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GM Jeff Ireland: No to Vick, maybe to Taylor

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished his draft press conference moments ago. Some highlights:

Ireland said the Dolphins are "looking at," the possibility of returning Jason Taylor to Miami. But in his lukewarm response to the idea, Ireland said the team had to measure several factors.

"I think you have to look at every possible situation at this time of year," Ireland said. "Our level of interest, I'm not going to tell you where it's at right now. But I would say you have to look at all these things, but with players like Jason, he's going to be 35 in September.

"You have have to look at whether veteran players are progress-stoppers for younger players. You have to look at that. There’s a lot of other things you have to look at. Economics have something to do with it. And being so close to the draft, so you have to look at what’s available in the draft. So I always say, you never know what’s falling off the tree and if there’s an acorn down there. We’re looking at I’m not going to say that we’re not. But the interest level, I’m not going to comment on it."

I reported in an earlier blog today the Dolphins are the only AFC East team that has not shown significant interest in Taylor. Buffalo, the Jets and the New England have all either called Taylor's agent or had their owner (Robert Kraft) show interest in signing Taylor.

Ireland did comment on Michael Vick who is expected to become available to NFL teams by September. It has been speculated that Vick would make a good wildcat package triggerman.

So are the Dolphins interested?

"We don't think so right now," Ireland said. "We're not really interested in going after Michael."

Ireland also said that right guard Donald Thomas, who was injured in the first game of 2008 and missed the entire season, is "100 percent" healthy.

"He's doing really good," Ireland said.

Ireland said left guard Justin Smiley's condition is also looking up, although he obviously isn't as advanced in his rehabilitation as Thomas. "He's doing well," Ireland said.

The general manager made the point that if a player were struggling with injury or rehabilitation from an injury, it would affect the Dolphins draft plans, but that isn't the case with any player, strongly suggesting Greg Camarillo is recovering from his knee injury and surgery.

Ireland even said Miami's No. 1 receivers are Ted Ginn Jr. and Camarillo.

On the draft front, Ireland confirmed the team worked out receivers last week. But that was only part of the story.

"We looked at 35 different players last week," he said. "We looked at offensive linemen, safeties, cornerbacks, receivers. We looked at a lot of players."

Ireland admits the cornerback spot is a focus in the draft.

"We have three UFA corners next year," he said. "So that was a position we looked at in free agency. We got some guys there and we missed on some guys we looked at. We have to look at that position in the draft."

Will Allen is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent (UFA) next year. Joey Thomas and Nathan Jones are also scheduled to be UFAs after this coming season.


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i think the dolphins are making mistakes on passing on players because of age,

Yes, they looked at a lot of players, including TE's. Armando, with Fasano, Martin and Haynos is this really a glaring need?

I understand the youth movement, but I think that short term contract with a veteran leader or two is not something that should be rejected outright. I would not be heart broken if Taylor signed with another team (although I would hate to see him with any AFC East team), I think dismissing him solely on the basis of age is limiting.

I would think that having one or two older veteran players on the field can help with the development of young players. Look what Chad did for our offense last year? I would say that on the job coaching an older vet provides in game is as helpful as getting the younger players a few more in game reps.

Lips, I think Ireland said that signing older players could hurt the development of younger players. It could also hurt cap numbers for signing draft picks and other free agents. Taylor would be a good guy to have back, but cost and value have to taken into account.

I am glad we won't see the thug in a miami uniform. Running a Dog fighting ring when you make 12 million a year playing a game is just stupid. And right out of his own house. The moron didn't even try to hide it.

Message to Ireland: mmm, I think JT could probably teach a thing or two to your young guys, don't ya think? I mean, look at how Chad is being used up by your chosen one, Chad Henne. Veteran players of the quality of a Jason Taylor add value.



That mentoring stuff is overrated. Porter is also a veteran who can offer some tips. It's about what JT can do on the field, not what he says.

Maxx and Other J. Taylor lovers. Here are 3 key statements from Ireland 1. " players like jason, he's going to be 35 years old in sept." 2. " you have to look at wheter veterens are progress stoppers for younger players " and 3. " You have to look at the economics thing ". I told you bigger , faster , stronger , younger and cheaper. Miami is looking to the future. JASON TAYLOR ISN'T COMING BACK !

Good information here. Now I completely understand why Parcells wanted Taylor to be a football only person instead of an entertainer / football player. What did Taylor get out of that entire ordeal? A trade from the team he played for his entire career, the worst season of his career, and a publicly embarrassing release from the team that traded for him. I see he wasn't snatched right up after his release. That should tell you something.

Jason Taylor isn't coming back, I think, and I am a weasel and an idiot for dissing the greatest defensive player in the history of the Dolphins.

