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Ireland draft wrap: Dolphins looking for acorns

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said the Dolphins "got better today," when he met with the media to wrap the 2009 draft.

But he, like most GMs, is also about getting better tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

And that is the reason the Dolphins will sign between eight and 10 undrafted college free agents in the coming days and also finalize a decision on unrestricted free agent OLB Jason Taylor. Herald colleague Jeff Darlington is reporting one undrafted player the Dolphins will sign is DE Ryan Baker of Purdue.

TE Jared Bronson (Central Washington) and OG Mark Lewis (Oregon) also are on Miami's undrafted list.

Ireland refers to the free agents as "acorns."

"We mentioned acors and [Taylor] is one sitting there on the ground right now," Ireland said. "We have to make a decision whether we're going to do that right now or not."

The timing is important. Taylor's camp expects to have a contract in place by this week sometime. Talks are expected to begin as early as Monday.

The Dolphins came out of this draft having accomplished a handful of assignments -- such as adding receiver and cornerback help. But they failed to add a nose tackle to groom behind veteran Jason Ferguson.

"It's a position we would have liked to address. But it didn't fall that way," Ireland said. "There's only so many nose tackles walking this Earth and we just didn't get our hands on one of them this year."

This is what Ireland said about the players the Dolphins took on the second day of the draft:

On Patrick Turner: "Runs excellent routes. He's a playmaker. Smart. I think he's got some versatility and has good hands. They know how develop receivers [at USC], they usually go on and get drafted."

Asked why Turner had 10 TDs his final season but only six the previous three, Ireland cited Turner's change in demeanor. "His confidence really grew. His production grew, too. He became a more confident player. They keyed on him more to be a playmaker. What he did at USC is very respectable. I like the player. We had him up there from Day One." 

On tight end John Nalbone: "He dominated at his level. He'll have to learn to play at the NFL level."

On safety Chris Clemons: "Good cover skills."

On LT Andrew Gardner: "He has left tackle feet. Good athlete. Good test score. He gives us much-needed depth at the left tackle position."

On linebacker J.D. Folsom: "A developmental candidate. Real good core special teams player. Sub down value as well." He will start out at the Moe linebacker which is the position Akin Ayodele currently plays. Channing Crowder plays the Mike.


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I didnt like the folsom pick. We could have gotten Zack Folett from Cal. Dats da linebaker who had 2 sacks against da U and gave us trouble all game!

No way can anyone second guess this regime. They obviously know more than we ever will. But keep talking...

It was a good draft. The whole backfield is changing, the team got younger again and cheaper. If we sign Taylor, then the defense looks pretty well complete.
the offense is going to be a lot more fun with Pat White. Lets see what happens. I think we are going to surprise a few teams this year and may be back in the playoffs again. I would have liked a Nose tackle but if a NT is not available no use in wasting better talent.

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Little disappointed the fins did draft 1 alien robot....

I think Miami had corrected their CB problem with the picks of Davis and Smith, but I have serious doubts to the picks of Turner and Hartline. I wish a future a WR #1. With his size, Patrick Turner reminds me of Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett are now a bust.

Armando - I asked Jeff D this same question....

I get that the team wants to build in the draft, but after going 11-5 and winning the division are we building or competing? We took 2 and a half receivers wasting two picks and plenty of salary on potential talent rather then trading and paying for a sure thing in Boldin. Doesn't that seem like a rebuilding mode rather then a competing mode? I have to say I am quite disappointed in the decision making of the team at this point. What do you think?

i mean this whole time everyone was crying for cb's and wr's i dont understand this.

this is MADNESS

I can't say that I was very excited about this draft. It appeared that most of the players the fish wanted to aquire were snatched out right before they were going to pick - I thought Ramses Bardon would be a Dolphin and the Giants traded up to grab him. I'm not to excited about the WR's we got - Turner and underachiever - Hartline is Bess, Cammarillo - and the rest of our 2nd day picks look like special teamers at best. While I like the 2 CB's - Vontae is a punk and the kid from Utah is still a project. The Pat White pick is the one that perplexes me most. I loved him in college but it looks like we grabbed him so the Pats couldn't and 2 QB gimmicks don't work that long in the NFL. If our line is that improved, shouldn't we be able to run teams over without throwing in a wishbone?

More bad news----McShay hates our draft. Meanwhile Sanchez is the toast of ESPN & the nation; gonna be a loooooong season.

cubes i belive they had him high on there draft board but rumors spread of failed steriod drug testing through out i think he will be taken as a free agent though.

wee wee....... how bout you consider the facts..... i think it was 7 first rounders hailed from the great state of Jersey.....

