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Reasons Dolphins not in Cutler sweepstakes

[Before starting this post I need to thank you. The Herald has released its blog numbers for the month of March and you guys did a fantastic job. Dolphins In Depth continues to be the No. 1 sports blog at The Herald without compare, not even close. But what is amazing is that some days this is the No. 1 blog at the paper overall. That is humbling because Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry's blog also calls the site home and Dave has always been the biggest dog on the Herald porch. This blog is now a Great Dane regularly running with Dave. Last month this blog had 174,543 visitors generating 568,686 page views. That's a nearly 30 percent jump in both categories month to month. So again, many thanks. I encourage you to keep coming back as the draft looms this month. And tell your fellow Dolphins fans to do the same.]

I have been impressed that only about 100 e-mails have come into my outlook box demanding the Dolphins trade for Denver quarterback Jay Cutler.

I expected more, frankly, considering the love-hate relationship Dolphins fans seem to have with quarterback Chad Pennington. Yes, they love his production and leadership and gamesmanship. But yes, they hate his questionable arm strength.

Cutler obviously would be an upgrade (physically) and that's the reason fans wanting him cite for wanting him. He is younger, has a stronger arm and is proven.

But the Dolphins are not in the Cutler derby that includes, at least initially, about half a dozen teams because there are other plans already afoot for the Miami quarterback position. Have you heard? The Dolphins are quite pleased with Chad Henne. He is their quarterback of the not-too-distant future.

As the linked story states: "Because of the confidence Miami has in Henne, the team is not interested in making a trade for a young but proven starting quarterback, such as Denver's Jay Cutler. The plan is to go with Pennington early this season and Henne by 2010."

Henne is so entrenched in Miami's plans, that Herald collegue Jeff Darlington reported last weekend he accompanied Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland as they worked out a handful of top-tier college wide receivers, including Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin and others.

Henne was brought along to throw to the receivers in the workouts because, well, he's going to be the guy throwing to them in the future if the receivers are drafted by Miami.

You might argue the Dolphins could improve dramatically by adding Cutler. The Dolphins would argue giving up the draft picks or players or both necessary to make the trade possible would weaken the team more than strengthen it. The Dolphins, you should remember, are in the business of collecting draft picks now, not trading them away.

You might argue Henne is unproven and Cutler is already a Pro Bowl player. The Dolphins might argue Henne has the makeup they like and Cutler's handling of his relationship with Denver coach Josh McDaniels raises questions about his makeup.

So the only part of the Jay Cutler saga you need worry about as a Dolphins fan is watching where he winds up. If it's Detroit or some other distant NFL outpost, the issue is moot to you. If he ends up with the division-rival Jets, which are apparently interested in the player, then it becomes a concern.

But only then.



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Hey, even if the Jets get the guy, should we really be that concerned? Like you said, they'll need to give up something to get him, and not strengthen other areas of need. Plus, while the guy is good, is he great? Not sure of that yet.

No need to trade picks or players for just one guy. We have too many needs to be doing that. Stick with Pennington this season then hand the reigns over to Henne next season. Another year for Henne to learn from Pennington will help dramatically.

What do you think about being the third team in the Cutler derby and receiving draft picks for Pennington while handing the reins over to Henne a year earlier? He could be the QB of the short term while they develop a rookie much in the same way we did with Henne. Mcdaniel would probably appreciate a smart QB like Pennington who is conservative and follows directions to set an example.

you need to thank Parcells for coming to town, otherwise, your number are stuck in the basement.

Chris Mortensen has also said in the past that the Dolphins love Henne and think he is going to be really good. That wouldnt mean anything except for the fact that Mortensen worked with Parcells at ESPN and they are now close friends, which makes that statement by Mortensen very credible. Thats why I am not at all surprised that they are not going after Cutler. Henne is unproven, but the Dolphins are truly convinced he is going to be good.

How long were the FINS out of the playoffs???? and how many rash decisions did they make when someone got or hurt or left as a FA???? (lamar gordon,marty booker,aj feeley...etc) They are trying to get younger and less expensive....let the new regime follow the program they have started...1yr year has yielded better results than the prior 7yrs or so, HAVE FAITH...if they think Henne is the man , lets be patient and trust them!!!

miami is a football town, keep it coming. Don´t know about Cutler, but if we get a decent receiver in the draft, then you´ve got to remember the team has mr. Brown and Mr. Williams in the backfield , and they are studs. Look out.

