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Which endangered Fin might become extinct?

In the summer of 1996, I remember a conversation with then-defensive end Trace Armstrong that applies to some Dolphins players today.

Armstrong came to the Dolphins in 1995 because Don Shula was eager to improve the team's pass rush. But then Shula blitzed toward retirement after '95 and Jimmy Johnson was hired within the span of two weeks.

And Jimmy Johnson brought his guys with him. Johnson signed defensive end Dan Stubbs, drafted Shane Burton and even made initial plans to use Daryl Gardener as a defensive end on some passing downs. Armstrong, Shula's hire, realized he was suddenly an endangered species -- the last coach's player.

"Things have changed around here for guys like me," Armstrong said of himself and other Shula holdovers. "And not for the better. We've got to be better than the new guy's boys just to stay even."

Armstrong did more than stay even. He led the team in sacks in 1996, and '97, and '98, and 2000. But his point about survival on a new coach's roster is relevant today, even as the players not drafted or signed by Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland continue to dwindle in numbers.

A couple of days ago the Dolphins released quarterback John Beck, the sixth player from Randy Mueller's 2007 draft class that was either cut or traded by the new regime. The survivors remaining players from that class are first-rounder Ted Ginn Jr., fourth-rounder Paul Soliai and punter Brandon Fields, a seventh-rounder.

The 2005 and 2006 draft classes, authored by Nick Saban, have been similarly decimated. Cameron banished Fred Evans and Kevin Vickerson, while the current regime has cut or traded Travis Daniels,  Derek Hagan, Anthony Alabi, and Joe Toledo. The survivors remaining players from those classes are Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, Jason Allen and Rodrique Wright.

Guess what?

All those players, with the possible exception of Channing Crowder, are endangered in one regard or another.

I would tell you the guy who should be most worried about his spot on the roster between now and the start of training camp is Jason Allen. This coaching staff appreciates his special teams work -- some anyway.

But as a cornerback? Not so much. And as a safety? Not at all.

The Dolphins 2006 first-round draft pick has frustrated Miami coaches in that he is tutored and coached and told how to do things. And then in time of crisis and pressure, when he needs the techniques taught to him the most, he reverts to instincts and techniques he learned years ago. And those things do not serve him well, aside from the fact they frustrate the current regime.

Allen should notice the Dolphins drafted two cornerbacks -- Vontae Davis and Sean Smith -- last weekend. They also signed Eric Green before that. Those three are this regime's guys. Allen is not. He has a bull's eye on his back. He is endangered on this roster.

Matt Roth? The Dolphins signed Cameron Wake this offseason and are currently negotiating with Jason Taylor, as are at least two other teams. (Yes, that is breaking news but we kind of assumed that would be the case anyway). The point is Roth's job as a strongside OLB is not secure in the least.

Ronnie Brown? The Dolphins entertained trade talks for the running back prior to the draft. His wildcat package role will likely go to Pat White because White is expected to be a more accomplished thrower and the fact is teams stuffed the Wildcat last year with constant blitzes, which can only be stopped with passes over the top of the defense that forces the D to respect the back end. Brown will be on the team this year -- I expect -- but he's on notice he has to play well to be on the team beyond that.

Ted Ginn Jr.? It should not escape his attention the Dolphins counted wide receiver a need position this offseason and drafted two receivers that, if plans work out, will be in the mix for red zone snaps, because of their size and quickness (both of which Ginn lacks). Yes, he's fast, but I don't believe anyone would argue he's either big or quick. The point is 2009 must be Ginn's breakout year. If he doesn't do it in 2009, under the same offensive system, playing with a veteran quarterback he knows, and given the staff's creativity, he'll have no excuse for not succeeding.

Brandon Fields? Bill Parcells thought him to be a core player before last season. But then Fields was only middle-of-the-road in gross average at 43.9 yards and his net average of 35.5 was 25th of 32 -- which is, frankly, not good. So the Dolphins signed an Australian tryout Jy Bond, who has never played in any college. Fields has to watch his Ps and Qs and win a punting competition this summer whereas last summer the Dolphins had no punter in camp competing with him.

Paul Soliai? Size is this guy's saving grace. He is bigger and stronger than commercial refrigerators. But he must hold off the challenge of offseason acquisitions Tony McDaniel and Joe Cohen. His spot is not guaranteed by any means. He has to grow up and produce or, or, well, or else.

Rodrigue Wright? He had so much potential coming out of Texas. It has not yet translated to the NFL and Lionel Dotson, who the current regime drafted last year in the seventh round, has already passed him even before minicamps begin.

So you tell me ... of all these endangered players, which is most likely to become extinct in Miami?

[BLOG NOTE: I want to thank all of you who shared time with me on the live blogs Saturday and Sunday. This blog had 141,108 page views for those two days. You guys rock! Thank you.]


