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One positive aspect of cutting John Beck

Nobody apparently would give even a seventh-round pick for John Beck the past month or so and the Dolphins apparently weren't convinced anyone would change their minds in the coming months leading up to training camp.

So they released him Monday.

The move does have a saving grace in that it saves the Dolphins approximately $120,000 in cap space, although they will now carry the accelaration of Beck's original signing bonus on their books. That acceleration will be about $800,000. Beck's 2009 cap number was scheduled to be approximately $918,900 before he got cut.

Beck will likely latch on with some other team. It will be interesting to me whether Baltimore (where Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator) will show any interest whatsoever.

Obviously the Dolphins didn't want to carry Beck and subtract practice repetitions from Pat White or Chad Henne or Chad Pennington.

What a waste of a second round pick.


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i saw tuna interviewed on Espn before the draft and he looked like a small farm himself not like he ate a small farm animal,can't wait to see HENNE suck in action next year for pat white to take over.

Voldomore, cameron and nick satan ,how did they look like to you when they were making history with dolphins ?

after all the talk about this draft,you guys still have sweet dreams of Jason at night ?

sanchez said on the 3rd day let there be LIGHT!!

HEY jets rock i also like to think of baby sanchez like in a tuxedo shirt, u know like he is trying to be formal but still cool, like im here to party at the same time u know what i mean?

sanchez ain't gonna do crap! did you see how he trailed off last year? and that was with all day to throw . i take it you are a leinert fan? look how he has turned and he was WAYYYYYYYY more accomplished than sanchez. more like baby sanchez wrapped up by porter and wake then strapped to a strecher

no , i don't know what you mean Volvdomore, all i know is Sanchez will take your women and will be your new Papi'

fins+jason= 5-11

who is this voldomore u keep mentioning. Sanchez Will destroy u and ur short jersey wearing porter tied in a knot at the chest.

Sanchez is kind as he is divine.

just like favre did huh? by the way goodman thanks brett 4 making him look so good and landing his biggest deal ever wit the broncos.

look sammo i like u, please if its one thing u dont want to start talking about is quaterbacks, because i dont want to open wounds.

Sanchez is the man, not Henne the fruad,wait until he starts playing and replacing him w/the new Beck,Pat White tghen mama jason come dancing down the field to kiss his daddy sanchez

in the last 10 years fins had the worst ever QB in NFL history and a record of 1-15 under the worst coaches in history , they were until we gave them tuna the clowns of the NFL;

sanhito tu papito,best post i ever seen last one you wrote,the down side thought ,you show the dolphin clowns how to write in a calssy way.

i am baffled by the hatred, this is the thanks the jets get after we give u franchise qb that gives u a crown, instead of embracing him u hate him and want to replace him. I just dont get u guys.

Get over it. It's not like Beck was the Dolphin's 1st bad draft pick. Remember John Bosa, Eric Kumerow, or Yatil Green?

sanchito, picture this, next year they push chad out,then Henne does well for 2 games then he starts to suck , then Pat White comes to the rescue but needs time to learn and then all fans become hungry for some to blame and that's when Ireland gets fired and tuna moves on .

p.s ,sanchez will have your women and your Papi

ohh i think i get it (san pamp picc sanchez) since they had a winning season the fans and the franchise are acheing to go back to a loosing season so they kick a good qb out and do a bad draft because god forbid u have another wining season in miami.

this whole sanchez joke. i cant believe i let it fire me up, 1 year starter? please, plus i think it was souljahbeats that said it best wait till the press starts in on him, the media is going to rape his young inexperienced a#@. then the impatiant jet fans start to wonder, dude its already a mess. i dont blame jet fans for being exceited, but anough for know. you will hope we trade you white in 2 years. ha. also great post noah, feel that.

The Menace Is on the web, whats going on in the phin world ?

also, if the phins had such a bad draft, what team was to have had the best?

Beck never got a real chance to play... and when he did he played behind the worse offensive line... but hey such is life in the NFL.
What are the chances of the dolphins picking up E. James????
Would be nice to have Brown, Ricky, James & Cobbs + Parmele. Not a bad bunch...... hope we get him ASAP, before New England does....

Joe. Miami doesn't need E.James and parmalee is on the ravens.

also NE signed fred taylor. they don't want james.

Lamenting Parcell's failure to follow Kiper's advice?????

Fake GM is the Real Arawak.

He MUST be Jests fan, as NOONE is this stupid.

We don't need James, why is that, cause Brown is such an amazing RB?.... please get real we have a bunch of mediocre backs James is older but a punishing one at that.....

at this point, ricky's as good as james, maybe better.

What's joe , I mean many me. LOL

Sanchez the savior. LOL. He will be exposed as the fraud that he really is. No comparison to Henne. Henne=4Year starter, Sanchez sat behind mediocre JD Booty and played all of one year. Tannenboob is a bumbling idiot along with the rest of the pathetic Bi-Plane franchise. Get it thru your thick heads, the Bi-planes have always been and will always be losers. Miami will own them for the next 10 years.

well i guess i would be as salty. jets front office sent us penne, we did not steal him. favre rocks!!!

IMO If White lines up at QB then you in stall a 3 WR/2 RB offense, If Henne is QB, 1 Te, 3WR, 1 Rb because White is also a RB. ( I did not count white into that mix. Anyway you see it, Penny comes off the field.

