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Meet and greet with LBs Maualuga, Allen

The Dolphins will be bringing dozens of players to their practice facility this week. They'll have their top non-local players visit and then they'll get with their local players who are either from South Florida, from a Florida college, or are now living locally.

USC linebacker Rey Maualuga is among the players meeting and greeting Team Miami today, according to his representation at Premier Sports & Entertainment. San Diego State linebacker Russell Allen is also scheduled to be among the players visiting today, according to his agent Steve Caric.

Maualuga is a beast of an inside linebacker and he is an early first-round pick waiting to happen. It's likely he would be gone by the time the Dolphins select at No. 25 in the first round as San Diego, Cleveland, Denver, Kansas City, Detroit and New England, among others, have had collective eyeballs on him.

Russell, 6-3 and 230 pounds, is more of a darkhorse guy because his college team didn't get much national play. But that hasn't stopped San Diego and Chicago from conducting meetings with him already. Meetings with Oakland and Jacksonville are scheduled for next week.

Anyway, out of sheer happenstance that Maualuga is available when Miami picks -- keep in mind that could include a potential trade-up scenario -- it's good to know a little something about this guy.

First of all he is 6-2 and 250 pounds. He ran a 4.6 at his Pro Day after having hamstring issues at the Indy Combine. Maualuga is unquestionably one of the leaders of the USC defense, if not the leader. That says a lot considering the team also has Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing on its linebacker corps.

Unlike Cushing, Maualuga was on the field all three downs. Cushing is a fine player but he typically came off the field on passing downs, which makes me think he's not necessarily a first-round guy because he has not proven he's a three-down linebacker.

But I digress.

"I want to become the player that the offense gameplans around, that the offense fears coming into the game," Maualuga says in his USC bio.

Maualuga had run-in with the law in 2005 but I suppose he's matured since then as he hasn't had any known trouble lately. I'm sure that will come up during his meeting with the Dolphins if it hasn't already in previous discussions with the team.

Several things work in Maualuga's favor as a potential pick if he's on the board at No. 25 (a big assumption). He plays a position that allows players to compete and start immediately. The inside linebacker spot is one where players traditionally make a very quick transition from college to pros -- think Zach Thomas, Jerrod Mayo, Channing Crowder (although he played outside initially, then inside). If a player is talented, he can get on the field immediately.

The Dolphins love that as opposed to picking a receiver who might need to grow into starting because he's got to learn zone principles and get in synch with the QB and other things. The return at ILB is usually faster assuming the player can, well, play. 

Allen has played 48 games since arriving at SDSU in 2005 and the Dolphins love that kind of experience. Remember Bill Parcells often advises players to stay in school through their senior seasons because he thinks that makes them better and more likely to succeed in the NFL.

Anyway, Allen has played in both the 3-4 and 4-3 system and has played all the LB positions. He is versatility defined. He's also pretty athletic, having run a 4.58 40-yard dash time at his Pro Day. Allen seems to have the Parcells "makeup." He was a team captain so his leadership is solid, he led the team in tackles in 2007 and 2008 so his production is apparent.

He's a guy to keep your eyes on.

And while you're at it, keep your eyes on the following Maualuga video:


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I'm not saying the Dolphins MUST take Mauluga...just commenting on the article... There are alot of players I wouldn't mind seeing the Dolphins take at #25 or #44 at all different positions... Mathews, Cushing, English, Sintim, Brown (Everette or Cody), Nicks, Britt, Heyward-Bey, Davis, Smith, Butler, Harris, Brace, Jerry, ...I could go on for ever... Thats why I'm not really worried about who we will get, I'm sure it will be a good player, most likely the best available of those names...

Hasn't gotten into any trouble lately? Did you not see the YouTube video of him and Erin Andrews?

What happened to Vontae Davis, why did he fall down the charts so much?

O and by the way Gopats, 18-1 way to tear up that regular season! I guess thats what its all about, never mind the big dance! LoL

soulja. Agree. You forgot one guy that i want and I KNOW the dolphins would want and his name is Conner Barwin. He's going to be a star !

Pjs918. V.Davis has all the athletic ability in the world , But V Davis has a attitude problem. He was suspended and benched for not listening to coaches. He's a primadonna. He Likes to gamble way to much ( missed assignments )

J J..You know about chocking more than most fans in the world ,you have been chocking for the last 8 years and this coming year you and all fin fans will be back to the cellar of the NFL where you belong.

you can ask hayward-bey questions on NFL.com right now... its pretty intresting

has anyone heard the drug rumors about the USC LBs and some other big name prospects??? if not u should go check it out at nfldraftbible or tin shakers blog... sry mando just spreading info...

the use of drugs in nfl will be a major news this coming season.i also saw that fsudolphins13 and i saw other players names involved .

