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Live radio at 11 a.m., live blog at 4 p.m.

We are on the clock. Only hours until the draft starts and then, well, only hours until something happens in Miami. I'm pumped.

So let's have a radio show! And let's do a live blog!

Here's the deal:

I will be on the air today on 790-AM The Ticket in South Florida and will be talking Dolphins and draft from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise, you can listen online at 790theticket.com and call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-790-3776. I want to hear from you!

Then at 4 p.m. when the draft begins we will do a live blog until the Dolphins pick or something actually happens. I will be on here throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This should be an interesting day. I am told the Dolphins have spent some time the past 24 hours thinking about Derrick Burgess. The OLB possibility is available in trade from the Oakland Raiders. Yes, I know I've been telling you the Dolphins want to add draft picks not trade them away. Yes, I know Burgess is turning 31 in August. But the guy has been a solid pass-rusher of the first order in his career, collecting 47 sacks in seven seasons. Coach Tony Sparano has a great deal of respect for Burgess from the player's days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins will trade for Burgess. But obviously they have to study the possibility.

By the time it's over, we'll know the names of the three players -- the first-round and two second-round picks -- that had better turn into starters for the Dolphins before the 2009 season is over.

We'll have a pretty good idea where Jason Taylor will end up in 2009, with New England continuing to be the favorite.

And we'll see how well or poorly Miami's AFC East rivals do as they attempt to dethrone the AFC East champions.

By the way, if you can't call the radio show and cannot be here for the live blog, you can leave your comment or question below and I'll answer them first when the live blog begins. And please people, let's leave the monkey talk and the social chat room banter out today, OK?

Gotta go get find my Mel Kiper wig now.


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I would absolutely love it if the dolphins made a move for crabtree right now, they are in distance to get him....trade out first, a second, and another peice and we all of a sudden have a set numebr 1 reciever for the next 10 years and he would cost less than boldin, and wow green bay didnt get him, u know san fran is going for it, come on miami!!

pancan ...awesome insight! Great comment

LTS: I believe the report. I believe the family is saying that. I believe the Dolphins might have told them that.


I also believe the Dolphins will do whatever is in their best interest when it comes time to pick, even if that means breaking your word to a draft pick's dad.

Thank u mando for being with us and giving us edge with the draft information.

it may sound crazy but crabtree is just too good, he truly is the best player in the draft....and for those who think the fins would give up too much based on what i said, its fine....but u all will see how good that guy is going to be.....he would help ginn and henne and ronnie all become better players, form there we just got defense for the rest of the draft

do the 49ers put orakpo next to willis or do they go oher?

Crabtree will not go past No. 12 or so, and probably no lower than No. 10 to S.F.

Cmon lets get Crab. Do what it takes.

I think years from now we'll look at the top of this draft and Raji will be the best player of the group. My opinion.

the next gilbert brown

sanchez's poem;
iloved to be a classy fan,
or a get's fan
one day i became a night mare
for all dolphin's fans '
when they moved me up
to 5 and i became a jet's

package Ted Ginn and swap 1st round picks in a 3 way with Philly and get rid of Beck and our second


Better than Heyward-Bey!! NO WAY!!

crabtree to san fran

patience friends, patience. Crabtree may not be there for us but theres still maclin, britt, and a plethora of other recievers who will do very well in the NFL. Hype and emotion are the real enemy here - Don't reach.

Al Davis is straight senile!! I can't believe Oakland fans still buy tickets!!

i hate the feeling of the dolphins not doing anything, where is jason taylor, we were 11-5 and are on pace to go 6-10....parcells has way too much faith in what he has got....our schedule was way too easy and as fans its unfair for us to regress after 11-5 even if u preach patience and rebuilding, u dont rebuild at 11-5....im not saying go for broke, but u have to amke explosive moves to be an explosive team and give this team a real spark so we can start competing for the super bown come 2010....

a sanchez rap

yo im here for good
im here for life
im taking out the fins defense
like i take out yalls wife
ill score through the air
ill score through the ground
at the end of day i well be holding up the crown.

