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One positive aspect of cutting John Beck

Nobody apparently would give even a seventh-round pick for John Beck the past month or so and the Dolphins apparently weren't convinced anyone would change their minds in the coming months leading up to training camp.

So they released him Monday.

The move does have a saving grace in that it saves the Dolphins approximately $120,000 in cap space, although they will now carry the accelaration of Beck's original signing bonus on their books. That acceleration will be about $800,000. Beck's 2009 cap number was scheduled to be approximately $918,900 before he got cut.

Beck will likely latch on with some other team. It will be interesting to me whether Baltimore (where Cam Cameron is the offensive coordinator) will show any interest whatsoever.

Obviously the Dolphins didn't want to carry Beck and subtract practice repetitions from Pat White or Chad Henne or Chad Pennington.

What a waste of a second round pick.


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No question that Sanchez looks more attractive than JT

Sammo, its not really up for debate, Porter is not an option on strong side lb... 2007 is the only year that Joey Porter has played on the strong side (thanks Cam Cam-moron) and he couldn't get anything done... switch him back to weak side and he has one of his best seasons ever and is back to his old form

ohh no doubt sanchez is deff gQ material.

Obviously the front office of the 2007 Dolphins did not take the draft seriously...nor the pre-season games with Cameron taking the night off to allow one of his coaches to do a game.

The wildcat can potentially get us a touchdown or two a game (or more)...

It gives us the ability to put all of our playmakers on the field at the same time, while completely confusing the defense, as they will have no idea what is coming!

JRod, did you have some thing to eat yet ?you sound like cam Camreon number one fan Souljah. Cut down on the use of the word "confusing",if was that easy why we didn't confuse the ravens ?

Take it easy son..

i am not going to take easy ever as long as i live dad.

Jed people underestimate the ravens great defense. What im getting at is REX RYAN he will give the pats and dolphins and bills headaches he has more schemes then Mel Kiper has gay lovers he will destroy anybody, when he gets the final pieces intact on that defense.

I know it.. U got that Kiper running through ur blood son, and it stiffing up your hair.

Why u dirty sak!!

You people with these "he's a great guy" comments make me laugh....this is football....I lived in New Jersey when Lawrence Taylor played for the Giants....he was no role model...not really a "nice" guy....yet this "bad guy" was and is one of the best football players ever....now I'm not saying bring in criminals.....but please...no more Mister Nice Guy...I wanna win a Super Bowl again!!!!

Mel Kiper, my hair is better than your hair.

You gotta be kiding me. The dolphin's draft depends on what kiper says? Do you seriously think Mel Kiper knows more or knows anything parcells or ireland didn't.
You sir are an idiot if you do.

Cam ruined this kids career. Know one will know if he can make it in the NFL, because he was never given a chance. Cam SHOULD try to help him out now, but on Cams team, he would still be in the same boat he is in here.
I'll be surprised (dissapointed) if someone doesn't pick him up and give hima a chance.
Cam owes it to him to use his connections and state Becks case to some needy team.

Did Minn. steal Harvin from Miami?? O.K.....I can take Pat Turner(3rd) from USC or Louis Murphy(4th) from Florida...I'll take Murph. I love the Fins but most of this draft really eludes me. I don't have a problem with the first 2 picks....but the rest??!! I hope Bill turns out to be right!!!

If anybody saw Pat White play, you would know he is amazing. I could see him playing a role in Miami with his own set of plays his rookie season.

beck was a wash out thats no surprise he comes from a system that make the quarterbacks look better than they really are,to the point beck is and was overrated. just another washout with lofty stats in college that dont mean didly squat in the real world like a degree from byu.

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