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We know Dolphins needs, not their priorities

The Dolphins will not say what their draft needs are. Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland won't say they have holes at OLB and CB and WR that demand 2009 draft attention.

“We have needs at a lot of different positions," Ireland said cryptically. "To give you what those exact needs are goes into strategy which we are not going to talk about. Our greatest needs are players that fit our system. Our greatest needs are players that think the way we think; that want to be here and have high passion and high character. Those are the greatest needs that we have on the team.”

I find it interesting the Dolphins won't give you even a hint of what they think their needs are although everyone knows they need a starting CB because Will Allen cannot start at both LCB and RCB. They need a starting OLB that can improve the overall pass rush because Joey Porter cannot do it by himself. And they need a wide receiver that actually scares the defense because no one on Miami's receiver corps does that.

The Dolphins also need help at other positions like nose tackle and ILB, but those needs are not as dire and can be addressed in later rounds.

So even if Ireland and Sparano won't say what the Dolphins need, we pretty much know. But where they show brilliance in keeping internal information, well, internal is in refusing to to give even a hint what their priority is. We know what they need, even if they refuse to confirm it. But we don't know in what order they think they need those things.

Miami's priorities, rather than its needs, are the big secret.

In other words, no one outside the Dolphins knows if the team sees CB as a bigger need than WR. Or maybe OLB is a bigger need than the other two. I love that the Dolphins are able -- so far -- to keep this under wraps because that helps their cause in playing draft day poker against other teams.

But our purpose here is to break it down a little to get a better idea which of the three areas of need is the area of greatest need. So here goes ...

The case for OLB: The Dolphins had 40 sacks last season but 17.5 of those came from Porter. The team will not allow itself to rely on one player for 43 percent of its sacks. Yes, Cameron Wake was signed to address that problem and that might alleviate the level of need, but what has Wake proven? Is his presence enough to let the Dolphins go elsewhere with their top pick? Remember that a great pass rush is at the core of what Bill Parcells believes makes a great team. Remember that a great pass rush helps erase flaws in the secondary. And there are mathematical studies done by folks with, like, analytical minds, that state a sack is worth 3 1/2 points in an NFL game. Yes, the study shows a sack is more valuable than a field goal. So the case for finding a young, outstanding, pass-rushing OLB is strong.

The case for a WR: When Ireland was asked to name his No. 1 receiver last week he stumbled. "It is Teddy (Ted Ginn, Jr), it’s (Greg) Camarillo," he said. "Those are the receivers that are number one and number two, or number two and number one right now. We obviously need to upgrade a lot of positions and receiver is a position that we need some depth at for sure.” For sure. The Dolphins do not need a deep threat in the traditional sense. Ginn is capable of becoming that player that catches passes over the top of the defense. But Miami lacks a player that can turn a 7-yard slant into a 56-yard TD. Miami lacks a guy that can make the first defender miss, breaks the next guy's tackle, and is gone to the house. Miami lacks a guy that brings the YAC (Yards After Catch). Such an addition would open up the running game. Such an addition would slow a defense's desire to blitz. Such an addition would make any QB look a whole lot better.

The case for CB: Sparano has said he doesn't know that there are any lockdown corners anymore. The fact is the NFL game is made for offense and, except for the rescindment of the force-out rule, the fathers of the game are always trying to help open up the passing game. That does not change the fact Miami's best candidate for starting opposite Will Allen is Eric Green, who Sparano says, "has something to prove." Yeah, he's got to prove he can be a starter. Regardless of whether that happens or not, the Dolphins have three corners scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after 2009 assuming a collective bargaining agreement is reached. And even if it is not, Allen is scheduled to be unrestricted. So this position requires attention in this draft -- and perhapswith the selection of multiple players. Jimmy Johnson used to say you draft four positions in the first round. He wanted left tackles, pass-rushers, quarterbacks and cornerbacks. (Wish he had remembered his own rule relative to the Yatil Green selection). But the point is cornerback is a championship position. And the Dolphins are lacking there.

So there you have it. That's the case for each need. Which one is the Dolphins' priority?

You tell me. I'll give you my opinion tomorrow.


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jaksin,are you here?

CB priority in draft. How many CB's are available after the draft (free agency)? How many 3rd round and below CB's have developed into very good CB's?