Keep the draft picks Cutler hasn't won anything. Pennington is now and Henne is tomorrow. We're set at QB. We need upgrades at other positions.


Why dont we go get Ken Lucas


just say no to cutler. he has a great arm but he seams to be a very me ,myself and i guy. stick with the current path the team is headed in and have faith in bill and company. they build winners and we are headed in that direction.

Only time will tell about Henne, I just hope we force Chad P out the door unless Henne is a sure thing.

They are talking up Henne because they want to trade him and their first for Cutler :P

You do not win championships with a guy like Cutler. He is all about himself.

Sure, getting him might make our offense a little more explosive in the short term, but am convinced that Henne will do much the same and that the best way to work him is to allow him another year of learning before turning the team over to him.

I am tired of hoping for a Miami championship - I want to finally put the close calls with Marino and recent disaster years behind us and see our boys lift that Super Bowl trophy.

I also like the idea of us being the 3rd team in a Cutler deal. We could send Penny to Denver. Denver sends Cutler to Tampa or Detroit. And Tampa or Detroit gives Denver a 1st and gives us a 2nd or 3rd.

I would DEFINITELY not put it past BP, JI, and TS to say hey next year we get nothing for CP and we don't necessarily want him back cept as a backup. Why not bail out McDaniels with a smart QB to hold him over and get a 3rd rdr out of it. We can push up our boy Henne's development by half a year. Cutler to Detroit or TB and McDaniels recovers from a bad situation. He can draft his QB of the future. Wins all around

Cutler has not done anything in the NFL. He may have made the pro bowl, but that was highly questionable since many thought Pennington should have made it instead. Cutler than quickly blew the game during his time by throwing interceptions. What has Cutler done that makes everyone think he's so great?

if cutler get traded to fins that will be their ticket to going very deep in the play off but they have to keep HENNE and trade PENNE in ny minute w/ first pick

Cutler 17-20 as a starter. no playoff appearances. and if I recall, Pennington outplayed him when the Dolphins went to Denver last season.

Just off of Cutler's actions over the last couple of weeks is enough to say No Way!

He is a putz

cutler to miami talk is just that talk. It'll never happen

Uh...who would Cutler throw to? Not knocking Cam, Bess and Ginn, but they are not Brandon Marshall.

With Marshall and Denver's offensive line (maybe not last years), John Beck could be Jay Cutler.

I'm going to paint a picture here. The Jets pick up Jay Cutler and they have a few bad games in a row. Now the fans are screaming for his head and the NY media are in a frenzy writing stories questioning his leadership skills and gunslinger mentality. Jay Cutler throws another hissy fit and the fans start hating him. Tannenbaum is such an idiot that he will ignore this possible scenario and go all in for Cutler. He will probably offer up two 1st round picks and a couple of players and the Jets will set themselves back for years to come. I don't give a crap about his stats. His attitude sucks and he would never have any place on any team of mine. Guys seriously think about this. Cutler is mad because the new coach wanted to bring another QB in to compete for a starting job. Doesn't that make for a better team? Don't you want competition in order to become the best you can be? Well, "me first" Cutler doesn't want any part of building a winning team and IMO we are SO much better off without a cancer like that playing for the Dolphins.

Dolphins need Torry Holt.

How exactly is Jay Cutler a proven qb? He has never even taken a team to the playoffs. Has he even ever had a winning season? If he is a proven anything, it is a crybaby or bad decision maker on the football field

Kris, if the Jets land Cutler, we need to be concerned. If you put his cry baby antics aside, he is a very solid QB. Yes, maybe this coming season the Jets will not improve, but the year after is the question. That will be year 3 on the trifecta 3 year plan for us. 2 solid QB's in the AFC east, poses a major concern for our future plans e.g 2010. I agree we don't need Cutler, if the tri-fecta is this sold on Henne, then so am I. However, make no mistake about it, Cutler would be valuable to us. The way I see it, we have a very few bonafide stars that we can't afford to lose. Thus, Cutler wouldn't cost to much except in our draft picks they would want.

if the jets sign Cutler who would he throw to? What do the Jets have to offer for him? If Cutler can't take a little heat in Denver, NY media will eat him alive...this is a non issue

Why is that every time a player is available they should become Dolphins? Just throw Pennington away and go get the available guy who hasn't won a thing. I don't get that sort of thinking.

Cutler has a better arm, Pennington is a better QB. Henne is the future. Why are we talking about trading for Cutler?