I think the comment made about JT and whether he would be a progress stopper can mean a number of things... You would have to break down what position they would play him at, and consider what young guys are there, and whether their upside is worth more than Jason's immediate value... At OLB, we have one young and slow run-stopper with Roth, and an already old(ish) pass rusher in JPeezy- these are our starters, no question. Then you look at backups... if he is situational, does he hinder the development of Wake? Then look at DE, we have already jettisoned an older DE for youth, that being Merling, Langford and Starks (plus Wright and others at backups)... Plus, JT doesnt fit the 3-4 DE mold... so I think its OLB... therefor, the situation with JT won't be addressed till after the draft- reason being is they won't know who is available during the draft, and who they will get. I suspect if they get a couple of OLB prospects that they are high on, its no to JT... if they don't get the OLB they want (and they go WR, CB, NT, etc...) then JT is a Dolphin...

Jeff Ireland is trying to play politics with the issue of JT and it proves that not even one team in the NFL INTERESTED in mr 1-15 .

of course, you got guys like Crowder suggesting this: "Me and Porter have been in our mini-GM office together talking about stuff we can do, moving [Matt] Roth back inside to a five technique, having J.T. on the other side of Porter, maybe even just playing J.T. on third down or whatever they want to do," said Crowder..."


sorry for putting that link to another paper Mando, its for reference though...

looks like mr 1-15 will start a reality show very soon ,there's some thing in the air.

LOL. Hey red-neck , toothless , mutant , jackazzz jed . nice try impersonating me . you forgot to sign in blue. lol. now go back to spanking your monkey to the nothing but overalls and straw hat jason taylor poster. GIT-R-DONE.

guys, stupid question time, what is the five-technique in a 3-4? Is that DE?

Ireland sees Jason Taylor as a potential progress killer....

That can be said about every veteran above the age of thirty on the team, so why use that excuse for Taylor only? One could say that Chad Pennington is killing the progress of Chad Henne by being on the team, but I don't hear Ireland saying that about Pennington.

In fact, Pennington is probably viewed as helping the progress of Henne by the team, by being a mentor. So why can't Jason Taylor do the same for the young guys at his position?

Does the team feel like Taylor wouldn't be much of a mentor, and may be a bad influence on young players?

If it doesn't work out between Taylor and the Dolphins it is understandable, but I will say this to Jason Taylor: You cannot sign with the Patriots and call yourself a Dolphin anymore or a Dolphins lover. The Patriots and their fans despise the Dolphins because we beat that organization for over 20 straight years in the Orange Bowl during the 1970's and 1980's. They cannot get over it. The comments about the Dolphins, and what they have done to the Dolphins organization over the years has been despicable. That team is the modern day, Oakland Raiders of the 1970's, and it is an organization that is under a cloud of suspicion over what goes on there behind closed doors. If you can't come back to the Dolphins, fine, but go anywhere else other than New England. If you go to the Patriots and put that uniform on and that helmet, and try to help that team beat our beloved Dolphins this season and in following seasons than you should move out of South Florida and not come back. Your brother-in-law Zach Thomas would not do it last year, and he wants to play, he showed his love of the Dolphins by stringing the Patriots along and jiliting them for Dallas. If you go to the Patriots you'll be regarded as a non-Dolphin for the rest of your life and you should get out of South Florida. Go to the Colts, Steelers, Broncos, Titans, Bucs, Jags, Ravens, Chargers or any team in the NFC, but if you go to New England you're not a Dolphin, and you don't love the team, and your character, integrity, and motivations will be questioned down here for the rest of your life whether it is fair or not. JT, you can't put that helmet on after all the stuff that organziation has pulled over the years to hurt the Dolphins. Think about it. Zach knows.

YEEEEEEEES,,,,Finsupremo in the house.there's some thing in the air.

i guess Percy Harvin and Vontae Davis are out now that they failed a drug test and Cushing and Matthews tested positive for roids? not that they would be still on the board at 25 anyway though, but did anyone ask Ireland.

So if the Dolphins are really interested in these late round Corners/safties that have Antonio Cromartie like physical skills from small schools and parcells thinks recievers are a dime a dozen as keyshawn thinks, than were prob. going to draft the best avail. pass rusher at 25? i would still like Nicks if he's avail. i like Robert Ayers from Tenn. too , his teammate Jarod Mayo led the cheaters in tackles last year, just a thought.

People need to remember teams are approaching the draft with the idea of an uncapped year coming up so some of the future FAs after this year are being looked at as being gone next year (explains why we are looking at TEs even with the three we currently have).

Once you bring mr 1-15 back you assured to kill all of the progress that dolphins had made so far,no questions that no team wants him to the point he's talking to any to come back to nurse his injury on dolphins dime.

Tommya, good point...

Sonny Crockett, is the vontae davis, cushing and matthews test violations true? link/s?

If Taylor agreed to play at a reasonable price and participate in all OTA's, whether voluntary or not, I would welcome him back. Anything short of that, I would simply wish him luck with his Hollywood career.

Also Mando, I have never given you props before but I appreciate the work you do reporting on everything Dolphins.

Finally, will the people who are obsessing over the whole T.O. thing please relax. The Spills are terrible and he is one of the most over rated players in sports. He drops as many as he catches and can no longer beat press coverage (although we play mostly zone). The rest of that team stinks. The Phins' main competition will be coach Belimidget's Fagriots, as the Bi-planes rot also. They will challenge for the worst offense in football this year and would be lucky to beat Hofstra.

