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The Dolphins priority has got to be pass-rush

Yesterday I presented to you the positions of need for the Dolphins.

Yesterday I asked you to give me what you believe to be Miami's priority in the coming April 25-26 draft.

Today I'll tell you I believe the priority for the Dolphins will be pass-rush, followed by cornerback, followed by wide receiver.

Why pass rush?

Because that's Bill Parcells running the draft and he believes in knocking down the quarterback and winning at the line of scrimmage. Because a great pass rush instantly improves your secondary. Because a great pass rush gets the defense off the field. Because a great pass rush can turn a promised field goal try into a punt. Because Joey Porter was Miami's sack leader in 2008 and he is 32 years old. Because Matt Roth was second on the team in sacks last year with only five. Because Jason Taylor is more likely to sign with New England after the draft. Because Cameron Wake has great pass-rush potential but has shown it only in the CFL.

None of this means the Dolphins won't add a cornerback. It doesn't mean they will turn their backs on a receiver. Fact is, they're probably going to pick the highest player on their board regardless of position.

But pass-rush is very important in my opinion. And that makes it the priority area the Dolphins cannot overlook.

[I will be on the air at 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. Friday. You can listen live even if you're not in South Florida at 790theticket.com. You can also call the show toll free from anywhere in the U.S. at 1-888-790-3776. I'll be happy to talk Dolphins with you. Think of it as a live blog on radio! God bless you all on this Good Friday. And a prosperous and joyous Pesach to my Jewish brothers and sisters.]


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fins must draft a WR in the first draft pick, period and please tuna and co don't give any thoughts to any dolphin's fan,they all have no clue but me and one other guy.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland made it clear last week that the Dolphins want to acquire more draft picks.

But there are only three ways to do add to the nine picks the team already has. The Dolphins can trade down in each round to pick up extra picks. This regime did that last year, swapping third-round selections to pick up extra picks, and will likely explore that option again.
The Dolphins can trade future draft picks, which isn't likely considering how much this regime values draft selections.
Last year the Dolphins exchanged rookie tailback Lorenzo Booker, for a fourth-rounder in 2008. Cornerback Travis Daniels and veteran quarterback Josh McCown each brought the Dolphins seventh-round picks that will be used or bartered in this month's draft.
But which players might be viewed as trade bait?
Last summer Ireland said every player on the roster was on the market (for the right price), and it's hard to believe much has changed.

RB Ronnie Brown - Considering the average lifespan of an NFL running back is shorter than most positions, Brown's stock might never be higher than it is now since he's coming off a Pro Bowl season. This former first-round pick could possibly produce a first-day selection. But is it worth it? That likely depends on the Dolphins' view of Brown, which will become clearer soon based on the new contract he's offered, and their opinions of the tailbacks in this draft class This could be Brown's last season as a Dolphin. His 2010 contract, which pays him $5 million that season, is voidable.

OLB Matt Roth - In his first season as a 3-4 outside linebacker the converted defensive end held his own, contributing 56 tackles and five sacks as a full-time starter. But is he the long-term answer at this position? Or would a team in need of a 4-3 defensive end pony up a decent pick for the Dolphins' resident tough guy? Roth, who is on the books to make at least $550,000 this season, becomes an unrestricted free agent after this season. That might scare away possible suitors.

