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Ireland draft wrap: Dolphins looking for acorns

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said the Dolphins "got better today," when he met with the media to wrap the 2009 draft.

But he, like most GMs, is also about getting better tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

And that is the reason the Dolphins will sign between eight and 10 undrafted college free agents in the coming days and also finalize a decision on unrestricted free agent OLB Jason Taylor. Herald colleague Jeff Darlington is reporting one undrafted player the Dolphins will sign is DE Ryan Baker of Purdue.

TE Jared Bronson (Central Washington) and OG Mark Lewis (Oregon) also are on Miami's undrafted list.

Ireland refers to the free agents as "acorns."

"We mentioned acors and [Taylor] is one sitting there on the ground right now," Ireland said. "We have to make a decision whether we're going to do that right now or not."

The timing is important. Taylor's camp expects to have a contract in place by this week sometime. Talks are expected to begin as early as Monday.

The Dolphins came out of this draft having accomplished a handful of assignments -- such as adding receiver and cornerback help. But they failed to add a nose tackle to groom behind veteran Jason Ferguson.

"It's a position we would have liked to address. But it didn't fall that way," Ireland said. "There's only so many nose tackles walking this Earth and we just didn't get our hands on one of them this year."

This is what Ireland said about the players the Dolphins took on the second day of the draft:

On Patrick Turner: "Runs excellent routes. He's a playmaker. Smart. I think he's got some versatility and has good hands. They know how develop receivers [at USC], they usually go on and get drafted."

Asked why Turner had 10 TDs his final season but only six the previous three, Ireland cited Turner's change in demeanor. "His confidence really grew. His production grew, too. He became a more confident player. They keyed on him more to be a playmaker. What he did at USC is very respectable. I like the player. We had him up there from Day One." 

On tight end John Nalbone: "He dominated at his level. He'll have to learn to play at the NFL level."

On safety Chris Clemons: "Good cover skills."

On LT Andrew Gardner: "He has left tackle feet. Good athlete. Good test score. He gives us much-needed depth at the left tackle position."

On linebacker J.D. Folsom: "A developmental candidate. Real good core special teams player. Sub down value as well." He will start out at the Moe linebacker which is the position Akin Ayodele currently plays. Channing Crowder plays the Mike.


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There has got to be a trade working right now to bring in a NT. The undrafted guys are not going to produce that kind of a player. JT will be a Phin by Friday.

Well, is that supposed to be an excuse? If Paul Solai doesn't stick his rear out this year and become a strong, consistent S.O.B in the middle, we are doomed, and teams like San Diego(btw-they drafted Louis Vasquez) are going to run over us in the middle. We are old and inexperienced in the middle of the line, this looks disasterous, and all Jeffy Boy can say, is that we couldn't get a hold of one this year? What kind of crap is that!!!

I was calling for a trade up for terrence taylor to take that NT spot behind ferguson. I was hoping he would fall to us in the 5th but after seeing how today started, I would rather have traded into the 4th to secure him.

Ive heard that Graham Harrell got signed by the Panthers and Chase Daniel got signed by the Redskins

Maybe, just maybe, these coaches, GMs, and VP of Football Ops probably expect McDaniel to pan out at NT. But then, what would they know compared to all the armchair GMs on here?

2009 Undrafted Free Agent Signings List
Please check back here after the conclusion of the 2009 NFL Draft to see where all the undrafted free agents are signing. This is an unofficial list, so if you have corrected or new information to pass along, please use the contact us button up above.

Last Updated: Sunday 8:36pm Central

S Marcus McClinton (Kentucky)
CB Jamar LOve (Arkansas)
QB Brian Hoyer (Michigan St.

TE Jared Bronson (Central Washington)
OG Mark Lewis (Oregon)

TE Andrew Davie (Arkansas)
DL Matt Kroul (Jets)
P T.J. Conley (Idaho)
TE Robert Myers (Utah State).