Who are these impostors? Some guy, probably Git-r-done Jed, thinks he can be the real me by signing in blue....

Anyhow, I do think Ireland is like the greatest GM we have had since Love Canal turned my cousins blue in the face...I am going to get some chopped liver for lunch, yeah!

mr 1-15 taylor can be back if he agrees to the following;
1-if he gets paid only 11 dollars a game
2-he can't say a word to the media or any one in the locker room
3-he can't move any moves that reflect a dancing motion even in games
4-he can't advice any player about any thing

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RexRyan, you have great points all the time about fins,i love your point about JT going to come back,do you know any info you can tell us about how much you love JT.peace

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Right, there is a sicko guy on this blog who goes by the name NJ Phin Fan who lives every waking minute to post obnoxious comments in this blog section.

I realize you live in a toxic wasteland, but don't you have anything better to do with your life? Seriously, you ought to think about how you live.

Rey Mauluga and Lauriatis are moving up the draft charts with those test results. Mathews got huge during college.....

JED you red neck mutant jackazzzz. you should look in the mirror but it would probably break. you 've been impersonting me all morning . Don't you have anything better to do like tipping some cows. if it's not you than it's somebody else .It will be taken care of. armando will see to it.

How do you know what you have in Cameron Wake if he does not play in games with Taylor as the pass rush specialist? How do you measure his progress?

Further, Taylor is a one year stop gap, maybe, maybe a two year stop gap. would he really be effective in 2011 at age 37?

I think it better to 1) see what Wake has, 2) draft a pass rushing linebacker that you will have for the next 10, 12 years.

That said, I still would like to see the Fins pick Taylor up, as long as he still has the goods, which also is questionable given his injuries last year. Will he stay healthy this year? Have the injuries and age diminished his skills? Hard questions to answer, but if he still is the JT of 07, there is no doubt this D will be much better off. I say sign him up and find out. If Wake is better, play him and consider the lost money on Taylor's contract a lost gamble. I think it is worth the gamble due to the upside if he can return to his old form.

Menace. I hope it's not you.

Did i just contradict myself saying it would be better to go with Wake and draft a LB, then say take a flyer on JT?

I'm glad I'm not the GM.

MJZ. LOL . I was just about to say that ( contradict ). I agree with you on your first part about wake and drafting a olb

I am disappointed in his response about M Vick.
To have Vick, Ronnie and Ricky on the field at the same time in the wildcat? To me that would scare the heck out of defenses....

Vick? Of course not! he's not into wildcats, he's into wild dogs. As far as JT hindering younger players.. how? He'd only get a one year deal anyway, which is what he wants.


yes, JT could teach the younger Dolphins some things...like that its ok to skip training camp... We don't need JT on this team. He was great for years here in Miami, but we gotta move on.

Yeeeeeeeeees ,soulj in the house talking to the one and only mr overall himself......NICE


Let's see, can I give you info re how much I "love JT". No not really, since I don't swing left handed. Maybe that's the way you roll in Romania, whatever. But I do have a question for you. Does everyone in eastern Europe still smoke 3 packs a day and shower once a week? Oh, and have the women started shaving their pits and stashes yet? Please advise.

I heard that Steve DeBerg is going to compete with Vinny Testaverde and Bubby Brister for the starting qb job for the New Jersey Paper Airplanes (formerly the New Jersey Bretts).

Rexryansucks, i am fan of yours,cool down ,i thought you are from romania too,you told us before that you are from russia ,right .so we both from the eastern beauty of europe.any way what you think the best position JT can play for your team?

No n.j, i only go on the blog as the menace..

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OK, fine it's all good. No I am not from Russia, I am from western NY, which would explain my extreme disdain for the Buffalo Chips. Furthermore, I am of Italian descent.

With respect to JT, he could help us as a weak side backer/situational pass rusher. I do not see him as an every down player at this stage of his career.


Check your sources. Word is Richard Todd has the inside track on the Plane's QB job, with Ken O'Brien backing him up. They are also looking at Don Maynard as a replacement for Lavernius Coles. That Mike Tanenboob is one shrewd GM, isn't he?

RexRayn.the hair thing and shaving in italy the same as in Eastern Europe .BTW How much do you like JT more in dance or playing in the 1-15 team?

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Can Nathaniel write a few lines to tell us how can we imagine Jed living HQ?

Are you sure that's it rexryansux?

I heard Browning Nagel and Boomer Esiason are in the mix as well.

Look for Neil O'Donnell as a sleeper/dark horse

Yea, like Jason "twinkle toes" Taylor would EVER play for losers like the wets. LMAO!

I hear there (jets)digging up david woodly's corpse to try out for q,b... (dont know how effective he'll be seeing that he's been dead for 7 years, but then again they played with a brain dead Q.b last year..)

Yeah but he might be a good half time dancer...

CUBAN,do you think there's a market for mr 1-15 ?

Maybe Fireman Ed has got what it takes to lead the Jets to 3-13

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