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Reasons Dolphins not in Cutler sweepstakes

[Before starting this post I need to thank you. The Herald has released its blog numbers for the month of March and you guys did a fantastic job. Dolphins In Depth continues to be the No. 1 sports blog at The Herald without compare, not even close. But what is amazing is that some days this is the No. 1 blog at the paper overall. That is humbling because Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry's blog also calls the site home and Dave has always been the biggest dog on the Herald porch. This blog is now a Great Dane regularly running with Dave. Last month this blog had 174,543 visitors generating 568,686 page views. That's a nearly 30 percent jump in both categories month to month. So again, many thanks. I encourage you to keep coming back as the draft looms this month. And tell your fellow Dolphins fans to do the same.]

I have been impressed that only about 100 e-mails have come into my outlook box demanding the Dolphins trade for Denver quarterback Jay Cutler.

I expected more, frankly, considering the love-hate relationship Dolphins fans seem to have with quarterback Chad Pennington. Yes, they love his production and leadership and gamesmanship. But yes, they hate his questionable arm strength.

Cutler obviously would be an upgrade (physically) and that's the reason fans wanting him cite for wanting him. He is younger, has a stronger arm and is proven.

But the Dolphins are not in the Cutler derby that includes, at least initially, about half a dozen teams because there are other plans already afoot for the Miami quarterback position. Have you heard? The Dolphins are quite pleased with Chad Henne. He is their quarterback of the not-too-distant future.

As the linked story states: "Because of the confidence Miami has in Henne, the team is not interested in making a trade for a young but proven starting quarterback, such as Denver's Jay Cutler. The plan is to go with Pennington early this season and Henne by 2010."

Henne is so entrenched in Miami's plans, that Herald collegue Jeff Darlington reported last weekend he accompanied Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland as they worked out a handful of top-tier college wide receivers, including Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin and others.

Henne was brought along to throw to the receivers in the workouts because, well, he's going to be the guy throwing to them in the future if the receivers are drafted by Miami.

You might argue the Dolphins could improve dramatically by adding Cutler. The Dolphins would argue giving up the draft picks or players or both necessary to make the trade possible would weaken the team more than strengthen it. The Dolphins, you should remember, are in the business of collecting draft picks now, not trading them away.

You might argue Henne is unproven and Cutler is already a Pro Bowl player. The Dolphins might argue Henne has the makeup they like and Cutler's handling of his relationship with Denver coach Josh McDaniels raises questions about his makeup.

So the only part of the Jay Cutler saga you need worry about as a Dolphins fan is watching where he winds up. If it's Detroit or some other distant NFL outpost, the issue is moot to you. If he ends up with the division-rival Jets, which are apparently interested in the player, then it becomes a concern.

But only then.



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freetruth, i agree, sit on henne, and ride penne till the wheels come off oh yea f jim kelly

Being in the top 3/4 in this cb class isn't saying much. 1 of your requirements was strenth and butler definitly doesn't have any. After jenkins ( who i think may be a better s ) there isn't a cb worth drafting with the 25th pick. The value a cb are in rounds 2-4. Some names are S.smith , donald wahington , Jarius byrd for round 2. For round 3 keep an eye on Sharrod Martin and Donald Carey. all have the size/speed requirements.

I've said this before -- Jay Cutler is a punk! And, I could care less where he ends up, as long as it's not in Miami.

NJ Phin Fan,

That is a compelling argument. However, Butler can develop the strength with a solid conditioning/work out program, which by the way we seem to have. He seems to possess the other intangibles that I mentioned. Granted he is not the elite of this weak corp, but he is intriguing nonetheless. Plus, I would take my chances with him over Eric Green who we signed in FA.

The Cuban has arrived, whats the 1st Q for the menace?

Here is the deal...

1. Right now Pennington is the definition of a sell high candidate. You can't expect the guy to repeat last years performance. Sell high while you can.

2. Cutler... He's one of the few guys in the league that can throw with Manning and Brady. As much as the tuna likes Henne I don't think you can pass on a guy like this.

3. Because of point #1 we won't have to deal as many draft picks as say the Jets, Detroit, or the Bucs. If Pennington and a 3rd (cassell went for a 2nd) gets it done I say go for it.

