dolphins haven't won squat when it matters yet. Let's get good and actually keep the talent we have and acquire more good players instead of acting like Rick Spielman all over again. Maybe you can also go to the Chargers blog and convince them to cut LT and make Sproles the go to, pound it in guy.

Silly retards. If you take offense then yeah - I'm probably talking about you. You have to call an idiot an idiot sometimes.

If the Dolphins negotiating with Jason Taylor is BREAKING NEWS, why isn't it given its own article or blogpost? I would assume if this were the case, it would be given more prominence rather than just an aside in this article.

Oh, and way to go Armando!

I for one really appreciated the live blogs. Was nice to have an intelligent conversation going on about the Dolphins. Sure, fans are passionate and either love or hate pics, but overall, I think the discussions you led were much more insightful than the BS you get on TV. Those guys are not in the trenches and don't know the intimate details of our team, so they often overhype or over criticise the selections - which just pisses me off!

Anyhow, thanks again Mando!

Regading Matt Roth, this is interesting because he can play the OLB position but is natural 4-3 end, at least coming out of Iowa and his first 3 season in Miami. Roth is solid at OLB and I beleive-thats as good as it gets-with this one.
True he'll be in his second year learning that position (OLB) and he has strength and size, but lacks the speed and instincts to play the position at a higher level. However, I say he stays until the Dolphins upgrade.

Roth, will probably come out on passing downs, due to the signing of C Wake and what's gonna happen if they do sign,dare I say it?...Jason Taylor. I'm still not sure he's coming back to the Dolphins until he signs on that dotted line. If so then Roths' playing time then will decrease and thus the learning curve for Roth is shorten. He's dependable and solid if nothing else and thats just fine this year but next year, the Dolphins will upgrade if not sooner.

If Ronnie Brown is cut/traded, I think that will be on of the first stupid things Parcells has ever done...

Everyone who has read Armondo's stuff already knows the Dolphins would talk to Taylor once the draft was over, unless they shored up the OL position during the draft.

They did not so now they are talking. That is not really news.. and in fact, am sure if you go back to one of the JT blogs, you will read people say a whole lot of "Stop talking about this and only tell us if he is signed"

People, it is difficult to accept, but you can't have it both ways!

Great post Armando.

I agree with your assessment on these players. I do not think the Fins will part with Soliai because of his size and talent (even though it's been largely unfulfilled). As Jeff Ireland pointed out, there's only so many human beings that are big enough to be a Nose Tackle in the 3-4 system, and they need the depth behind Fergy.
I think Jason Allen is a goner, unless he becomes superman in training camp. The fins already have new additions like Eric green and Brian Hartline to supplant him on special teams. Otherwise, he's useless. Matt Roth will be on the team, but he's certainly not guaranteed to start. I think a guy you didn't mention, who is in big trouble, is Brandon London. With so many additions to the WR position, he'll have to play out of his mind to keep his job over Patrick Turner. There's only so many receivers we'll carry on the roster. Turner and Hartline are locks for the team based on their draft order. That means we'll already have 5 locks at wideout even before training camp (Ginn, bess, Camarillo, turner, and Hartline). There's no way we'll carry 6 wideouts going into the season, unless London plays out of his mind on special teams.

By the way, I hope you guys don't mind me being such a tool.

Wilford was brought in by the Trifecta. I think Armando's talking about guys left over from previous regimes.

Jason Allen will be gone. How many chances has this guy had? His 1st round salary is a pain in the butt.

Solai will be gone as soon as they can find another NT. They've called NT a position of need, so obviously they don't think Solai's the guy. (How about Wilfork in free agency next year?)

Matt Roth has the position flexibility that these guys like, plus he's just a good football player. He won't be a starter though.

Ginn's probably here for the next two years. Fields is a punter....so who cares.

I don't know what these guys think about Will Allen. Even though he's not the biggest CB, he can tackle and cover. I would think that would be all that mattered.

you guys can't see the forrest from the tree's. Ronnie has been running as good or better than most backs in the league. Only difference is he has had to do it behind one of the worst offencive lines in the league. Remember why they put in the wildcat, (to create space) this space was what the Oline could not create. The trifecta has went to great lengths last year and this offseason to sure the line up. I think you will see a huge year from Ronnie now that he will have a O-line that can open up some running lanes. And if the trifecta was looking to get rid of him don't ya think they would have drafted a running back to succeed him. Ricky is in his last year of his contract and he is not the future. So that being said all this talk of Ronnie is a bunch of created hogwash. Write about something else that a least has some merit. And No Patrick Cobb is not the future either by himself. I believe ronnie and patrick are the future post ricky.

Any of you who thinks Ginn will be gone after this season are crazy. No chance. He has WORLD CLASS SPEED, which is rare not common place. He'll be around as long as it takes Henne to crack the starting line up. I love what Penny did last year but Ginn can't truely stretch the field with a QB that can't hit him deep.


The Dolphins had White rated in the second round while most other teams had him later.
Dolphins also had Turner rated late third early fourth. I agree there are other players I would have taken with the 87th pick but, Turner fills a roll for the team. And that's a good big reciever from a big school program (better competition)and Turner who caught 10 TD passes just fitts what they were looking for. He catches the ball clean has the size to keep cb's shielded off and comes from a pro style offense.
Besides Kiper should't even be a draft analyst the guy sucks. Really don't even get me going about that guy.

Will Allen has been dynamite for us, but I believe the trifecta will let him go because he'll probably ask too much in free agency, and as we've seen with Andre Goodman and Renaldo Hill, this team is not interested in overpaying for 30 yr old secondary personnel.

This whole talk about Ronnie Brown is insane. The guy is a stud, always gets extra yards, etc... Big deal if he didn't get 1000 yds last year. He came back from a ACL injury, split carries equally with Ricky, and the guy is a threat catching out of the backfield as well. Even Tedy Bruschi said he's the best opposing player in the AFC east.

I think the trifecta is not paying lip service to the fans (unlike most teams) when it says they'll play the best players. They don't care about prior regimes or not. They obviously like Crowder, Ronnie, and Matt Roth, even though they're holdovers from previous coaches.

another not mentioned should be Quentin Moses

all the talk you hear all offseason long has been cb and wr but my point is nobody talks about devone bess he was a stud last year and i think he will have a better year this up coming season...the 2 we got in the draft will be solid but i like bess at 2 until someone else proves they belong there...im from ohio and seen hartline play he could also compete for the 3 slot or even 2 in a year or 2....just think about bess guys hes not moss but hes a solid 2

Ronnie Brown is still the best player on this team and he is definitely a top notch NFL RB.
He averaged 4.3 yds per carry even coming off the ACL injury. He will be even better this year. And did nobody notice he was much more explosive than Ricky Williams in 2008? To me that was easy to see. Ronnie will still be on the field for the wildcat formation just not taking the snaps directly anymore because obviously that will be White's role. The guys you want on the field in Wildcat are White, Brown, Williams & Ginn.

Holis Thomas just got released....how about adding another 35 year old acorn to back up our other 35 year old?

If I had to pick just one of them.....Jason Allen is GONE!!!!!!!! You cannot keep a job if you have been told numerous times over the course of 3 years and it still doesn't stick? He is not focused! See ya

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