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We know Dolphins needs, not their priorities

The Dolphins will not say what their draft needs are. Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland won't say they have holes at OLB and CB and WR that demand 2009 draft attention.

“We have needs at a lot of different positions," Ireland said cryptically. "To give you what those exact needs are goes into strategy which we are not going to talk about. Our greatest needs are players that fit our system. Our greatest needs are players that think the way we think; that want to be here and have high passion and high character. Those are the greatest needs that we have on the team.”

I find it interesting the Dolphins won't give you even a hint of what they think their needs are although everyone knows they need a starting CB because Will Allen cannot start at both LCB and RCB. They need a starting OLB that can improve the overall pass rush because Joey Porter cannot do it by himself. And they need a wide receiver that actually scares the defense because no one on Miami's receiver corps does that.

The Dolphins also need help at other positions like nose tackle and ILB, but those needs are not as dire and can be addressed in later rounds.

So even if Ireland and Sparano won't say what the Dolphins need, we pretty much know. But where they show brilliance in keeping internal information, well, internal is in refusing to to give even a hint what their priority is. We know what they need, even if they refuse to confirm it. But we don't know in what order they think they need those things.

Miami's priorities, rather than its needs, are the big secret.

In other words, no one outside the Dolphins knows if the team sees CB as a bigger need than WR. Or maybe OLB is a bigger need than the other two. I love that the Dolphins are able -- so far -- to keep this under wraps because that helps their cause in playing draft day poker against other teams.

But our purpose here is to break it down a little to get a better idea which of the three areas of need is the area of greatest need. So here goes ...

The case for OLB: The Dolphins had 40 sacks last season but 17.5 of those came from Porter. The team will not allow itself to rely on one player for 43 percent of its sacks. Yes, Cameron Wake was signed to address that problem and that might alleviate the level of need, but what has Wake proven? Is his presence enough to let the Dolphins go elsewhere with their top pick? Remember that a great pass rush is at the core of what Bill Parcells believes makes a great team. Remember that a great pass rush helps erase flaws in the secondary. And there are mathematical studies done by folks with, like, analytical minds, that state a sack is worth 3 1/2 points in an NFL game. Yes, the study shows a sack is more valuable than a field goal. So the case for finding a young, outstanding, pass-rushing OLB is strong.

The case for a WR: When Ireland was asked to name his No. 1 receiver last week he stumbled. "It is Teddy (Ted Ginn, Jr), it’s (Greg) Camarillo," he said. "Those are the receivers that are number one and number two, or number two and number one right now. We obviously need to upgrade a lot of positions and receiver is a position that we need some depth at for sure.” For sure. The Dolphins do not need a deep threat in the traditional sense. Ginn is capable of becoming that player that catches passes over the top of the defense. But Miami lacks a player that can turn a 7-yard slant into a 56-yard TD. Miami lacks a guy that can make the first defender miss, breaks the next guy's tackle, and is gone to the house. Miami lacks a guy that brings the YAC (Yards After Catch). Such an addition would open up the running game. Such an addition would slow a defense's desire to blitz. Such an addition would make any QB look a whole lot better.

The case for CB: Sparano has said he doesn't know that there are any lockdown corners anymore. The fact is the NFL game is made for offense and, except for the rescindment of the force-out rule, the fathers of the game are always trying to help open up the passing game. That does not change the fact Miami's best candidate for starting opposite Will Allen is Eric Green, who Sparano says, "has something to prove." Yeah, he's got to prove he can be a starter. Regardless of whether that happens or not, the Dolphins have three corners scheduled to become unrestricted free agents after 2009 assuming a collective bargaining agreement is reached. And even if it is not, Allen is scheduled to be unrestricted. So this position requires attention in this draft -- and perhapswith the selection of multiple players. Jimmy Johnson used to say you draft four positions in the first round. He wanted left tackles, pass-rushers, quarterbacks and cornerbacks. (Wish he had remembered his own rule relative to the Yatil Green selection). But the point is cornerback is a championship position. And the Dolphins are lacking there.

So there you have it. That's the case for each need. Which one is the Dolphins' priority?

You tell me. I'll give you my opinion tomorrow.


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Jason doesn't clean Tom Brady's locker - he cleans his clock. Taylor by far and away leads NFL players in sacking him.

Pats will never sign mr 1-15 unless he will be working to clean tom brady'S locker every week.

Posted by: Gopats | April 09, 2009 at 11:23 AM

Trade Porter? Bill - get real. Porter is old, and has a huge contract. Maybe we can trade D Wade for Hedo Turkoglu also.

i dont think orlando is dumb enough to trade away the franchise for wade. Hedo is the man in a 3rd world country. lol

OMG, joey what are you saying? be nice joey

I think they need a nose tacke way more than a WR. I'd say corner back. pass rush. nose tacke. wide receiver. in that order.

ace, what are you up to now

Mando, check this out, i hear joey ( duh) porter's I. Q is the same as where water turns to ice... can this be true? that dos'nt sound like a parcells guy.(what ever tha means)

where did porter play college?

Guys, what do you think about ted( where's the side line) Ginn and his clip board holding daddy?

hello jaksin, are you ready to talk some wide receiver with me.

Selvin Learning center i think..

