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One positive aspect of cutting John Beck

Nobody apparently would give even a seventh-round pick for John Beck the past month or so and the Dolphins apparently weren't convinced anyone would change their minds in the coming months leading up to training camp.

So they released him Monday.

The move does have a saving grace in that it saves the Dolphins approximately $120,000 in cap space, although they will now carry the accelaration of Beck's original signing bonus on their books. That acceleration will be about $800,000. Beck's 2009 cap number was scheduled to be approximately $918,900 before he got cut.

Beck will likely latch on with some other team. It will be interesting to me whether Baltimore (where Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator) will show any interest whatsoever.

Obviously the Dolphins didn't want to carry Beck and subtract practice repetitions from Pat White or Chad Henne or Chad Pennington.

What a waste of a second round pick.


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after all these years dolphins still cleaning the cameron mess, and then jason comes back,NICE,only in america

This is one of the main wrinkles in the wildcat we will run.

Pat White at QB
Ronnie Brown at RB either by the side of Pat White or in Ricky Williams old spot.
Ted Ginn in Chad Penningtons spot from last year.

If the D wants to stuff the run. Ted Ginn is plenty capable of stretching the field for Pat White to throw to. Plus they will have to worry about the reverse to Ted Ginn as well.

I believe we are going to see a lot more of Ted Ginn in the wildcat offense.

Drew brees is only 6 feet. If we had drafted him, I amsure most of you would be complaing


I've been around long enough to hear other Dolphin fans praise/then berate Shula, Johnson, Wanny, Saban, Camster, and now Tuna.

You folks are off your rocker if you think anyone should simply never ever be critical of Bill Parcells.

I think this regime deserves some, not all, of the blame for not being able to get anything at all out of John Beck. Is that a freaking crime to hold that opinion?

Really, the extremist views of commenters in the blogosphere bewilder me.

Most posters here would have told us that Don Strock and Jim Jensen were wastes of roster spaces until they became well ...Don Strock and Jim Jensen.

Yeeeeeeeeesssssss. ace , jet in love and gpats are in da house. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Booooooooy.!

Oh boy, look at all of the angry little Mormons runnin' around this blog trying to blame everyone but John Beck for his release! LOL!

Granted, John Beck came into a bad situation. However, it was his job to rise above it all by simply reading defenses, making the proper adjustments, completing passes, throwing touchdown strikes, and avoiding interceptions. If he does these things better than the other QB's at camp in 08' he's still on this team. He didn't show the trifecta that he belonged on the roster and now he's gone because of it. PERIOD.

It's really that simple folks. John Beck isn't good enough to remain on the roster and the rest of the league obviously agrees with the trifecta b/c they offered NOTHING for Mr. Beck.

Having said all of this, I wish John Beck good health and happiness in all his future endeavors. No hard feelings. Now move on and either continue to support your favorite football team, our beloved Miami Dolphins, OOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRR... go and crawl back to your beloved purple Wasatch Mountain home in Utah, wrap yourself in your faded and sauce stained BYU blanky, and cry yourself to sleep because your hero John Beck is currently unemployed. BOO-HOO!!! You were NEVER a true Dolfan anyway!


mr bunglito, did you ever loved a woman in you life? when was your first love and with who, a man or a woman ?

John Beck...good luck-good bye-don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Make room for the "WildPat" attack. Line him up anywhere adds a huge new dimension other teams will have to prepare for in only a week. Get ready to have some fun on offense Dolphins fans.

Nice move Parcells not making any jumps in the draft order and never panacking. Sticking with the Trifecta's draft philosophy: Knowingly anticapating Bill Belichicks' moves and counter moves and having a ace in the hole. A lot of the players Parcells got where scouted last year.

This could end up being one of the greatest draft classes for Parcells. Even if he did not find the next Lawerance Taylor. Heck he might bring back the other Taylor...But one thing is for sure, these are all Parcells type players and the Defensive back field he just put together could very well go down as one of the best.

