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GM Jeff Ireland: No to Vick, maybe to Taylor

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished his draft press conference moments ago. Some highlights:

Ireland said the Dolphins are "looking at," the possibility of returning Jason Taylor to Miami. But in his lukewarm response to the idea, Ireland said the team had to measure several factors.

"I think you have to look at every possible situation at this time of year," Ireland said. "Our level of interest, I'm not going to tell you where it's at right now. But I would say you have to look at all these things, but with players like Jason, he's going to be 35 in September.

"You have have to look at whether veteran players are progress-stoppers for younger players. You have to look at that. There’s a lot of other things you have to look at. Economics have something to do with it. And being so close to the draft, so you have to look at what’s available in the draft. So I always say, you never know what’s falling off the tree and if there’s an acorn down there. We’re looking at I’m not going to say that we’re not. But the interest level, I’m not going to comment on it."

I reported in an earlier blog today the Dolphins are the only AFC East team that has not shown significant interest in Taylor. Buffalo, the Jets and the New England have all either called Taylor's agent or had their owner (Robert Kraft) show interest in signing Taylor.

Ireland did comment on Michael Vick who is expected to become available to NFL teams by September. It has been speculated that Vick would make a good wildcat package triggerman.

So are the Dolphins interested?

"We don't think so right now," Ireland said. "We're not really interested in going after Michael."

Ireland also said that right guard Donald Thomas, who was injured in the first game of 2008 and missed the entire season, is "100 percent" healthy.

"He's doing really good," Ireland said.

Ireland said left guard Justin Smiley's condition is also looking up, although he obviously isn't as advanced in his rehabilitation as Thomas. "He's doing well," Ireland said.

The general manager made the point that if a player were struggling with injury or rehabilitation from an injury, it would affect the Dolphins draft plans, but that isn't the case with any player, strongly suggesting Greg Camarillo is recovering from his knee injury and surgery.

Ireland even said Miami's No. 1 receivers are Ted Ginn Jr. and Camarillo.

On the draft front, Ireland confirmed the team worked out receivers last week. But that was only part of the story.

"We looked at 35 different players last week," he said. "We looked at offensive linemen, safeties, cornerbacks, receivers. We looked at a lot of players."

Ireland admits the cornerback spot is a focus in the draft.

"We have three UFA corners next year," he said. "So that was a position we looked at in free agency. We got some guys there and we missed on some guys we looked at. We have to look at that position in the draft."

Will Allen is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent (UFA) next year. Joey Thomas and Nathan Jones are also scheduled to be UFAs after this coming season.


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AFC CHAMPS, yes publix....

he can run around the track waving the dolphins flag

Soulja, do you mean fire marshall bill(of jim carry fame)??

CUBAN,Why all of sudden mr 1-15 wants to come back to play even for free ? you think he's trying selling a clothing line or going in realty cable TV?

Ohh good Q monkey, i see the big dummy coming out with his own clothing line, lets say maybe dancing pants or something along those lines..


Fire Marshall Bill was one of my favorites, but I think he would just end up burning down the Meadowlands. I was talking about fireman ed, the idiot jets fan that likes to chant at games.

You know Cuban ,florida is number one for viewers watching reality cable TV and second taxes and that means .....JT+T.O

Soulja, yes of coarse , nice and you may be right, he couldnt do any worse then brett(intercepetion leader)favre, which by the way is a true fact that brett might have taken danny(god in so. fla)marino's record for yds and tds but he also has thrown more picks then any Q.b ever...

I also heard that Jason Taylor will be staring in the upcoming straight to dvd film, "High School Musical 4, State Champs". Filming will begin this offseason and the dvd will be released in 2010.

Is zack going to be in it? if so, in what role

Monkey, how's your legal team going to handle your upcoming trial?? do they have a reason why you attacked that nice lady, what is your defence going to be??

Don't forget THE FLINESTONES TAKE SOUTH BEACH starring jason taylor ( fred ) and zach thomas ( Barney ). Also co-starring madison and surtain ( wilma and betty ).

