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Live radio at 11 a.m., live blog at 4 p.m.

We are on the clock. Only hours until the draft starts and then, well, only hours until something happens in Miami. I'm pumped.

So let's have a radio show! And let's do a live blog!

Here's the deal:

I will be on the air today on 790-AM The Ticket in South Florida and will be talking Dolphins and draft from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise, you can listen online at 790theticket.com and call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-790-3776. I want to hear from you!

Then at 4 p.m. when the draft begins we will do a live blog until the Dolphins pick or something actually happens. I will be on here throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This should be an interesting day. I am told the Dolphins have spent some time the past 24 hours thinking about Derrick Burgess. The OLB possibility is available in trade from the Oakland Raiders. Yes, I know I've been telling you the Dolphins want to add draft picks not trade them away. Yes, I know Burgess is turning 31 in August. But the guy has been a solid pass-rusher of the first order in his career, collecting 47 sacks in seven seasons. Coach Tony Sparano has a great deal of respect for Burgess from the player's days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins will trade for Burgess. But obviously they have to study the possibility.

By the time it's over, we'll know the names of the three players -- the first-round and two second-round picks -- that had better turn into starters for the Dolphins before the 2009 season is over.

We'll have a pretty good idea where Jason Taylor will end up in 2009, with New England continuing to be the favorite.

And we'll see how well or poorly Miami's AFC East rivals do as they attempt to dethrone the AFC East champions.

By the way, if you can't call the radio show and cannot be here for the live blog, you can leave your comment or question below and I'll answer them first when the live blog begins. And please people, let's leave the monkey talk and the social chat room banter out today, OK?

Gotta go get find my Mel Kiper wig now.


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still no usc linebackers

armando, you said sanchez was sweating,i think you meant your lucky tuna

What's your comment on the PFT report that Darius Butler has been promised to be the pick. His father spilled the beans.

Called that in my column the other day. I LOVE Malcolm Jenkins. He'll be good, I think. New Orleans gets a good player.

told ya.. DAM!! Hope Maaluga lasts 2 25..

hey robby, so how do you explain how ricky was one of parcells favorites?

Pat answered that already but the short answer is I think the report is correct and Butler's dad may be saying that.

But I don't think that backs the Dolphins into a corner. They'll do what is best for themselves regardless of what they've told people before the draft.

orale mando what happend to jenkins holmes.

Houston going with Cushing now.

what do you think of the sun-sentinel blogging that darius butler cb from conneticut, if hes on the board, was promised the pick by parcell. for our first round pick?

i think jason tylor's value went up by 34 bucs

Rey Rey Rey Rey Rey.......just hoping

orale houston more cushing for pushing ese.

Any one picked Gort, Mega Tron, Or Optimus Prime Yet ?

If Maualuga gets past San Diego, he may very well be there at No. 25.

Ziggy: Ricky was proven & we did not have a RB behind Ronnie.. Camarillo, Ginn & Bess provide more depth than we had at RB.

Besides, what happens in a tent in India stays in a tent in India.

a real gm goes out and gets takes what he wants when he wants .. Instead of waiting for leftovers.

If Cleveland take Nicks then that cancels the Edwards trade setting up Miami to take Harvin.

Jrod, already answered that twice including two posts ago. I think it's a correct story. They have an intern at Butler's draft party.

I can't see malaluga getting past SD here!

Mando--whadda Fins do if Percy H's on the board when Fins draft??

mando, Chargers r taking Mr Bean

Please say no to Percy Harvin!!!!!!!!

Or Everett Brown

I do not believe the Dolphins draft Harvin.

doesnt take Nicks

The Dolphins just can't take Harvin

Let me see if I got this right: jets give up a 1st, 2nd and three players for a mexican QB who only started in 16 games? Hah, hah, hah.

That is GREAT news for the Dolphins. Maualuga will likely be available at No. 25!!!!

Sanchez is not Mexican. The Jets wouldn't be that lucky.

Wow.. Larry English..a bit of a reach. I thought he would be a late first rd.

SD-larry English - oh man the options for Miami just got better.

I would lov efor us to draft maualuga, he is a beast


Can Broncos steal Ray from us?

Mando, won't the Pats take Maualuga ahead of us???

I disagree if Harvin is there they pick him up. Too few playmakers on offense. We will see Armando.

Mando, is Maualuga the pick at 25 is he's still on board? Aren't he and Crowder the same player in that defense?

I think Harvin will be available in the late 2nd if fins want him.

I love Maualuga he is by far the best LB out the USC crew ..doesnt look good in shorts but plays with great intensity...Mando what are the potential consequences if the fins take him..b/c they jus signed Crowder to a deal..and Akin Ayodele has only been on board for a year would they try to move one of those guys outside or what ?

CC: hate to argue with everyone wanting Harvin but THE GUY SMOKED WEED b4 the combine!!

trade coming tb moving up/

I dont care what they promised. If someones there who is better, lets take them.

It hinges on the Clevland pick ( WR ) if we end up with Edwards then not Harvin. Now that Clevland has moved down again whoever they want will still be there.

Ring Ring Brown for Edwards calling ?

Here are the potholes for Miami:

Butler might go to Atlanta or New England.

Maualuga might go to New England or Atlanta.

Worst case scenario = They go back to back which would be a knife to the heart.


Answer the Rey question people r asking cuz I may be getting nervous for nothing! How would they use him with Crowder?


I hope the intern the Dolphins sent to the Butler draft party is fast, just in case things change...

New england took a ilb in mayo last year. i don't see them drafting 1 in the 1st round again.

Fins should move up and grab Manugala now. Maybe Denver wants Beck?

Robert Ayers to Denver!! What about the pass rusher from Fl St?

Robby: Akin Ayodele is signed only through 2010 and Maualuga is a more physical player than he is TODAY. The Dolphins also have to consider that this kid has GREAT blitz skills from the ILB spot. He's amazing going downhill.

I think the Pats are going after Barwin from Cincy.

They are reaching for these quaterbacks none of those guys are top 20 prospects this a WEAK class of qb's the top 3 qb's in college football went back to school:

Robert Ayers to Denver. Denver has become a much better team the past two hours. Too bad they have no QB.

this is my jam ohh hot dam put your hands up in the ayer ay ay ayer

thanks Mando!! Although now I really wanting & am more nervous!!

I feel bad for Ayers. Going from Rocky Top to a yellow trash hick town.

We need a kick returner with this pick.


It looks like the Dolphins are going to end up with a good player at 25 regardless of who gets taken ahead of them. Maleguela would be great. So would Butler and so would Matthews. But surely if Maclin is still there at 25 the Dolphins would take him.

Mathews is also still on the board..

You guys notice no veteran players we heard were on the block -- boldin, edwards, parrish -- have been traded?

Nothing would happen, if it happens at all, until late, late first or second because nobody will give up a pick this high for any of those guys.

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