DL David Lindquist (Illinois)

AFC West
DE Pierre Walters (Eastern Illinois)

LB Darry Beckwith (LSU)
OL Ryan McDonald (Illinois)
WR Charly Martin (West Texas A&M)
OT Sam Allen (Grand Valley St.)
OT Dan Guy IV (Baylor)
LB James Holt (Kansas)


DL Everette Pedescleaux (Northern Iowa)
CB Dominique Johnson (Jackson St)

AFC North
LS Mark Estermyer (Pittsburgh)
OT Ramon Foster (Tennessee)
S Derrick Richardson (New Mexico St.)
QB Mike Reilly (Central Washington)

QB Drew Willy (Buffalo)

WR Jordan Norwood (Penn St.)

DL Dan Skuta (Grand Valley St.)
FB Chris Pressley (Wisconsin)

AFC South
DT Pat Kuntz (Notre Dame)
OT Cornelius Lewis (Tenn St.)

WR Jason English (Tuskegee)
CB Peter Ittersagen (Wheaton)
DE Jeremy Navarre (Maryland)
QB Tyler Lorenzen (Uconn)
DE Julius Williams (UConn)
QB Michael Desormeaux (UL)
RB Kyle Bell (Colorado St.)

OT Jason Watkins (Florida)

WR Dudley Guice (NW State)

NFC East
DE Maurice Evans (Penn State)


QB Chase Daniel (Missouri)
OT Scott Burley (Maryland)
DE Derek Walker (Illinois)

WR Kevin Ogletree (Virginia)

NFC West

DE Pannel Egboh (Stanford)
CB Jahi Word-Daniels (Georgia Tech)
RB Kory Sheets (Purdue)

WR Justin Brown (Hampton)
DB Michael Ray Garvin (FSU)
WR Shane Morales (Oregon St.)

OG Roger Allen (Missouri Western)
OT Phil Trautwein (Florida)
SS Mark Rubin (Penn State)

NFC North
WR Eric Peterman (Northwestern)
S Dahana Deletson (UConn)

WR Andy Brodell (Iowa)
RB Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern)
WR Kole Heckendorf (North Dakota State)
TE Carson Butler (Michigan)

S DeVon Hall (Utah State)
LB Andy Schantz (Portland State)

DT John Gill (Northwestern)

NFC South
OL Rob Bruggeman (Iowa)

LB Brock Christopher (Missouri)

LB Anthony Heygood (Purdue)
QB Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)
OL Keith Grey (UConn)
OT Gerald Cadogan (Penn St.)

I don't understand the Folsom pick at all. Why would you waste a pick on the guy considering he obviously was going un-drafted if it weren't for us picking him.

We could have used that pick on someone with more upside (WR Marko Mitchell or DT Jean-Francouis)and then signed Folsom as a FA for special teams which is what he is going to be doing.


Miami probable helped themselves. They are likely better in the secondary and at least bigger at WR.
They may have scored big and added some very exciting offensive punch, in an expanded more potent “wildcat!” However the cherry on top for me is Gardner, OT from Georgia, he’s big, bad, smart and a great value pick in the 6th round. Can’t wait till they put on the pads.

Buffalo helped themselves offensively in free agency with the accusation of Terrell Owens, IF, LT, Kirk Chambers has learned enough in five years as a journeyman back up to fill in for all pro LT, Jason Peters, now happily with the Eagles, sizing his finger for a ring. To hedge that bet the Bills picked up the #1 center and the #1 LG in the draft, not to mention the #1 edge rushing DE in the draft, Aaron Maybin from Penn State. The Bills may not win the division (NE, MIAMI, NYJ, insert skull & crossbones) but they are at the very least much better.

New York Jets with two picks solidified their team. They are a solid team with two glairing needs, QB and RB, they got both. Fantasy alert = forget Thomas Jones.
Not this but next year they will be one of three teams to make the playoffs from the NFC East.

New England, if Brady is the QB of old and Moss doesn’t have any moss yet, has no needs. They like the Dolphins will suffer at the hands of a very tough, physical schedule.

here's my view of the picks:

1. Vontae Davis - nice size and physical ability but has attitude problems which IMO is a big downside, i just hope our staff can adjust his attitude, i would have rather had everette brown here or even rey but all well....

2a. Pat White - i kinda like this pick because he is versatile and i believe he could very well be our future QB, here's why, he's is a proven winner (1st QB ever to win 4 bowls) and he had over 4,000 rush yards and over 4,000 pass yards.... not really sure what else we could've done other than trade down here...