That said, the fins, redskins, and cleveland have the best package. I'd be willing to bet that snyder is willing to do campbell and a 1st for cutler.

ride him like seabiscuit


Solid post, I concur. Cutler, though he may be thinned skin, is an upgrade at QB. However, I won't be upset if we don't chase him...Of course if Henne tanks, that is subject to change. Bottom line, we know Cutler won't tank, he has established himself. Penne, is only being given the reigns for another year...what kind of msg is that being sent? Henne, we don't know if he will tank or not...BP did bench Phill Simms I believe over a no name. So completely sold on Henne based off of BP? not really. But, BP knows football, and has credentials out of this world. End of story, its a toss up.

Cutler had no RB, and still made the Pro Bowl in his 3rd year. He's never had a RB for that matter, or a defense! (Sound like any famous Dolphin we know?) He's only 25, with the potential to be an NFL superstar. I wouldn't be mad at the Trifecta at all if they traded for him. We know nothing about Henne, other than his "potential". Cutler IS a top 10 QB... Henne COULD be a top 10 QB. Or in the bottom 5!
I know he's not coming to Miami. I know it'll never happen b/c we have Parcells guy in Henne. But I wouldn't hesitate to grab a franchise QB...

Tony, i think wash. has to be close to the cap after this past f.a ..

Butler has very narrow hips and a thin frame. He won't be able to put much size or weight on it. He won't be able to get stronger. He didn't even do the bench at the combine because he couldn't even do more the 3 reps in pre-combine workouts. He will always have trouble with the bigger , stronger wrs. something we had trouble with last year and look at the wr's we'll face this year.

Has anyone else heard that the concern on Cutler is that he is an alcoholic? Alcohol + diabetes = MAJOR red flags... which cause him to potentially not warrant as much in trade value.

I know Mando can confirm this "if" he wants to... MANDO? Can you back a brutha up?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the popularity of this blog has absolutely nothing to do with your talent (or lack thereof) as a writer. It is due to the fact that the Dolphins are the most popular thing in town and fans are obsessive on wanting to hear the latest news about their favorite team, so they turn to the established local newspapers to quench that thirst.

You are not Hemmingway. A trained Lemur could be writing this blog and it would still get the same numbers.

Cutler is a great player but he just reminds me a little of TO with the prima donna act and the "I have a better arm than Elway". Really? I mean if he comes to Miami and says that about Marino I think the fans would crucify him.

QB position demands so much more than a strong arm. The intangibles of that position are so much more than others on the field and Cutler has yet to prove he has those.

for the record i meant in the east for an opposing team, as for the cutler deal

poor fin fans,they are spending a lot of time talking about cutler butler ,they don't know what's awaiting them in TOM BRADY,MOSS and here he comes the beast T.O ,it's coming for sure the 7-9 at best

mr reality....why you're trying hard to show your classy self,armando knows it's a combo of his writing and the fans that make the blog what it is today, so please stop your venom and tell us a story about why did you quit high school?

Many-me... NICE. Officially your best post ever. Lol...

Go Pats:

Can u tell me how to get hold of my daddy. His child support payment is late again. Oh yeah, The Cheatriots suck too.

Go Pats:

Forget my last post. Coach Belimidget just called. He tells me the check is in the mail. But the Fagriots still suck. Thank you.

cuban, i am vachlito fro golfito , my brother in law jose told me how good you are on this blog ,so i am trying to pay my respect and i hope you will answer some of burning questions in my head about the best two team in the world dolphins and pats.

How big is cutler's neck?


The cuban moron has gone to bed. We have pre-school tomorrow.

V From G, Bradys baby sounds ....sounds like m@@c, aka rexryan sucks and the other 18 alis he uses, the fins problem this year is again the pats and the brutal schdule they have.

NJ Phin Fan,

It's obvious you're not high on Butler, I can't fault you for that. I'm not real high on any CB in the draft. I just hope we find a real gem somewhere, rather draft or via FA.

JB, watch film on Cutler closely, and keep in mind he is young, and didn't have a mentor to learn under. He has what you say he doesn't. He is in the elite 8 in the league.

thanks cuban for answering me

finnatic. I gave you some names. Read about Donald Carey from norfolk state ( VA )

I still have to question his level of Comp he played against. Can he be physical and keep NFL WR in check? They are taller, stronger, and faster than what he is used to. However, you never know...Rogers-Cromartie has been a nice surprise coming from a small school and playing at a very high level. If Carey can has the intangibles we need, I'm all for it. Whatever keeps us competitive and brings us a super bowl.

