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Dolphins add undrafted players to the roster

The Dolphins are confirming the signing of nine undrafted free agents that will be present at this weekend's minicamp, which starts Friday.

The team has signed:

Stanford running back Anthony Kimble, New Mexico wide receiver Chris Williams, nose tackle Louis Ellis of Shaw College, Oregon guard Mark Lewis, Tulsa wide receiver Brennan Marion, Central Washington tight end Jared Bronson, Purdue defensive end Ryan Baker, Virginia Tech defensive end Orion Martin, Houston offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers.

Most of these guys will be forgotten by the end of the summer. One or two might make the roster or practice squad. Let's hope. The Dolphins will also bring tryout players to the camp that will be there without contracts, but with hopes of impressing and getting an offer.

Welcome to Miami, gentlemen.


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I have heard that Marion is real fast, it will be interesting to see how Ginn reacts to competition with stretching the field.

Did they invite Jason Taylor? :)

it sounds like wall-mart players willing to play for food and candy

Those nine would put us at 83 players, which is three more then the allowed total. Any word on which three players got released to make room for these undrafted free agents?

is jason coming ?

good...a nose tackle. Bet you he makes the team.

Tulsa? Shades of Howard Twilley!!!!!!!

If Marion is half the player Twilley was he'll be a keeper.

What exactly is the hold up with bringing back JT? I mean, seriously, let's get real here... no matter how "good" any of the competition is at any of the positions that would be affected by bringing him back, those players would, simply put, still not be to the level of an aging Jason Taylor. And if nothing else, these younger guys get to learn from THE BEST. So really, what the hell already?! Should it really be taking this long? What is there to even think about? If we were talking about Zach or any other of our "greats" who still play, then I could completely understand that they have lost too many steps to be worthwhile... but Jason still has at least this season at FULL THROTTLE, and then still some left in the tank for another season, maybe 2. So given that fact, why hasn't this happened yet. Seriously.

please , never bring JASON TYLOR back, he will destroy the team spirit and he's over rated any way but if he wants to come back to design the new shorts that's fine with me.

Maxx, take a hike with your boy JT

hey how come we didnt get that really amazing quarterback from central washington? you mean to tell me all we got was his favorite target?

maxx if you want to know JT has singled down to the pats and dolphins and hes deciding which team he wants to play for. wait two weeks and you will know who he will play for

dolfan4life i heard chris williams was faster

its just a matter of time before jason taylor signs again with the team

anybody up for a fight?

Maxx. seriously. Enough with your boy toy jason taylor. SERIOUSLY !

Im rooting for Ryan Baker!!!!

IT's not only between miami and ne for taylor. tampa bay is also heavily involved. Maybe miami ( parcells) just doesn't want him.


chris williams is real fast, but very very small. smaller then roscoe parish... Hes great with bubble screens and crossing routes (where he has the chance to runaway from defenders in man coverage). Hes got some hops too. Overall a good kid... Oh, and he is an excellent kick returner (especially when running "Texas Return")

LMAO. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

bond david bond aka Maxx, as bunglito the man told you ,are you really in love with jason SERIOUSLY .

lol of that name bond david bond, what is that SERIOUSLY

Jason Taylor is washed up. He's finished. I hope he goes to the Pats so we can run every play his direction. He didn't want to play for the Dolphins? Shows what he knows.

MR BUNGLITO, are you nj phin fan,tell your poor fan and i will never tell any one

I like this kid Marion, some info:

2009 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:

Brennan Marion, WR, Tulsa
Marion transferred from DeAnza Junior College in 2007. While at DeAnza, Marion earned some Junior College All American honors. He moved on to play in all 13 games Tulsa University participated in, catching "only" 39 passes for an impressive 1,244 yards for an even more amazing number: a 31.9 yards per reception (a figure that easily led the nation). He also scored eleven TDs.
Marion is a big (although slender) wide receiver who is blessed with great football (4.50) speed. He makes good yards after the catch and moves extremely well in the open field while having good hand coordination.
...Marion has everything to be a special player in the NFL. Nevertheless, he has some issues to resolve; Lack of experience (he only would have played two years of college football) is a major concern. Expect him, if he keep putting up impressive numbers at pass happy Tulsa, to keep moving up on Draft boards. Today, Marion will probably be selected in the late fourth to early fifth round area.

If they bring in JT it will be to play him off the bench. To give Porter a breather who is also getting tired as the season wares on.

With JT without JT doesn't matter, Phins will be a better team next year and ready to play.

Marion has good "bloodlines": he is cousin of Shawn & Brock Marion.



SI profile of Louis Ellis (NT), since this is truly a position of need, &because I never fail to serve my fellow commenters:


Ells is that hidden diamond we needed. The guy comes from DIV II but was always double teamed and could not be stooped. Keep an eye on him he will make the team.


What happened to Temple Center Alex Derenthal. There were sources quoted as saying we signed Derenthal as an undrafted free agent. Do you know anything about him?

Guys please quit harping on jason( dance fever) taylor rejoining the fins, this guy left the train station when he decided to go dancing with the stars, he's a clown and i dont think he's a parcells guy(what ever that means)

Let Him and zach team up again with the cryboys, i hear they need a new diva now the T. O went to buff. go on and dance your candy a.z.z over to dallas twinkle toes...

Cuban Menace,

Zach Thomas is a Chief now.

the cumber is in boyzzzz. Ask away. hit me

Thank you for the correction ron.