There are starting quality WR and pass rushers still available in free agency if we don't draft one. There are no starting quality CB available in free agency if we don't pick up a solid one in the draft to develop into a future starter.

CB is the priority. I would say NT is next since Ferguson is out next season but we can pick up a big NT or 2 on the second day. Roth did ok and might get a lot better for OLB and we have Wake but it would be nice to get someone who can fight for the spot and make the other 2 better. I don't think we need a WR for YAC. Bess and Camarillo are good for that but they seem so similar. We need a big target that we thought we had in Wilford. Someone who can reach over the sideline for a catch or over top a CB in the end zone. I'm not 100% sold on London. ILB is a need. Ayodele is not the play maker he needs to be. Again getting someone to challenge him and Crowder could be good for everyone.

"everyone knows they need a starting CB because Will Allen cannot start at both LCB and RCB."
Who knows.....with the new stem cells laws in effect, perhaps the technology to clone Will Allen will exist by the season opener.

The Yatil Green bash was low. The man was injured his whole career after never having even a sprained ankle in college. He was a proven deep threat, and not afraid to go over the middle. Not to mention he was from our own backyard, so he was thoroughly scouted. Knock his other picks, but Yatil Green gave it his all... and his knees.

Pass rusher is the number one priority IMO, but ultimately this regime will take the best player available, not reach for need. The former is the way smart teams do this: think the George Young/Parcells combo in New York or Belicheck/Pioli in New England this decade. The latter? We saw Bumstedt reach for (perceived) need time and time again and ignore the BPA, to our consistent long-term detriment.

Priorities: 1. Cornerback, with the top receivers the Dolphins have to face in just the AFC East, pass rush or no, they need help at the corner.
2. A close second, Wide Receiver. They need a stud, catch anything-type. I'd trade a second round pick for a proven receiver like Boldin, or just sign Torry Holt and keep the picks. On the other hand, I do like the receiver class in this draft and if a worthy CB does not fall to Miami then they should probably draft a WR there. But knowing Parcells prefers defenders in the first round, thats not likely.
3. Inside Linebacker, Crowder and company were not at the highest level needed to advance in the playoffs, and Dolphins should sign JT to solve their outside pass rush issue.

i do not think we are a threat at all right now. we have some talent. but even with the great defense we all want and expect, what are we going to win with fieldgoals we need to pass reicievers!

jaksin, u have great insight and deapth of the game. explain your style.

How about a back up left tackle? Letting Samson go was stupid at best. Justin Smiley was signed last year with a injury history and he did'nt play a full season because he was hurt. So dumb ass Bill signs Grove who for only one season has been not injured. Boy if they had signed Fanaca last year and then picked up Ryan in the draft, then added Jason Brown boy this team would look a lot better. We are screwed with Parcells,1999 was the last time he won a playoff game....grab some bread because it's toast.....

I think JT is their Ace in the hole to keep other teams guessing. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they already have a deal with him. I figure they want to wait until after the draft to sign him so the need looks real to throw off other teams during the draft. Knowing the way Tuna likes to have the big linemen I think Nose Tackle is a bigger priority than they are letting on and could be their first pick. Who knows maybe it could be Laurinitas falls low enough to be our pic at LB. One thing I'd definately bet on in the first pic will be defense and will not be a receiver. I believe they'll take the best defenseman avaiable or trade down. NT, LB or CB it will be one of those three for the first pic. I'd also bet that our first three pics all go to defense and we pick up at least one offensive lineman in the later rounds as well as a TE.

sit tight on both ryan and flacco, how are you all impressed yet? no matter what, they will both be interception professionals. they both want to be brett favre, cutlers gone. peyton's gasping, and im sorry rivers, well glad its not us. that leaves soon to be ex t. shady. oh and what kollins? i cant wait to see cassel fall on his face. the baddest boy is big ben as far as afc quarterbacks


I know this is off the subject but...any truth to rumors that if the Phins sign JT prior to July 20th they'll have to give back the 2nd round they received from the Redskins last year?

This sounds crazy to me...

I wouldn't put off DT too long into the draft. Too many 3-4 defenses are implemented now. If they trade out of the first round and Ron Brace from BC is there for our 1st 2nd rounder he's my first pick.