Fsudolphins13. Those turned out to be false rumors. Espn just reported that raji and his agent deny the reports. also cushing and matthews also deny the rumors. Notices for failed drug tests went out 2 weeks ago and all of the above player said that they didn't get any notices. That's why i don't pay attention to garbage like the nfldraftbible.con or any personal fan blogs.

Guys remember that the tuna went 10 and 6 w/dallas his 1st season and 5 and 11 the next, with mia. imposing schdule This upcoming yr dont be surprised at the fins going 6 and 10..

i first read about the drug accusations on NFL.com but just because someone denies using drugs doesn't mean they don't... look at barry bonds


i've yet to see where cushings, matthews, or ray have denied steroids

What about max bear jr., a.k.a jethro bodine, 6 ft 6 and dumb as a jebs sister, n.j phin fan, bheck him out.

What about max bear jr., a.k.a jethro bodine, 6 ft 6 and dumb as a jebs sister, n.j phin fan, bheck him out.

I Hear he's a parcells guy...l.m.f.a.o

Some background straight from the Coast...

About Rey Maualuga's bust four years ago: At the time the kid was a freshman. He was very close with his Dad, who was dying, and Rey had some trouble with that. I believe he got drunk at a Halloween party and then behaved poorly. It was a one-time occurrence.

About Brian Cushing being a two-down linebacker: Like most defenses, USC switches to a nickel package on passing downs, substituting an extra DB for a linebacker. We usually kept Maualuga on the field, but obviously somebody had to come out. Often that was Brian Cushing. When Maualuga was hurt, Cushing replaced him in the middle and stayed in for all three downs.

By the way, Clay Matthews didn't really play linebacker at 'SC. He was a starting defensive end. The third starting linebacker was Kaluka Maiva, who was the MVP of the most recent Rose Bowl.

About the steroid rumors: The NFL office says that no NFL teams have been apprised of the test results from the Combine. NFLbible.com, the source of the rumor, claims it got its info from an NFL team. Sounds to me as if some team that wants Cushing and/or Matthews to be available when their pick comes up is floating rumors. Brutal way of doing business... Or maybe the agent of a rival player wants his guy to go first. You gotta love agents.

Somehow I doubt Parcells would draft an SC guy anyway ... Parcells prefers guys from the Northeast, or Big Tenners.

Go Dolphins. And fight on for old 'SC!

Fsudolphins13. Reports about matthews and cushing denying the reports were all over the news a couple of daye ago ( sunday or monday ) Also ray who ? maualuga ? His name was never brought up. SS is correct in saying the nfl made a statement denying these reports and stating that the nfl nor the teams know the results. Only the independent adm. of the test know and that they sent letters to the players who tested positive 2 weeks ago.

S. S, you mean anyone coming from the "left coast" is not a " Parcells guy" again l.m.f.a.o

Wow got drunk at a halloween party at the age of 18 ? well when i was 18 everyone i knew got drunk but didnt get arrested... what kind of excuss is that?...again pick GORT

Moving up to go after Rey Maualuga would be a good move if the Dolphins don't give up to much to get him. Swaping positions with one of the teams in the mid teens and 3rd round next year or something along those lines would be good. Heres why:
Rey, though has at times had some over pursuit problems and on occasion takes bad angles, those are things coaches can correct its a aggression and technique issue that can be fixed.
You would rather have a player with over aggressive trait than someone who lacks it.
Rey, hits like you like a car wreck and wants to knock the taste out ur mouth.
Rey can play all downs and would not have to come off the field.
Rey is a playmaker and has good overall instincs who can only get better.
Their is alot of upside to Rey and adding him to the LB corps would give the Dolphins a very good group.

You mentioned Kaluka Maiva this guy can play and he's gone make a nice addition to someones team in the pro's. He lacks ideal height but so did Zach Thomas. This guy was a highlight reel during the Rose Bowl.
Regading if Parcells would take Rey... Parcells is not dum and knows a good football players, nor matter which side of the coast that player may be from I know in the past he may have stayed away from some. He would take this one (Rey)

I would never give up a 3rd rond pick to move up a few spots to draft Maualuga. Not in the draft when there's good value in the 3rd. Maualuga is not fluid dropping into coverage and can be exposed in space. He didn't play much man coverage and has trouble covering backs out of the backfield. He'd make a better mlb in the 4-3 where he can fly right to the ball carrier.

Cuban . I'd rather have gort than max bear jr.