Cushing, Britt, Raji, Eugene Monroe, Knoshawn, Donny Brown, Malcom Jenkins... sorry boys, thats almost a quarter of the first round right there.... unfortunately only one of those boys went to Rutgers...

C. Little thinks the sky is falling!

I've been unmasked!

the truth shall set u free!!!!

Dan i must agree with u sometimes wee wee is a bit premature with his statements.

My son's hair is magnificent.

gee thanks dad!!!

john nalbone was prob. parcells' stab at another mark bavaro. i think if i rememb. the phins were targeting turner from day one. Turner said the phins were the first team that talked to him at the combine. hartline and folsom will be spec. team standouts and hartline will eventually be the 4th WR. we could prob. pick up a grady jackson-like FA DT at the vet. min for one year to backup fergie til next draft.

im a big fan of martin but i belive he will be traded and all because of nalbone..

and that makes me sad.......

I think we had a decent draft, but we won't know until these players get on the field and show the Trifecta why they were chosen. Getting Vontae Davis and Sean Smith was a must at CB positions and that is only a positive for the Phins. Hopefully J.Allen can step up with competition.
I know people are knocking the Pat White move but hey this guy looked good at the combine compared to all QB's present, not just that this guy has rushed for most yards in College History and he can also play WR. So he has the makings of something special QB,RB and WR all three positions rolled into one - NO.1 Wildcat Man. This will be potentially dangerous for the teams facing him.

However, only time will tell and i'm hoping Pat White is going to be an NFL star!!!

We probably needed a NT and LB to be added but you cannot fill all needs. There are still options like Jason Taylor coming back as a LB. Again people knock him, along with Zach Thomas a few years ago they were the heart and soul of this team. Bring back JT and i still think he can play. Imagine Porter, Taylor, Crowder and Cameron the Beast Wake playing together.

Let's kick butt in 09 Phins!!!

people, the reason the wildcat was not a gimmick and the reason it was "figured out" was because defenses were stacking the box and bring the safeties down because they knew ronnie was going to run 99% of the time. so the dolphins adressed this problem and now the safeties will have to stay honest and we'll see. its a chess game. i think pat white will be a star.

watch the clip on miamidolphins.com about pat white Mayock and GRuden loved the pat white pick and were gushing about it, i agree with them.

dont hate on von davis he had a 33 on his wonderlic test matthew stafford had a 35 so maybe this kid wasent getting challenged enough.Ill im saying is dont hate this guy aint no tbuck and if he is...

that makes me sad..........

Vontae Davis is a very good corner with potential to be great in the NFL... Watch some of his highlight vids... this guy seems like he's everywhere, making big hits, breaking up passes, he's got great recovery speed and cover skills... its gonna be a problem for other teams in a couple years when he lines up across from 6'3 214 Sean Smith (this guys reach is crazy)

Do SIGN JT! It looks like we will after the draft turn out! Which would be a great thing! I really like Cameron Wake and the Potential upside he brings to the team and don't worry he will be giving plenty of chances to succeed.

But We're thin at the DE/OLB position and it wouldn't hurt to let JT end his career the right way on a high note and ressurrecting his true talent by motivation to win a championship! By signing JT we could have one of the best pass rushing D's in the League if Porter stays on his high level of play JT gets remotivated to make game changing plays like he's always done and the ability to move Wake and let him be a beast and also move Roth to the Inside on pass rushing downs, the possibilities to confuse Defenses are endless! But if we don't get JT we're one injury away from counting on one guy to be a sack master (like last year - Porter). Its a win-win for both the Dolphins and JT! Lets get it done this week!

The Jaguars added 18 undrafted free agents... wow! They have alot to sort through in training camp...


I agree with you about Wake, but one thing we are not is thin at OLB and DE...

Porter, Wake, Roth, Quinten Moses, Tearrius George, Erik Walden at OLB


Merling, Langford, , Randy Starks, Lionel Dotson, Rodrique Wright, and Tony McDaniel at DE...

