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Meet and greet with LBs Maualuga, Allen

The Dolphins will be bringing dozens of players to their practice facility this week. They'll have their top non-local players visit and then they'll get with their local players who are either from South Florida, from a Florida college, or are now living locally.

USC linebacker Rey Maualuga is among the players meeting and greeting Team Miami today, according to his representation at Premier Sports & Entertainment. San Diego State linebacker Russell Allen is also scheduled to be among the players visiting today, according to his agent Steve Caric.

Maualuga is a beast of an inside linebacker and he is an early first-round pick waiting to happen. It's likely he would be gone by the time the Dolphins select at No. 25 in the first round as San Diego, Cleveland, Denver, Kansas City, Detroit and New England, among others, have had collective eyeballs on him.

Russell, 6-3 and 230 pounds, is more of a darkhorse guy because his college team didn't get much national play. But that hasn't stopped San Diego and Chicago from conducting meetings with him already. Meetings with Oakland and Jacksonville are scheduled for next week.

Anyway, out of sheer happenstance that Maualuga is available when Miami picks -- keep in mind that could include a potential trade-up scenario -- it's good to know a little something about this guy.

First of all he is 6-2 and 250 pounds. He ran a 4.6 at his Pro Day after having hamstring issues at the Indy Combine. Maualuga is unquestionably one of the leaders of the USC defense, if not the leader. That says a lot considering the team also has Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing on its linebacker corps.

Unlike Cushing, Maualuga was on the field all three downs. Cushing is a fine player but he typically came off the field on passing downs, which makes me think he's not necessarily a first-round guy because he has not proven he's a three-down linebacker.

But I digress.

"I want to become the player that the offense gameplans around, that the offense fears coming into the game," Maualuga says in his USC bio.

Maualuga had run-in with the law in 2005 but I suppose he's matured since then as he hasn't had any known trouble lately. I'm sure that will come up during his meeting with the Dolphins if it hasn't already in previous discussions with the team.

Several things work in Maualuga's favor as a potential pick if he's on the board at No. 25 (a big assumption). He plays a position that allows players to compete and start immediately. The inside linebacker spot is one where players traditionally make a very quick transition from college to pros -- think Zach Thomas, Jerrod Mayo, Channing Crowder (although he played outside initially, then inside). If a player is talented, he can get on the field immediately.

The Dolphins love that as opposed to picking a receiver who might need to grow into starting because he's got to learn zone principles and get in synch with the QB and other things. The return at ILB is usually faster assuming the player can, well, play. 

Allen has played 48 games since arriving at SDSU in 2005 and the Dolphins love that kind of experience. Remember Bill Parcells often advises players to stay in school through their senior seasons because he thinks that makes them better and more likely to succeed in the NFL.

Anyway, Allen has played in both the 3-4 and 4-3 system and has played all the LB positions. He is versatility defined. He's also pretty athletic, having run a 4.58 40-yard dash time at his Pro Day. Allen seems to have the Parcells "makeup." He was a team captain so his leadership is solid, he led the team in tackles in 2007 and 2008 so his production is apparent.

He's a guy to keep your eyes on.

And while you're at it, keep your eyes on the following Maualuga video:


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1st..............no comment

When I look at him, all I see is a star waiting to happen!

there is ABSOLUTELY no way this guy gets past the Broncos with 2 1st round picks before us!! But thanks for the tease Mando; we appreciate it!!

P.S. Much better job on the utube reel that the last defensive dude you posted!

Hey Mando

Do you think the Dolphins will try and move up in the draft? I hear alot of folks saying that Miami may trade down or even out of the first round to get extra picks in the second. Could it be possible to see Miami trade up in the first round?

J dizzle: Not to put you off, but I will discuss Miami's move-up, trade-down strategy in a separate post later this week. It'll be good stuff!

Damn, I was hoping to come in here and read a post about "Tedd Ginns Family" or a post stating that people are "drinking the kool-aid". Or maybe just a "you're wearing aqua and orange colored glasses". All very original opinions and thoughts that one can never get enough of hearing over and over,,,,,,,and OVER again. Drafting Maualuga would have to involve some kind of divine intervention. All though I would be ecstatic to have this monster on the team, there's no way he lasts that long. Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Armando is it true they are interested in Emilio Bonificio as a potential WR prospect?

