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Live radio at 11 a.m., live blog at 4 p.m.

We are on the clock. Only hours until the draft starts and then, well, only hours until something happens in Miami. I'm pumped.

So let's have a radio show! And let's do a live blog!

Here's the deal:

I will be on the air today on 790-AM The Ticket in South Florida and will be talking Dolphins and draft from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise, you can listen online at 790theticket.com and call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-790-3776. I want to hear from you!

Then at 4 p.m. when the draft begins we will do a live blog until the Dolphins pick or something actually happens. I will be on here throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This should be an interesting day. I am told the Dolphins have spent some time the past 24 hours thinking about Derrick Burgess. The OLB possibility is available in trade from the Oakland Raiders. Yes, I know I've been telling you the Dolphins want to add draft picks not trade them away. Yes, I know Burgess is turning 31 in August. But the guy has been a solid pass-rusher of the first order in his career, collecting 47 sacks in seven seasons. Coach Tony Sparano has a great deal of respect for Burgess from the player's days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins will trade for Burgess. But obviously they have to study the possibility.

By the time it's over, we'll know the names of the three players -- the first-round and two second-round picks -- that had better turn into starters for the Dolphins before the 2009 season is over.

We'll have a pretty good idea where Jason Taylor will end up in 2009, with New England continuing to be the favorite.

And we'll see how well or poorly Miami's AFC East rivals do as they attempt to dethrone the AFC East champions.

By the way, if you can't call the radio show and cannot be here for the live blog, you can leave your comment or question below and I'll answer them first when the live blog begins. And please people, let's leave the monkey talk and the social chat room banter out today, OK?

Gotta go get find my Mel Kiper wig now.


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Best of luck to the Phins today!!!!!!!!!!

Go phins and do it right today!

The thought of Jason Taylor joining Welker in New England is so disturbing. I'm not sure the trifecta understands the offseason psychological battles that go on within the division. Signing JT would not only be good for the Dolphins, it would hurt the Cheatriots.

The Burgess thing is a little disturbing to me because he's not better than JT. I'll be listening to you today Mando.

here's an CRAZY FINS DRAFT........

try to trade down if we can .......

3. NT??

now this only happens if we get J.T.(sure he has 2 yrs left) or from reports BURGESS OLB


now I love those OLB's but that position is heavy and can wait (we may get JT/BURGESS)

CB is very weak name wise, so let's get one 1st rd if they think one will be there at #44...

Plan B.........

2b. CONNER BARWIN or top rated OLB (who every drops maybe STINTIM)
3. NT or TE/CB

Plan C.........

if BILL takes BPA it could be a TE???

1. PETTIGREW TE wow!!!!
2b. ROBISKIE WR or top rated WR if gone

STILL get J.T. and TRADE FOR BURGESS OLB (do some magic to get him)

This years draft is a very pivotal point of the Dolphin organization, as a loyal fan for over 37 years, this could set us up for many great years and the SuperBowl. I've seen many drafts come around and mismanaged from other coaches, but keep in mind, the great teams we had always had great/HOF's Receivers, Paul Warfield, Nate Moore, Duper, and Clayton, just to name a few that were game changers. Let History teach us....DRAFT A RECEIVER IN THE FIRST ROUND. GO PHINS!

I say that we take Jason Taylor Back. Draft a WR that we really need at the No. 1 spot and then draft CB and NT after that. Just my quick two cents.

Nate, forever a fins fan from NJ.

This is a whole lot easier to predict than who we actually pick.

April 25, 2009

Top 10 Dolphin Nielsen Ratings on NFL Network

Jason Allen
Charlie Anderson
Akin Ayodele
John Beck
Ronnie Brown
Eric Green
Brandon London
Matt Roth
Paul Soliai
Cameron Wake

Top Former Dolphin

Jason Taylor

Bradford signed for 78 mil with over 40 mil guaranteed!! WTF!! This after they could have leveraged 4 players against eachother & Curry said he'd play for less than Long got last year.. The Lions will be the Lions..

I just realized how much I love BP & the trifecta!!!! They will KA today cuz that's what they do.. GO FINS!!!

To the Jets... May many more Gholstons await u in the future..

lets go miami britt in the first matthews in the 2nd baby...

Beck & Wilford &/or LATE round pick if needed to Raiders for Burgess; make it so!

my family made the front page of the herald.
lets go fins

on britt, on matthews, on boldin a merry draft to all and to all east opponents a good night.....

Armando- Why would they trade for Burgess, when they could have the same type of player in JT for nothing..

