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Salary cap numbers from around the NFL

As most of you know football is a game ... and a business. And that's why so many of you have repeatedly asked for salary cap numbers, knowing Miami's cap room directly impacts what can happen in the coming days as far as trading picks and players.

I've been remiss in getting you that information. Until now.

The Dolphins today find themselves with $13 million of salary cap room. That means they are $13 million under the $127 million league salary cap ceiling.

Profootballtalk.com has done me one better, meanwhile, digging up the entire salary cap picture for all 32 NFL teams. According to this list, the Dolphins are $13.19 million under the cap -- but what's $190,000 between friends?

This means the Dolphins can draft, add undrafted free agents, budget for a practice squad, and even add veteran free agents such as Jason Taylor or trade for an Anquan Boldin (which would require a new contract), if they so desire. There's a million ways for them to do this.

Or, should I say, $13 million ways.  


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wow does this mean im first mandito


Ha I was the first this blog is great. Mando, I agree the Dolphins need to make a move being that much under the cap. The only pressing need I see is cornerback, they have to get someone back there of starting caliber. I think everyone needs to get off this whole Ted Ginn bashing wagon. Just wait until Henne is the starter. He has more arm strength then Pennington and will be able to hit Ginn on the deep routes that Ginn thrives in. There were numerous occassions last year when Ginn had to come back for a ball or it floated letting the Db close on it forcing the incompletion. Hate to say it no good receiver will thrive with Pennington at the helm. Looking forward to Henne sooner rather than later.

Dang Second again.

Draft optimus prime...

How can the pats still be under the cap???? Again i guess it must be nice to be the "FLAGSHIP" of the N.F.L ...........

13 million is not a lot of money. 7-8- million for the draft picks. That leaves about 5 million for contingencys like a great FA or a replacement player for an injured starter.
So it is not all great news.

Kendry, your a "glass half filled, half empty" type of guy??? aren't you?

@ cuban menace
LMAO with Optimus Prime. He can play fullback, WR and transport the team to and from the stadium

I'd rather see Starscream blasting through everybody's secondaries all year long.

1st & 3rd (2010) for Boldin.. Y'all wait & see..

If I'm wrong, which I doubt, Mathews or Malauga..

If they're gone we r trading out of 1st round..


OK. Today I'm going to pick the azzzzzzzzzzzzz poster of the day. So far that azzzzzzzzzzz is RobbyMarino hands down.

Armando what the hell... How come Jeff Darlington got to make the pick for the dolphins on ESPN????? Lose a bet or what?

Armando what the hell... How come Jeff Darlington got to make the pick for the dolphins on ESPN????? Lose a bet or what?

pretty pathetic reporting the last couple of days mando.I could go read this stuff on nfl.com I don't need to come here.

Kids guess where the menace will be patrolling on draft day????????Life is good sometimes

Can we please get that terrible music off of the home page. It's so freakin' annoying to have to hear it every time I check out this website.

I agree with TKF. I forgot my computer wasnt on mute while i was in the library. Everyone thought i was watching a porno..

That's right kids the menace has been dispatched to radio city music hall this sat., doughtful if i'll be able to text, but i'll let you guys know how loud the boos are after the jets,jets,jets pick.. lol...go fins....

TKF . LOL. I couldn't agree with you more. You have to be careful of the cursing If you're at work.

N.J, will you be coming up north for the draft??

Cuban Menace is a liar. His so called precinct is in brooklyn ( coney island ) , which has nothing to do with Manhattan. The draft isn't that big where manhattan needs re -enforcements from brooklyn. Maybe they'll also call in fema to radio city music hall. He's Probably not even a cop .

Menace. What do you mean coming up north for the draft ?. I'm closer than you . I live 5 minutes away from the lincoln tunnel . I'm in the city in 10 Min. I'll be watching it on t.v. It's better.

Nice crack on Optimus Prime! Who's gonna tackle him?

TKF is right, the music does suck!!!!

Who did Jeff Darlington pick? Tell me it wasn't a WR. Talk about a non-need!!!!

Mr. Bunglito is right, RobbyMarino is an AZZ! Went to the Dave Wannstedt school of plyer personnel.

FLfinsfan is right about Ted Ginn. He is the real deal.

And klindry is also right. 13 mill under the cap is not a big deal. They don't need to add anymore huge contracts. Actually, they need a few years of good drafts to replace the older more expensive players with younger cheaper players to loosen up that cap figure.

I'll have the TV ( Espn and NFL nework ) and the computer going wild. Also all the draft Magazines/guides at my side not to mention food. But first I'll be at 1 my gyms early in the morning.

Billy, billy ,billy,(aka m@@c) How little you know. for your information pin head, the NFL subcontracts security for this and other events that occurs in the city so great they named it twice with the n.y.c.p.d With that being said i'am no more then a security guard (well paid)that can arrest anyone that needs to be arrested(hopefully that wont be the case).. NJ, That's true you are closer then me, but you need to come up to show your dolphin colors brother...