Kolob,you sound like you are a perfect man, what else Beck should have done for your dead fish ?

can't wait to see fin fans turn on tuna and co next season, they think thry jesus christ in tuna bacala

Maybe Beck can fail forward fast with Cameron in Baltimore. To all the idiots bashing the draft, wait until these kids play b4 u down them. Give them some time. I can't stand you fair weather fans.These are the same idiots who were screaming for Jimmy Johnson towards the end of Shula's career.

I am not perfect, but I'm working towards it with the use of secret signs, handshakes, and passwords!

In addition, I regret to have to inform you that the "dead fish" you refer to are REALLY called dolphins. I further regret to have to inform you (at the risk of embarrassing a man your age) that Dolphins are NOT fish. Did you bump your head when your Jets crashed? Can you tell me what a Dolphin is, if it isn't a wittle, bitty fishy? I'll bet you can't... waiting... still waiting...

"I have pretty good evidence that the Dolphins paid no attention to the independent draft analysts (Mel Kiper, Todd Mcshay, profootballweekly, Tony Pauline) and did their analyses completely independently. Thats ok if the draft is a success, but if it isnt, then they really screwed up big time. B/c these picks were major reaches."

Yeah,you're right.The Dolphins should ignore the REAL NFL SCOUTS and listen to some talking heads on ESPN that couldnt get a job as a REAL SCOUT for any NFL team to save their life.

If Kiper is so good at scouting he wouldnt be working for ESPN for the past 25+ years,he would be working for an NFL team.

a mammal, hey i win

I was a critic of the Pat White pick. However, after further thought, I like the pick alot. P. White is a solid football player. He can throw, run, and catch. Plus, he wants to win.

I think people are not looking at the big picture on V. Davis. He is confident, and is by no means shy. Think for a second...would you really want a guy unsure of his ability guarding Moss, Welker, Evans, or Owens? Remember Sam Madison? He wasn't the quite/shy guy. He played solid ball for us. As long as Davis walks the talk, let him shout it. D. Sanders talked more than Owens, but he walked the talk, and at the end, he goes down as one of the last true shut down corners. Maybe Davis can/maybe he can't. But lets not knock OUR player until he proves himself.

No, actually, you lose! If you knew that a Dolphin was a mammal but you chose to call it a "dead fish", then you are either a liar or a moron. Therefore, you lose.

However, this should be something that as a Jet fan, you are quite comfortable with. Enjoy!

thank you Finnatic, you didn't say any thing new,now is time for bed

Gopats..where were you born?

Wow you put Carlito to shame. You are so cool. SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ELOHIM. I couldn't of said it any better. This guy had to be a member of the church of latter day saints with his defense of beck. He was in tears.LOL

Kolob, you are so mean,how you can be so rude to me when i was trying to get a long with you and felt so close to you like i knew you for looooong time.

I want to apologize for my nasty behavior against some of you. Peace.

Dfan, do you know who's your father is ?

After Vontae Davis (who is a headcase) and Sean Smith, this draft looks horrific on paper. Not only what positions they drafted, but the players as well.

I bet you if all this works out you'll be suckin Tuna and eating Tuna Helper with a side of Sporano.

In TUNA I Trust!!!

Dunky , my father is your father too. We are brothers, dude. I mean Gopats.

Dfan, that's not what your mama told me.

Oral Roberts, you are correct! He had to be LDS. For some reason the LDS around here get quite pissy when something negative unfolds in the football careers of their beloved BYU stars. They get a little extra sassy with you if you don't support their guy as if that's some kind of knock on their religion or something! I don't get it. I'm glad Beck is gone because he can't help the Miami Dolphins win, not because he's a Mormon.

Beck is gone because he can't hang with the big boys. If he can, he'll prove it somewhere else.

nickizi, are you as stupid as what you write. bigoted clown? wtf is that?