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give one more chance Rivera boy

Just saw your comments for NFLN and think Jason Allen is going to pop up eyes in training camp!

He's on contract year, and believe me, the guy should be anger than ever for proving his worth.
Maybe it will be too late for him but he'll make a serious upgrade of himself.

I'm actually amazed Jason Allen is still on the roster. I thought he should have been long gone.Considering Miami picked up another Punter,Brandon Fields should be alittle worried.Behind a very good Offensive line,Ronnie Brown should have a brilliant season but if not,he's in serious trouble.This season,Ted Ginn needs to prove he's very productive otherwise he's out the door,considering Parcells drafted 2 guys. Soliai and Wright should be long gone. Matt Roth is an interesting one.Although he's not a quality starter for Miami,he is a player Mami should keep for depth.

I think Rodrigue Wright should be gone he has done nothing for us , and jason allen time is done in miami. both of them have just wasted time and money the team

Allen, Wright and Fields will be gone, the rest will still be here. Ginn is part of the position as a whole , no pun intended. Patrick Turner is the big physical WR that Wilford was supposed to be. Kiper and McShay ripped the trifecta a new one for taking him in the 3rd. They said he would have been there in the 5th. Turner said the Fins were the first team to talk to him at the Senior Bowl , so they were just sticking to they're plan.

Again with the "endangered Ronnie Brown" talk....
Can you please keep that out of your blogs.. its not positive for a young team trying to grow and its not a very true statement. Keep the negative Ronnie talk out of your blogs! He's our franshise RB for years to come and anyone who disagrees either is not a real dolphin fan or doesn't know much about football...

On a positive note, I can't wait to see the Wildcat go to work this year with Pat White at QB, Ronnie annd Ricky next to him and the ability to reverse or go deep to Ted Ginn Jr! Wow!! Holy confusion for defenses! They just opened another door to offensive force & scoring possibilities! Now lets sign JT to open the same door for the Defensive pash rushing side of the ball with Porter, Wake and ability to move Roth and JT around along with our new future Sam Madison and Pat Surtain set at CB!!
Lets go Fins!

personally, I wish tuna and Co. would of stuck to picking players they know more about. the linemen. But I supposed value wasn't there so they went with speciality players.


1) I found the behavior of Joan and Melissa Rivers on "The Celebrity Apprentice" beneath contempt. Having said that, Annie Duke is sleazy.

2) Ronnie Brown is an outstanding running back who, if given a decent offensive line, is one of the top 10 backs in the league. Having said that, I like that the Dolphins drafted someone who is a threat to throw from the Wildcat formation.

3) My allergies are awful. Thank God I have Benadryl. Having said that, the drowsy effects are a real bring down.

4) I used to pat my wife's tushy to get her to go to sleep. Now I rub her feet. Having said that, I don't understand why she doesn't pat and rub a certain part of my anatomy every night to help me go to sleep.

5) This was an outstanding article by Armando. Having said that, the word "who" following "Lionel Dotson," should have been "whom."

6) Bea Arthur recently passed away from cancer. I heard it was testicular cancer. Having said that I suppose makes me insensitive.


OK, I get it, Kiper doesn't like Miami's picks. But seriously, does that really bother anyone? I'd be more concerned if Camidiot or Ferris Mueller were making our picks. This regime actually has a clue and a track record to prove it. On the other hand, Kiper is the same dope who thought Beck was a great draft pick (which he was not). Also, I am tired of that over-stuffed Bills/Jets apoligist and Miami hater, Berman. His act is old and worn out. Too bad he wasn't crossing the causeway when Stallworth was in a hurry to get home. Finally, that circus midget McShay is another annoying talking windbag. What are his credentials to be a so-called "draft expert"? He'd be better suited as a stunt double for one of the Smurfs.

Anyway, Mando thank you for the great info on the Dolphins. I respect the fact that you are honest in your assessment of the decisions made by the team, even if I don't always agree with you.

hello folks, the crazy guy who lives in the blog comment section can't tire of making comments so now he is using my name..

people like this guy have no reason to live.

anyhow, the real opinion of jed: vontae davis is gonna kick ass, sign JT, and trade or sign a proven veteran WR, and then lets go to the super bowl...the old regime players, that will work itself out, but clearly Jason Allen has his days numbered. Ronnie Brown, doubt the team would be so foolish to send him packing just because of the hyped up rookie Pat White has arrived.

LMAO@Nathaniel with the bea arthur joke.

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And this ridiculous idea that because my name is Jed I am a redneck from West Virginie...mmm, lets ask Pat White about that.

I highly doubt that we would get rid of matt roth. He was a full time starter last year, and was very good as stopping the run. We didnt really get anybody to replace him besides unproven Cameron Wake. Still even if Cameron Wake becomes a stud who do we have behind Joey Porter. Matt Roth is definately good enough to atleast be our backup even if we pick up Jason Taylor.