CB Will Allen - He's viewed as one of the top 15 cornerbacks in the NFL when he's healthy. But considering he's already 30 and entering the final year of his existing deal, Allen should be viewed as a rented player for the Dolphins. A team desperate for a ready-to-contribute starter who doesn't like the 2009 crop of cornerbacks could view Allen as a player still worth investing in.
CB Jason Allen - The jury is still out on this former first-round pick, who many insiders say isn't instinctive enough to be a safety and might not be disciplined enough to play cornerback. Maybe another team, like one that runs a cover-two defense, will be motivated to figure out the right spot for Allen, who is beginning his fourth NFL season.
OG Ikechuku Ndukwe - While this former practice squader wasn't spectacular as an injury-fill-in starter last season, he allowed only one sack. A desperate team that values his versatility might see Ndukwe as a player worthy of a starting spot, which is unlikely with the Dolphins considering Donald Thomas' return, and Joe Berger's addition.
WR Brandon London - A few teams have a high opinion of last season's waiver wire find. His strong special teams contributions and apparent upside could be worthy of a second-day pick. But it's more realistic the Dolphins will invest in this tall, athletic and tough receiver themselves.
QB John Beck - The former BYU quarterback needs a fresh start because he'll likely never be given an opportunity to win the starting spot here. Many teams had a high opinion of him when he was chosen in the second round in 2007. And they still might considering the mediocre crop of quarterbacks this year. Unloading Beck would mean the Dolphins would have to find a third quarterback, so it might not be worth it to move him now.
WR Ernest Wilford - The Dolphins' most experienced receiver is viewed as expendable because of various shortcomings that kept him off the field in 2008. But if any team wanted him and was willing to give up a seventh-rounder he'd be gone by now. But you never know how desperate a team might get when they are on the clock in the sixth or seventh round and can choose between Wilford and a receiver who might not even make their practice squad.
DT Paul Soliai - He hasn't panned out as a nose tackle, but that doesn't mean he can't be a decent 4-3 defensive tackle. The limited action he saw in his first two seasons doesn't exactly excite anyone, but it's still too early to say he doesn't belong in the NFL. He's signed through 2010 and could bring a late-round pick because of the weak crop of defensive tackles in this draft.
DE Rodrique Wright - Last season the Dolphins didn't have much use for the defensive end who contributed 37 tackles and 1.5 sacks in 2007. But that doesn't mean he couldn't bring value to a 3-4 team looking for a backup end who has spent the past three seasons learning how to set an edge. This is Wright's final season under contract, so that might complicate a deal that could bring the Dolphins a pick like the 2006 seventh-rounder initially used to select the former Texas standout.
by Omar Kelly | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Something good to read Finfans, just incase you might want to read something other than the cubans mulitple personalities.

Bill Parcells will make the right choice in this years draft;regardless what a reporter,or a fan thinks. I think Miami always need help in the secondary which has been weak these past few years.

D4life, i enjoyed a lot looking at your last post and i declare it a winner based on one factor which is that we need WR bad,thamk you for agreeing w/ me.

Dolphins4life. We could've just went to the sun-sentinel and read omar kelly's story . LOL .

and read his blog about the story.

NJ PHIN FAN,,,,,are you saying that D4life just copy and past that story and presented as his? this is craz and we can't let that go unpunished.so NJ PHIN what you think we should do or say to the honorable D4life?

No Gort. Dolphins4life did mention it was omar kelly. He just didn't have to take all that space on the blog after cutting and pasting. LOL. He could've posted the link or tell everbody where to go. LOL.

Yeeeeeessssss. Gort is da house. Gort did you know Billy P is Marc. ?

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Let us remember what we already have and where the game is most important according to BP. We have Ronnie and Ricky, Ronnie on the upside and Ricky on the downside but nonetheless.....there is an OG out of OU named Duke Robinson that does not have supreme skills moving left to right but DESTROYS people when run blocking.

It is not a sexy pick but neither was Jake Long....any regrets?

Seems to me a BP run offense combined with a QB who does not have a long ball translates into a running game. I am not mentioning the wildcat as it was a gimmick that everyone will be prepared for, especially the patriots.

I am talking about running BETWEEN the tackles. if you looked at Oaklands stats last year, they ran solidly between the tackles but were worthless outside of them. That translates into a dominating center!

Point is, I have not heard crap on this site about Robinson and I think, while we have R&R, we need to take full advantage of it.

Mondo....your opinion welcome.

1st- Butler

Our WR position does not and will not be addressed any time early. Think about it people.

Well well. Jetsrock and Gopats together again. What luck.

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The Three Amigos are fling Henne around the coutry to throw to ALL of the WRs in the draft and you guys don't think they aren't thinking it over they worked out the whole wr class.

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Exactly right George. Shaggy must not have watched many games last year...our pass rush was pretty horrible. Man I can't wait to see who we draft.

THE AFC east champs, do you think when you write that we are going to win the super bowl?

"Gort.Klaata barada nikto".......nice to see nj phin and menace back to the future and see jerry and mr champs fighting.

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I agree pass rush even though I voted CB, I was just thinking that Jason Taylor would already be there. He has to be!

As you jolly old boys say in the kingdom, Slash the chick and enjoy a pint...

JASON ! JASON! JASON . Jason needs to be here for us to win super Bowl .


the cow bell from saturday night live on E any moment now.

I agree with you HYMAN. We neeeeeeeeeeed jason .

I also agree with hyman and maxx. I loooooooove jason. I have all his posters on my wall. I just can't let go. Pleeeeease.

Hyman Roth,

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