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One positive aspect of cutting John Beck

Nobody apparently would give even a seventh-round pick for John Beck the past month or so and the Dolphins apparently weren't convinced anyone would change their minds in the coming months leading up to training camp.

So they released him Monday.

The move does have a saving grace in that it saves the Dolphins approximately $120,000 in cap space, although they will now carry the accelaration of Beck's original signing bonus on their books. That acceleration will be about $800,000. Beck's 2009 cap number was scheduled to be approximately $918,900 before he got cut.

Beck will likely latch on with some other team. It will be interesting to me whether Baltimore (where Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator) will show any interest whatsoever.

Obviously the Dolphins didn't want to carry Beck and subtract practice repetitions from Pat White or Chad Henne or Chad Pennington.

What a waste of a second round pick.


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Beck never got a fair shake between camoron and now the know it all regime. The real wasted pick was pat white.

What a waste of a 2nd round pick? I hope we're not saying that about Henne and White in a couple years. In Becks defense - he was never really a starter and never really got a chance here. I am still perplexed by signing White so early, it makes me feel like the Dolphins still don't know what they want to do on offense.

I do not get some of these posts ripping the selctions of Smith and Davis. We play Randy Moss and Terrell Owens twice a year and not too mention Lee Evans has beaten us up many time as well and Welker too.

Who remembers the 2nd game against the Patriots when Jason Allen was repeatedly getting torched by Randy Moss and our supposed best cornerback Will Allen was never switched over onto him?

Now with Smith and Vontae Davis's size at least we have a a chance of someone matching up physically with those receivers.

I am sure all the people who are ripping apart Smith and Davis are the same people who called for Jason Allen's head the day after New England dropped 40 on us.

Here's the deal. I like this draft-they went out and filled needs. DT-They got the giant DT from Jacksonville before the draft for a seventh round pick.Nobody wants to talk about that it seems. I read his bio and he is the real run stopper to replace Ferguson. Maybe Also-DT is a strong position in next years draft. I love the all the picks. JT will be a stop-gap fill in when he signs within the next week.
You have to give the Trifecta some credit as I feel that two of their college free agents last year made the team-Bess and Carpenter- and two trades with Dallas brought back three quality starters-Fasano, Ferguson and Adeyele. They got Polite, Walden and London without a draft pick being surrendered. That is some great work. They got bigger on the offensive line this year and brought in Wake to help Porter. BY retaining so many starters will ci\ut dowm on the learning curve for newcomers and allow both the offensive units and defensive units to gel much quicker this year.
They set up the QB position for the next 5-6 years. Stop blasting them-give them time-they surely deserve it.

One last thought Mando. With Miami's selection of Pat White in round two, do you not think that took away any leverage that the Trifecta had in later rounds to trade Beck and get at least something back? Early on the were talking a 5-6 rounder. Do you not think that they could have recieved a 6-7 if they consummated the trade before the draft and before they took White?

Please comment about Graham Harrell not being chosen as well as SI's Peter King's love affair with Brian Hartline?

Does anyone know about the free agent we got after the draft named Chris Williams (He's a wide reciever). He had great numbers, but he's only 5'8" TALL, AND 163 LBS. Just wondering If anyone knew more about him! Thanks!

let the "WILDPAT" experience begin!!!


Can you please update us on the JT situation...even just your thoughts?

Also for all the guys and girls posting here... complaining about the way the Dolphins drafted how many of you had complaints about last year’s draft?? I recall the posts last year were quite similar (lots of BS complaints from non experts crying over who we selected) and as it turns out we were able to incorporate enough of those players to go 11-5... So why are you questioning the draft we had this year? Who would you have selected in the positions we were in (you must use available players at the time we drafted) let’s see how you do...

BTW I hate the word DOLFANS... (Change it to the Miami Maniacs or something) Mando please assist in getting that changed!! And while you’re at it the song is pretty third grade as well...