Mando -- am with you -- just what I was thinking. Am guessing that it was loosely worded (i.e., "we are PLANNING to take Darius if he is available") -- will be very surprised if Butler is the pick at 25.

LTDTDCB - Life is Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer!

fin fans are in big panic, they are wating for the teft over dinner at 25,SANCHEZ MY LOVE

Oblivius, The Fins are going to have to go pass rusher because of Sanchez???? Ridiculous, If Brady isn't enough what difference does Sanchez make. Joke..

Crabtree to 49ers. Don't want to say I told you so, but ...

only one linebacker taken so far!

By the way, Henne seems like a better QB than Sanchez from projections

ACC has most picks in first 10

If flaco and ryan can do it why cant sanchito holmito.

SIGN jason ,jason come back.fin fans are awaken to the reality of draft day.
now they to come back to 4-12

P.S, Sanchez,sanchito,bampino, biccolino,amoretino

Gay jet fan,

Ryan and Flacco were starters for more than a year. Even Pete Carrol said he is nowhere near ready.

Bills are just so bad. They were so promising in 2007 and have steadily regressed. They seem to be going with Aaron Maybin of Penn State.

No running backs first 10

that was the worst rap ever by the way lol

I really hope we get a good linebacker.
CB is a risky pick.

BIG mistake by Knowshon Moreno's camp: playing cards + cocked hat = diva w/ a gambling problem.

whoa! moreno

Hey Mando...Whats your take on how the draft is shapping up? WOW Denver just got Moreno..a bit of a reach?

By the way men, I've got Darius Butler as my pick in the Dolphins media room pool.

ron, what do know? do you a football team in you little town?

sanchez, my lovely QB
sanchez,my rose in titanic boat
sanchez,every one's dream
in land of the dead fish
sanchez, come and lift our souls
up high,
no tears, no sadness,no darkenss,
we leave it behind to
fins,to jason,to dead fish
alive again, sanchez

dont hate the sanchito love him for he will be your papi soon. Yeah big ron just like cassel never started and was never gonna be ready stop being so negative guys. Just love the sanchito.

so much 4 my dreams about Cards trading for Moreno!! Sh**t!! I could have been dreamin about Brady's wife!!

Brian Orakpo goes to Redskins. he is now guaranteed of being a bust. LOL.

Why havent we offered Ginn and a 2nd rounder for Boldin? Im thinking Arizona would bite

redskins were afraid that Orakpo would be gone in 60 seconds.


I don't think Boldin gets traded today. No one has talked to to his agent about a contract so that is not a good sign.

Didn't we draft the Ginn family too? What is AZ going to offer for them?

can u stop a flower from blooming ..do the deserts miss the rain. such this is sanchito.

When will Macklin be picked?

robby aka valdomore,you still dreaming, next year will be a night mare for the fin nation.
MOSS,BRADY,T.O,WELKER,AND soon to be your daddy sanchez

Wonder if Harvin and Maclin will be around when we pick?

Bye-bye Jenkins :-(

Orakpo -Nice pick for Redskins... Denver going with orton @ QB I guess. Knowshow will have to run at high altitude. Good pick though.

Moreno will make the biggest immediate impact. Rookie of the year easy.....

Mafioso, if I give you an answer you don't like will you put a contract out on me?

wow the NFL needs to step in and take control of the raiders... Al Davis made another idiotic draft move reaching in the first RD again...

Don't know about ROY but Stubbs305 is right. he's going to do work this year.

Maclin won't pass San Diego.

dolphins will pick at 25 around mid night for the left over

ziggy: Tuna would throw Harvin into the ocean!! The idiot smokes weed b4 combine!!

robby i belive u need to change your sheets sould like a wet dream freind.

tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him be better run and score the jets drafted him at number 555555555

I really trust the regime, but i really question why a team so wr deficient hasnt even made a call about Boldin? He is in his prime and we need veteran leadership badly at that position

Quidado Mando...We'll have to wait and see your answer...lol

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