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Salary cap numbers from around the NFL

As most of you know football is a game ... and a business. And that's why so many of you have repeatedly asked for salary cap numbers, knowing Miami's cap room directly impacts what can happen in the coming days as far as trading picks and players.

I've been remiss in getting you that information. Until now.

The Dolphins today find themselves with $13 million of salary cap room. That means they are $13 million under the $127 million league salary cap ceiling.

Profootballtalk.com has done me one better, meanwhile, digging up the entire salary cap picture for all 32 NFL teams. According to this list, the Dolphins are $13.19 million under the cap -- but what's $190,000 between friends?

This means the Dolphins can draft, add undrafted free agents, budget for a practice squad, and even add veteran free agents such as Jason Taylor or trade for an Anquan Boldin (which would require a new contract), if they so desire. There's a million ways for them to do this.

Or, should I say, $13 million ways.  


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