Lastly we have the best blogging on the Internet; I’m impressed with the knowledge (MOST) poster's have!!

2009 - 10-6 - Division Champs again...???

Unfortunately, I was one of the few here that predicted that Miami would get nothing for Beck. His situation from day one was completely mishandled. The guy was thrown to the wolves on a lousy team with no prior development early on. With his poor performance and barely making the team LAST season, why would any NFL team throw the Fins a draft pick when it was easy to predict his early exit out of Miami? And that was BEFORE Pat White.

Only they Patriots could pull that off!

How many rookie quarterbacks would have done well after being given less than two weeks of repetitions with the first-team offense, in the 11th week of a winless season, behind a depleted offense? That, unfortanately, was the beginning of the end for Beck, who was an amazing college quarterback but was not given the proper preparation before being thrown to the wolves in Miami. I hope he excels somewhere else.

Hey fake GM:

Here is what another "draft expert" had to say about Pat White:

Miami already had an effective Wildcat package, but this move makes it even more dangerous. As Jon Gruden said to me, "If the Wildcat back can really throw, then the defense has real problems." White can really throw.

This is from Pat Kirwan. Also Mike Mayock was very high on this move. IMO Mayock and Kirwan are generally better and more accurate than Kiper and McShay. You know who is also better at assesing talent than those 2? Parcells and Ireland.

As for Beck, I liked him but he was over valued coming out of BYU. He played in a weaker conference against lesser competition and could not adjust to the speed of the NFL. I am not sure he ever will. He appears to be a good person and I feel bad for him but from a football point of view, he just was not going to make it.

Drew Brees is 6'0", Garcia is barely 6'1", Doug Flutie was 5'10". So enough of you idiots saying its not possible for Pat White who is just over 6 foot to pass several times a game out of the Wildcat. If he was going to start and throw 40 plus passes, then you could at least make an arguement. The guy is a playmaker and can pass.

Lady Harold, sorry to offend your sweetie.

NJ Phin fan and souljah, etc, what do you people do in your life other than comment on this blog? Curious.

Sign JT!

We all need to stop thinking that Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay have all the right answers when it comes to players. They are at best, maybe 50% accurate when it comes to predicting players and their potential......hint J Russell for Oakland, Brady Quinn for Browns, Tony Mandarich for Packers, Ryan Leaf for Chargers, just to name a few. They were rated high and turned into nightmares! V Davis may have some issues, but they are all correctable, and this regime will tame him. Pat White is a hidden weapon and he will make our offense unpredictable! S Smith is GIANT DB who will help cover R Moss and T Owen. Hartline is an A Gonzales from the Colts, plus he loves special teams. I think we did good, not great, but I trust this regime's analysis more than any so called expert. The experts do not know exactly what will fit with Miami, they only assume they do!

Just a hint to you idiots here - Kiper rated players like Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, John Beck high and didnt think much of guys like Zach Thomas, Tom Brady, Terrell Davis and Jason Ferguson (who tuna took in 7th round). Man let these players at least run a drill before you blast this draft. By the way, the only one in all of this conversation currently in the Hall of Fame is Bill Parecells. I think he and his people get the benefit of the doubt.

There was NO value to Beck. He was a 3rd string QB who is 28 years old, played 4 games as a starter (all losses) and looked lost doing it. If there was anything more than a case of G2 on the table for him at anypoint in the last year Parcells and Company would have pulled the trigger. The people gripping about Beck being cut are probably the same ones that were upset that Eddie Moore (Wannie 2nd Rounder) was cut as well...

The "experts" say Davis has character issues, so what.... Some of you may not remember all the way back to '83 what a fine year it was. There was this QB the Fins drafted near the end of the first round. What was his name? OH YEAH MARINO!!!! The only reason he dropped, "character issues".

