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The good news for Dolfans on tax day

It is tax day and that's quite depressing with all the government spending and mismanagement that's going on. It's enough to cause hundreds of thousands of citizens to take to the streets in grassroots tea parties throughout our nation. Meanwhile NFL fans are sizing up the potential potholes in their teams' recently released schedules while also measuring their teams' weaknesses in anticipation of the coming NFL draft.

It can all be a huge downer if you let it.

So today I offer a lift to you, the hardcore Dolphins fan. You have much to be thankful for because although I've made the point time and again that the Miami roster is flawed, the franchise is nonetheless pointed in the right direction.

So what follows is a list of positive facts about your Miami Dolphins that should take your mind off 1040s and turbo tax and all that schtuff

1. Bill Parcells is running the show. The Big Tuna has brought to the Dolphins a credibility and respect that was lacking since Jimmy Johnson quit the first time, after the 1998 season. The Dolphins are no longer viewed as potential victims in trades because Parcells doesn't get taken to the cleaners. The Dolphins are being molded in the image of a champion that Parcells likes to establish, which is a big, strong, hard-working team that avoids drama. Parcells is so good at what he does he is already thinking of the 2010 season even as we're days from the 2009 draft. He is going into this draft understanding the possible holes in the 2010 roster -- due to free agency -- and he expects to make decisions in this draft, in part, with that season in mind. Pretty awesome for a team that simply tried to survive day-to-day under previous management regimes.

2. The quarterback situation is set. The Dolphins haven't had it this good at the quarterback spot since Dan Marino was in his prime. They have a veteran quarterback in Chad Pennington that doesn't make many mistakes, doesn't make a ton a money to eat up cap space, doesn't complain about his contract situation, is a great leader, and is a great team player. They have an heir to Pennington in Chad Henne, who has a very good arm, played for a long time at a bigtime university, doesn't seem overmatched by anything, and is such a competitor he's intent on displacing Pennington this year rather than waiting for 2010.

3. The coaching staff is set and productive. Yes, there were some hiccups early last season when Tony Sparano and his staff were still getting to know their players. But they figured out very quickly what those players could and could not do and they maximized that ability. The staff was good enough that Todd Bowles and Paul Pasqualoni were considered head coaching candidates elsewhere this offseason and Steve Hoffman was hired away by Kansas City. The good news is the staff only had the Hoffman defection and an offensive line assistant change when Mike Maser was fired. By any NFL standard, that means the Dolphins staff retains its cohesion and constancy.

4. Youth rules. The over-the-hill-gang they definitely aren't. The Dolphins were young last season and will be younger yet this year, believe it or not. They've lost or cut veterans such as Vonnie Holliday, Renaldo Hill and Andre' Goodman and will replace them with younger players. They are about to add a dozen rookies. They are building for tomorrow. “There is no doubt about it, you have to have younger players on your team," General Manager Jeff Ireland said. "You want to build through the draft. That’s a strategy and philosophy that this trio has felt real strongly about as many times as we have been together. Age does make a difference as well as longevity, how many more years a guy can play and if a player is ascending or descending.”

5. The Dolphins know the trenches are important. There is no NFL team that can win despite losing the battles along the line of scrimmage. It is simply impossible. Don Shula recognized this earlier in his career when he sent three offensive linemen to the Hall of Fame. He knew this when tough men such as Manny Fernandez anchored the defensive line. But he went away from that a bit when Dan Marino came on the scene. Yes, that lightning release was rarely sacked, but the Dolphins couldn't run the football to save their lives. And yes, the Dolphins applied pressure, but they struggled stopping the run. It was telling that in 1995, the Dolphins desperately needed to improve their pass rush ... so their signature free agent signing was Eric Green, a tight end. Jimmy Johnson believed offensive linemen weren't a priority, but rather afterthoughts he could find late in the draft or as undrafted free agents and that just wasn't true all the time. By contrast, the Dolphins today have a solid starting offensive line. Jake Long should get better. Justin Smiley is expected to be healthy by training camp. Jake Grove is an upgrade over Samson Satele as long as he stays healthy. Donald Thomas is 100 percent again and has much potential. And Vernon Carey is nothing if not dependable. Defensively, the Miami line is young and improving. Yes, Holliday is gone but he played only 53 percent of the snaps last season and was destined to play less than that this year because Phillip Merling or Randy Starks are going to start. The Dolphins have high, high hopes for Lionel Dotson, who got little attention in 2008. Keep your eyes on him because Parcells is.