Zach, will indeed be in the movie his roll will be that of barney rubble, not sure if he'll be wearing a loin cloth like in the cartoons but i can see it...

There we go again n.j, thinking the same twisted thoughts, may i suggest we both seek phsyatric counseling..

my lawyer who i hired from the Sienfield show told me to say"i didn't do it i was there"

Menace LOL. Not again. This is like the 3rd time having the same thoughts at the same time. You say one time and it's a fluke , but 3 times. We have to make a call to Bellview.

Menace LOL. Not again. This is like the 3rd time having the same thoughts at the same time. You say one time and it's a fluke , but 3 times. We have to make a call to Bellview.

JT to the JETS? Now That makes sense. (sarcasm)

I heard JT will be making a comeback with the Spice Girls Reunion Tour as the new Sporty Spice

I am hoping to hook up with other kids who are in a similar situation as me. So if anyone knows how to get in touch with any of the dozens of kids who Travis Henry and Shawn Kemp spawned, please let me know. My daddy is in some impressive company, isn't he?

Dolphins vs Patriots (Wildcat debut Ronnie Brown 5-TD) on DVD $10- email dvdmemorabilias@gmail.com for more info

like so many other fans i feel they should bring taylor back. it is clear he wants to come back or he would have been putting something in the works with NE. furthermore it is not like the team is not going to resign him back when he gets ready to retire so why not get another year or two out of him. just look at what happened to the giants with michael strahan. loyal teams win those teams who constantly making changes never win cause they always starting fresh.

Dolphins vs Patriots (Wildcat debut Ronnie Brown 5-TD) for free, NFL Network....

Monkey, You hired jackie childs... wow, also dont throw fece's at the judge.


Do you have the expressed written consent of the National Football League?

CUBAN,it's gold jerry ,it's gold gerry.....you remember the bra episode when cramer hired Jackie childs,it's amazing how you remember all these names from the show

some thing in the air courtesy of RexRyan

I believe IF Ireland and the team are interested in Taylor that they would not want to tip thier hand at this time.

To my fellow dolphin fans
isn't it funny that after cutler got sent to the bears......they have magically disappeared from this blog.....the season hasn't even started and they are already disapointed.....hahaha

Anyway enough about the propellar planes
Good story Armando and I believe that Taylor wouldn't be a bad pick up.....I think he is in a part of his career where he does not mind mentoring and it would just be another player to rotate in on passing downs where the young guys can watch and learn sort of like What Pennington is doing for Henne

Either way I wish Taylor the best but if turns out to be a Patriot I'm burning the hell out of his jersey and the rest of the taylor memoriablia that I have.

and off course I would like to see him in Off season Program. It would only help him and show that he really wants to end his career here.

But if he decides not to come here oh well I'm sure we are in good hands with the trifecta...

Go Phins

By the way I was talking about the jet fans in my first paragraph

please don't sign mr 1-15,then you can do better next season at best 5-11

fins ,,,,,,,,2-13

tom brady is coming back from day one, so fin fans should start to sleep early every night


Jets 11-5 that is so laughable who is the qb over there Kellen "I suck" Klemmons or is it Kellen "I suck so bad people don't know how to spell my name" Klemmons. Who ever he is he sucks so bad and whats worst is there is no one better on the roster. Maybe you should see if the waterboy can play QB. Only a jets fan would pay tons of money for a season ticket for a stadium that might not get build....by the way next season make sure you say Hi to the giant fans for me when you visit THERE stadium...hahahha

The jets suck

Good luck with Rex "Cam Cameron" Ryan making calls

Jet fans are in for a very long season.

Its going to be a great year!!!!

fins 11 - 5
pats 10 - 6
bills 8 - 8
Jets 0 - 16

1-15 with JT
1-15 without JT

A Jets fan on Tom Brady's jock??? You must be very confused sir...