Look I am the smartest guy in this chat room when it comes to football Ted Ginn is not going anywhere because there hasn’t been a strong arm quarterback to capitalize on his strength which is his SPEED. Math Roth maybe in danger if something gets worked out with JT which will happen because JT is a family guy and he even said that the move to Washington took a huge toll on his family. WTF Ronnie Brown are you serious HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE He is consistent and with the offensive line gelling together and improving as a unite he will see more productive years and for those who thinks it all about numbers well duh he does share the load with Ricky!! Jason Allen is a gonner Vince Willy is a gonner because they drafted two WR not to replace Ginn but Vince Willy and also to add dept. Brandon Fields going to keep his job unless this Australian guy is a diamond in the rough. R Wright hasn’t been given a chance but it not looking pretty.

ronnie is awesome and is not going anywhere. he is healthy and has a much improved o line to run behind. something none you haters realize is he how good he is recognizing the blitz and blocking . he has averaged 4 plus yards a year for miami so his so called dancing must not be that much of a hindrence.

Jason Allen.

Jason Allen, no question.

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Real Jed is much smarter than Fake Jed... I agree with you about Vontae Davis, and even though I am opposed to it, it looks like you might have been right all along about them re-signing your man-crush Jason "Twinkle Toes" Taylor...

Goodbye Jason Allen! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

JY BOND ! Sign this guy quick , anyone with that name deserves a chance .

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you forgot carey. he's still set to stay

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AAA/manyme/menace. Do me a favor. Leave my name out of this. You want to impersonate jed that's fine and up to you, but leave my name out. I was away from my office and computer almost the past hour and a half.


As always, thanks for the hard work and keen insight. You and Omar Kelly are the hardest working guys covering this beat. I would like to ask one minor thing: can we put the "tuna helper" moniker to rest? It's a little unprofessional and disrespectful how regularly it's (over)used, but most importantly it was never really that clever in the first place.

Sorry for the gripe, please keep up the outstanding work.

You're an idiot! No wonder Parcels doesn't like you. Tuna hater!

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Get rid of jason allen. We will replace Ronnie in another 3 years with Mike James. We need to bring Chad Johnson home!

Why don't you post a picture of Coach Rectum Ryan so we can see his vertical smile.

I doubt that any of these guys will be on the team this time next year. Next years draft priority will be finding replacements for both Brown and williams. And of course NT. When will Halotti ngatta be available?

Question for cuban al loco, is Pat White red neck ? based on the the name,any info will help .

can we see a picture of rex sucks with the hood on so we all can have a laugh

Pat White and Patrick Turner are the key to draft. the draft is just a chance i would rather have a 3rd and 4th rd bust then a first round bust.. 80% of 2005 first rd are bust so why are we puting so much pressure on 3rd rd. it normal take a wr 3yr to be ready..

I thought I'd share some football history for you.

For much of the 1990s the Miamia Dolphins continued to feature the most dynamic offensive attack in the NFL.

After the addition of Gary Stevens from the University of Miami coaching staff, Dan Marino's career entered a renaissance. An unlike today's offensice co-ornidators, the Stevens offense did not require any WildCat trick plays.

Below are the offensive ranks for that now fading era.

Dolphins NFL offensive ranking:

1990 – 11

1991 – 7

1992 – 5

1993 – 2

1994 – 1

1995 – 8

1996 – 14

1997 -- 11

Jason Allen, not even close!!

gary stevens

There are no Dan Marino's out there and he's not gonna walk through the door for miami any time soon.
Do you think Dolphins would run the wildcat with marino? Not a chance.

Change is constant and change is good. Write that down.

what did dan marino won while playing for fins ? no thing

hey pat will be great give him a chance

first off all u haterz hateing on farve i do recall a pic photchopped of farve in a phin uniforms and all u guys going crazy to get him before pennington,

i can already see a end around with pat as wr and then stoppin halfway through and throwing deep its a going to be a great season.

I think alot of them are staying. now the ones that are in the hot seat are wright and fields.

Ronnie Brown: i really dont get what you guy have against ronnie brown. ronnie isnt going anywhere didnt you see how he was playing the first year when he had the backfield all for himself and he didnt have to share it with ricky (no offense to ricky hes awesome) he was having an MVP year until he got injured in the pats game. and every other year he was sharing the backfield and still was close to 1000 yards.

Channig Crowder: hes another that isnt leaving. first he just got his contract extended and second hes a tackling machine. yea he isnt the big play linebacker but hes a for sure tackler. thats why next to him we need to find a blitzing middle linebacker (no offense to ayodele).