6. The draft will not finish Miami's work. The Dolphins have worked out and studied a ton of little-known, little-valued players they believe might not be drafted. The reason for this is the team will sign about a dozen undrafted free agents in hopes that maybe two make the team and one or more can become practice squad players. Last season the Dolphins added K Dan Carpenter and WR Davone Bess as undrafted free agents. I think that speaks for itself.

7. There's more to Miami than meets the eye. While most of us are focused on the starters and the stars, the Dolphins staff and personnel dept. are wise enough to go beyond that. Guess what? They didn't give up on guard Shawn Murphy after he disappointed last season. He came in too fat heavy to be able to compete last training camp. Falling behind day after day, he was of no effect by the time the team needed guard help during the regular-season. That will not be the case now. He is in shape and getting stronger. The Dolphins haven't given up on him simply because he's not a star or starter. The same is true with Dotson, who I mentioned earlier. No, he didn't figure prominently. But this is a 6-4, 290-pound guy who is getting stronger this offseason. He is a project, I grant you, but the project is being improved as we speak. Safety Tyrone Culver is not a name you'll hear most anyplace else. But the Dolphins think he's going to be a stud in the nickel and dime packages. He has coverage and ball skills that allow him to compete at cornerback. And failing that, he's a reliable tackler in the back end. The Dolphins expect much from him. Then there is Joe Cohen. Who, you might ask? He's pushing Paul Soliai to be Miami's backup nose tackle. At 6-2 and 315, Cohen is probably a bit smaller than the Dolphins want anchoring the middle, but University of Florida fans know he's He-Man strong so watch for him. Finally, there is TE Joey Haynos. The fact of the matter is David Martin and Anthony Fasano are both unsigned beyond 2009. Both will not be re-signed. The Dolphins are projecting Haynos to be the next guy up in the rotation. He has great hands. He's 6-8 and 270 pounds, which makes him a HUGE target in the red zone. And the amazing thing is the kid is rather lanky and can run pretty well. He has potential the Dolphins believe will begin to shine in 2009.

So those are some good-news facts you should consider about your team today -- even as tax bills and life's other challenges try to get most of your attention.

Let me know what else you would add to my list.


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You're statement was, I am black and I voted for Obama...

What else was I supposed to take from this other than one of the reasons you voted for him was because he was also black? Why even mention your race at all if this wasn't the case?


What was your challenge?

AHHHH. Trenton your true color finally come out. What a Fool !

Can we please, oh, please keep the politics out of the column? Tea parties are hilarious as 1) the Boston Tea Party was protesting taxing WITHOUT representation (last I checked, we are represented) 2) We already pay the lowest taxes of any developed, first-rate nation, and these people are always the first to say our healthcare stinks, our schools are underfunded, our military needs to stay strong, and we need to take care of our veterans. Among other things. Guess what? Freedom isn't FREE! We pay very low taxes by comparison. No one's taxes are going up until likely 2011 and the one rate that has been talked about going up on the top income earners is from 36% to 39%. A whopping 3%. Suck it up and deal with it.

Stick to what you know and do best. PLEASE.


Please leave your common sense and well reasoned opinions out of this discussions. We don't want to hear from people who are actually logical and well-informed! BE GONE WITH YOU!

Armando, excellent stuff mate. You blog is always must-read even halfway around the world.

