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Live radio at 11 a.m., live blog at 4 p.m.

We are on the clock. Only hours until the draft starts and then, well, only hours until something happens in Miami. I'm pumped.

So let's have a radio show! And let's do a live blog!

Here's the deal:

I will be on the air today on 790-AM The Ticket in South Florida and will be talking Dolphins and draft from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise, you can listen online at 790theticket.com and call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-790-3776. I want to hear from you!

Then at 4 p.m. when the draft begins we will do a live blog until the Dolphins pick or something actually happens. I will be on here throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This should be an interesting day. I am told the Dolphins have spent some time the past 24 hours thinking about Derrick Burgess. The OLB possibility is available in trade from the Oakland Raiders. Yes, I know I've been telling you the Dolphins want to add draft picks not trade them away. Yes, I know Burgess is turning 31 in August. But the guy has been a solid pass-rusher of the first order in his career, collecting 47 sacks in seven seasons. Coach Tony Sparano has a great deal of respect for Burgess from the player's days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins will trade for Burgess. But obviously they have to study the possibility.

By the time it's over, we'll know the names of the three players -- the first-round and two second-round picks -- that had better turn into starters for the Dolphins before the 2009 season is over.

We'll have a pretty good idea where Jason Taylor will end up in 2009, with New England continuing to be the favorite.

And we'll see how well or poorly Miami's AFC East rivals do as they attempt to dethrone the AFC East champions.

By the way, if you can't call the radio show and cannot be here for the live blog, you can leave your comment or question below and I'll answer them first when the live blog begins. And please people, let's leave the monkey talk and the social chat room banter out today, OK?

Gotta go get find my Mel Kiper wig now.


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Jets moving up. Hahahahahahaha.

By the way, YES! Mr. Bunglito in the house!

no no nooooooooooooooooooooo

Lets pick up Boldin. If its true the thye only want a 2nd round pick then why arent we pulling the trigger. We are going to take WR with one of those picks so why not pick him up. Hes Nasty.

Sanchez to Jets. What a faggot. Fuck the JETS.

uhoh... I don't want to play Sanchez twice a year for the next ten years. Hopefully he flops like Ryan Leaf.

Menace. You Happy ?

Matt I totally understand and cannot disagree with your assessment. CB is the biggest need right now. But because they have so many needs, they probably will pick the guy who is rated highest on their board and go needs in the second round.

true could be another lienart.

Armando . I hope we don't draft Butler at 25. I'll be really Pissed !


I do believe that's how they did it last year.

Armando, I agree (for my 1 cent worth) with you on this pick of Sanchez. How much did the Jests give up to get a guy who made 16 college starts?

Porter will welcome sanchez to the league very soon. So will Wake.

I don't know if Sanchez will be good longterm or not. But I do know he won't be any good next year. That's for sure. he is NOT Matt Ryan.

Wow. the jets gave up the house . cars included. LOL

Browns got some picks and some players for that pick. Risky trade?

The Dolphins' season just went up in smoke. Sanchez is a bright star, whose flame surpasses any dolphin.

The Jets gave up Nothing to move up...17th Pick there 2nd Rounder and 3 scrubs!!!

The Jets gave up a their first and second and three players, including Abram Elam. thought that was not a huge pricetag to move from No. 17 to No. 3.

Jets STOLE Sanchez--3 nobodies & a 2d rnd w/ a 1st rnd flip---thievery!

Please he played with NFL talent and he was ok during the year and had a couple big games. We'll see but the Jets probably overpaid. It is the Jets already.

It's enough...this guy is a one-year starter. Big risk

Dolphins will be picking a 1st round pass rusher now that the Jets picked up Sanchez.

We havent even made a pick and our seasons up in smoke because the gay jets picked up some guy whose played 16 football games. O Dulay you need to think before you write something.