2b. Sean Smith - this made my day after losing a bet on the Vontae Davis pick ( he thought Vontae Davis i thought everette or rey ), i have been crazy about this CB because of his size and speed, IMO this was the best pick for us, nothing else i would've done and was playing B-ball outside so i didn't know about it till later....

I told you all weeks ago we had to have a backup NT cause Fergies getting old & injury prone---this key lapse will cost us, mark my words!

Vontae Davis has the best skills of any corner in the draft...He is a definite playmaker...the only question is his attitude, but The trifecta has met with him, worked him out, and evaluated him several times... They would know better than anyone and were confident enough to pick Davis at 25... I think this coaching staff will keep him focused and he will be a great player, check out some of his highlight videos...he is a hard hitter too!

Sean Smith is a beast... my favorite corner from this draft... at 6'3 214 running a 4.47 40, he's got elite size and speed and he also has good hands... with Smith possibly starting across from Davis in a year or two, we could have one of the best secondaries in football

Patrick Turner may have been a reach, but he is huge and makes big plays in the redzone (10 td's last year)... I did not really like the Hartline pick, he is a decent special teams player, but the dolphins already have a great slot receiver in Bess...

Saftey Chris Clemons was also a great value in the 5th... this guy has blazing speed... check his 40 time... i think its around 4.33!

here's the picks continued

3 Patrick Turner - was surprised at this one but he fits what we need and with everyone picking WRs around here i guess the FO figured y not? would've rather seen this later though....

4. Brian Hartline - once again i was surprised. i think he'll be a good wes welker type WR but bigger, he's friends with ted ginn jr and his clipboard holding daddy, : ( ...... i would've rather seen a DT here

5a. J Nalbone - this one was weird but a good pick, look for him and haynos to take over at TE, he seems like Anthony ( our current TE ) and i think he'll fit well....

5b. C Clemons - great pick! this is a kid that can play either CB or S, has great speed ( 4.4 40 ) and is a ballhawking safety...

6. A Gardner - a smart pick as he can play at OT and OG, big, strong, and smart, i think will be a great backup on the O-line

7. J Folsom - this one is a puzzler, he would've probably been available after the draft, should be an ok LB, will probably replace Akin at LB

Oh... and I might be eating some crow this week if Jason "Twinke Toes" Taylor comes back...

I didn't like the Pat White pick at first, but its been growing on me... I think this guy could make the Dolphins offense alot more explosive...look at what his former teammate Steve Slaton did last year, and White was clearly the better player out of the two... He will probably be the "slash"/wildcat player for the first year or two, but will eventually compete for the starting Qb position with Henne, which should make both players better and ensure that the best player is our qb...I think he will scare alot of defenses

looking at all the picks i think most of these were in preparation for next offseason when we lose a lot of starters ( penne, martin, Anthony, 3 DBs, a few LBs ) i think we will see a different team next year and this year with new TEs, joey being replaced, different DBs, also im not sure if we get JT, i would like it but still not sure if the FO wants him over the improving young DEs and LBs


i agree with you completely, at first i hated the Pat White pick but the more i thought about it i began to like it, i also agree with your other post for the most part and i hope your right about Vontae Davis

The lack of a developmental nose tackle has robbed me of any joy over the draft. I am very depressed.


Cameron Wake should be given as many snaps as possible. He's a beast and will lead the team in sacks.

Taylor as much as I love him needs to move on(like he did last year). He's too old and recently fragile not to mention any money spent on him is a waist of cap space.

If he were smart he'd go to the Raiders and end his career there...he wants to be in Hollywood any way.

I am excited to see Cameron Wake on the field... he could turn out to be great and the fins got him for the cheap too

Trust in Team Tuna.

FSUDOLPHIN13. Anthony fasano isn't going anywhere ! Fasano will be re-signed . He was drafted by parcells , traded for by parcells and is a JERSEY BOY. He'll be 1 of Miami's top priorities this year. Martin is gone.

why not sign jt i see him as a talented de we need as many as we can get to have depth for injury purposes and to keep rotating fresh legs

when the patriots took brace it took the wind out of me does anybody think new england might release wilford due to 2 dt signings and his expiring contract maybe not release but maybe trade.... then again i doubt they would trade with miami.