Armando, thanks for the great football information and excellent link the Wall stree Journal. I wish your newspaper had coverage like that. If it did I might subscribe again. Instead I just read you on the internet for free.

Mr. Salguero you are a freaken genius! Everday I come to this blog and never comment about the football posts. Today you touched a nerve for me with the tax issue. Thanks for your expertise on both fronts.

Justin . You just said to keep the poltics out yet you carried on with your naive idiotic post. don't forget to mention to your little speech to your grandkids when they're working for china . This protest has to do with more than taxes. Like the mind-blowing spending.

any one on this blog loves the old TV show " the golden girls "?
where's nathaniel when we need him?

This is the best blog you've ever written Armando. Outstanding stuff. And very enlightening.

Don't let the left wing devils get to you. I enjoy that you stand for what you believe, whether I agree with you or not.

Thomas Paine and Thomas Brady, my 2 favorite Toms...now all I need is Dick and Harry

thomas paine....he must be working in a factory making WHITE SHEETS only.

Justin , must be working for mcnb
get, working for fix news

all of them should read victoria secret in DEPT.

Armando I appreciate you mixing sports with life. They are intertwined. They are both relevant. Thank you. Simply thank you.

Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a magnified version of the liberal in Republican clothing... George W. Bush.

Bush & Obama are both in agreement on border control policy & amnesty, the war in Afganistan, sending financial aid to Africa, pushing government spending to record levels, government bailouts to corporations, government wire-tapping, diplomatic solutions to Irael/Middle East relations etc., etc.

Bush never even posed a threat to and never took any action on the abortion issue the libs are so paranoid of losing, so really, one can surmise he wasn't all that different than King Barry in this regard either!

The only thing that has changed now is that the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, BBC etc.) is calling Americans who protest King Barry "radical, right-wing, extremists" when they used to call Bush protestors "Patriots"! LOL! The difference is that the Bush protestors were indeed radical, hate filled, anti-American groups like Code Pink, Acorn, numerous gay organizations, and teenage kiddies spouting the marxist line they had been spoon-fed by their silver-ponytailed, hippie-reject, college professors. The tea-baggers are the people I work with, family, friends, and neighbors. People I actually know who aren't in some radical fringe group. Yet they are called the radicals!

Is Fox News really forcing these average, everyday people to go out and rally against an oppressive, ever-expanding, wasteful, tax crazy government? Not likely. At least not anymore likely than CNN & MSNBC promoting all of the Bush protesting that went on. Funny thing is, we have a magnified version of Bush in the White House right now! Like I said above, Obama is for just about EVERYTHING George W. Bush is for, only Obama is for a heck of a lot MORE of what was wrong with Bush and you left-wing clowns don't even see it! LOL!

You are slaves to the fantasy of President B.O., and blind to the reality that he is merely George Bush on Marxist steroids!!!



jones, are you there,call me

I hate the Patriots. I hate the tax cheats.I hate the Jets. I hate the dirty politicians. I hate the Bills. I hate earmarks.

You go boy! Good stuff today.

Joey Haynos! Sounds like a good player coming on to me.

yeeeeeeeeeeees ,fight the man in da house

VICTORIAN HUNK. Amem . The best post of the day. CHANGE ? : is what's left in our pockets. LOL. I love that sign

yesssssssssssMr Bunglito in the house

yeeeeeeesssss it's gort aka ? impersonating me.

amen nj fan not amem,it's ending w/ n not m

WOW. How can Mr Bunglito post 2 different posts at the same time ? LOL. Also cuban m and n are next to each other on the keyboard. It's called a typo. Don't get me started with some of your posts ".L "

Armando, excellent overall take. You crushed the proverbial ball over the wall.

yeeeeeees Mr Bunglito is in the house after impersonating me

Strong post Armando. You're very good at what you do. But did you have to remind people how I screwed up on Eric Green? I mean that was a dozen years ago. Can you let it go?