So much for the Jets talking up Brett Ratliff and Kellen Clemens

another Joe Flaco in Ny ryan knows talent freinds dooms day has begun.

rex ryan is not as dumb as i thought

You need to break the shackles of your fandom & see the future clearly & coldly. I wish it weren't so, but NYJ getting Sanchez for next to nothing was a shrewd move & a hard blow to the Fins hopes. Cleve. should be investigated for letting Jets up 12 spots for nuttin..

Jason Taylor's stock value in the AFC East just doubled...Fins should have signed him before the draft. Now, they will be paying more. I think the phins will be picking up all defense in the 1st and second round (Unless Harvin's around in the late second round)

All you guys so worried about Mark Sanchez going to the Jets need to calm down.

I'd be more worried that Tom Brady is going back to the Patriots.

Ha the steal of the day Jets fans Prepare for Glory.

Sanchez is barely better than Leinart & we all know the success he's had.. Sure the Jets gave little 2 get him, but the idiots now can't get a top 10 receiver!!! Sanchez can't throw to anyone!!

Bad move!! We will kick their butts this year & next yr!!

Beck will go for a 3rd or 4th round pick. If anyone want him..

Now the fun begins to see the Raiders make their usual, Wannstedt-like selection...maybe Percy Harvin?

wtf hey bey bey
hey bey bey

We need boldin if we want to compete in our division now.
Bey to the raiders. This draft is gonna be good.

the draft has officially been shook to its core...

Kiper what happend,.

Darrius Heyward-Bey to the Raiders. We'll never hear from him again. He'll disappear into the black hole that is that franchise.

You gotta love al davis. LMAO

Mando -- thank God the Jets are idiots. Will worry about them two years from now, but in the meantime Clemens and Sanchez will suck.

Al Davis is about as predictable as it gets -- Heyward-Bey over Crabtree -- hilarious. Fast doesn't equal success...

Tuna, package 1st/2nd to Jags for Crabtree

Al Davis is an idiot.

Now we have to listen to fricken Jets fan believing that Sanchez is the Messiah.. I don't think he is, i sure hope i am wrong.. Oakland took Bey i smell a big bust there

who is sanchez going to throw to?

Crabtree's diva attitude is gonna cost him some money.

Heyward-Bey is fast. But consistent? No way! Hands? No way!

right on the money Mumakata.

How far gone is Al Davis? What a lunatic!

Now we have to listen to fricken Jets fans that believe Sanchez is the Messiah, I sure hope he isn't i doubt it... Bey to Oakland, maybe Maclin will be available at 25

Heyward-Bey pick in this draft seems even more foolish than taking Ted Ginn at the spot MIA took him in.

OK calm down phin fans! Look at the average field position that the amazing defense of the USC gave Sanchez. Go back and look at how many games USC covered the spread. The offense was mediocre at best. If Stafford was playing with the same field position that USC played with all year, Stafford would have thrown 45 td's! Sanchez has come along, but the buzz is that USC team was good because of defense not the QB.

I would love to see that V Gholston and Sanchez be back to back busts!

what happened to brian orakpo?


Mando -- what do you have on the story that Butler's dad is saying the Dolphins have confimed they will take him at 25 if available?

Gotta be BS -- what advantage does it give to tell a potential pick that? Smoke screen for Sean Smith?

Good safe pick for the Jaguars -- Monroe. SAFE. All I can say about that. They'll get a receiver in the second round.

Meanwhile receiver dropping.

Jets took the cheese with mark sanchez! Thankyou eric mangini - you might be a genuis after all.

Crabtree 4 Fins....please, we need to dazzle & soon.

Why would Parcells, and the rest of the Dolphins leadership bring in a reciever with the potential to make TO look like the best teammate ever? Crabtree is a diva and just wants to be the center of attention.

Please get crabtree! PLease!

Did raiders hire Mueller & Cameron? Why the hell did they pick a low first rounder in the top ten!!!

btw---thnx 4 being here wid' us, 'mando. you helped me catch my breath after the sanchez move.

Al Davis strikes again! Hayward-Bey is a very good player but to take him at the six spot when he was ranked 3rd or 4th best reciever?

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