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Reasons Dolphins not in Cutler sweepstakes

[Before starting this post I need to thank you. The Herald has released its blog numbers for the month of March and you guys did a fantastic job. Dolphins In Depth continues to be the No. 1 sports blog at The Herald without compare, not even close. But what is amazing is that some days this is the No. 1 blog at the paper overall. That is humbling because Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry's blog also calls the site home and Dave has always been the biggest dog on the Herald porch. This blog is now a Great Dane regularly running with Dave. Last month this blog had 174,543 visitors generating 568,686 page views. That's a nearly 30 percent jump in both categories month to month. So again, many thanks. I encourage you to keep coming back as the draft looms this month. And tell your fellow Dolphins fans to do the same.]

I have been impressed that only about 100 e-mails have come into my outlook box demanding the Dolphins trade for Denver quarterback Jay Cutler.

I expected more, frankly, considering the love-hate relationship Dolphins fans seem to have with quarterback Chad Pennington. Yes, they love his production and leadership and gamesmanship. But yes, they hate his questionable arm strength.

Cutler obviously would be an upgrade (physically) and that's the reason fans wanting him cite for wanting him. He is younger, has a stronger arm and is proven.

But the Dolphins are not in the Cutler derby that includes, at least initially, about half a dozen teams because there are other plans already afoot for the Miami quarterback position. Have you heard? The Dolphins are quite pleased with Chad Henne. He is their quarterback of the not-too-distant future.

As the linked story states: "Because of the confidence Miami has in Henne, the team is not interested in making a trade for a young but proven starting quarterback, such as Denver's Jay Cutler. The plan is to go with Pennington early this season and Henne by 2010."

Henne is so entrenched in Miami's plans, that Herald collegue Jeff Darlington reported last weekend he accompanied Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland as they worked out a handful of top-tier college wide receivers, including Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin and others.

Henne was brought along to throw to the receivers in the workouts because, well, he's going to be the guy throwing to them in the future if the receivers are drafted by Miami.

You might argue the Dolphins could improve dramatically by adding Cutler. The Dolphins would argue giving up the draft picks or players or both necessary to make the trade possible would weaken the team more than strengthen it. The Dolphins, you should remember, are in the business of collecting draft picks now, not trading them away.

You might argue Henne is unproven and Cutler is already a Pro Bowl player. The Dolphins might argue Henne has the makeup they like and Cutler's handling of his relationship with Denver coach Josh McDaniels raises questions about his makeup.

So the only part of the Jay Cutler saga you need worry about as a Dolphins fan is watching where he winds up. If it's Detroit or some other distant NFL outpost, the issue is moot to you. If he ends up with the division-rival Jets, which are apparently interested in the player, then it becomes a concern.

But only then.



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soulj ,you're very smooth+pipe+faucet=?...try again
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Souljah, i think our friend pictures you as a plumber...

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haha, nope, not a plumber, not that there is anything wrong with that.

it's an Honorable Profession ,it's all about pipes and no one knows what's going on but the PLUMper.....as SOULJ to football

We need to keep both Chad, present and future. It would be a great mistake to sign Cutler.

cuban....did you see the movie (THE MOON SRUCK) with Cher and N.Cage? if yes you will remember her father the Blumper with his sale pitch.for Copper pipes.

haha...whats a blumper?

is that anything like a blumpkin?

I don't have much to say about Cutler. He's got pro's and con's. I don't have much to say about what position the trio will draft with the first pick other than that I think they should target a CB or a WR unless some OLB knocks the socks off. I will say that whatever the trio does that I'm perfectly okay with it even if that includes drafting a punter with the first pick. How do you criticize a group that took a 1-15 team and made them an 11-5 team. There is absolutely no reason to fear OR criticize. Miami had NO BUSINESS winning 11 games last year even with the addition of Pennington. NO BUSINESS!!! That tells me 1 thing. We are in good hands. Heck, they even have the ability to make a mistake (Ernest Wilford) and not be negatively affected. That being said, I finally look forward to the coming season no matter how the draft plays out. And it's been a decade or so since I've felt that way. Go Phins/Canes/Heat/Marlins/Panthers!!!

Just to remind all you fins fans Henne and Brady both played at Michigan as did many other successful QB's in the NFL. Henne however broke all the passing records there even though Michigan was at the time a team who lovees to run the ball. He also was a proven leader in the huddle as our coaches said last year. He played his senior with a bad shoulder injury or he would have been the first QB drafted. Let's give our guys upstairs the credit they deserve they are turning things around and have a plan to do so. Henne can't prove himself without playing and when his time comes he will and we will all be jumping for joy when our offense opens up!!!!

soulahbeats, i think ricky meant that you know a lot about football as a blumper knows about his pipes,no thing bad here.

I thought the world's tallest dog was Favre in a Jets uni?

Cutler is not the type of player that the Dolphins should pursue. He is a petulant child, who has little if any clue about what it means to be a team player. Come to think of it, a lot like Farve and that circus midget coaching the Fagriots (remember the little troll running into the locker room after his team choked against the Giants in the SB, demonstrating no class, like a kid picking up his toys and running home crying to his mommy - PRICELESS).

yeah I got no beef with Rickyct, the word blumper just makes me laugh...

what makes me laugh is nathaniel as wall mart manger

When I went to the phins/Donkey game in Denver last year Cutler sucked. Keep him away from the Phins. Also he couldn't even win one of his last 3 games to make the playoffs. Heene by far, in my opinon will be a better QB. Cutler is just a whinner why would we want that?

not sure if I spelled whinner,cry baby, right.

Don't know what happened to my last post. Piece of crap....What I was saying is when I went to the Phins/Donkey game in Denver last year Cutler threw, what????, about 100 interceptions. He also couldn't even win 1 of his last 3 games to make the playoffs. Why would we want that? Henne, in my opinion, will be a better QB just from what I saw last year in preseason. I know it's just preseason but it looks like he has just as strong as an arm as the cry baby Cutler.

Why are you all so high on Henne? I liked the kid too but what has he actually done to impress us? You guys are putting cutler down for a kid that has yet to play a full nfl game.Fins have been looking for a real qb for too long if Henne isn't the real thing we are really screwed.

Cutler is poop. He's a crybaby idiot with a strong arm that thinks he's better than Elway.He should have never made it to the probowl but for some reason people think it's okay to throw a lot of picks as long as you have a strong arm. We destroyed that fool in Denver last season. Go ahead send him to the Jets I welcome the idea. Then we can sit back and watch the circus below us while we hold up another division title. The patriots video taping Kraft tucking Goodell in to bed (naked) while T.O and Cutler throw temper tantrums because they need the attention.

Henne will be twice the QB Cutler will ever hope to be.....Henne will end up being one of the best in the game........he needs to start this year, not in 2010

The Jests do not have the stones to go out and get Cutler. There are going to be at least 6 to 8 teams in the Cutler sweepstakes and the Jests do not have the ammunition to pull of that deal. Washington will throw Campbell, picks and defensive players at Denver and they will jump. I know that the Jests owner is like 100 and wants to win a SB before he croaks, but he will just have to go to his grave a loser like all the other Jest fans.

Breaking news. Cutler is a Bear

Cutler to Bears?

How long will this blog be archived? I'd love to see all the people disparaging cutler and how the Fins couldn't use him 9 weeks into this season with Pennington nursing a sore ankle and Henne throwing rookie ints.

The fins need Boldin or Holt. When was the last time the fins had a true number 1 wr? Other than Chambers and McDuffie who were good number 2s, they haven't had a good wr since Irving Fryer.

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