Pick on that idiot Obama instead.

nj fan, amen with N not M

cuban is bunglito? can't believe it but what if bunglito is indeed cuban but what can we beliveve?
let us think again if bunglito is cuban then carlito is not vachlito or manicotti.

Thank you NJ Phin Fan! BTW, I have much respect for ANY Phin Fan living in NJ! Man, that can't be an easy thing to do with all of those filthy, crash & burn Jet fans roaming the streets. I live in Tampa and it's bad enough over here, I can't imagine the garbage you must take! Not to mention, you live in tax hell! Ahhh!

Oh & Armando, excellent idea to go with the positive overview of our beloved Phins! I totally trust the trifecta to build for us a team that is totally capable of physically mauling opponents on Sundays! I hope this draft delivers young, hungry, lions across the OL, DL, & LB corps. Toss in a fast learning, ball-hawking CB or two and I'm happy!

God bless!

dolinnforlife. it's dolphinforlife with phin not inn.

nj fan , that's the name i choose,this is the way i wanted.amen with N

OK DOLNNFORLIFE aka ?. " That is the way i wanted " without IT

Great article Mando...i'm especially looking forward to seeing the development in 09 of some of the guys you mentioned...

This is the best blog post you've ever written Armando! Great inside baseball stuff on the Fish and the tax stuff made me think about where the country is headed. Thank you.

this is a good day for Mando. He wrote a great post, threw in a few words about politics, then all the retards that try to insult him actually help him by arguing politics on his blog

Thanks for the insight Mando and very good post
( i still think you should do a mock draft )

Admit NJ HAN i got you good and you were late to find i was playing with ,i know you react fast to typo errors on your end.today was a good day for playing when i talked to armondo and got really into it.peace my futur GM

This might be the best article I've read on this site. Some other interesting players for this coming year: Merling (becomes a beast), Torbor (can blitz from the inside), and Berger(real depth).

Yeah gopats or dolnnforlife. You really got me .LMAO. That's why i put aka ? after your post names. Nobody knows you better than i do on this blog. Mando calling you out again was funny shyt. Gotta go . I WILL BE BACK

i was the first one on this blog to point out how good this article is and i recomend evary one to read it cause it will increase all fans IQ about fottball and tell all your friends and none friends to come to armando's blog and write and read his pages of dolphins news.i also like to say peace to him after playing with him today and proved to be hard to beat due to ability in the english language.

P.S....how did i do ?hope i did

NJ,dont play smart, you put aka on the third answer you poste RE the amen think and i know why i got you ,i always wrote NJ PHIN FAN but in these three times i wrote njfan.

I went to the tea party in Atlanta. I'm a believer that people run this country, not politicians.

I'm also a believer that Bill Parcells is a god.

Exceelent stuff.

i just cant belive the positives that are being posted here today on the herald. The schedule shows one thing And one thing only defense has to be a priority 1. dt brace 2.cb. 3.mlb and get JT his prescense alone makes teams prepare diffrently. And lets look to next year who will patrick cobbs a.k.a mini brian westbrook replace ronnie or ricky.

I have been a Dolphins fan since 2005 and been reading Mr. Salguero since that time. I'm very proud of you sir. I appreciate the information you bring out and the thought provoking commentary.

I'm most impressed with the fact the Dolphins are run like a championship team these days and not the funny farm of a couple of years ago. Thanks for enlightening this fan in many areas.

Well done!

i'm trying to tell everybody that its not that bad that we have the toughest schedglde now.

1. we have only gotten better from last season, and we probably CAN beat teams like the chargers and falcons and saints and panthers and the pats

2. last year when the schedlde came out all the teams that were playing us automatically marked it as a win...........in case you've been in a cave, 11 of them were wrong.