The Broncos want to trade Cutler to the NFC. Washington, Detroit, Tampa Bay and Minnesota are interested. Denver is not trading him to the Jets. Detroit has the draft picks and Tampa has the money.

The playoff absence of Cutler is not all on him, it's the Broncos defense. I believe on NFLN they said if the defense holds opponents to 21 points or less he is 15-1. That leads me to believe that it's not all Cutler. Cutler has proven he can play at an high level against elite comp (lions excluded). He has very good arm strength and is accurate and flashes good mobility. I'm not a Cutler fan, however, loving the game allows me to appreciate good players when I see one.

I think the skins and lions are the best options for the broncos...they have the most to offer... The lions have multiple first round draft picks and the skins love to spend money and have Jason Campbell to offer...

Cutler does make bad decisions and turns the ball over alot though


It has been reported on NFLN that the Broncos want no part of the #1 pick, how true that is remains to be seen. The Jets have nice picks and players to attract the Broncos, but like you said, does tampa. I don't care who he goes to as long as it's not the AFC East, that includes us. However, if the price was right, I would ditch Pennington for Cutler. That's because I want a strong arm QB to throw the ball and open up the field...plus I want to see what Ginn can do with a strong armed QB.


I agree the redskins make alot of sense. Cutler does make bad decisions, however, I blame that on him being young. He didn't have the opp to be mentored. He learned from starting opening day.

Cutler is a whiny mangina. Not BP/Ireland/Sparano's kind of guy, period. Penny is just fine. I expect we'll being to see a bit of platooning at QB this season with Henne coming in later in the season in obvious passing situations and then more so towards the end of the season unless we're making a playoff run. With his gun it could be a good way to start him off. I don't think either is necessarily that much of a rhythm QB that this couldn't be done.

Cutler is a hell of a qb and I would love to see him on the phins but it is not going to happen nor should it. The cost it would take to land him would be steep and the team has other needs it must address now especially considering how many players will be FAs next year. The phins need draft picks more than a qb. Qb is a position of strength for the team. Maybe not at the level of Cutler but it is a strong position none the less. All I hope is Cutler does not go to the Jets because he will be trouble. He has the ability to create scoring opportunities from anywhere on the field. Also remember as bad as he played against us they were one questionable PI call away from beating us.

Jimmy Jam,

I hope you are wrong, a platooning at QB sounds like a horrible idea. You don't win many games like that, plus it's bad for fantasy football. The RB position you can platoon, not QB. Your QB is your leader and that should be consistently. Platooning at QB is a bad bad bad idea. I don't want to endure another 1-15 or a Lions 0-16 season...if we do a platoon of QB we may as well change our name to the Cardiac Fins.

Well put Ken.

you keep up the great blog and we will come. when are workouts available to the public, I want to see Henne pass in person.Thanks!

Cutler is a shining example of why the Pro-Bowl has become meaningless.

There is a reason Denver was looking to move him in the first place. Needing to go 1 of 3 to take the division and winding up with a QB rating of less than 75 in all 3 games (2 of them against teams with a losing record coming in) is a good place to start looking for that reason.

The Trifecta knows better than to trade for a guy who would get #11 money plus Denver wants a QB and 2 first round picks when they would wind up benching him by week 6.


I do agree that platooning at qb is not a good idea, but citing fantasy football as a reason why the Dolphins wouldn't do it is ridiculous

Cutler is the next Jeff George. A whole lot of talent but not a very good leader. In my mind the guy is a huge gamble. Specially with the amount a team would have to give up to acquire him. He has shown talent but there are a lot of joes out on the street with talent. What this team needs is the leadership of Pennington and a QB with an arm and I believe that Henne will have both. Miami has a great QB situation right now, why throw that out in the window for something that comes with much more risk? This is a no brainer and just to have a 100 emails about it baffles me.


The Lions also have the 20th pick (Dallas) and the first pick in the 2nd round. They also have a 3rd from Dallas. The Lions have the ammo to make the deal.

The Lions will draft their left tackle in Jason Smith with their #1 overall and add Cutler to throw to Calvin Johnson. The big three!!!


Agreed, that was for comic affect. The wife tells me to leave it alone all the time, but I can't Lol. Plus, I have never used a Dolphin QB for fantasy football...considered Penne, but that was just in desperation.

