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GM Jeff Ireland: No to Vick, maybe to Taylor

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland just finished his draft press conference moments ago. Some highlights:

Ireland said the Dolphins are "looking at," the possibility of returning Jason Taylor to Miami. But in his lukewarm response to the idea, Ireland said the team had to measure several factors.

"I think you have to look at every possible situation at this time of year," Ireland said. "Our level of interest, I'm not going to tell you where it's at right now. But I would say you have to look at all these things, but with players like Jason, he's going to be 35 in September.

"You have have to look at whether veteran players are progress-stoppers for younger players. You have to look at that. There’s a lot of other things you have to look at. Economics have something to do with it. And being so close to the draft, so you have to look at what’s available in the draft. So I always say, you never know what’s falling off the tree and if there’s an acorn down there. We’re looking at I’m not going to say that we’re not. But the interest level, I’m not going to comment on it."

I reported in an earlier blog today the Dolphins are the only AFC East team that has not shown significant interest in Taylor. Buffalo, the Jets and the New England have all either called Taylor's agent or had their owner (Robert Kraft) show interest in signing Taylor.

Ireland did comment on Michael Vick who is expected to become available to NFL teams by September. It has been speculated that Vick would make a good wildcat package triggerman.

So are the Dolphins interested?

"We don't think so right now," Ireland said. "We're not really interested in going after Michael."

Ireland also said that right guard Donald Thomas, who was injured in the first game of 2008 and missed the entire season, is "100 percent" healthy.

"He's doing really good," Ireland said.

Ireland said left guard Justin Smiley's condition is also looking up, although he obviously isn't as advanced in his rehabilitation as Thomas. "He's doing well," Ireland said.

The general manager made the point that if a player were struggling with injury or rehabilitation from an injury, it would affect the Dolphins draft plans, but that isn't the case with any player, strongly suggesting Greg Camarillo is recovering from his knee injury and surgery.

Ireland even said Miami's No. 1 receivers are Ted Ginn Jr. and Camarillo.

On the draft front, Ireland confirmed the team worked out receivers last week. But that was only part of the story.

"We looked at 35 different players last week," he said. "We looked at offensive linemen, safeties, cornerbacks, receivers. We looked at a lot of players."

Ireland admits the cornerback spot is a focus in the draft.

"We have three UFA corners next year," he said. "So that was a position we looked at in free agency. We got some guys there and we missed on some guys we looked at. We have to look at that position in the draft."

Will Allen is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent (UFA) next year. Joey Thomas and Nathan Jones are also scheduled to be UFAs after this coming season.


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Soulja. when are you going to ever learn ? LOL . I've warned you about this before . LOL

oh ,,,Rex.i want to be your friend for ever ,can we go out and have some meat and cake

FinFan in Orlando. You can't possibly be that stupid. ? Can you ?

I never said rex was a monster...he just hates alot...sad...

cuban, what does the word shreds means in english?

Means to destroy, tear up,kinda like what rex would like to do to any jet fan he meets.. hope this was helpful, what's the next Q for "el loco cubano"???

so when i go to the deli in NY and ask for Shredded Pastrami sandwich ,is it mean that i want a destroyed sandwich or depends how i use the word.

Mr Bunglito

no but you obviously are

and I'm only saying that because I have not called anyone stupid or any name for that matter but you have to go to the level where i guess you like to be at.

I'm having a little fun with the jets / pats fan

nothing personal just having fun jarring like i'm sure they are

so show your colors or mind your business

Love to keep having fun with you all but got to get ready to go out.

Later boys and let those jet and pat fans have it.

Go Phins

finfaninorlando,,,i am having fun too,some people think we are going at it in real way ,we just have some fun talking about crap football in very koko way

mjk,never ask for shredded pastrami in n.y.c, that's sacrilege, pastrami is only sliced...i hope this helps, whats the next Q for the menace ????

well,cuban how you picture this blog without people like you and nathaniel and others will look like?

There You go Jets Rock I knew you had some sense :-)........some of the football fans here seem to be a bit intellectual and take things a bit personal and don't understand we are just having fun.....when I first starting posting here i was the same way but then I figured it out I have friends that are Jet, Pat and Bills fan and we always give each other c.r.a.p. in this is just a bigger medium to have fun and jar a bit and talk some football....but i guess some people here think they are trying out for espn....but anyway got to go fellas

see you laters

oh yeah one more thing the pats suck and the jets carry there jock straps

hope everyone has a good friday


Go Phins

Scum like Vick should not be part of a Dolphin team or any team for that matter. Let him flip hamburgers or shine shoes.