NJ Phin Fan,

His scouting report sounds great! The not doing the bench press raises questions though...But, I have to admire his heart/passion, and recovery ability...which to me sounds better than Eric Green who we signed in FA "because he has something to prove"...which disgusts me, all NFL players have something to prove aside from the elites in the league...Except Brady, he still plays like he has something to prove, probably the 6th round draft chip on his shoulder.

Bet the Redskins wish they hadn't cut Jason Taylor loose so quickly (would have sweetened their bid for Cutler, a lot).

Armando said "The Dolphins, you should remember, are in the business of collecting draft picks now, not trading them away."

It is so nice to hear that sentence being said about the Dolphins! It is nice to finally have a front office that realizes the Dolphins must rebuild and are not merely a few pieces away from a superbowl.

"But what is amazing is that some days this is the No. 1 blog at the paper overall."
I guess they measure by the number of posts and not the quality :)

I think BP is thinkin Hakeem Nicks

One year to get up to speed,then let chad H and H nicks light it up

Take a 1-15 side add a reliable, experienced and intelligent QB and waalaa. You are in the playoffs. Then add a very promising rookie with the superb arm strength that Pennington lacks, have him wait it the wings and absorb the advice and teachings Chad has to offer for a couple of seasons and God permitting you will have an all round QB of some quality. Henne from all accounts has the physical attributes, under Penny, he'll soon have all the mental attributes. We have a decent QB scenario at present, maybe put Beck out on the trading block and start planning on finding a Henne's back up. We have grown so much as a team in one season, and there are plenty of areas we could still strengthen to complete BP's sterling work to date. Therefore Cutler is neither a neccessary or overly productive option for us.

Good for you Armando. No sick days now.

I don't see Cutler here. It would cause some problems with the Henne development. And then what would we have to give up to get him. There is a process to building a good team and I think that the Trifecta knows where they are going. I also think that the 11-5 season surprised them. They probably thought that they would be picking at 10 or 12 spot.
I can understand why Cutler is upset. Didn't he already fight for the top dog spot in Denver? then he was told this year that he would be top dog and then they trade for another qb. I thought that he has played very well for a young qb. The Jets will throw away the team the get him and that is good for us.

I love Jay Cutler.. BUT.. In my opinion after studying Jay in depth. The way he plays and the things he seems to be capable both physically and mentally, I believe there are only about 4 or 5 offenses in the league that he could run successfully. That is not putting the guy down at all.. it's just his style (Or the style Shannahan told him to play). He could work for Denver, New England, NY Jets, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and maybe the cowboys.

As a dolphins fan I would not want cutler.. I believe that he would be a downgrade at the position based on the offense we run. It's a pretty complicated offense that is based around controlling the clock.. even our passing game is used for time control.

I have not Seen much of Henne, but I feel he will be good, if not great.. in due time. Pennington is a great QB in my opinion. I would love to hold on to him until the end of his career.

Pennington now and Henne future, looks good. Parcells is too tough for Cutler. Culter would be crying after one week of camp and wanting to move to another team. This is not the type of character we want in a Fins uniform.

Denver is asking for 2 1st round draft picks. Trading for Cutler would be just like our trade for Ricky Williams. We have a future QB with Henne. BTW, what has Cutler done to show he is a proven winner?

Everybody talks like Jay Cutler is a league mvp with a handful of super bowl rings or something, when in fact, he hasn't won a damn thing! He has a loosing record for his career and has never been to the playoffs. The only reason he could throw for so many yards is that there was no one to hand it off to and he had quality receivers in Marshal, Royal, Stokely, and Scheffler. Cutler had a Qb rating that was ten points lower than Pennington and threw 18 interceptions!!!

Phins should get T. Holt and another WR in the draft, but by taking Holt, it doesn't have to be a 1st rounder....we have other needs for that.

Also, hope JESTS don't get Cutler, let him go to the NFC.