I think it is obvious, especially after this blog. The Dolphins have identified their greatest areas of need and the player they have rated highest in any one of those 3 positions (CB,WR,LB) will be the 1st selection. "Take the highest rated player and do not draft for need" has always been preached, but I think that they will draft the highest rated player at one of 3 needs. Then they will target other players of need or value in the lower rounds. And look out for some big name undrafted FA players to compete. Go Dolphins!

My belief is that they go linebacker, defensive lineman, cornerback, wide reciever, running back/fullback, linebacker.

Even the greatest cb cannot cover a good receiver any longer than 3.5 seconds. By that time if the line isn't on the qb, then a completion is likely to happen. To me, we shouldn't waste a top pick. We did on J Allen. He is still riding the pine.

I would personally like to see the Phins get someone that could put a lot of pressure up the middle. That would bring the outside guys in and leave our outside guys the lanes to brain Lady Brady.

If we have Pennington grooming Henne, why can't we sign Harrison to groom or at least help Ginn. I guarantee you people are still afraid of Harrison even though he is aging.

Keep an eye on Robert Ayers as a possible 1st round pick. A rotation of Ayers, Wake and Porter within games would keep them all fresh, strong and hungry. Slide Roth inside. No comparison to the others as a speed rusher and a liabilty in coverage. But big, physical and tuff enough to man the middle. If a 1st round LB is in the Trifecta's plans I can see why there holding off on Taylor.
PS: Going by projected available players at these spots ...adding at 2A Alphonso Smith and at 2B either Johnny Knox or Terry Robiskie would make for a strong draft opening. Then continue filling other holes like nose tackle another CB etc.. Questions, concerns, thoughts??

All of the above????

Possibly but I think they have to ensure they get a CB that can start in this league by the end of the offseason. Whether it's in the draft or a vet like McAllister

Then comes OLB. Their total of 40 sacks was very deceiving. At times there was zero penetration at the line of scrimmage.

Then comes WR - the type you describe would be a nice dimension but truth is a lot of teams win without that dimension - like the Steelers! So I think that's a luxury where the other two are needs.

and jason should come to groom cameron wake

First, the Dolphins need to sign Jason Taylor.
This will have multiple outcomes. He instantly helps our pass rush. He can help to mentor Wake and any draft picks. Better yet, it keeps him off of the Patriots or some other AFC east team.
By signing him OLB becomes our 3rd pick in the draft ( 2nd pick in the 2nd round ).
Our first pick then becomes CB. The dolphins have a dire need here as they are facing some of the best WR's in the league this year and need a top flight CB to help defend the pass, even with a good pass rush.
Our next pick (1st pick in round 2) should then definately be WR. We need a Wr that can spread the field and help our running game. A good WR can add so much to your offense, espically when you have the running backs we have. Lets face it Ginn is not panning out very well and if he does begin to produce , the worse case is we have two really big threats. Look at Arizona to see how good that can work.
So to review, Sign Taylor, then in the draft its CB 1st, WR 2nd, and OLB 3rd. Sounds perfect to me. That should have us covered well.

cb is the priority in this years draft so much so I would use the first 2 picks on cbs I think that they have enough confidence in wake that olb won't be addressed until the later rounds unless a real beast falls into their laps in the second round nose tackle will probably be picked up in the second round then they will address wr and oline on day 2 i think they will pick up another c to push grove a bit


Good article! Good insight and info, and you didn't even get negative about the Dolphins being secretive about their needs!

I'm not really worried about who we will take with the 25th pick...I'm sure it will be the best player available at OLB, CB, WR...then look for the fins to take NT Ron Brace in the 2cnd

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention... SEAN SMITH!

Great post, although I agree w/ Jordan, nothing wrong with the Yatil pick, just bad luck.
The reality is we have no clue what the 'fins want w/ their first picks, which as 'Mando points out, is great. I wouldn't write off WR with the first, although I guess CB is a greater need, strictly speaking. Just seems like all the best cover guys(w/ character- no Vontae nonsense, please)are short, or otherwise flawed.


Aqua 2. I would love to see JT in aqua and orange again if possible. But...("hee hee hee...he said butt"). But... I never bought into this needing a player to groom another theory. If the young player has the skills, the coaches have plenty of experience and teaching ability to groom them. Thats why their called coaches! ...Just my opinion.

mando,oh i mean Aqua 1, you have good point there.davis will not be there at 25

Thats exactly what we need! An aging, selfish player that likes dancing more than football!!! (sarcasm implied for you slow folks)! ... Maybe he could come here, skip training camp and the be inured and unproductive all season!