Judge not lest ye be judged


At least he knows the difference between a looser and a loser.

the way i see it any draft can suck until the players drafted prove it on the feild

John Beck is only 27

I might be wrong but didnt steve young win TWO superbowls w/o Jerry Rice? Also I love the people who think Mel Kiper word is god! That also goes for McShay as well! I remember Ron Jarowski saying that he saw so much raw talent outta pat whie at combine IN THE QB POSITION! I think he knows a lil bit more than 2 idiots on ESPN who think that they know anything and everything about every player, team, and team needs....SPARE ME! Let everything unfold see where are in December! Also, Whats this I hear we brought another QB named Nate Longshore or something to rookie minicamp? (we didnt sign him i do beileve)

Ken, you hit it right on the head with your post.

everything about cutting beck is positive....he sux!

jason taylor back in FLA.......bye the end of the week....chad henne to start as QB by the 4th game of the season....Fins back in the play-offs this year by beating the steelers at the end of the season and make it to at least the second round.....

Good point about Kiper and McShay...wasn't it Mel Kiper that said Matt Hasselback was a waste of a pick in the 6th round and that Mike Williams would be a hall of famer?
These guys do their research, but they have no clue what each player will bring to the individual TEAM and how they will fit there...im not saying we completely disregard what they have to say b/c they do provide a lot of good analysis on each player, but it should all be taken with a grain of salt. I think Pat White was completely underhyped and will surprise a lot of people. If Parcells and co. took him that early its b/c they have a plan set in place for him already...these aren't the type of people that make decisions on impulse, you can believe that.

I say White and Penningotn will share the load at QB this year, at 70-30 in favor of Pennington.

Jesus H. Christ

It's not like Pat White is replacing Pennington, White will probably end up running the WildPat instead of Pennington but Chad will play over 70-80% of the plays on offense. Now if Penne gets hurt thats different, but the Trifecta will create a package for White.

This is the next move to not only upgrade the Wildcat but spreads the field form sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. Yeah Belichick and the Patsies might of caught up to the Wildcat last year. Now with White running it that's something that all defenses will have to prepare for and not being able to stack the line of scrimage will open everything up.
White is an offensive coordinators' dream and defensive coordinators' worst nightmare.

Dolphins O-line is going to be very good this year. They would have had another year together most of them. Donald Thomas will show why Parcells drafted and believe's that he's a god-send. Another probowl season for Jake Long, and another year under the conditioning and strength program and this O-line is gonna open up some holes alot of them.

But the secondary is gonna be special, and sooner rather than later. Davis who was labled a head case, the Parcells regime would not have taken him if they thought he was, or at least they that they can coach him and he will continue to not only get better but become a future probowler. He has all the tools to be a good one like, Sean Smith. But one difference is that Davis is a better more aggresive tackler on run defense. Sean Smiths' strengths is playing man to man at the corner. And has the speed to go down field with most recievers and closes well on the ball.
But the guy who is going to be good and will battle for a strating position is Chris Clemons.
Clemons 6-0, 208 lbs had 94 tackles and two interceptions last season. He is considered one of the fastest players in the draft, and was clocked at 4.33 at the NFL Combine. He started every game of his last three seasons at Clemson and was a strong tackler with 323. He’ll have a chance to be a special-teams contributor immediately. A true value pick for the Dolphins.
Nice job Trifecta nice job.

Well said Luis!

Cuban Menace. Your postes last night about nj phin fan being an " ENIGMA" and " you can't stop nj phin fan , you can only hope to contain him " were priceless. Good One ! LMAO .

Hey Iowa Phin Fan:

I agree with what you said but Steve Young has only won 1 superbowl and that was with Jerry Rice.

Dolphins just signed this guy an undrafted free agent named Brennan Marion out of Tulsa University guy has major homerun threat written all over him. Injured at the start of the GMC bowl, this guy has speed to burn. Check out his stats: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=237457
Might be another gem for Parcells, the way Davon Bess was last year but even faster. Wait and see...

