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Live radio at 11 a.m., live blog at 4 p.m.

We are on the clock. Only hours until the draft starts and then, well, only hours until something happens in Miami. I'm pumped.

So let's have a radio show! And let's do a live blog!

Here's the deal:

I will be on the air today on 790-AM The Ticket in South Florida and will be talking Dolphins and draft from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you are not fortunate enough to live in paradise, you can listen online at 790theticket.com and call the show toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-790-3776. I want to hear from you!

Then at 4 p.m. when the draft begins we will do a live blog until the Dolphins pick or something actually happens. I will be on here throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

This should be an interesting day. I am told the Dolphins have spent some time the past 24 hours thinking about Derrick Burgess. The OLB possibility is available in trade from the Oakland Raiders. Yes, I know I've been telling you the Dolphins want to add draft picks not trade them away. Yes, I know Burgess is turning 31 in August. But the guy has been a solid pass-rusher of the first order in his career, collecting 47 sacks in seven seasons. Coach Tony Sparano has a great deal of respect for Burgess from the player's days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins will trade for Burgess. But obviously they have to study the possibility.

By the time it's over, we'll know the names of the three players -- the first-round and two second-round picks -- that had better turn into starters for the Dolphins before the 2009 season is over.

We'll have a pretty good idea where Jason Taylor will end up in 2009, with New England continuing to be the favorite.

And we'll see how well or poorly Miami's AFC East rivals do as they attempt to dethrone the AFC East champions.

By the way, if you can't call the radio show and cannot be here for the live blog, you can leave your comment or question below and I'll answer them first when the live blog begins. And please people, let's leave the monkey talk and the social chat room banter out today, OK?

Gotta go get find my Mel Kiper wig now.


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tell me why mando

Now the Patsies will get Malauga & he'll kick our A!!

I dont like it. Rey is going to be nasty.


i hate the tuna

Oh well... Gotta trust the trifecta..

V. Davis not bad at 25, great value.

Davis is the considered something of an underachiever during his career. Brother is Vernon Davis, another underachiever. Great speciman, tho. Has all the skills if the coaching staff can get him set straight.

I must admit I'm a little disappointed.

In retrospect they had to go corner. It just couldn't be overlooked. Not sexy but its the right call.

Are you kidding me... The Pats can trade down and we can't get something done!

YES we got the BEST corner in the draft. Expect his brother Vernon Davis to come to Miami when his contract is up! NOW we get Matthews or Ziggy Hood in Round 2.

give up a 6th rd pick and go get nicks by trading for the NE pick.

Oh god Miami just got a bad case of VD

the Dolphins just called him and all you could hear was bedlam on the other end of the line. The Dolphins official is yelling, "Vontae, Vontae," and no response.

And now the Dolphins are calling back and the phone is going straight to voicemail.

What a way to start a career.

I guess they really like Ayodele's leadership or some crap like that...look for them to take a WR in the 2nd and Ron Brace from BC or Duke Robinson from OU

ok look guys this is looking like the perfect storm the doors are getting wider for jt and kenny britt is next baby just relax..

The staff better work the hell 'outta this kid. We don't need another generation of underachievers.

I'm so happy the Dolphins didn't select Clay Matthews.

Davis, WTF?

I love the pick. Top need in my mind was corner. We needed a good one this year. We got the #2 CB on the board. Dude is physical and he can play. He didn't play hard in college, he knows he'll have to play hard here with Sporano/Tuna.

I read on the Dallas morning news that Vontae Davis was bench a couple of times and other times used as a nickel,, damn i dont know,, in the espn highlights he looks physical if there is anything good about this pick

I think Alphonso Smith was the best playmaker out of the CB's but he's small and didnt run well....oh well

yeah clay fits in greenbay

geez give the guy a break armando

colts will get maualuga or everett brown.

Yikes. Matthews is gonna be good.

Unbelievable Matthews and Cushing go ahead of Maualuga!

Nobody wants rey. we could have another look at him.

Glad they didn't select Matthews either. Would have preferred Mauauluga or Everette Brown though.

Guess JT is coming home.

I wanted Maualuga, but I cannot believe people are crapping on the pick. Wasn't every beat writer saying how Miami's CB's sucked and had no one to play? Ummm. I think you got some candidates now that Todd Bowles can coach up.

Btw, this draft ain't over yet.

Bill has done well with bad attitudes before.