1. CB - The unit is just starving for talent. We have some decent package players, but we need a CB that can make plays and keep up with the AFC receiving core.

2. OLB - An improved and consistent pass rush will help the entire defense, and shutting down the other teams will go a long way to making our current receiver group good enough.

3. WR - I am still not convinced that Ginn is a bust. If 3rd yr is the big year for a WR, then he is on pace to have a great year, and that with a QB that cannot take advantage of his speed as Henne may be able to. If Ginn picks it up, that will open up space for Camarillo. Sure, we are not talking Moos and Welker, but if our defensive holes get plugged up with some starting caliber talent, we should be able to produce well enough to win games.

This assumes that all three positions have something of high value left by the time Miami picks in RD 1 and 2.

I think if Miami thinks the CB and OLB talent available at 25 will be available later in round 2, they might go with the WR, etc.

fin fans have no loyalty to jason,you shouldn't call your self a fan if you make fun of his dancing .

Armando, you forgeot to mention NT. If the right player slips, how can the Dolphins say no. Legit NTs are very difficult to get.

I would not expect a WR drafted until at least the Rd 3. I would expect pick 1 - CB. Pick 2A- DT, pick 2B - CB again or any combo of those 2 positions. I wouldn't be shocked if 2b or 3rd rounder is a TE! Critical in this type of offense!

Fill out the rest of the draft with an ILB to groom as Oydele's replacement, a safety to groom as Bells replacement & O line & LB depth. Special teams guys.

As far as offensive skill players, 1 WR & a TE. We also traded for the kid from Jacksonville to replace Holiday so Dline isn't a priority except for NT!

Aqua 2,

JT is the one with no loyalty my friend. He was committed more to Hollywood last year than he was to football (which got him to where he is). He wanted to leave the Dolphins to play for a contender and when the Skins miss the playoffs and the Fins make it, he wants to come crawling back. He had a horrible year last year because he wanted to dance instead of go to training camp, and to top it all off... he doesn't want to go to training camp again this year! Not to mention the guy is 35, why would we want him back... JT was great for the Dolphins for years, but that is over...

It's really simple number one priority is CB! Have you guy seen some of the free agent WR still unsigned? Plaxico, Holt ? As far as OLB goes SIGN JASON TAYLOR!! Add depth to to WR and OLB in the second round or thrid round..

The Taylor bashing is great but you will regret it if he ends up on another AFC east team. The Pats would love to have him attacking Pennington. Lets not help the Pats any further. Do you remember a guy named Wes Walker. Last year was a fluke. He has a year or 2 left in the tank. He is only a 1 or 2 year option. Mentor or not, he has up sides.

With who we have to play this year CB has to be first .I know they want to be a smashmouth club.But we need playmakers on Offence Iam not say try to score with these teams.Points wins games WR has to be secound.After greg got hurt last year they stacked everyone within 15 yards of the line.we need some one to loosen up the defence. then NT or olb.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year we had to draft -- as in HAD to draft -- a DE, OT, and OG. An argument could be made that, assuming Beck was not the future (which I think they believed), any smart team would be tapping a QB to develop as well.

That's four positions we pretty much had to fill with high-level picks.

This year they only HAVE to use a one high-pick, on a CB.

Roth and Wake can together man SOLB and at the same time we can see if Wake is the real deal as Porter's replacement.

We could take a stud WR or Ferguson's eventual replacement, but that can wait for next year's free agency and/or draft.

We do have to get depth at OT and probably both positions in the secondary but that doesn't take high picks and could probably be taken care of after cuts as well.

Thanks to Tuna and the boys for putting us in the position to take advantage of whoever may fall our way.

souljghadbeats...jason can be signed to look after our young players and teach them all his moves,don't you think? let him come back and jet a ring.

Keep it between us, but I know exactly what will happen draft day!! Having the same dream twice confirms it's true..

The AZ Cards will jump into Miami's spot cuz they are in love with Noshawn Moreno (rb-spelling??) and he'll b gone shortly after 25.. Cards get pick 25 & next years 3rd rd and we get Anquan Boldin..

I like the trade, but Anquan better stay healthy!! Please keep this info between us!!