Also to anyone telling us we shouldn't believe in what the Tuna is doing stop it already. No one in the world thought they would take that 1-15 nightmare and turn them into an 11-5 division winner no matter what the schedule looked like. For that alone Tuna and company get the benefit of the doubt. But knowing that young players take a couple years to develop and we are in the midst of a rebuild, 3 years is the correct amount of time before you start criticizing the progress. Without giving it time to come to fruition you are just whining about nothing.

The Dolphins like Bonificio because he actually LIKES playing on the dirt infield portion of Dolphin Stadium.

Wow - if we could get this guy, we'd be in business! Met him at the Walter Camp fanfest in New Haven CT, nice guy.

I graduated USC and thus have watched Maualuga play for 4 years. This guy is a beast and the Dolphins would be incredibly lucky to get him. I can't imagine him lasting until the 25th pick though. In he video clip they did not show the play where he almost took the UCLA QB's head off on a hit. Brutal!

Actually there is a chance he could be there though I go by the theory if we like him, he will not. I have read about his character questions but some have said he has matured since his father passed away when he was a freshman. Yes, he'd be great for us in the middle and I believe he would become the face of the defense.


nickie from the rocky movie said it best "You cant win rock, This guy will knock you into next week" I agree with hank, this guys a freak of nature...

I'm not trying to be a hater, but has Rey ever played in the cold? Also everyone needs to not get too excited (remember that's a highlight video). If u want to see a real good highlight video search Jayson Foster on youtube. We had Foster on our practice squad last season, that kid is FAST!

He has had a minor incident since the 2005 run-in. He had that moment where he crept up behind Erin Andrews while she was getting ready to do a sideline piece and he humped her from behind like he was booty dancing at a club. Aside from that, word ondascreet is USC coaches made sure to assign guys like Keith Rivers and Brian Cushing to him during road games in order to keep him out of trouble. In other words, he needed a babysitter.

Man that guy closes like a rocket!!!

I got him a babysitter he is coach SPARANO.

We are total bleeping idiots.

Armando, I don't think the Dolphins will be able to get Maulagula but the Russell kid looks like a good bet for the third or fourth round. But WTF do I know. I'm not a journalist, I just try to play one.

Mando , check on this Gort kid from T. D.T. E. S. still...thanks, also have you gotten that peabody award yet?

What's with the Omar bashing? I understand the Harvey stuff but Omar has a great blog and Armando/Omar compliment eachother very nicely. Armando is great with bringing us news and giving us cool topics to discuss and debate and Omar is awesome with player analysis and training camp/ practice reports and grade cards. Both writers provide us with some awesome stuff that we weren't able to read about in the past. Stop being immature you stupid heads. :)

the dolfins need to trade to make sure they land him. He is going to be a star in the NFL. No point in continuously getting average players. Eventually yuou will need some pro-bowlers.

If you havent seen him his movie comes out today(the movie sucked , but gort rocked) Now that's what i call a weapon.

armando is better than all of them, he has been working hard all the time for his fans every day and he's very easy guy to talk to who's going to be in great position in five years on football blog world of football and that's based on many reasons, one of them the decline of news paper.bty this is based on my deep research and smarts.

Q for Cuban, Can Dolphins sign Pro Wrestlers as football players?

Vachlito, of course they can, but why would they...


What about the fact that has been reported that Rey's wonderlic score was 15?

What i want to know is what type of status a alien from another planet would have to have to play in the n.f.l ? talk about need for a green card..We need to find out so the mighty Gort can play for the fins.. agree??

b/c they are very tricky guys when it comes to tear down a guy or flay in the air to hit the QB plus they can dance and get paid less money by the game.

Mob: The Wonderlic score is an interesting subject but it is by no means a determing factor in what kind of football player the athlete will become.

Dan Marino's score was reported to be 14-16, depending on what source you read. John Beck scored a reported 34. 'Nuff said.

I'm glad to see you commenting today Armando. You haven't been doing that much lately. Is there any possibility of the Dolphins being interested in Matt Jones? He's big, he had a good year last year and he's a free agent. I know he's been doing drugs, but the guy has his best days ahead of him IMHO.

Maybe we could give amnesty to Gort. I'm just saying.

Here is a great video of a young Bill Parcells Man that dude could play! Armando you have to post this!!!



Jame Laurinaitis w/o nearly the supporting cast of Rey Maualuga:

Q, for Armando, What are your thoughts about the believe that the drug use in the NFL will be the big story of sport world next year?

