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Schedule release at 7, live blog at 7:30 tonight

In the wake of tonight's 7 p.m. release of the NFL schedule, I think it appropriate to have a live blog. I also want to do it because, frankly, I'm kind of bored and have nothing else to do this evening.

I will blog the schedule in a new post and then we'll do the live blog at 7:30 p.m. in the comments section of that post.

We can talk about the draft, including an exchange about my column in today's Herald, which makes the point the Dolphins want to turn their nine draft picks into a dozen picks. The column also makes the point the Dolphins need to find, at minimum, three starting players out of this draft to continue their rebuilding process in successful fashion.

We can also discuss the schedule. We can also discuss any question or comment you guys have about anything Dolphins related. No questions about monkeys or polar bears biting german school teachers in the butt!

So check back around 7ish for the schedule release and let's get together at 7:30 for a live blog. The thing will go about an hour or longer, depending on your feedback and interest.

Talk to you then.