FiNFAN In Orlando . " I'm having fun jarring like they are " " They are " LOL That's what i'm talking about . You actually think you're talking to more the one person. You just confirmed that you are the biggest idiot !! You just confirmed you are indeed stupid.

EGG.B, why you are making the effort to point out that he's a scum but rather give him a chance to correct what he did wrong ,he went to jail and lost a lot so give him every a chance in life and don't be hard on a person when he is down .

Mr.Bunglito thinks that he has to point out that finfan talking to same person rex ryan case but i think he knows that

Bunglito loves to eat cake and ware shorts when it's warm

afc east champ ( aka ? ) like to get his salad tossed.

I agree with shredded pastrami, the man has lost a lot,in our society you pay for the crime and your dept is paid, but then again being a dog owner this guy might not have been given a proper sentence,lets hope this man does the right thing and contribute to the humane society...

no thing wrong with your salad get tossed,,,,tell me a story for every one to have good time,tell us the worst day of your life as fin fan ,you can tell which game was the worst for you as a fan

2000 when they made dave(no idea)wannstadt was made coach of the phins which began a 7 year slide...go tuna.

Miami is asking for a headache. Taylor will no doubt be remembered as a dolphin when he retires. But let's not forget how he practically Begged to be traded to a contender. So the dolphins finish better than washington and look, Taylor wants to come back. No way, you stand by your team when things get tough. He hauled A**! Go find another "contender" Taylor!

Many dolfans want to add JT to team, I will be great if Jason retire like a Dolphin, he gives us many great plays in this years . only see all votes for JT return..

cuban,my deep research tells me that the the first person to hold that combo of coach and team manger in nfl history was the honorable Wannsstadt and went on to make bad history for fins also,Where do they find these people like the honorable EX governer of IL

Receivers receivers receivers.... Throw in a secondary and ad Pennington to throw down field and you have a play off team...
Screw Vick he is a jerk, and JT should have a shot, he is great at what he does and is a great leader for the most part. even if it's for a year, but not to get in the way of JOEY
That's it case closed

did any one saw nathaniel last post about BP, it reads and look like a Funeral directory for the dead.

WOW, gone a few days and missed all the good, juicy, tap dancing, pirouette spinning, hip twisting, non off season training, spending time with my kids, dancing on tv and part time football playing Jason Taylor...aka twinkle toes.
Wow Ireland entertained the thought, but as long as it does not interup the progeress of the younger players. Humm...Sounds like thanks but no thanks.
What's the worst that can happen?
What if he shows up in his "dancing with the stars" uniform. Maybe he can be half time entertainment? Or maybe he can run the wildcat at QB? Or maybe he can do "Starsky and Hutch" movie with the Rock or Will Ferrel? That would be hilarious...Or maybe he should do bud light commercials and play football on the side?
Ok Ive gone too far...perhaps but the glory days, his best years, window of excellence?... what ever you want to call it are long behind him. He may get a few sacks for some team but the system will be different and scheme changed. His body aging and aches and pains will feel 10 times worst. He may even get a chance to play for us a long shot at best but even the new dolphins system and scheme would still be new to him if only somewhat, then where do you play him? Is he willing to play a back up roll? Or for less money? You know it won't change the way the Dolphins will draft because with Jason they would have to address the position he may have played next year, so the trifecta are not drafting JT's heir apparent. Thier drafting for the next 5 plus years. They also don't want JT to land with the Patsies but are more than confident that if that happens, well lets just say thay the Dolphins have a pretty good left tackle...that would be worth watching Jake Long pancakes Jason Taylor it would be real cool to see them battle. Yes, JT may play somewhere but it won't be with the dolphins, but Taylor fANS you can always hope.
Surmise: the great Bill Walsh once said..."it is better to trade them one or two years early than one or two years too late"

Maybe if the stars line up and the trifecta have all had one too many...maybe not.

Yeeeeeeeees Dolphins4life in the house

BTY my wife still likes JT but every since she gave birth to my baby boy a few months back Ive packed it up and shipped it to my in laws.
There is no crying in football. No sentimental hog wash in football. I said this to my wife...then she said why did I cry when Dan Marino retired at his induction into the Hall?
I told her that JT in not Dan Marino!

you can't put mr 1-15 on the same level as dan marine even dan was way over rated QB

Luggi I started to read Nathaniels' post but felt it to be a little less insightful and more introspective soo I left at hello.
Yeeeeeeeeeees rickNY is in the house!!!!!
How's it going Dolphins nation!

Jets suck
You should talk great year Favreroooo had huh, Hey did you ever see the "spike game" dan the man and the Dolphins played? guess who the Dolphins played J E T S and you suckkkkkkkkk

Emphasis on SUCK the way Happy Gilmore would say it to his golf ball!
You and the jets SUCKKKKKKKKK!