I know what I am doing. You knuckleheads can continue to whine or trust in me. Beck needed to go. Chad Henne is the future. Pat White will help as a 3rd down type of guy.

Well as the saying goes you win some and you lose some. Also, sometimes Cam Cameron (I call him the Gobbler) is your head coach and makes your favorite team draft a 26-year old Mormon with a 2nd round pick. I will be the first one to admit I was convinced John Beck was going to be the savior of the Dolphins. I was drinking the kool-aid that year. Trent Green would be awesome and then seamlessly hand over the reigns to John Beck midway through the season. Thank the heavens that the football Gods do not curse the Dolphins like they do other teams. Sure we went 1-15 the year Beck was drafted and Cleo Lemon was far and away our best QB but that led to The Gobbler getting fired and Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano coming in to help turn things around.

John Beck represents a lot of things to me. Not only is he one of the last remaining ties to the Cam Cameron era Beck gave me a glimpse of what several years of constant mismanagement and ineptitude can do to a fan's psyche. I was ready to believe that John Beck was the answer to all of the Dolphins woes. Now I kind of know why Lions, Redskins, Jets, Bears, and Browns fans think the way they do. When you're bad for so long you lose all perspective. You can see other teams doing succesful things but it's still so easy to get suckered in to believing that a move that you know isn't going to help the team might actually end up saving your team. It's a terrible affliction and I truly sympathize with fans of those teams...to an extent.

The Dolphins going 11-5 last year was the most miraculous season of my Dolphins loving life. It completely restored my faith in the game of football and coupled with the Patriots going 18-1 the year before was just a marvelous indicator that there are certain unalterable rules that can't be broken. I picked the Miami Dolphins as my favorite team because when I was a kid I was intrigued by the legends of Dolphins past (Csonka, Griese, '72 team) while simultaenously I was able to watch Dan Marino and Don Shula dominate teams. Let me put this in perspective a little more. The Dolphins have a total of FIVE losing season since the merger in 1970. THREE of those losing seasons came in the past five years. Think about that. To see the Dolphins go 1-15 was beyond painful and was the culmination of a team that didn't know what it was doing for about 5-6 years. Cutting ties with a major player from that year in Beck represents a whole hell of a lot more to me than just wasting a second round pick. It represents that I team I love and will love forever is finally back on track. It's a good feeling.

Yeah Ken your right! He has three of them but he was back up for Montana my bad! Got the two confused!

every team in the league knew the dolphins would have to cut beck eventually with the drafting of pat white

beck will be picked up by Denver, Minnesota, S.F., or Belicheat in NE so he can try to squeeze info out of him on our playbook.

White will not just be a 3rd guy? Why draft someone with the 44th pick if he just gonna be in on 3rd downs? That comment makes no sense!

John Beck was cut now so that he could not giveway any information about the new ways the Dolphins are going to run the wildcat offense, if he is picked up by another (Patriots) team.

Big O, Kiper, McShay and Chris Berman hate the Pat White pick. 'Nuff said, season's over.

I'm a loser baby wo why don't you kill me.

Beck has all the tools necessary to be successful in the NFL. He'll be starting for someone within 5 years.

MANDO, what is the latest with JT...Patsies are saying he will probably go there. Tell me it isn't so...

Hey Paul:

In five years Beck is going to be at retirement age.

IN five years it will be 2014--in other words, two-years past the Mayan end of the world.

Paul is right. I doubt very much if anyone wants to pickup an inexperienced 30 yr old QB.

Sorry, I ment stating the obvious was right.

Big O, Kiper, McShay and Chris Berman hate the Pat White pick. 'Nuff said, season's over.

Kiper and Mcshay are over paid opinionaters. Big O is Rush Limbaugh in drag. Chris Berman's has always been a Fin hater and a clown.

Sounds to me like the Fins should have a very great season in 09!