PS I think our day one grade is a A- but our day two is a C at best because of the positions and players they went after. It looks like day two was all about size and potential to be coached rather than true talent. But I really like that we took Pat White, he will be an exciting game changing player for years to come, if people thought we changed the way offense is played in the NFL with the wildcat. With this guy we could really revolutionize the Offense of the NFL (like when west coast first started and stayed, etc.)! Tuna and Sparano have a plan and they're making moves, its going to be an exciting thing to whatch this kid come in on the Wildcat! With the combination of Vontae Davis and Sean Smith we could have our next pair of Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain to our team for years to come! Great first day! The disappointing part was no NT and there were planty of better WR available when Turner was choosen but obviously they like his size and thats why that got him so high. Besides that I like the direction our Fins are heading! Lets get JT and BOLDIN and we're ready for a Championship run!

Soulja beats, you're right we have a lot of depth but Lionel Dotson, Rodrique Wright, and Tony McDaniel at DE...Quinten Moses, Tearrius George, Erik Walden at OLB all those guys are not pass rushing specialist like JT and thats what I ment by lacking depth. If either Porter or Wake go down (knock on wood) we really have no pash rush help and it will be depending on either Porter or Wake. Thats why it's important to sign JT!
Do we still have Charlie Anderson? He's probably the only other pash rushing guy we have.

Dolphins also signed a few other FA's:

Including a kid by the name of Chris Williams, WR - New Mexico State
I looked up the kid's numbers at his ProDay...

4.26 40ydDash
4.15 Shuttle
39" Vertical
10'7" Broad Jump

Niceeee pick up by the trifecta

First off, happy with the draft not thrilled but certainly love the potential and raw atheleticism and playmaking ability these kids bring. I was surprised Rey Maualuga dropped to the second...i for sure thought we would have capitalized on him being there at 25. I guess Parcells had his mind set on Davis, the kid looks like a beast and hits like one too.

As for the Jets, congrats on landing Sanchez but i just think the NY media is gonna eat this poor kid alive...he's going to be pressured to start by game 6 or 7 and if he doesn't pull a Matt Ryan it could be a loooong season for Jets fans (not like they're not used to it though)
The Jets just aren't the type of patient franchise that the Giants were with Eli (remember how much grief he got his fisrt 2-3 yrs?)


True... I think we are set though at DE... In the 3-4 DE is not really a pass rusher... Langford and Merling are both young, Langford is already a solid starter and Merling should fill into that role this year. Starks, Wright, and McDaniel are quality backups and the Coaching staff is supposedly big on Lionel Dotson... I admit, I completely expected us to draft an OLB because Porter is aging and even though Roth and Wake have great potential, they still have some question marks... I guess they feel like getting Wake is the equivalent of a high draft pick...Even though I was very much against signing JT at first, I will take a bite of crow meat and say that it is at least more likely that the fins bring back JT...

soulja. You keep omitting Charlie anderson who was Finally getting healthy and picking up the system towards the end of the year.

C. little . It's bad news because Mcshay doesn't like miami's draft. ? LMAO. You gotta be kidding me right ? Who the hell is mcshay ans when did he ever run a football team. ? LOL

DAN. You're a little late buddy, I already mentioned all my boys from JERSEY who got drafted. Check the previous posts.

Forget acrons, a ripe piece of fruit, in the form of LB Hill (Seahawks), has just fallen from the tree.

It appears that the Seattle have just removed Hill's franchise tag and he is free to negotiate with any team he chooses.

This guy is exactly what the Dolphins need! All over the field type defensive player!

Was this the plan all along?? Did the big Tuna know this guy was going to be available?

Go Phins!!!

did anyone notice how the patriots where sure to get right in front of us and draft guys or positions we needed. like darius butler, (which I really liked), defensive tackle ron brace, and even the tate, the receiver from North carolina. I feel like parcells got out played by his pupil. I really like our picks but I felt that parcells settled for some guys after they got smith because they were too arrogant to trade up to get some quality guys like brace. If they could of traded up and got brace then i would be satisfied with this draft, but we saved up all those picks and for what. A LB that he himself didn't think he would get drafted, another slot receiver in hartline, when we already have bess and camarillo. I really wish we would of traded or first secon round pick and a fifth or sixth to move up and get Briit. I think he could be a colston type player opposite ginn, if ginn works out.

Here's a few names I think we should go for:
Ian Johnson HB BSU
Greg Carr WR FSU
Alex Boone OT OSU
Anthony Dixon DT The U
Dannell Ellerbe MLB Geo.
Brian Toal LB/FB BC
Bruce Johnson CB The U
Trimane Goddard DB UNC

Brady's bastard child.

I agree with you, I would of traded up for brace, and raji is going to be a monster. This kid just pushes linemen out of the way. With turner will have to see if he's dedicated to playing hard or aggressive, but they could develop this kid. sean smith was a receiver, imagine in redzone situations, you put smith in and turner on the other side to run fade routes like fitzgerald. How many teams have two big corners or safeties, even one?