Enough of Cutler, how about us bringing in a solid CB. I have grown confident we will shore up other positions in the draft, but CB is a primary concern...We play T.O., Evans (who has career games against us already), Moss, Welker, Might Mouse Steve Smith, Andre Johnson, Wayne...that list is getting ugly, I have to stop, but you get my point. We need a solid CB and no not Ken Lucas.


haha, I have made the mistake of having a dolphins qb on my fantasy football squad before. In 2006 when we traded for Culpepper, I was all excited and drafted him and then, well, ...you know what happened....

I think the Dolphins can get a solid CB in Sean Smith in the draft. He's got size, speed, and hands, he could be the guy we need.


You are right on the money CB is what we need or a good pass rusher to cover for our lack of good CBs.

Whoa Matt,

That first line is outrageous. Players not wanting to get hurt is why the appeal has dwindled. However, they have become more competitive and entertaining lately.

Just one more comment about the Cutler saga. Being from Connecticut I hear all the local NY radio talk shows. Man I am sick and tired of hearing all the Jet fans calling in and acting like the already acquired Cutler. God I hate Jet fans!!!


HA, you feel for the Culpepper thing! I can't laugh, I almost did, but his boasting made me think he was over compensating. So I avoided, I still stunk it up that year. Get this, I was a step away from drafting Trent Green...yah.


For some reason, I'm not worried about pass rusher, I think we'll be ok (post draft). S. Smith maybe decent, but I have a hard time entrusting a rookie to cover the WRs we play this year..that's a daunting task. We need a solid veteran and again not Ken Lucas.

Ken I concur. However, I tend to dislike all AFC east fans. Pats, usually because they back it up, Bills-because they always decide to play us hard and Jets-boy, they know they can trash talk (usually, there's no merit to their rants). After, Brady went down, I talked trash with the best, but freakin Pats had Cassel and gave us a run...go figure.


There are no solid veteran cbs out there. Even the guys who already signed like Bodden were adequate but not elite shut down talent. I say take our lumps with a rookie and hopefully they will develop. I like Smith, I like Butler and I like Davis. I think any one of those three have much more upside than any veteran cb out there.


Great point. You nailed my top CBs in the draft. Who Knows, they could surprise like Rogers-Cromartie.

One more things about Jets fans. I tend to view them like my wife (who claims to look like miley cyrus)...I don't have the heart to tell them to shut up and walk away shaking my head laughing Lol.

You're in great company with Dave Barry. He's on got a link on Drugde report. I come here at least twice a day, Mando. ONce in the morning and once in the eve like now. I'm sure others do the same.

Oh, and please tell those 100 emailers they are stupid.

Phinstormer, that is a very solid argument.

To they guy that said you don't win championships with Cutler; I think you meant to say T.O. Cutler, just overestimated his worth and forgot this is a business. Plus, being thin skinned makes things (everything) 10X worse. I don't see the me, me, me like T.O. He took charge and his teammates seemed to respect him.

Jay Cutler has proven that he is a punk. No punks on the Fins.

Dolphins need to sign Jerry Rice.

D.Butler is too small and not strong enough for the trifecta's size and strengh requirements. Remember bigger and stronger .

NJ Phin Fan,

True, but he is in the top 3/4 available still. This draft doesn't seem to have the jaw dropping play maker from the CB spot. Not looking for shut down corner, you'll be hard pressed to find that in today's league. But we need a solid starter, who has strength, speed, and excellent ball skills...we can manage without the rest.

i will say this about cutler, in no way i want the fins chasing him, but you have to admit over 4,500 yds passing on a team that dosent compare to an elway team rieceiving, running wise or defensively is solid. crybaby? probably. but we do not want him in the east, i smell a thorne in our side. oh yea f jim kelly go phins

No player is guaranteed any position on any team even after they have established themself with years of dependable service. Nature of the game: competition. A kid one year out of college whom sat the bench, please. Does anyone really think that any good NFL coach, much less an excellent one like Coach Sparano, would annoint an unproven player a year in advance? Inspiring blog traffic with silly propositions like this is too easy for fanatics Jonesing for the tinyest morsal of Dolphin news; good job Amando.

Chad Pennington will be the starting quarterback as long as the Dolphins keep winning. That goes for this year and thereafter. Pennington will be resigned for two more years if he wins a playoff game next year and Henne will continue to learn until he’s better.

The Dolphins need to forget about this nonsense and focus on the draft. First round go after a CB or WR whatever position offers the best player. Later rounds they need to pick up Pat White.Play him at WR but he gives too many options out of the Wildcat and other formations to pass him up. Plus in a pinch he could be QB.

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