Looking at some of the stats and things Pat White has done:

The only Qb to ever win 4 bowl games
Started 40 games in a row
most rushing yards ever for a college qb (4,400)
All time college starting record 34-8
64.6% career completions
5,500 career passing yards
passed and rushed for 1,000 yards each in two seasons (2006, 07)
Over 100 total career td's (rushing and passing)

the guy is a flat out playmaker and a winner, now matter what he does...

no matter what he does...

Im with souljahbeats. Pat White is ridiculous. He will be so sick in our system. We invented the wildcat, why not enhance it with the best player in the draft for the wildcat.

At first i hated the Patrick Turner pick. But after looking into it, the guy is huge with great upside IMO...But the thing is, if you look at the players who got drafted after him, there was nobody else who i can say i would have rather gotten. So its actually a pretty good pick I think, and could end up being a steal if he becomes a Vincent Jackson type of player.

Btw, i think we all know the pick would have been Ramses if the Giants didnt trade up to grab him. Would have been happier with him, but i think Turner is very comparable.

any news on Ryan Delrosal?

Andy Stitzer,

i agree about Ramses Barden and Patrick Turner's value compaired to other receivers that were left... Turner is a good redzone target 6'5 223 with 17 td's over the last 2 years... a big possession receiver, not too fast, but he has good hands and uses his size as an advantage...

I did not like the Hartline pick...


when you put it that way i have to agree with you, BUT you never know, the tuna may be gone, who knows??


that is exactly why i like Pat White, he is a proven winner and a play-maker

Ryan is going to buy a new car

Even though most people are saying Pat White will be a Wr/Qb, I think he will be more of a Rb/Qb... I was just watching some highlight videos of him and he looks more like a running back that anything... He is 6'0 197 (more of a rb size than qb or wr)... 4,400 career rushing yards in college... when you see him take a direct snap from the shotgun and just take off... it kind of looks like he's already in the wildcat...

Don't get me wrong, he's got a good arm too, that just makes it all the more dangerous...

Hartline will never be a number 1 receiver but i think in the 4th round, its a great value pick. Remember, he draws comparisons to Anthony Gonzalez, who was a 1st round pick. And hes bigger. Hes better than Louis Murphy for sure, who would be the only other wr to consider at that spot, and the only other player i would have liked to see go there is Sammie Lee Hill. I dont think he would have been an upgrade over Soliai though so Hartline's value was much better. He'll be a special teams stud and wilford and london will be gone so hell compete with Turner and bess for the 3rd wr spot.

Im with souljahbeats. Pat White is ridiculous. He will be so sick in our system. We invented the wildcat, why not enhance it with the best player in the draft for the wildcat.

Posted by: FinsFan4Life | April 26, 2009 at 11:28 PM

I agree about Pat White being a fantastic fit in our offense. I think this was my favorite pick in the draft. But i hate to say, Miami did NOT invent the Wildcat. Contrary to popular belief, it has been around for a long, long time. It would be more accurate to say we resurrected it...

Andy Stitzer. I disagree that miami would've taken Ranses Barden over Turner if he was available. If you read the story in the sun-sentinel or ireland's transcript , ireland says that he perfers big school prospects. " i like big school players. I like them , bill likes them. guys you don't have to guess about " That' why we liked patrick turner .

Turner will be a bust like many before him

Bring back JT!

"Turner will be a bust like many before him"

Why is that?

Please ellaborate.

YEAH ! please ellaborate since you know so much more than parcells and ireland.

"98" vikings, the absolute. thee best offense to ever step on the field

What, i see things you can't see and i hear things you don't hear and you must know most draft picks in fins history never mounted to any thing.it's all show biz

Bunglito, i told your folks ,you will not mount to any thing and see now ,i look like a jenuis

in other words pat white= randell cunningham

I like the Phins draft. I believe Davis will be a pro bowl CB in 2 seasons. His talent is there. Going that low in the first round, coupled with a strong coaching staff will take care of his attitute issues.

The selection of Pat White has caught all the experts of guard. Putting him into the offense is really exciting. I think at worst he is like Randle El. He will eventually need to develop a permanent position because the league will catch up with the 'Wildcat' at some point.

Sean Smith could be the second coming of Troy Vincent. I think he is boom or bust player. I think he was a good value. One mock draft I have seen had him going to the Phins at 25.