Matt Roth: hes not leaving either. now this guy i really like alot. i think he has a bright future as an olb you just have to give him a chance hes still learnig the position. and he didnt do that bad last year for bein his first year at olb. now if they sign taylor yea he wont be a starter but he'll be learnig from jason taylor and be gettin used to the position even more. and taylor has one or two more years in the nfl and then roth comes in.

Jason Allen: yea he hasnt lived up to the hype of a number 1 pick but i really dont think anyone has given him a chance. hes gone through three diferent coaching staffs, being switched form safety to cb and cb to safety and i believe the times hes gone in hes done good, hes had picks and i think he put up a good fight with moss and he even caused a pick that game versus the pats(and he had no help over the top with moss which was stupid from the coaches). i believe from the 5 cb that the dolphins are going to keep j.allen is going to be one of them. remember next year 3 cb go to free agency and j.allen isnt one of them.

Tedd ginn jr: hes one i dont get why everyone is on his back. i think he can become a really good receiver but it sucks that we dont have a qb that can eploit his speed (no offence to pennigton i think hes an awesome qb). and also it takes time to develop a receiver and i could notice each year hes gotten better. it also suck when in games your considered as the #1 receiver so your doubled team and you cant really do anything cuz there no one on the other side to intimidate the defence thats why we need a big number 1 receiver like boldin or burress.

Paul soliai: he isnt going anywhere cuz the coaching staff see something in him that they like and its true what they say that it is hard to find a nt in the nfl for the 3-4. i think hes going to be here for a while cuz next year ferguson contract expires and they need some one there and i also believe in next years draft or free agency were going to get some one to go with him.

Brandon Fields: i really dont know. i thought he was doing ok but they brought some one in from australia to compete with him.

Rodrigue Wright: i really liked when we drafted him from texas i thought it was a steal gettin him in the 6th round. i think he has alot of upside but he hasnt gotten the chance just like j.allen. when he played he didnt do bad but he wont have a chance at DE cuz we have our draft picks from last year and free agent in front of him. i hope we keep him and turn him into a NT. hes a big guy 6'5"
310 pds. hope we keep him and give him a chance.

i just hope he is not a 1 man show like have somebody else to practice running the wildcat as well to mix it up or if white goes down. Intresting fact on Pat white parcells made it out to see pat white when they were haveing those college tree outs and he was there with his x lover belicheat and they talked for awhile seems that pat wouldnt of have lasted past the 2nd rnd. And he might of been picked up by the pats as well. My question is next year do u go after tebow to keep the talen level down for this copy cat league? Not like there the only players that can do this succesfully but u guys know what i mean..
deville out.

I am not anti Wildcat. It is fun to watch and helped us win games. Just remembering that it has not always been necessary...

gary i agree, about 10 years ago the greatest show on turf aka the rams brought that high octane offense, i thought half the league would do the same thing, maybe the wildcat wont spread either.

what the HELL is going on with the JT pickup?

From what I understand the team didn't shop Ronnie Brown. Other teams called about Brown and were told by Ireland "anyone is available for the right price". Who would start and get 20 carries a game if Brown isn't here? Ricky is past his prime except some spot starts and a change of pace back.

Jason Allen is a chump and Stupidpussfart Saban is a bigger chump for drafting him.

Still think team really reached to get QB Pat White. The thought of having him run the Wildcat is growing on me but a high #2? nah, no better then a mid 3rd or 4th rd dude. WR Turner should be a big addition and both CB's drafted - the sky is the limit. Smith seems like a dream nickle back with his size and ball hawking skills. Davis could be Sam Madison reincarnate.

I wouldn't just say that Ronnie Brown is endangered by any means. He will be running behind a much improved line and as for the wildcat, while Pat White is hands down a better passer than Brown, he still has to show that he can run between the tackles which is something he will have to do every now and than to make the wildcat work.

Matt Roth seems to be a better fit as a big MLB in a 3-4 scheme. He doesn't have pass rushing push or fluid change of motion for pass protection needed in a OLB.
Channing Crowder is an average MLB and only was resigned because the price was right. He could have gotten a lot more cash somewhere else but elected to stay. Did you see him in the Baltimore playoff game?? Dude was getting dragged all around by the big back. Crowder is a little light in the ass to ever be dominate.
Ginn will continue to get better 2.

Ernest Wilford is the BIGGEST LEMON of all..
He needs to be dumped ASAP. What a BUST!
Cant we release him and get some money back???

" The point is 2009 must be Ginn's breakout year. If he doesn't do it in 2009, under the same offensive system, playing with a veteran quarterback he knows, and given the staff's creativity, he'll have no excuse for not succeeding." well mr smart man understand they say it takes a rookie receiver IN THE SAME SYSTEM FOR THREE YEARS (hint: same system) not just three years to translate certaintly if its his third system in 3 years. if he doesnt produce by year 5 cut him then

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