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The Dolphins priority has got to be pass-rush

Yesterday I presented to you the positions of need for the Dolphins.

Yesterday I asked you to give me what you believe to be Miami's priority in the coming April 25-26 draft.

Today I'll tell you I believe the priority for the Dolphins will be pass-rush, followed by cornerback, followed by wide receiver.

Why pass rush?

Because that's Bill Parcells running the draft and he believes in knocking down the quarterback and winning at the line of scrimmage. Because a great pass rush instantly improves your secondary. Because a great pass rush gets the defense off the field. Because a great pass rush can turn a promised field goal try into a punt. Because Joey Porter was Miami's sack leader in 2008 and he is 32 years old. Because Matt Roth was second on the team in sacks last year with only five. Because Jason Taylor is more likely to sign with New England after the draft. Because Cameron Wake has great pass-rush potential but has shown it only in the CFL.

None of this means the Dolphins won't add a cornerback. It doesn't mean they will turn their backs on a receiver. Fact is, they're probably going to pick the highest player on their board regardless of position.

But pass-rush is very important in my opinion. And that makes it the priority area the Dolphins cannot overlook.

[I will be on the air at 790 The Ticket from 3-7 p.m. Friday. You can listen live even if you're not in South Florida at 790theticket.com. You can also call the show toll free from anywhere in the U.S. at 1-888-790-3776. I'll be happy to talk Dolphins with you. Think of it as a live blog on radio! God bless you all on this Good Friday. And a prosperous and joyous Pesach to my Jewish brothers and sisters.]


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thanks so much for providing a forum like this. Wishing you much happiness.

I think through some deductive reasoning we can get a clearer picture of what is going on with the Dolphins. The information you provide goes along way in making that happen.

You make a great point that pressure on the quarterback is what separates great defensive teams. Everyone seems to assume that Matt Roth's numbers are indicative of where the problems lies in not getting more pressure on the QB. Bad assumption. If you actually look at the numbers of someone like Carl Banks who was a great LOLB for the Giants he only had 1 9 sack season and averaged a whole lot less. In this kind of 3-4 the other linebacker (not Joey Porter) has different responsibilities. And if you look again closely at the Parcellian approach to defensive pressure, it's usually an Outside Linebacker and a defensive end. Joey Porter fills that role, pretty well. Now he's getting older so you may want to find a suitable long term replacement. But isn't that Cameron Wake was really brought in to do in the long run?
We shouldn't assume that the kind of player to replace Matt Roth will be a pass rushing specialist linebacker. If they really like what Roth doing what he's doing (and I bet they do) then you won't see them picking someonne else to replace him and what they ask of that position. Thus if the Dolphins draft someone to replace Roth because he's a free agent next year and they don't want him don't expect them to draft a pass rushing specialist to replace him.

I would bet then if you are right about your assumption on pass rush then they will find another defensive end and or nose tackle position player to collapse the pocket. The pressure will come from an end probably with outside linebacker, aka Leonard Marshall and L.T. These guys I can't believe are fully satisfied with the defensive line. Langford and Merling have potential and are solid but are they great? To win it all you need a dominant defensive line and we aren't there yet depth wise. Think of how they invested in the o line. That's a statement that says we can win a Super Bowl with that bunch. Not there yet on the defensive line. Thus more draft picks to make that happen.

Thus I believe behind it all is a couple of assumptions. The Dolphins know they need a nose tackle. Is Paul Solai really counted on to be that person? Does he play the way they see fit? He is another regimes pick too. Is Lionel Dotson ready to play at defensive end and provide that extra depth I mentioned earlier? If they believe in Cameron Wake then that is who replaces Porter in the future. If unsure you will see them pick another pass rushing specialist outside linebacker. I don't think they will though. Joey's got another year in him and Wake can show his skill. If they don't like Wake then they prioritize the position the following year. You've got to give Wake a year to see. I could see them drafting a inside linebacker to replace Ayodele. Otherwise it's defensive line drafting day for the Dolphins.

The hole though seems to be cornerback. At the moment you just don't like our chances going against the great receivers in the division with what is on the roster. They chose to not really go after folks too hard at cornerback in free agency. I really wonder why? Is it that they feel like they have the players? Is it the sense we can draft certain folks and turn in them into quality professionals? But it's clear that they really didn't go hard after anyone at that position. I wonder why. Do you know why? That's an interesting question to me.

Thanks for reading and a great Easter to you and your family!

good read mark, i did have the same questions but i would say that dolphins think it's not wise to spent most money on CB cause if they rather have a front 7 strong smart guys work as a unit is more important than thinking one position will solve all ills.

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if the bowl this year is in fact not a reality, is trying to get a buck for porter while we can really that crazy?

OLB Larry English-No.25

your music on the dolphins page is killing me. you will chase away alot of your readers who check your website at work.
I hope you are wrong and the Dolphins address cornerback fairly early in the draft. They need to find a player who can compete for a starting job this year and at worst case be prepared to start next year when Will Allen may be gone. If they can find that in the 2nd or third great but this will kill them with the WR they will face next year. I would not be surprised if they draft 2 cornerbacks.


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