Patrick Turner will be a boom or bust. There have been no big USC WRs become successful since Keyshawn Johnson and he is not Keyshawn.

I believe Hartline will become a solid #2 receiver in a couple of years. The rest of the picks were yawners. I like the OT prospect from Georgia Tech.

I wish the Phins would have grabbed a nose tackle but the ones projected to the Phins in rounds 5-7 went in round 4.

Ultimately this draft will rest on the success of Davis and Smith on defense and how the implement White on offense.

One thing I will say, White is a better college QB than Seneca Wallace passing the ball, so at worst he will be the back up to Henne moving forward.

Overall I give the Phins a B+ because I think Davis will be just what the Phins needed.

jamie..i have big pain in my head after reading your post, please it's 1.00 AM, MAKE IT SHORT

Andy Stitzer. I disagree that miami would've taken Ranses Barden over Turner if he was available. If you read the story in the sun-sentinel or ireland's transcript , ireland says that he perfers big school prospects. " i like big school players. I like them , bill likes them. guys you don't have to guess about " That' why we liked patrick turner .

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 27, 2009 at 12:05 AM

Thats a very good point. I would agree with you except that they took a tight end named John Nalbone from Monmouth. Now i can see your a Jersey guy yourself. I am from NJ too and i believe that we are top 5 in the country when it comes to producing football players. BUT Monmouth ??? I cant think of any NFL player besides Miles Austin from Monmouth. Its certainly not known for its football program because it plays bad competition and still does not do very well. Also, whats the deal with that JD Folsom dude ? I have to admit, I have never heard of Weber State before...have you ?

I have to laugh at all the doomsday naysayers complaining that Miami didn't draft a nose tackle. Teams that force draft picks to only fill a specific need inevitably fail. If a player worth taking isn't there, you draft BPA. Having said that, Miami did a brilliant job of not only drafting potentially good players, but also filling several of their needs. No team in the league did a better job of obtaining players for the secondary than Miami. Davis, Smith and Clemons are all potential starters.....This year. They also addressed offensive line depth and obtained a couple of big bodied receivers. Personally I think the quality of this year's receiving crop was a bit overated b/c there were few who could run and catch. Turner will be no worse and possibly better than Britt and maybe even Nix. The only decent NT prospects were Raji and Brace. They were both gone when we picked. I will concede that I would have loved to secure Brace, and trading up might have been a move I would have favored.
Bottom line: this team did well and like last year's rookies, several of these players will contribute to a division title in 2009.

i shoud've known who it was. LOL

any one beleive in this non sense of division title talk ? the other thing is the return to talke about mr leader 1-15 jason tylor one more timeand why not ? it's florida any way

to andy take off the mask and stitzer down for this, midwest(ohio) best young player's.

good job mr bunglito dear

Andy. That's 1 guy. Look at the rest of the draft. Usc , ohio st , w.virginia. clemson . utah , Illinois. Read the story in the SS . it's under the title "when in doubt in the nfl draft, go big schools ". It's interesting. Funny stuff on Monmouth football. They've been pretty good in Basketball. Same goes for weber st. nalbone is a good all around te. Tough kid. He's a steal!

it's late mr bunglito,can you please sing for me to go to sleap

how nj phin knows when a draft pick is a steal ? he should be hired by Al Davis to help him out.

Also Andy , look at the players from New jersey in this draft. Brian Cushing , Malcolm jenkins , BJ Raji , Eugene Monroe , Knowshon moreno . kenny britt. That's impressive !

It's late and i'm tired. Good-night menace.

andy already a sleep


I definitely see what your saying, but i still feel like Barden would have been the pick. But well obviously never know. I am happy with Turner tbh...

And yeah, thats damn impressive. On top of those 6 you just named, Donald Brown is from Jersey too. Incredible. Imagine how nasty Rutgers would be if half of NJs prospects chose to go there ? The best cb, dt, and 2 rbs. Not to mention that Cushing might be the best olb....thats just incredible. And to the guy who said midwest ohio has the best prospects....i dont know enough about the area, but its hard to imagine theyre better than the group we mentioned from Jersey..

so now what, cube?

Parcells and co. have done exactly what they set out to do and that is create COMPETITION at the skill positions with YOUNG players...I cant wait to see the positon battles at WR and DB this summer at camp

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