3. The browns looked like they were going to very good when the schedlge came out last year. THEY STUNK IT UP!!! by the time week 4 is done we'll know if we have the toughest schedglde or not and i think we won't


after deep thinking and reflecation i notice there's a different feeling in the air that's proves the point of not signing back Jason Tylor to the dolphins, if he comes back all this good well will vanish and he will suck the air out of the locker room all florida style with the media

Armando - What are Will Billingsley's chances of making the '09 53-man Roster. I was hopeful that after a year of instruction; he would start to shine. He certainly has the size & speed to be a quality NFL corner. Was he that bad(green) last year?

Also - I saw Haynos play at Maryland. I was surprised that he wasn't more valued "coming out". He started after Vernon Davis went to San Fran. He was big, sure-handed, and a favorite target. I hope he "works out" in Miami. If he were a couple steps faster; he'd be a monster.

Its not saying much but, this is your best work since I've been on this blog last few months.
joey hanos is still developing but from what Ive seen looks good. Diamonds in the ruff and these next two years these developmental players you mentioned will begin to bear fruit. It seems like each day the dolphins are getting better or at least trying and thats exciting because as a life long Dolphin fan I haven't felt this way since Dan Marino's playing days(early), and Jimmy Johnson brief stint.
Now, with the draft coming on, players signing earlier in the year, OTA's, the offseason has so much meaning. 10 more days to the draft can't wait!

Lets keep this a sports blog.
If anything changes, lets debate I'm always willing to counter punch with anyone if I have time, otherwise I love talking Dolphins football...I live for it!

I love your optomisim but if you look at the San Diego game its a revenge game for them. We beat them last year when everyone thought we'd lose. But, I think we can beat the falcons, saints, and the panthers home or away.
If we split the patsies and sweep the jets and bills, then we can be in contention for a wild card spot. But one game I hope the Dolphins not only win but destroy are the Houston texans. We play them at home and we owe them big time for last season's last second win against us (Matt Schaub QB sneek)and them winning three in row against us. I'm gonna be at the game in San Diego gonna be fun.

Armandito: Excellent on every level. Seriously. Outstanding.

if we have a new movie coming out and we need a name for it so we will ask our friends here to name the movie and they agree,
cuban will name the new movie...hands of stone
Mr bunglito.............Jed in Da house
NjPhinFan...............what can't you understand? Punk
armando...............breakfast with Tony.S
Rex and Maxx....................shredded knee
nathaniel............I,Sally,Soap and Me
Soulj,.................dashed hopes
Fsud 13................The cable guy
Thomas Paine..........K The whit sheet

I agree with MHS. I've never posted on this blog before today but was impressed the way you mixed sports and the challenges facing us a society. Thank you.

the white sheet


we have never beat the Texans and like you i think we'll destroy them this year

I'm a frequent visitor of the blog and I've admired (and sometimes criticized) your work, but nonetheless, I keep coming back reading up your insight. I respect the fact you wish to express your political feelings, but there are consequences. This site brings Dolfans together from all parts of the world and now bringing up politics seems to have divided us.
Furthermore, if you and all the other tea-party participants are so mad, where were you in September when Bush passed the TARP bill? Where were you when Bush inherited a budget surplus and turned it into a deficit? Why do 53% of people approve of government involvement in our economic recovery?
If you don't like this than what great ideas do you or anyone else have to get out of this recession, keep people in their homes, have the banks lending, have retirees save their 401K from going to $0. You tea-party people have all this rage but can't channel it do anything constructive other than dump tea bags in front of the White House (that'll show them - take that!).
Just because 230 million people didn't vote for Obama (some of them can't) doesn't mean they all voted "No to Obama". Plus, if you want to argue about popular vote, than Al Gore should be the 43rd president.
You have the freedom to say whatever it is you'd like on here, but understand the consequences. You'll get rift-rafts like me responding back with barely anything Dolphin related. I'll still keep reading and still admire/criticize your work. All the best...

mhs'79, from lake county?

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