D4life.....before even starting to read nathaniel i first see how long is it then i look in middle to see if sally or sophia loren are there or not cause i have to get the soap ready.so i didn't see any thing i like so I LEFT with regret .

1-15 with JT 11-5 without him. THE PHINS DO NOT NEED JT! He needs the Phins. You people need to wake the up and smell the coffee.

DOLPHINS4LIFE.....you think zack the man should come back or should fins have a big party for him and JT to say good and good luck, since fins will suck 2-14 any way.please give me your thoughts ASP .

Luggi where is the cuban?

HE'S eating a shredded pastrami sandwich but i can see he's ready to come soon to talk football

Jets sign them both Zach and JT, then the Dolphins play the jets and at halftime Zach and JT along with jets team mates have a dance off similar to Dancing with the stars and they also invite Brett Favoroooo
the winner Flipper the mascot

D4life, just write a Question for the cuban about Ted "hands of stone" Ginn and he will come in a second.

When Ireland says "We have three UFA corners next year," he said. "So that was a position we looked at in free agency. We got some guys there and we missed on some guys we looked at. We have to look at that position in the draft.", I am excited at the level of planning.

For years Miami's drafts have been knee-jerk reactions to what is needed right now. This type of planning should build a very good team long term. This also reduces the impacts of UFA's.

Signing one or two older players is not a bad idea to fill in, but teams who make most of their team from these signings usually do not have long term success. Look at what all the Jets signings did them last year.

Cool Luggi, maybe catch him later tonight.

HEre's what Ireland really said about Ginn and Camarillo:

Asked if the team has a No. 1 WR, Ireland said"

“Well, right now it does, for sure,” Ireland said. “I don’t know exactly. It’s Teddy (Ginn). It’s (Greg) Camarillo. Those are the receivers that are getting more… that are our number ones right now. No. 1, No. 2. No. 2, No. 1. Whatever it is."


On the CB thing IFA thing; Will Allen is the only one of the three who is really worth a nut, and even he is not what this team wants. Watch them go for someone in the 8'+, 200#+ category. They want big, physical guys. Will Allen is not big and bounces off bigger receivers. The Fins want big, fast and mean. Except at Center where they want small and injured, apparently.

Oops - should proof read my entries.


6'+ not 8'+

O.K kids the menace is back, shot the "Q" to the menace and see what the answer will be....

Ted(i'am looking for the sidelines)ginn and his clip board holding daddy need to be traded... please....

Dolphins4life. Be careful talking about jason taylor like that. You might upset that redneck , toothless , mutant, jackazzzz JED. You might make him cry. HE looooves HIM so jason taylor.

also you might upset Maxx and Jeff matta. Jason jason jason jason jason jason.

Where are you gopats and jetsrock? I love the way they spend time on this blog. Sack Brady and hurt Brady.........


Who do like in Baseball? Are you a Mets or Yankees guy? Just curious.

Last year I was distraught over the situation with Jason. Winning the AFC East changed all that.
Not that I don't have loyalty to Fin greats, but I will say that I had mixed feelings about Jason wanting to put his second career ahead of his first career. Especially understanding that this was in the midst of a a major transtion in the front office.
Right now I have no complaints with management and no love loss for Jason.

Cuban. I'm a Long time Mets Fan.

epic fail

Like the " epic fail " the yankees had against the red sox when they had a 3-0 lead. That epic fail ?

Nj Phin Fan,

Regarding your statement to me earlier...lol...Don't worry I know who I was talking to and what his motives were, but there's some things I can't let go...I just have to reply sometimes...I don't get mad, its all in good fun, and he's just a harmless, simple idiot...lol

and Jets Rock/Go Pats,

Rich Gannon was never on the Dolphins. In fact, he was on the Patriots for a year!

Soulja . You just did it again . LOL

I know, I just can't help it sometimes...lol


I have to admit, I am a long time Yankee fan. My friend cannot understand how I can be Dolphin fan and Yankee fan at the same time. Anyway, good luck with your Mets this year it should be fun.

How would JT negatively effect my younger players?..ARE YOU SERIOUS?

The guy is ONLY committed to HIMSELF and NOT the team who pays him millions of dollars so he is a self-centered thief and I'll be damned if I allow that to spread throughout my team!

JT was committed to the Dolphins YEARS AGO but thats ALL in the PAST.

You morons would much rather have a half committed past hero on the roster than a completely sold out no-name just beacuse you went out and bought a #99 Jersey wouldn't you!

I bet you also taped EVERY DWTS' episode he was on didn't you.

Go back to mashing your itty bitty buttons kiddies because you have NO business discussing issues that first and foremost require common sense!

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