Teach them his moves... like how to put a swim move on the front office and dodge training camp completely?

That is not the kind of influence The Dolphins need for their younger players...Why would we sign somebody to "teach" younger players?? Isn't that what coaches are for???? And we just cut Vonnie Holiday who was a mentor to the younger DE's and Taylor is even older than Holiday.

soulghadbeats....coaches can't be there all the time but jason will be there when they need him in good times and bad able to provide comfort in defeat and when our young players need a person to hear them he will be there ,giving them the tools they need to get ready for games and training camp.go dolphins

Ok, you are obviously delusional or in love with Jason Taylor... Gotta go

I predict a Defensive player in the first round, If a good DT drops or stud OLB thats what we get. Tuna likes big players, players who can contribute instantly.

2nd round will be the new starting CB, and a WR.

If Harvin is still there at 25 he would be hard to pass on. I hope we get him, talk about YAC!

I am not in the slightest surprised that the braintrust is not divulging info on their strategy vis-a-vis perceived personnel needs.
Am I missing something here? Why would you find it unusual?

Divulging strategy is just not smart. It drives up the price of the talent that the team is trying to acquire if there are any transactions involved. It also allows other teams to react accordingly. There's just no upside to it. Its like you have a sore thats healing ... sure you could take the band aid off and scratch it , because it seems trivial but is that going to improve it? In fact it would probably be fine. In your nice office. or at home. But what about in a jungle. Well welcome to the NFL.

Do other teams have an idea what the Miami Dolphins' personnel needs are? Sure, but keep several things in mind.

First, the degree of certainty is not as cut and dried as a cursory look might indicate. Other team's perceptions of what Miami will do on draft day are going to be influenced by their own philosophies. Instead of looking for that elite CB, perhaps Parcells philosophy is 'no pass rush no pass defense' and continues to bolster the front 7 and grabs a corner in later rounds or in the post draft free agency period.

My point is that you, I, and the rest of the readers here, don't entirely know for sure what the Dolphins' whole strategy is and neither does the rest of the league. Parcells is good because of his knowledge and, like his teams, he doesn't make mistakes (especially by giving away info). He maximizes every possible advantage and gives nothing for free.

Minutiae matters. Believe it - especially in a league with well run organizations like the 'Burg, NE, NYG who just don't make a lot of mistakes with personnel decisions.

Is it trifling if, as GM, you say 'yea we need a corner'? Sure it is even miniscule at face value, but if you do you just might demoralize your existing corner, make the other position players think they are less important in the overall scheme, drive a wedge between Off & Def in terms of their perception of which is more important. Your qb starts thinking - hmm why not draft WR or OL to help me... etc etc etc until you have a team of discontent babies. However, if you keep it transparent and say we need to upgrade as a "T-E-A-M" ... well then, that is different isn't it? Pretty powerful stuff huh? Suddenly players are motivated... working harder... because everyone's job is in jeopardy, yet every one knows its for the team. There are no T.O.s , Chad Johnsons, or prima donnas.

Finally, other teams may have ideas what Miami's personnel needs and strategy are. But are those assessments correct? Even if they are correct, are they going to act rationally based on that information. Sure you say.. its obvious isn't it? Well look at the landscape of the league ... Cincy, Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit... these teams are consistently bad and systemically so. They make bad decisions. But the minute you start counting on other teams to make bad decisions, you are one of them.

"For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting."
- Gen. George C. Patton

"This the N.F.L. which stands for Not For Long when you make those kind of calls."
- Falcons Coach Jerry Glanville to NFL ref

"1-15 ... 11-5 .... ? "
- Me

I say they draft with their 1st and 2 2nd rounders the best players available at either LB, CB or WR. If they feel Cushing or Clay Mathews is better then Hicks, Bay etc at WR or Butler, Sean Smith at CB, then take the Linebacker. The same goes in round 2, if the wide receivers on the board are better then the corners at that point take the wide receiver and then take the best corner left with their second 2nd rd pick.

Remember the first day of the draft is only 2 rounds. They can reevaluate after that and if their is another corner or defensive tackle that slipped into the 3rd rd that they like they can always try and trade up to acquire that player.

Miami had the first pick in rd 3 last year and traded it to the lions because kevin smith was still available and the lions needed a running back. Trading up goes against what parcells believes in but it is always possible.

The key is not too reach for a player just because of need, that backfires alot.