Exactly Armando. The wonderlic doesn't usually predict how good a player will turn out to be. The suprising thing is, it's usually an EXCELLENT barometer for figuring out if a QB will be able to hack it in the NFL. Reading defensive schemes on the fly takes some intelligence and problem solving abilities. I was very suprised to see that Danny scored so low. But seeing that Beck rated higher just proves my theory that the kid thinks too much and doesn't rely on natural ability and raw talent. Both are traits that Marino had in abundance.

Superfin72 . How about a video of your favorite dolphin lb from Ireland AKIN O'DELE. LOL

good news for fin fans, TOM BRADY in practice today he was able to hit his target 77 times out of 80 and that means dolphins will not go to playoff this coming season AS dreamed by fans.

Oh and also before I forget, I like wearing pink clothes and sweting to the oldies.

fin fans knows a lot about sweting to THE..........1-15

Oh and before i forgot ,i like wearing pink shots and sweting to the 1-15

I am also required by law to notify all of you that I am a registered sex offender. It involves a series of incidents involving goats chickens and poodles.

and your mama

I would love for the Phins to pick up Maualuga, even if we have to move up in the first. I think ILB is just as big, if not a bigger need than OLB in the draft, but there is less talent available at ILB. Face it, at ILB we have Ayodele, Crowder, and Torbor....When Crowder was out in the KC game, it made a big difference, our defense was affected in a big way. Ayodele is a good player, but nothing special and Torbor is average at best.

On a side note...

Does anyone remember that corny movie from the early 90's "Big Man on Campus?" It was about a hunchback named Bob Malugalugalugaluga-luga who went to college. I don't know, Maualuga's name always reminds me of that movie and I wonder if they might be related.

isn't nice to have low life on this blog......NICE, USING words only suitable for such low grade person,ALIEN MAN ANY ONE

He was pretty much unblocked that whole video. Ted Ginn Sr could play ILB if no one ever blocked him.

I wish my blog was worth a s hit.

I've said this before, but maybe we could pair John Beck with our number 25 pick to move up, at least get ahead of the Patriots at 23. They will be going after the same players as us (Pass Rushers and Secondary) and alot of the mocks I've seen have the Pats taking Maualuga at 23....

armando seems to take alien man side when alien man ask him to delete any thing he asks for but when no one run to armando to ask him to delete the sicko post armando doesn't do any thing about it as if he endorses this writing that the sicko wrote and signed under THE name Gopats at 2.58

Soulja. Who would you take ? I don't see anybody worth trading up for in that area. I'd rather trade down and get extra picks. The real value in this draft is in the 2nd Round.


armando left the post of 2.58 not deleted .my be he thinks it's oky to talk like that on his blog

NJ Phin Fan,

Yeah I agree about trading down. But I was talking about the scenario stated in this article. If the Dolphins want to get Maualuga, they would most likely have to move up. I was just stating a scenario.

I really don't care if the the Dolphins trade up, trade down, or pick at number 25. I think that there are good possibilities available with all of those options, and I am confident that the trifecta will make the right decision...the draft is what they do best. I am just excited to watch and I think we will get alot better with this years draft.

I've speculated alot about who the Dolphins will pick and when they will pick them, but I've come to the conclusion that it is pointless. Nobody really knows what is going to down and the speculation can just go on and on and on....

Based on teams needing to rebuild their defense real bad, the Broncos would have two drafting opportunities to grab Maualuga. The Lions can use a guy like that. The chances of Maualuga lasting all the way to the 25th pick are slim and more likely none. The Dolphins can use help in the middle of their defense based on Jason Ferguson's age. My inclination is to go after possibly Mississippi's Peria Jerry. Paul Soliai ain't going to cut it.


Soulja. I wouldn't trade up for Maualuga. He has alot of ? marks. He's fallen down the charts dramaticly . Top Scouts say he's on the ground way to much ( Bad angles , gambles to much ) and might be just a 2 down LB. He could be better as a MLB in the 4-3.

Some people must be kinda scared that the phins turned there game around in one year or might just be mad that they didnt win their divison like the so were guranted of at the beginning of the year!!

Gopats, you talk a lot of smack for a fan of the team that went 18 and ONE, choking in the biggest game of the year and didn't even make the playoffs last year.

Nuff said.

None of these guys will be picked Armando. Waste of time...

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