Posted by: jed | April 27, 2009 at 10:54 PM

He just got his terminology mixed up. What he meant to say is that you're a disrespectful jerk.

"Lady Beck"? Grow up.


stating the obvious wrote:
"Beck is a good example of a rookie thrown into the mix to early on a team without the supporting cast to help him and not so good coaches..... Wish him well, he does have skills and hopefully will get another chance."

BS!!! Beck is a prime example of someone being drafted 5 rounds ahead of time and told he was the air apparent to Dan Marino.

PS..Beck has zero skills. He didn't learn ANYTHING in two mini camps, two training camps, two pre-season schedules and two regular season schedules.

The guy totally sucked!!!

beck wasn't that bad. lets remember steve “ i cant put a sentence 2gether” young was last byu qb to make it in the nfl. and only then due to a great defense o line unheard of mobility for a qb at the time and oh yeah JERRY RICE! beck had nothing to work with. who cares if he cries ive seen many many nfl players cry after a huge win or a bad loss. these guys are human 2 unlike most of you. as for pat white he will destroy defenses out of the wildcat! nobody has mentioned play action to ricky or ronnie then hitting ginn deep. funny how most bash the turner pick yet ALL b4 the draft swore we needed a big redzone target we get one and yet you complain. sounds like your terminally unhappy. go root 4 the raiders ya traitors!

well, well, well, I get home from work and what do I see? ...John Beck has been cut...what a surprise... they would have traded this dude for a box of dixie cups if they could... thanks alot Cam Cameron...

i want jay fiedler back.

John Beck's PERFORMANCE + 2nd RD SALARY is the reason nobody would throw a 7th rd pick at him. Blaming it on Ireland's passive aggressive response LAST WEEK is a reach.

I've never heard anyone say Beck was too short to play QB?? The criticism always centered around his age (29 when ready to start). And Quinn 1st with a plethera of WR's to pick @ 2 was WAY BETTER than Ginn 1 & Beck 2.

Plain & Simple, Parcells knows how to pick players based on how they'll perform in the NFL. Kiper & I evaluate players based on what they did in college.

fiedler was a warrior! injuries a not to great pass protection o line and subpar free agent castoffs cept 4 chambers doomed jay. not 2 mention having his replacement brought in every few months. he tried making plays he had no business attempting just to keep his job.

Are you kidding? Fiedler was mr. int...

i remember how sweet marcus vick was to. pat white, haaa!

yeah he threw alot o picks at times how many were due to no seperation from wrs and getting blitzed whenever they didnt pound lamar smith? not to mention poor route running receivers?

Rico Suave, Marcus Vick does not even compare to Pat White...

Pat White has the most rushing yards of any qb in NCAA history
Only Qb to ever win 4 bowl games
34-8 career record

The guy is a winner... Marcus Vick was a loser... He had a horrible attitude too...

Everyone lists White as a Qb/Wr... I think he is more of a Qb/Rb... His rushing stats aside, If you watch some footage of him, he takes alot of snaps out of the shotgun and runs the ball... Its like he's in an uncreative version of the wildcat already!! He is 6'0 197... that is closer to the typical Rb size than Wr

sammo, fiedler was a warrior, ints,yes. but man he played with heart.

souljah,your right. pat white is slick. just rockin the boat man, marcus sucked.

marcus vick? wow you have no business comparing white to vick! what did vick do in college compared to white? did he even go to a bowl game that counts? saban was an idiot who equated plug and play in college must be the same as nfl. when he signed boston and culpepper he clearly was building miami like it was a madden game roster .

How long until Percy Harvin gets turf toe from playing in the dome in Minnesota? I say preseason week 3... anyone else?

rico your the man! now lets see if we can get your music career back on track. im quite the talker! lol. do you remember the raiders game jay got knocked out and yet stayed on the field despite mcknight trying to force him to the sidelines. i do believe jay scored the winning rushing td in that game.