Louis Ellis is a beast. It will be interesting to see if he plays like he did at Shaw. Dude is a man among boys though in the video clips of him. Looks liek a big brute with burst up the middle.


i wish we could have gotten ron brace but the patriot punks got him instead

i like this Brennan Marion kid, go look up his story, he was homeless till his coach took him in and he broke NCAA receiving records, he also ran a 4:3 40 before he torn his ACL, he is even more of an inspiration than Michael Other and is pissed that he didn't get drafted,

JT is not washed up. He spent the off-season on DWTS, and that shouldn't have meant a damn thing to anyone. He was a seasoned veteran who was staying in fine shape and knew his business well enough to be the Defensive POY only two seasons before. But Parcells was brought in to shake things up, and so he did. But it's time to think of the team over ego, Mr. Parcells. As to Mr. Math posting above, JT was on the 1 - 15 team and not on the 11 - 5 team. Well, just as I can't really blame Dan Marino for his failure to win a Super Bowl, I really don't think that JT was responsible for 10 losses! Or didn't you notice that we had a different QB, a new offense, a new coach and GM, a healthy Ronnie Brown. Were you disappointed that JT didn't play all those positions, costing us all those wins?

Hey Guys

Besides Jason Ferguson and Paul Soliai, we ALREADY have THREE nose tackle prospects before the draft

Tony McDaniel NT 6-7 310 lbs trade 09
Rodrique Wright NT 6-5 310 lbs 7th rnd 08
Lionel Dotson NT/DE 6-4 290 lbs 7th rnd 06

Its quite possible one of these 3 might be Feruson's replacement.

that TE from Central Washington is 6'4, 310 Ibs! I see him making the team as a OT. Who knows, maybe the Fins could use in the red zone to catch passes kinda like New England uses some of it's defensive players at goal line. I don't know, you tell me, doesn't a 310 pound TE have all the makings of a VERY athletic RT?

if Rodrique Wright was to gain let's say 15 pounds, I think he'd be a great NT. Unfortunately he won't, which means he won't make the team which is really unfortunate because he had so much talent coming out of college until he got injured and needed surgery.

Question for Mando:

Phinsider shows that Pat White received #6 for his uniform. I hope that they can get Dan Carpenter to give up #5. That is Pat's college number.
A cool number and one that I watched him wearing on utube highlights.
I admit questioning the pick initially but if you watch his highlights you'll see he would be a real problem to defend against.
A dual threat electric player!

Can you find out about him getting #5 from Carpenter, Armando??

HEY NOSE TACKLE. none of those guys are NT"s. LOL. None of them ever played NT. Rodrique wright probably won't make the team. Tony Mcdaniel ( who ireland and sparano says will play de ) and dotson will be in the DE rotation. The 3rd NT on the team is Joe Cohen.

Armando: I sent you an e-mail about this TE Jared Bronson 6'4" / 253 / that runs 4.7-40 from Central Washington. Can you find more about him and write what you find out because he really looks like a winner. I think he will push somebody out of a TE job? He plays very quick, runs good routes, catches the ball, goes over the middle and he can block. What more could ask of a TE?

What Parcells and Ireland did taking Pat White was genius! Here me out here. For starters, White is perfect for the Wildcat Formation which by taking him in the draft means they plan do alot more this season. And second, because he's never played WR, he can use a year or two to learn how to play the reciever position, like running routes, catching the ball, etc... So, while he's playing QB in the wildcat on Sundays, he can be playing Wide-out in practice learning the position and stuff. Kinda like Randel-El and Hines Ward did there very first season in the NFL (with out the wildcat). And unlike the two that I've mention, he'll be able to contribute immediately in his first season because of the wildcat formation. My prediction is Pat White has a 3 Run TD/3 Pass TD season in his rookie year. Not too bad. And hey, if the transition to WR doesn't pan out, if he gains 15 pounds of muscle, he could end up being the starting QB if Henne doesn't pan out. 6'1, 215 Ibs with good arm strength and a 4.5 40 time isn't too bad measurables for a QB. Hey! Drew Brees is 6'1 and no one in New Orleans is complaining. This guy is a winner just like Parcells. And if nothing else, he will be very exciting to watch, with the ball in his hands.... Did I mention he's very intelligent and makes very few mistakes with the football? Look at his completion percentage and QB rating as well as his interceptions. He's oustanding!

What about Chris Baker from Hampton? Armando please answer why yhey did not draft him he is a beast!!!!!!!!!!!

And why did they not draft the LB from George ou LSU. I watched these guys play they will be at least better depth then what we have.

I am really excited to see 2 of thesse guys:
TE Jared Bronson from CWU. CWU is a small, rural school about 30 minutes away from where I live in Central WA, and he was the talk and toast of the town. He simply dominated the level of competition he faced, and caught everything thrown to him. Really good hands. Had some good measurables at the combine, and had his best game of the year playing in the Conferences Divisional Playoff game, catching 8 balls for 169 yards. I smell practice squad this year, and active roster next.

The other guy is WR Chris Williams... guy is small, but quick as a cat, running a 4.3 40 at 5'8" tall. If he can fill the role of being what David Megget was to the Giants back in their hey-day... we may have 2 more Besses to speak of this year.

Keep an eye on those two guy's, I'm tellin' ya!!!!!

I think NE Drafted every NT pros. in frount of us just so we would not get one. why would they need 3 extra NT

Hey douglas/po. Why didn't they get drafted period. Because they suk !

louis ellis above chris baker give me a break

sorry george but you must not watch much football

Po. i guess guys ( scouts , gm's ) that watch football for every team including parcells don't know football but you do . LMAO ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Jason Taylor lost a step in 2007. Did not change direction as fast as he once did. What makes you think he's gotten it back, I bet he would look even slower and get plowed over in the run game. It was a great ride let it rest.

We should sign that last dude simply because his name is SirVincent.

Now that is funny Mike, LMAO!

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