Finally, bring back JT for the fans and another 7-10 sacks ! Roth can go inside with Crowder, he'd do fine there.
OLB's: Porter, JT, C.Wake, draft pick (C.Matthews, L.English,Sintim?) many to choose from.These four OLB's will improve last yr's sack total and cool off D Coordinators double and triple teams as they did to Porter in the last 3-4 games. Porter was invisible......

It never even crossed my mind that the Dolphins either would or SHOULD consider Cutler. I know that he had a good year last season, but weren't most of us on this and other blogs last season vehemently arguing that Pennington and not Cutler should have been in the Pro Bowl. Also, Denver is supposedly stating that the bidding STARTS with 2 first round picks. NO way I give that up for Cutler. NO WAY Parcells or Ireland will even think about it.

after deep thinking and deep research by my brother in law Jose Rod i say the following ;
1.if Cutler comes to FL will be the worst mistake in Tuna pro life , picture Henne saying to himself i thought i was the future and cutler looking over his shoulders .
2-the way tuna do things is to be very clear with his 2 QB and you can tell that both Penne and Henne know and accept their roles in the team future and this is the best thing tuna and co did for this team which is not playing game mind with their QB.
3-look at denver and learn that when you're not honest in your dealing with your QB you will end in hurry in the NFL basement like fins under Saban and Cameron

Vachlito, you make very good points, but you are not from Golfito. Leave my city alone.

For those of you who want Miami to waste valuable picks on Cutler replay the game he had against Miami last season. 3 picks in the first 2 quarters. I'd send you a copy, but I'd need to get the express written consent of the National Football League. It is prohibited.

Who's Dave Barry and what's a Pulitzer prize? If he isn't writing about the Phins, it doesn't matter.

Trading for Cutler strengthens one position and potentially weakens many others as the picks and salary cap money they Dolphins would have to surrender to obtain him. For all we know, Henne could be another Tom Brady in the wings...in Bledsoe never got hurt...how long would he have been on the bench. I trust in the triumvirate that know what they have in Henne, and would rather keep him, the picks, and the cap space.

Carlito, what's up my boy ,i didn't know that glofito belong only to you, not for all people from golfito land of hony and butter.i am starting to think that you're not from my beloved golfito.

Chad Pennington is the best. Don't make the same mistake as those foolish Jets fans.

Mando, you should also thank all the Jets fans which spend more time here concerned about the Fins then in a NY Jets blog....

i would take culter in a heartbeat, who know if henne going to be good this guy is proven,

carlos, i am A PAT FAN AND i come here a lot because it's very nice in here to talk to fin fans ,in pats blogs they have fin fans all the time,don't you think if you're talking all the time to the same point of view you will be little tired of hearing it again and again.peace

i have a plan to make more people to come to this blog;
1 -every time Jed writes a post....you show a picture of toothless person.
2-every time cuban menace writes a post...you show a meat.Butcher
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this list is for just fun only

i have a plan too,if armando gives a bowl of spaghetti every thursday with 2 pork meatballs for every one who comes to the blog more than 2000 times a month.i know Jed will camp here for that.


The success of this blog is a reflection of how good a job you do aswell. There aren't to many days when I come to the Dolphins page and don't see a blog from you. More remarkably, what you come up with is normally something worth commenting on. You don't just put something down to put something down. Every blog has a contribution. I visit the other blogs in the sports area and those guys sometimes don't say anything new for days at a time. In addition, what they write does not have the substance that your entries do. So, many thanks to you aswell.

As for the Fins not showing interest in Cutler. It's not a surprise and is really a reflection of how confident they are that Henne is the qb of the future. If they weren't so sure you might see them give up Pennington and a 1st rounder.

Today on ESPN there was a report on the bottom line that said Taylor told Crowder "he wants to be a Dolphin." Is there anything to more to report on that situation? I personally feel that Taylor would be a great addition for this team as long as he commits to the offseason program. He's a great fit for the 3-4 as is evidenced by him having his best year in it.

Good one ricky from ct., your up here in the great north east, good to see fin fans in JETS,JETS,JETS country..

Cutler is a cry baby. This is a business dude, get over it. Talented but childish. I am very much looking forward to seeing Henne in preseason. I think he has the make up to really be on top in this league. Will he make us forget Danny? NO. But I believe he'll be the best since.

I like having gopats on the blog, nothing wrong with that..

Cutler is now saying that he never wanted to be traded after all, this guy is a head case....

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