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio is reporting that the Dolphins can get Anquan boldin for a second round pick. Why not go defense in the first round and trade one of the 2nds for Boldin. Only makes sense since they can get better on offense and deffense immediately. Boldin is a proven receiver who would be a huge impact for the phins.

thats right armando its like my sons tractor stuck in the mudd .... he got nothing...

jason taylor = strahan
joey porter = osi

07 super bowl giants defense.

dbmfins u will get bombarded by people telling u that the fins cant afford boldins 10 mil a year.

haveing a probowl reciver on your shelf that u cant reach

... nothing...

Very good point Steven. Very good point.

how much will burgess cost the dolphins.
how much will jt be demanding after he walked away from 8 million im sure thats the measuring stick he is using for his negotiations. What if both dont fall through we will end up again with....


"If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise..."

Liberty City, Carol City, Opa-Locka, Brownsville, Highland Park, etc, etc, etc.

Ah yes, paradise.

"ohhh think twice its just another day living in paradise...

I was considering moving to Dade County, but then I got this great deal on this beach front condo in Somalia. The scenery is basically the same but I feel much safer and that's what's important.

i envy u hector ive always wanted to be a azzzz pirate freind.

Hey Armando, listening to you via internet.

Anyone know about a live stream for the draft?

armando can we get the website for those unfortunate souls that dont live in the miami area and want to hear your gracious intelectiual voice.

"i envy u hector ive always wanted to be a azzzz pirate freind." - Gay Boy Jed

Wow! And it can spell too! Must be that South Fla education shining through.

Did somebody mention jed and azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?

why are u guys always insulting and hateing on our dolphins.

that makes me sad....

chances dolphins go after boldin?or that we pick a wr in the first round?

dont bash the gay tors ...

that makes me sad............

hey bung were u the one that broke the news for the ronnie brown trade for eagles cb and a 2nd rnd pick given if thats true,.

that makes me sad.........

dont bash the gaytorz ......

that makes me sad....

tickle me emo. No it was some guy named Mr culito. He also mentioned it on the palm beach post.

can every one stick to draft talk out of respect for my brother the cuban marikko and his candy

The fins are going to move up and draft Marc Sanchez ... trade ricky williams for a sixth round pick and cut beck and pennington ... I think that will do enough to help the pats win the title next year...

yeah guys its like we come here to this blog for draft talk ... stick to that when we dont stick to that ...

it makes me sad.........

Finally thank u for restoring order in this blog pappi cow... Now The Marika is here any draft questions shoot...

yes Marika,
do you like to eat cat legs ?

"THE TUNA" agrees stay on draft day topics. Stop the whinning or I'll trade you to a different blog.


question for armando for the live blog,
tell me 2 moves that dolphins have to de to consider their draft not a faluire.second, who is the player if the get to pick will drive this blog wild?

im tired of people talking about stuff other then draft picks. Id rather blog on this site with by myself and get bored the whole way through.

cant do it
cant blog with em.
cant read with em.
i want bloggers.

I wonder if the Dolphins are interested in moving up to the number 8 spot since Jacksonville is wanting out of it?

Don't worry Marika. I'm here.

thank u bungalito.

Armando if the bills are packaging there 2 first rnd picks to move up in the draft who do u see them takeing.

ill share that sundae with u boy george.

tito relax on pcp

listening to 790

cuban,don't feel bad, i ask you a question,what would you feel if fins don't get Brit or Matthews and sign jason for your luck ?

well go pats Jason Taylor automatically gets double teamed and that free's up porter Roth etc so That in itself is the best move. As for the draft its a crapshoot nothing is guranteed i just hope we come out on top. The problem is how much will JT demand...

Just saw this in a mock draft and don't think I have seen him mentioned as our first round pick:

Paul Kruger, DE, Utah

Comment: Elite pass-rushers are few and far between in this draft. Kruger qualifies as elite but is off a few draft boards medically because he has one kidney. One kidney slow down Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie any at Arizona in 2008.

Jason Taylor will sign with the Dolphins after all the minicamps right before training camp... his family is important to him therefore he'll want to stay close by

How would i feel .... In the trifecta we trust.

ive heard of the utah guy i belive his dad was the infamous elm st guy right?

cuban, what do you mean when you say "How much will JT demand" ,what demand ? he's dying to join the fins since not even the canadian FL wants him .one more Q ,How come you changed from the menace to marika ?

go pats im not the menace god did not bless me with such intelectual knowledge. As for Jt are u telling me that after he beat the skins and they offered him 8mil he'll just sign for whatever?

are you crazy mr marika,the skins got ready of him due to his injury and lack of practice.how come no one offered him any thing yet ?

really? Im pretty sure i had heard that all he had to do was show up to the offseason workout program and he didint want to so they cut them well at least that was the report i heard.

ON coolys blog or some thing like that.

autobots fall in.

the dolphins draft coming up soon , i pray that dolphins get what ever they wish for and have a great coming year of football.

one can only hope pats one can only hope....

feels good to have BP making the picks instead of that clown cam camoron!!!

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