Colston was a 7th round pick!! So you want to give up the pick used on Pat White and another draft pick to take a player in the 1st round that has the potential to be like Marques Colston (7th rounder)?

good thing you don't work for the dolphins...

Dolphins should pick up Edgerrin James from the Cardinals, that would give us an amazing group of RB's..... 10 year vet but would be great with Brown and Williams.

Nalbone reminds me of Giants Kevin Boss. Boss was a 5th rnder a couple years ago from Western Oregon. Check him out.

DC3GURU. That acorn( HILL ) is a bit undersized for this regime and is going to want a lot of money.

Dandadah. Do you ever think before you write something ?

anything on that lb from oaktown.

It must be nice to live in the world so many phins fans do. Fix everything in one draft. Trade crap for gold. Disregard the salary cap. We made some good steps. May have to wait another year to be great. They'll eventually get a NT and Bolden is too expensive for what you get.

A bad draft. I think Vontae Davis was a good pick, and White and Smith are good picks. But White was picked too high, and the receivers were extreme reaches in 3 and 4 round. I TOTALLY AGREE with your column today, Anquan Boldin for a 2nd and 3rd would have been light years better. I kind of get the feeling that the GM for the Dolphins likes too much the challenge of drafting and finding free agents when he should instead be focused on making the Dolphins better using all tools available, which of course includes trades.
The only way to soften the blow from this rather lackluster draft is to sign NJ Phin posterboy, Jason Taylor, asap.
JT will solve any remainning doubts on the defensive side for this year. On the offensive side, they still need to trade for a top WR in the class of Moss and Owens ala Boldin or Edwards or Chad Johnson...

haha... Jed, you are funny...

Once again clueless jed strikes again. It's a bad draft but you like the davis . smith and white picks. which is it ? have you even heard of the rest of the players they drafted? besides the 2nd and 3rd round picks for boldin , how about the 10 mil a year it would cost ? they just drafted 2 wr's and pat white qb/wr to go along with the other wr's we have and you want them to trade for another wr ? LMAO. and finally , i still think your crush/poster boy isn't coming back.

Near as I can find out, these are the only undrafted Free Agents we've signed thus far, or least ones that have been announced - not sure if any of these qualify as the next Bess or Carpenter stories:

WR Chris Williams, New Mexico State
TE Jared Bronson, Central Washington
OG Mark Lewis, Oregon
DE Ryan Baker, Purdue
LB Orion Martin, Virginia Tech

Pat White is a good pick, but he would have been available later. Patrick Turner is another huge, slow, unathletic USC reciever who thrived in that system but lacks the burst to get open in the NFL. NFL teams keep trying to find the next Keyshawn, but at some point somebodys got to learn that those USC slow as molasses recievers never pan out (can you say Mike Williams, Dwayne Jarret). Why did we take brian hartline? We have 3 good young wide receivers who are exactly like him except proven (especially because devone bess is a better slot guy and is making peanuts).

Ok Kids the menace is on line, who'll shoot the 1st " Q" To the cuban?

Cuban, if you had a choice between the following draft rooms

1) Bill Parcells picking random names out of a hat.

2) Nick Saban opperating a standard war room.

3) Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller drafting with with a magic 8-ball that always provided the right answer.


4) Dave Wannstedt drafting with godlike powers that allowed him ominiptent knowledge and unlimited do-overs.

Who would you trust to run your draft?

cuban, please ask nj phin to take it easy on our boy jed, he's such valubale poster on this blog.

nj phin,some downe to earth humilty will serve you well

cubes ive noticed you have been gone for awile and we have missed u.where did u go good buddy.

jed, is it true that you love jason ,not nj phin ?

Gary, I'd take the 500 lb tuna draft any day, chris no one can control the enigma know as " njphinfan"

I loved the Pat White pick. I really didnt think Bill Parcells would allow it. The guy is flat out a playmaker and a better passer then Tim Tebow as of right now. The only thing i worry about is Pat is a very upright and long strided runner which makes him vulnerable to taking big hits. I hope he can stay healthy. I think he can be a good WR, but i really would love to seem him taking snaps under our normal offense in the preseason. He looks really good throwing the ball. He makes smart decisions when to pull it down and run, but he is looking to pass first. He is very Vince Young like in the way he runs. He doesnt look explosively fast but people miss him and he does seam like he can avoid big hits.

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