I would say John Beck ranks slightly above the pitiful Ray Lucas and slightly below punk a$$ A.J. Feely on the list of shameful Dolphins QB's

he (fiedler) would rush for his life, but also had some talent.

harvin will be lucky to last thru preseason. the guy is fragile reggie bush . yes he can accelerate like bush but he doesnt have tebow the holy hammer distracting defenses. peterson will help but im thinking sage will hinder both rbs production.

I would say that John Beck ranks slightly above the pitiful Ray Lucas and slightly below the punk a$$ A.J. Feely on the list of shameful Dolphins Qb's...

sanchez got booed big time by jets fans already at the draft. not good, bust city i hope.


Cam ruined him by playing him so early.

1-Fake Gm your an idiot. You want your team to base there draft on mel kiper and oher MOCK draft experts. You joking rite.

2- Why is everyone hating on john beck just because he never panned out dosnt mean he is a bad person. Just grow up and hope the best for him.

Ron in Charlotte: "We have a freaking solid O-line now. Smiley is healthy."

You have no such thing. The rap on Smiley when he was signed proved to be true last year: he's injury prone. Jake Grove was a backup on another team. Donald Thomas is an unknown quantity coming off an injury. The tackles are solid, not spectacular although one expects Long to be even better than last year.
That's it.
In a division where Bellichick and every other defensive coordinator has had a long off season to study the Wildcat that's not nearly enough to expect continued success from that formation.

Football will always come down to how effectively one group of linemen is at pushing another group of linemen from the line of scrimmage. Until the Fins can prove they can do that they'll be stuck, STUCK, with the wildcat in order to generate points.

MrMikeJohnson: "I think he's going to do a little of everything in the Wildcat. His main position in the wildcat will be QB...He's definitely a threat to throw. He's actually a very good passer....White will line up at both Ronnie's position and Pennington's position."

But why replace the extremely accurate Pennington who had no receivers with a 6'0 QB who'll be throwing to essentially the same group? And while he's more of a threat to run than Pennington the question remains as to whether he'll pose enough of a threat throwing to an underwhelming receiving corps in a league unforgiving of short QB's. Drew Brees & Jeff Garcia are the exceptions not the rule when it comes to QB height.

Putting White in Brown's position is even less promising since it's hard to see him as half the threat Brown has been given the offensive line. Brown's 230; White's 190. Who's more likely to break tackles while running in heavy traffic? So replacing Brown in the formation would, to my thinking, lessen the threat to defenses.

Moreover, my bet is that defenses, especially Bellichick's, will have caught up with the Wildcat negating White's expected effectiveness from the formation.

Beck was set up for failure coming in to lead a team is dissaray.. I wish i would of seen more of him. He will be a solid clipboard holder where ever he goes. I say probably cincy or dallas.


Another positive aspect??


Now he can concentrate on getting his insurance licensing done for his future career at Northwestern Mutual or Charles Schwab or whatever...

Beck will be fine. With his talent, he will hook up with a West Coast offense somewhere and take off. Just give him a little time.

Parcells has said he wants competition at every level. He has achieved that now with the addition of Pat White. There was no competition with Henne at QB with Beck here.

I wish John Beck nothing but the worst. He played a major part in destroying this franchise. I hope his wives divorce him.

Beck could also land in San Diego which 1) employs Randy Mueller and 2) runs an offensive scheme similar to Cameron's.

Regardless, John Beck was, is, and will never be a waste of pick because he was the first Day 1 QB the Dolphins selected since Dan Marino. Think about that, this team went 24 years between using a significant draft pick on a QB. They had to start somewhere and, given the realities of the NFL, the chances that they wouldn't get it right were about 50%.

As I have said elsewhere, John Beck will always represent that shining moment when the Dolphins organization finally grew a pair and decided it was time to get their own QB instead of trading for someone else's. Remember, the hero doesn't always ride off into the sunset with the girl, sometimes he ends up on the wrong end of the lightsaber.

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