Hey mando were you rooting for the dolphins to pick Rey???

do the pats have like 6 2nd round picks now, wtf, how do they do this?

its a long draft - relax. One pick does not make a draft. Keep the brown for boldin option in mind as a possibility in the 2nd.

Don't worry we got our man and will fix everything else with later picks

- The Tuna

are you idiots serious. Vonte is a good pick. Every body had him rated higher than Butler and it was a great need for us. You fake fans better start trusting in the trifecta.... remeber before they got here and stop whinning.

I am physically ill!

How do you pick potentially THE biggest head-cases in the NFL with a 1st round pick?

Consider this the biggest draft bust in the Dolphins/Parcells era!

Hope there is going to be some MAJOR character clauses in this guy's contract!

Terrible pick. I am nauseous. How can you not take Maualuga? Wow. I thought the trifecta wanted character guys? Oh man. Oh amn. This sucks. I hate this. First rounder on a nickel back. Ugh.

looks like JT will be coming out of that tunnel for the home opener in primetime.

guys, there is a vontae Davis post up on the blog. The live blog shifts over there.

I just don't get it!! How can the Pats trade down below them & we couldn't? Vontae was behind only Harvin of bad attitudes!!

Vontae woulda been there until 2nd round!!

I know he is talented but, Armando, how do the Dolphins pick Davis over Butler? I am at a loss!

Mando disappointed = a weeks worth of blog posts & radio shows ripping the front office. It's gonna be a loooong week.


People continue passing on Maualuga...maybe you guys (beginning with Mando) are over-rating him.

When are the two picks in the second round?

so now what mando..

Donald Brown is a mature, class act & he had his immediate family members (5)!!

Vontae has an entourage of 100 people at his house!! Crap!!!

I trust BP, but what a risky pick for a CANT miss pick!!

I like the Davis pick. I was trying to remember the last time I liked a Dolphins first-round pick this much. Except last year, when I approved of Jake Long #1 overall, the last time I liked it this much was... Yatil Green. Ooh, that's not a good sign, is it?

I like the pick, we need that position. Welcome Vontae Davis, play hard !!!
Laurinaitis on 2nd, Sean Smith the 3rd.

We took the Best Corner, Period. Jenkins is considered a S. Matthews is a one year wonder and Maualaga who Mando loves is not considered a 3 down LB and has character and weight issues. Im happy with the pick. Guys remember we have one of the best secondary coach

The Phins #1 priority was a corner. If davis is the best available then so be it. If you are a Phins fan and you didnt realize that they were going corner with the first pick then you havent been watching for the past two years. Either that or you dont know what you've been watching. People say Davis will be an underacheiver like his brother. First of all, you have no idea how much he will acheive. Second, Vernon is on a crappy 49ers team with a qb bust in Alex Smith. They may have a qb now but that is yet to be seen. Verons barely been in the league. If someone already calls him a bust then they might want to actually get thier own opinion and stop listening to other peoples hype. Some of you are like school girls with a rumor.

Chuck - you have to respect the way the NE runs their draft -- I hate em as a team but respect them for their draft prowess. The dolphins trifecta came in with an empty cupboard in terms of picks and personel. The pats have been winning for years and have been able to stack up picks as they trade older players. Parcells will get there but it will take time. You work with what you have and the dolphins did not have much. It will take another year.

I am a U of I alum and have seen everyone of Vontae Davis's games. He is really good and I am happy we took him. He is tough, a good tackler, and confident. One thing people should know is that opposing QB's did not throw at him. When they did they were not successful. Its hard for me to remember him every getting beat deep.

Hey Mando...I know you don't like the pick but making snide comments about his cell phone issue is juvenile. You are not there and you have no idea what happened.

Stick to legit criticism please. Bottom line is you don't know how good either Butler or Rey will be.

Also, so what if his brother has been a bust? Vernon was basically a workout warrior and proved very little to justify his draft position. However Vontae has been a starter since his freshman year and has proved that was a top tier CB for 3 years. Basically Vontae is not Vernon and Vernon is not Vontae.

Britt gone now, We better be talkin to the Cards!!!!!!!! Or this draft is PHUCKED!

Hey !! is he 20 year old ?? Wow

Unless we take that kid from OSU


arizona - bean wells - no brown for boldin.

You got your wish Mando! Everybody that laughed at Mando please eat crow hehe!!!

I'd like to also say welcome back JT and now lets get Ramses Barden

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