Yes that was also my post at 1:44. I was trying out a new screen-name.

As a matter of fact M@@c, i'am sure this is true with all NFL teams that the security inside the stadium is all paid for by the NFL and not the city except for traffic controll, but i might be wrong , but that's how it is in new york, though we havent had a game in the city for a looonnng time....

Hey everybody,
Look at me I am # 20 something or whatever on posting. What more its on the
-> **"Internet"** <- so everyone can see it.
How cool is that??? Yes, go ahead look at my shiny new blog post. I don't know how to put this to you neophytes, but I am kind of a big deal.

draft esra taualu my fave player

"That guy" needs his meds.....

THAT GUY has just passed robbymarino as the biggest azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz poster of the day.

THAT GUY has just moved up to the top as the biggest azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz poster of the day.

Why don't they use that extra cap space to extend Ronnie Brown's contract/

ron ron is gonna want big dolla billz yall get rid of him now before we loose him for nothing..... Wait if he keeps sharing the ball his stats wont be as high and maybe his stock wont be either .........

the biggest aZZZZZZ of all time got to be Chase

Chase used to play ball for the hairy canes.

ding ding

chase is a blue berry bunch with sugar

chase is from la isla de jotito FL

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Does any one know how far under the cap coach Belismurf's team is?

REX. NE is 4.67 mil under.

TY NJ for the info. BTW, glad to see another fellow northeastern Fin fan.

Is it just me, or is anyone else worried that Clay Matthews only five years ago weighed 170 lbs. and now carries 240lbs.? Sounds next to impossible without some sort of chemical enhancements. Just a thought.

I am here to defend the honor of Mr Bunglito

RexRyanSucks, It is not that alarming that he is the size he is compared to what he was 5 yrs ago. I played football at a d2 program and I went from 200 to 238 with 11% bodyfat just on our workout program in a year and a half. It all depends on the workout program, we would work out with 120% of our one rep max's. You get big quick doing that. Now if he is taking creatine or some other legal substance then that only speeds up the process.

tony gonzo traded to falcons

REX. Not just the northeast. I live smack in the middle Of enemy territory. I'm about 10 -15 min away from the meadowlands ( You can see giants/jets stadium from the roof of my house ) . You can see the city from my front patio/porch and windows. i've been through many wars my friend. Besides being at my business early in the day, the other reason i won't go to the draft is i might lay out some jets fans.

nc finsfan.

ok, i get what ure saying. I have worked out my entire life, and im in my mid-forties now. While i didn't play ncaa football, I have been around several people who are trainers and know alot about both bodybuilding and training as an athlete. I'll buy what your saying, assuming that Matthews was perhaps a "late bloomer" as far as his physical maturity goes, keeping in mind that he reminds me a lot of Bill Romanowski as far as his transformation is concerned. And we all know how that story turned out.


Give us a story of substance or with slightly more teeth. Stories that keep dolfans coming back to this blog.
Because "manny me" can only write and create charcters for only so long.
You must be busy checking out Erin Andrews huh...BTW Erin couldn't hold Jillian Barbieri thong tha thong tha thong, shes way hotter.



Check this out:
Davis, Cushing, Matthews Not On Positive List, Either
Posted by Mike Florio on April 20, 2009, 11:48 a.m. EDT
And so the truth continues to come out regarding the players who supposedly tested positive at the Scouting Combine.

Per a league source, none of the players who reportedly tested positive and then denied testing positive actually tested positive.

This means that Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis did not test positive for marijuana, and that USC linebackers Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing did not test positive for steroids.

And it could mean that Davis and Cushing and Matthews soon could be the new co-owners of NFLDraftBible.com, the site that reported that each of them tested positive.

Yea i know man I am just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. We had a kid that was about 180 in hs and then got up to 240 in college drug free. Our strength and dline coach now coaches the dline in SF with the 49er's. Jim Tomsula. He brought in NFL workouts since he did NFL camps in the offseason and NFLE during the spring. He beefed us up and before I experienced it I never thought that I could get that big that fast. We had to have someone drive us back from the field house after our leg work outs in the summer. He was all about getting better programs and I suppose that is why he is where he is now.

I haven't seen any news regarding the Dolphins trading for or having any interest in Braylon Edwards. Why not? You would think it would make good sense with Chad Henne waiting in the wings. They had great chemistry at the U of Michigan. If we could get him for one of our second round picks and a 2010 conditional pick based on performance, I'd say go for it.

We suck. Just saying ...

Mando, please tell Jeff Darlington he needs to stick to newspapers because the camera isn't his friend.

LMAO at ncfinsfan33.

Bunglito is the new azzzzzzzzzz of the day. Still talking like a retard I see.

Hey if anyone has been looking for Chad Henne's highlights in you tube, check all the videos posted by "WolverineHistorian" game highlights from 2005-2007, and you'll see PLENTY of Henne.


didint edwards and henne spend 1 year together how could that give them great chemistry im just sayingggg azzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr. Bung ( aka you know who). At least try to be original AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-hoooooooooooole.

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