Lets remember the overall picture here.
By signing Jason it helps the dolphins ( that is if you are a true dolfan ). It gives us the freedom to draft for positions that are more in need CB and WR. Its not about loving or hating Jason...its filling a void with a player who can help now. Do you remember a guy named Ricky Williams...if anybody screwed the dolphins, it was him. Guess what , he is back filling a void. And you prob cheer for him like a schoolgirl. We want to win , and Jason will help,so get over your grudge.

Some good comments already today. Very good.

I have a couple of responses:

The Yatil Green pick was a bad pick because Jimmy Johnson KNEW Green was injury-prone. That's what the report said on the kid and when they got on the phone with him, Johnson told Green he couldn't have his first round pick getting hurt. Green told him not to worry about that. And the Dolphins selected him. The point is it wasn't Green's fault he got hurt. It was the Dolphins fault they overlooked a draft report on the kid that said he was fragile. He blew out a knee his first practice. And then blew out the other knee the following year.

As to the nose tackle position I did mention it is a need. But a priority? The Dolphins have a starter there. They also like little-known Joe Cohen and Paul Soliai to compete for the backup spot. In a pinch, they can also have Randy Starks play/compete there if he doesn't beat out Phillip Merling at DE. I see the team taking a NT to groom. But unless someone falls, I don't see it in the early rounds.

Finally, some folks continue to report Ron Brace as a possibility there. I spoke to his agent yesterday and Brace has not spoken or visited or worked out for the Dolphins. So if they're interested in him, it's news to him.

Jimmy made that comment as a justification for not taking Randy Moss. You may remember he also drafted Michael Irvin also...

we love to have jason back but what if he comes and we don't win super bowl

Jimmy did not draft Michael Irvin. And Randy Moss and Yatil Green did not come out in the same draft.



Has everyone forgotten that Matt Roth was in his first year at olb he had 5 sacks and pressured the QB a lot. He made the transition now all he can do is get better. Do we need more pass rush YES but OLB is fine we need another inside linebacker to help channing crowder because when he got hurt the chiefs ran all over us. We also need depth at D-Line because thats where we had no pressure and very little run support. We can hope that Merling improves an Langford and they will. However thats where the pass rush problem is because a D-end that had 5 sacks the first season he switches to OLB shows pretty good promise if you ask me. But what do I know

I think the approach makes them flexible and they will respond to what occurs in the draft...I believe they have targeted only a handful of first rounders that have met all their criteria (which justifies a first round pick). And I am sure they have them ranked regardless of position. So, if Darius Butler is ranked ahead of Hakeem Nicks that is who they pick or vice versa. Do not over-think their strategy....I think it is what it is...very simple which leaves all the over-thinkers confused..

Guy's any one really believe these guy's(the elder vet's) "groom" any of the younger players?? please, would you help a fellow employee making half of what your making while doing the same job ?? probably not, and neither do these Older vets help any of the younger players, and and far as Jason (one step,two step) Taylor coming back to Miami think what the big dummies done the past 2 years, let me refresh your memories, he decides to go on d.w.t.s instead of participating in off season conditioning, no big deal right, i think the final straw was when inform the phins he'd miss the 1st 2 weeks of training camp to attend his brothers graduation( don't know about you, but don't graduations only take a few hours??) so Miami ships him to Washington so he could play for a contender, well look what happened to old twinkle toes , hes out with a injury after the 3rd week, now the big dummy tells the skins he wont be at there off season conditioning camp again, skins cut him and also his 11 million dollar contract, so here we are Jason taylor looking to join a team, guys if he wanted to play for the phins the big dummie would have signed a contract and been doing his off season conditioning, don't put this guy on a pedestal guys, you all are better than that, let him join the jets or pats, he'll only last 2 or 3 games any way....

we must sign jason or our dreams about super bowl are dashed, no one should be so disloyal to jason who been with us in bad time , let come and thrive to get a ring soon .go fins

wait wait do u guys think vonnie will come back it dosent look like this guy even exists no interest from anybody.. at least not yet.

Aqua 2, please read the above blog, why sign this guy if he wont last a quarter of the season, its imperative that these guys attend all conditioning programs esspically when there 35 years old....

hey cubes vonnie was known to be a mentor and i belive it was stated that he was offered a contract just not to his standerds i think.

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