Maualuga is very immature and has bust written all over him.

almost half of the draft players this year used drugs at well,you will never know who did what until testing then you pick your guy

NJ PHIN fan, again just speculation who and when the dolphins draft and if they trade up what they would give up. What you or I would do doesn't mean a thing. Now if you don't like Rey as a player then that's ur thing and of course you got your favorites.
But make no mistakes about it Rey Mauluga can play no matter what scheme (3-4) or (4-3).

can florida sign some sumo wrestling people for DL with 500 lb each

you move up, or you move down ,or you move to the middle,you will end at best at 8-8 and save you dream session for another year.

Forget Maualuga.....he harbors ill-will towards the Dolphins for their shabby treatment of his fellow Samoan Samson Satele & would hold-out if drafted by Parcells. This is well-known on the West Coast, you can be sure.

I Thought Maualuga had dinner with BP last month and he was told that BP is eyeing him in the draft and in return he said he would be honored to play for tuna for free

I really like Lawerance Sidbury OLB in round 3.
So if the Dolphins like Rey Maualuga then take a CB like Sean Smith, with their second round pick. Then for pick 2a they can either go after a NT or Center. Then go after Sidbury this guy can play and is as strong and as fast as anyone out there at his position. This is a good value pick for day two, Dolphins are looking for someone to replace Joey after this year and this guy would fit the bill.

All this pass rusher talk might be a smokescreen, big tuna helper might go with Darius Butler (i love his versatility) or Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt. Working out maualuga is just doing their homework, he will not be at 25.



Long shot that Maualuga will be available at #25 but how much do teams really bluff and waste time evaluating players they do not plan on taking?

as much as i would love it if they took Hakeem Nicks its just not time to pull the trigger for a WR in the first round. Remember we are in the rebuilding mode still and winning the division last year is history. Joey Porter will be gone and most likely so will the other ILB after this season so you need to adderess this now. Also there is better value at CB in the second round because they all have one issue or another and this is a deep but, average CB class. Meaning there are alot of CB's with about the same skill and talent level none of which are real first round talent. Darius Butler is moving up the charts but you can get better value for a CB in the second or later rounds.

Dolphins4life. My argument is about moving up to get Rey . I wouldn't do it. He's not that great to give up draft picks. There's a reason he dropped out of a sure fire top 10 pick. also i never said he can't play the 3-4. I said he's better suited for the 4-3 and many scouts agree. That said i agree with your cb assessment. The real value is in rounds 2-4. D. Butler is to small and not a strong player. He gets pushed around to easily by bigger and stronger wr's. He to much of a gamble at 25. I also like sidbury.

ive gotta say, u patriot followers, killl me. i guess you will have to wait till the playoffs to see who to root for next, since the dream team is about 2 suk. and for a while. their are no corners,take receivers go fins, oh ya f jim kelly

Down in the sunshine state.. going to marlins game at 12 tommarrow, going to eat some of my peoples food around 4:30 then on my way to the keys.... I love coming home...........Go phins...


oh yea, well to bad for you menace, cause im chillin just outside cleve..... for real

does any one have a clue, if penne were to be injured,are henne or beck either nearly ready? this makes me cringe


if penne gets injured we most likely won't make the post season but henne will get experience and we can see what henne has to offer, so it wouldn't be all that bad if penne were injured, as for beck i would rather let mr. perfect QB % (ronnie brown) be QB then let him cross the sideline

Jaksan, my big concern is the fat on chad henne's neck going to impede his throwing ability...

fsudolphns13, beck really look that bad? dont know much about him other than college stats. menace, is hennes neck that fat? i got to check this out

Dude, His neck has it's own area code...it can be seen from space, deep space... larger the bill(the tuna)parcell's waist size... bush decleared it a weapon of mass destruction....was decleared a 10th planet by nasa., you get the picture.

sidbury is too much of a gamble at 25, that's a joke. LOL, do u know anything about football?
im amazed how stupid some dolphin fans are

menace, haha, yesss! that area code s t was pretty good lmao. anyway seen him play a bit (northeast oh) never really cought it (jaba the neck)

Vaughn. Can you read or are you an IDIOT. Either way you sure are stupid Who said sidbury is to much of a gamble at 25 ?

Just cause my neck size is a 96 doesnt mean iam a monster , like john verrick said, iam a man..

Menace its Mickey from the Rocky movies you idiot...

Wow, he can really get to the QB when no one is blocking him!! He's also awesome at making contact once someone else has gotten to the QB first!
I'd be happy if we don't touch anyone from that school. Way too overhyped. Great at getting players drafted, not so good at molding disciplined PROS who last in the league(Reggie Bush,Leinert,Jarrett)

The Trifecta will suprise us all, that is the only certainty.

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