Your night mare is back
Your master is back
your daddy is back

i am a pat fan when i want to and i am a jet fan when i want to depend who's wining;NOW Souljahbeats......Who's your daddy?Tom Brady or Randy Moss ?

jets rock

So I guess Tom Brady is your daddy

Its a very confusing post so like brady but your name is "jets rock" or did you forget to change your name to "gopats" but anyway i see that you either have a man crush on brady or your scared of him....see because the dolphins have beat the patriots with brady before and I can tell you that brady does not scare me so you can stick the "WHO IS YOUR DADDY" Comment right up your rear once Brady gets out of there

Next time you post make sure you put in the name that matches the post!

Go Phins

Jets 0 - 16 with K. "I Suck" Klemmons
jets o - 16 with anyony on the roster playing QB

Finfan and Jets Suck:

What is killing these propeller fans is the sight of Penne walking off the GIANTS stadium field after punking his former team. Seriously, the bi-planes are a pathetic, sorry franchise. I am going to miss Mangidiot, but can't wait to laugh at Rectum Ryan as he bumbles his way through the coming season.

BTW, Jets Suck, luv the name. Wish I had thought of it first.

FinFan in orlando ,,,,,there's some thing in the air courtesy of RexRyanSucks......Now who's really your daddy ? com on now . WHAT position you like JT playing for you?

So Jets rock is a bandwagon fan. now I know why he is here. he is about to jump again. by the end of the season hes name will be "fins rock" or "gofins"

JETS ROCK ANSWERED....Chad Pennington

Jets Rock,

I root for the Dolphins win or loose, because I am an actual fan....Who's your daddy? Bill Parcells or Chad Pennington or Tony Sporano or Ronnie Brown? Huh? ... Who's your daddy?

Monkey i can see jackie's opening statement" ladies and gentlemen, if this ladie did not change her hair style the monkey would not have gone crazy, so if the monkey would have been fit , you must acquit.."

Prediction #1:

Rectum Ryan will be the first coach fired in 2009.

Prediction #2:

Brady's knee is torn to shreds sometime after the Phins crush his old, broken down team.

Mark em down girls.

"It's preposterous, it's stupendous you must acquit the chimp"...

Jets suck:

Great name. Wish I had thought of it.

The 4 INTERCEPTION record holder with pride in a single one playoff game;
the honorable .............CHAD.PENNE THE FOURTH 4---------4

Single game interception record is 8... Rich Gannon threw 5 in the Super Bowl against the Bucs...

guys, stupid question time, what is the five-technique in a 3-4? Is that DE?Posted by: Finsupremo | April 03, 2009 at 11:40 AM

a 5 technique is on the inside of the takle... its not a dumb question u just have to have delt with a defensive playbook as a player or coach

I think we should sign him to a 1 year deal. He is old,but still a great player. My concern is will he commit to the offseason program? It would be fun to see #99 back on the field,and of course I don't want to see him play for our rivals.I don't care too much either way if he comes back or not.We did a great job last year without JT and even though we might be even better with him, I think the Fins should wait til Draft Day. We have Joey Porter and a couple of other veterans to train the younger players.I think it was dumb to release Vonnie Holliday though.

guys, stupid question time, what is the five-technique in a 3-4? Is that DE?Posted by: Finsupremo | April 03, 2009 at 11:40 AM

a 5 technique is on the inside of the takle... its not a dumb question u just have to have delt with a defensive playbook as a player or coach

SOULJahbeats....Rich Gannon was a dolphin player,,,,so who's your daddy again?

when you read REXRAYN last post you know why he's little scary

At least we made the playoffs

and hes name is Chad Pennington

get it right

Its funny That Pennington is working right now and Brady is probably holding his baby

sort of like that picture of brad pitt with all of Jolie kids from around the world

who cares about brady we've beat him before and we will beat him again

Football is a team sport not a fashion show!

FinFan likes shorts

My daddy is not holding me. He's clutching what used to be his knee.

Jets Suck:

You are correct, I am scary. I actually enjoy watching the players I despise getting injured. I would also enjoy seeing Belimidget get run over the way Charlie "Weeble" Weiss did.

RexRyanSucks, why are you talking to peole like you are a monster,i guess Cuaban was right when he said that you are bloody scary,

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