My question in all this is where does this leave Chad Henne. If Pat White is going to play and Pennington is playing, and not on the trading block, unless the phins call White a WR then Henne is the #3 QB and the phins have apparently lost confidence in him. Making him no better of a pick than John Beck. So I guess my question is do the phins plan on bringing Henne along sooner than next year and cutting ties with Pennington (remember we did grab two receivers to stretch the field, and penny cant) or maybe Henne isn't living up to expectations and maybe he's on the block as well.

Hey Nick Saban:

Pat White is not going to be listed as a qb on the roster. Henne is still clearly the no. 2 if not no. 1 qb on the roster. White may develop into an NFL caliber qb but he is no where near where Henne is in terms of development of the prototypical NFL qb skills. White is clearly going to be used in the wildcat formation to spread the field and create mismatches. By all accounts Henne is the qb of the future and as been reported recently the future may be sooner rather than later. Remember Henne is supposed to get the majority of the snaps in pre-season. Remember also they had Henne working out all the WRs leading up to the draft.

Think of Pat White more as a running back with a good arm and qb skills...that will be closer to his role in the Dolphins offense this year...

Rumor has it that Bill Parcells knew he was going to pick Pat White all along (for months) and that White was the only player that he really wanted out of this short on talent draft...

Think of Pat White more as a running back with a good arm and qb skills...that will be closer to his role in the Dolphins offense this year...

Rumor has it that Bill Parcells knew he was going to pick Pat White all along (for months) and that White was the only player that he really wanted out of this short on talent draft...

John Beck is a class act and has the potential to be a great NFL quarterback. He never had a chance with the situation he was given. I hope that he will land with a team that will give him a real opportunity. I watched him play in college and he was one of the best college quarterbacks that I have ever seen. He is a real playmaker and will show it in the right situations.

Beck should land on his feet with a team that offers him a chance to prove himself.

I appreciate your article on Boldin. Who would not be encouraged re: the coming season with Jason Taylor and Boldin wearing Dolphins uniforms?

Is NFL Europe still in operation? John Beck could probably get a job over there...

" John beck has the potential to be a GREAT NFL qb " LEON. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

John Beck couldn't handle a snap, much less win a game...

A little off topic, the paragraph below was posted on a Philedelphia Eagles blog:

Leroy Hill (LB) Unrestricted free agent

But there's no doubt that Hill will have some suitors. At just 26, and coming off an 84-tackle season in 2008, he will draw interest from a few teams with the cap space and the roster need at outside linebacker. The Miami Dolphins waited until the seventh round to grab an outside linebacker and they may show some interest in Hill. On the other hand, before the draft weekend, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland instructed Jason Taylor that they would negotiate with him after the draft if the team didn't select a pass-rusher. Officially, Ireland tells the Palm Beach Post that the team has yet to discuss a Taylor signing, but since the only player taken by the team at either linebacker or defensive end was seventh-rounder J.D. Folsom, there's a strong possbility that Taylor returns for his farewell tour in Miami, and this might take the 'phins out of the Hill sweepstakes depending on Taylor's compensation.

I hope we sign L. Hill!!

This is a bit off topic also, but did anyone catch Rex Ryan being interviewed on draft day by ESPN? Dude looked like he had swallowed a small farm animal. What a pig. He reminds me of that over-stuffed blow hard Berman, who I agree is a phin hater. His opinion on Pat White along with Kiper's and McShay's, means nothing. Several former NFL coaches and scouts universally agree it was brilliant and they will be proven right.

The only picks that will not make the active roster and contribute will be Hartline and Folsom, although both may survive as special teams players. Everyone else will prove to be either immediate starters (V. Davis) or future starters (S. Smith, Clemens, Nalbone, P. Turner). Belismurf and the rest of the division, Rectal Ryan and Dick Jamoron, are in for a long season. Out.

Khalif Mitchell is a guy Id like to see us sign since Denver beat us to Chris Baker.

" dude looked like he swallowed a small farm animal " LMAO. YA THINK ?

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