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Ireland draft wrap: Dolphins looking for acorns

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said the Dolphins "got better today," when he met with the media to wrap the 2009 draft.

But he, like most GMs, is also about getting better tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

And that is the reason the Dolphins will sign between eight and 10 undrafted college free agents in the coming days and also finalize a decision on unrestricted free agent OLB Jason Taylor. Herald colleague Jeff Darlington is reporting one undrafted player the Dolphins will sign is DE Ryan Baker of Purdue.

TE Jared Bronson (Central Washington) and OG Mark Lewis (Oregon) also are on Miami's undrafted list.

Ireland refers to the free agents as "acorns."

"We mentioned acors and [Taylor] is one sitting there on the ground right now," Ireland said. "We have to make a decision whether we're going to do that right now or not."

The timing is important. Taylor's camp expects to have a contract in place by this week sometime. Talks are expected to begin as early as Monday.

The Dolphins came out of this draft having accomplished a handful of assignments -- such as adding receiver and cornerback help. But they failed to add a nose tackle to groom behind veteran Jason Ferguson.

"It's a position we would have liked to address. But it didn't fall that way," Ireland said. "There's only so many nose tackles walking this Earth and we just didn't get our hands on one of them this year."

This is what Ireland said about the players the Dolphins took on the second day of the draft:

On Patrick Turner: "Runs excellent routes. He's a playmaker. Smart. I think he's got some versatility and has good hands. They know how develop receivers [at USC], they usually go on and get drafted."

Asked why Turner had 10 TDs his final season but only six the previous three, Ireland cited Turner's change in demeanor. "His confidence really grew. His production grew, too. He became a more confident player. They keyed on him more to be a playmaker. What he did at USC is very respectable. I like the player. We had him up there from Day One." 

On tight end John Nalbone: "He dominated at his level. He'll have to learn to play at the NFL level."

On safety Chris Clemons: "Good cover skills."

On LT Andrew Gardner: "He has left tackle feet. Good athlete. Good test score. He gives us much-needed depth at the left tackle position."

On linebacker J.D. Folsom: "A developmental candidate. Real good core special teams player. Sub down value as well." He will start out at the Moe linebacker which is the position Akin Ayodele currently plays. Channing Crowder plays the Mike.


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Tickle me emo,do you love cuban ?

chase,i thought you didn't like that pick ?
what made you change your mind ?
what you think about the sanchez pick ?

Like The great howard cosell once said " You cant stop njphinfan you can only hope to contain him"

i think this draft was a quantitiy not quality draft. I saw the jets do what it takes to get what they needed. The 2nd best qb in the draft.

Emo, i was a " high paid " security gaurd this past weekend courtsy of the mighty N F L ..

Emo, i was a " high paid " security gaurd this past weekend courtsy of the mighty N F L ..

cubes please tell me it wasent for the ...

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I've Got a great story about jerry jones, he's a true gentleman and a nice guy, believe it or not.

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i thought i would post up my draft day vid maybe u guys could see the origin of the emo.....

and this makes me sad........

nj phin fan, do you like fresh meat?

Eno, L. O. L.., ace it was crazy money bro. and yes i had access to the buffet but there were slim pickings after parcells and andy reid went hog wild the 1st 30 minutes after it was put out as you could imagine....

are you allowed to eat with other people ?

so i take it u were close to whats that guys name ohh yeah sanchez as the jets refer to him as god now i belive or something like that papi i think? How crazy were dem jets fans cubes.

Ok Kids the cuban has to go out, catch me on the blog around 11:30 tonite for some more crazy cuban talk.... peace guys till then.

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Pat White will have more yardage this year then Ricky Williams..

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NO Trade Value


NO Trade Value

Gettin a little gay in here fellas. Gettin a little gay.

Gettin' a little gay in here fellas. Gettin' a little gay.

yeah obviously were on a dolphins blog ..are we not?

Yo man! Why I gotta decipher this grimy text before I'm allowed to post!? DAMN!

Made me post twice n' chit!

Lovin Chris Williams pick-up. WAC receivers are no joke.


The Miami Dolphins announced they have waived QB John Beck from the team.

maybe they droped him because he was owed some kind of bonus???


You said you were working as a "highly paid" security guard.... What is $12.00 an hour highly paid?


$12.00 an hour is not highly paid, right?

Higly paid is not $12.00 an hour, Menace.

I will post it first: FA TE Bronson will be the Devone Bess of 2008. The surprise of FA in 2009.

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