But thats just my opinion...I just wanty to go back to the SB

James is done. Period. Always fun to get feedback from jets fans and always amazing that you folks answer them!!!!! "if you ignore them, they will go away" They screwed up last year and they know it. So now they will try to play the Sanchez card to irritate you folks. I think he will be fine in a few years and was a good choice by the Jets but as of now the Pats are the class of the AFC. NY is a 3rd or 4th place team in our division. We can beat the pats though. Our schedule sucks but if Henning works w/ White and we time our suprises in the wildcat/spread.......

AFC East 2009 Standings
Pats 11-5
Phins 9-7
Bills 9-7
Jets 7-9

this is my completely non-bias opinion

AFC East is coming back to being a force in the NFL!!!!!

Beck himself was not a disaster. He has potential. What WAS a disaster is how Cam Cameron handled that one season. It was unfair to throw Beck into the starting job with only two weeks notice, considering he was barely getting any reps in practice with the first team.
I wish Beck the best of luck.

everyone panics, but remember that it is very methodical that first year you start building from the interior, and the second year you start building with coverage, swiftness, and SPEED. Remember Davis will cover Smith will add depth or cover, and Pat will add speed or a dynamic which we need; therefore, from a 1 and 16 to a 11 and 5, I believe that we should let the pros do their jobs!!!!!

miami just needs more depth at nt and more depth at lb or just needs to sign jason taylor.

I think its funny that the Jets have a new "saviour" every year...

when you have been losing as long as the jets have any light no matter how dim sticks out like a lighthouse at midnight. sanchito yes after marino our qbs havent been well marino. i like pennington but he severly limits our offense. if we were built ta pound like pitt pennington could start at a highlevel 2 myb 3 mre years. mia is not and that isn't the team bp is building. he wants a wide open score from anywhere offense not a grind it out offense. im glad im liked but come on you guys are on our team site what do you want me 2 do speak nicely of the jets? the 70s we had griese . success. early 80s woodley success 4 a time . 83 ta 99 marino. nuf said. 00 and on fiedler had a 3000 yard season and a division crown his 1st year as a starter. success 4 a time. feeley b.griese c. lemon beck green horrible . culpepper was rushed an not healthy. he doesn't count. and we got more out of pennington than you guys ever did. so go ahead and open a wound. miami s overall success compared 2 the jets will stitch it right up.

I hope we sign more acorns that have fallen from trees

Did someone just criticize Parcells and Ireland because they didn't listen to MEL KIPER?

My God.

Beck, I think, is done. He was destined to be a third QB at best, a Ken Dorsey type, and it doesn't seem like he's got what it takes to be an extra QB coach the way Kenny was. It's a shame, Cameron's idiocy had a lot to do with what happened to him, but it's time to move on.


I AM starting a movement to bring Beck and Jason back, we can't allow this to happen. we love Beck and Jason like we never loved before.love from the first minute they landed in south florida.

i think it's funny that fins have 1 good year every 12 years.

i wouldnt mind jt coming back. can you imagine him porter wake and roth out there at the same time.very confusing for offenses.

Good riddance to Beck and good draft for the Fins.
The team addressed one of their most pressing needs with Davis, who should start from Day 1, and it might have landed a pair of diamonds in the rough with Pat Turner and Pat White. The Hartline pick I don't get, unless Miami plans to use him as a kick returner. Seems to be yet another in a line of overrrated receivers to come out of Ohio State.
One of them, unfortunately, continues to underachieve in Miami.

John Beck is not an acorn, we are not interested in him because of this.

Now that Jeff Ireland has informed us that Jason Taylor is an acorn that has fallen from a tree, I say we must pick him up. That is if he passes his physical and is confirmed as an acorn that wants to go to training camp.

sammo,may be confusing for you but not to other teams, do you know how jason will line up between wake and roth ?

I think trying to picture what back country Jed looks like is funny...

I also think it is fun to try to guess how many JT posters Jed has in his trailer... I say 99... anyone else?

jt has 2 much pride to go down like he did in wash. he wants one more chance not to be remembered as a loser. he will do training camp no matter where he lands.

yes i do jed move roth to middle lb where his 270lbs will make a difference. porter goes to roths spot and jt takes porters spot. wake could play inside for a few snaps. im not saying make them our base dfense. it would provide another wrinkle to our dfensive attack.

how do u guys feel about the young the dt released from new orleans. From The U tep

Sammo, I don't know if you remember 2007, but Porter sucks as the strong side OLB (Roth's spot)... Also, Roth was moved from DE to OLB last year, you want to move him to ILB before he establishes whether he is a success or not at olb?

Why would Wake, a prolific pass rusher, play at ILB???? The whole scenario makes no sense at all...

i know i know lets move ferguson to ilb that would be epic.

well last year how many times was porter lined as a down lineman against teams left tackle and he was manhandled. as some have said our dfense was vanilla last year at times. just coming up with a scenario 2 get our best dfnsive guys out there thats all. doesn't matter what we say here we ain't coaches just fans having fun and talking .

sammo,that's very good and refreshing thinking of using wake and roth the right way.
any one can picture this soulj sitting on a sofa with his wig on talking to his black and white tv with jason's poster on the wall over his greasy stove

jed u forgot to mention sitting naked on his sofa.

english lesson for souljbeats, prolific can't be used next to wake but it can be used next to hathaway or suggs

I don't really care about the fins.

I am so Happy we drafted William HUNG as a 1st pick.


thanx jed. i like to think outside the box, some people don't like that as they are straight minded or unimaginative. time 2 head to work. fins 4 life baby!

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