And i hear he was in the special ed. classes at slyven.

these two( ginn1&ginn2) are from a rival d1 high school here so ive seen this strange thing between them for years, im glad someone else (cuban)see's it as odd also. i still cant believe they are on my team.

Breaking News!!!! This Just In!!!!!

Jason Taylor is coming back to Miami!!!!!! But not to play for the Dolphins... He will be starring in the new season of
"The Real Housewives of Dade County."

Sean Smith!!! 6'4 cornerback with speed and good hands. He just needs a little muscle. But this kid is gonna be good. Sparano will feed him meatballs and he will develope into a top flight corner. Youtube his highlights.


The dolphins clearly have pending needs at many positions but as for there priority? I think they are tied for having WR and CB as their most prominent needs. Obviously a player opposite Will Allen is a big need because of the wide receivers they will be facing this year (TO, Lee Evans, Randy Moss, and all the others), but there is also an equally as important need to intimidate defenses to let Ted Ginn finally show his potential. So, what the dolphins should do is simply pick the best overall player, either cornerback or reciever, with their first pick. No matter how the first pick goes, the first two picks need to be a WR and a CB, in no particular order.

Jordan - Yatil Green was injury-prone in college. He never played a full season at UM without being injured. You can find this info yourself - just Google it. No-one disputes that Yatil was a class act and worked incredibly hard to overcome his injuries but he ended up averaging 1.25 surgeries per NFL game played (10 surgeries, 8 games) and thus was a bust. When he was drafted, the buzz was the same as it would be if the Fins went for Percy Harvin - "but he's so injury prone." I remember it clearly.

It all starts with the line. IN the old days this meant NT and DE. But with the 3-4 this also means an OLB. It's not a fancy pick but it's a solid one and BP knows his LBs. IF they don't have a deal in place with JT.

In reading another blog it was suggested that the Fins might ship JP out at the height of his tradability (17.5 sacks, ProBowl year) and bring in JT as a stop-gap. If older players are "progress stoppers" then JP is going to become one shortly and JT would be cheaper. It has also been suggested that they cannot sign JT until the one year anniversary of the trade with Washington. So that would be July. IF they intend to bring JT in (regardless of any fantasy trade of JPeezy) then I'd say they will bring in a NT or a CB. I don't believe a first round WR is going to happen. I strongly believe they will take at least two offensive linemen, including a large center starting in the late second or third round.


I agree with you that the Dolphins will pick the best player available, and I think they have set themselves up nicely to do so. Whoever is the best option at cb, lb, wr, or nt will be taken first. You can speculate and second guess all you want, but there is no point... It all depends on who is there at #25 and I am confident the trifecta will make the right decision.

Wilt Chamberlain,

Right on about Sean Smith, I think he will be a good corner in the NFL... I hope the Dolphins get a chance to pick him up.

Theres a Buzz going around that the Dolphins are looking to move up in the draft.
The Buzz is the Dolphins are looking to get the 12 pick from the Broncos and give them the Dolphins 25th QB John Beck and a player to be determined either in this years draft or next for the rights to select Robert Ayers with the 12th pick
If that happens i would like to see the dolphins get CB Sean Smith with the next pick they have and they can both start day one. Ayers is a monster and if they pull the trigger on this one WOW! Future all pro and then get Sean Smith who has alot of upside and is only going to get better, this would make for a great start to the draft.

We will see what pans out with Jason Taylor but I still think the dolphins have moved on.


I have been saying for a while that pairing Beck with our 25 pick would be a good package to move up in the draft order, but to go all the way to number 12 to get Ayers doesn't make sense. First, why would they already come out and say who they want? Thats just not their style. And Second, I think there are many better options at #12 like Everette Brown and Maualuga, just to name a couple.

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Soulja. Robert ayers is going to better than both maualuga and E. Brown. Maulaluga has slipped down the draft boards because of Mulitiple ? marks about his play . Brown is a 1 dimensional player. He can't play the run for SHYT ! He has bust written all over him ( Just like most FSU DE's ) Ayers is a beast ! He's the big rush lb who can also play de in pass rushing situations that the trifecta covets. Reminds people of willie McGinest. And you know who drafted him. He's moving up big time.

Yatil Green was going to be Jimmy Johnsons version of Michael Irvin.
Jimmy was a great talent evaluator and has had some great drafts for both the cowboys and Dolphins. Yet there where some report about Greens injury problems but if Jimmy saw unquestionable talent and potenial to be a playmaker for his team he would take them. Regardless of report about a player with a history of trouble and injury among other things. Jimmy and Michael won a championship together at UM and knew the party happy Irvin was a playmaker. He saw the same thing in Green and as stupid luck would have it FIRST day of practice SNAP and the rest is history about Green. But as far as I was concerned I thought Green, was the next Irvin in Miami. I had visions of Marino tossing it over to Green, green out leaping defenders TD!
Moving on the more picks you have the more chances you have of landing a diamond in the ruff and that is what the draft is all about. It is what jimmy Johnson did in Dallas and Miami and what the Dolphins Trifecta are doing now.

Dolphins4life. That being said miami won't have to move up to 12 to get him.they'll be able to get him at 25 or move up to say 20 or move down a little. I don't know where that rumor came from but you know it wasn't from miami. Like soulja said , that's not miami's style.

why when a player doesn't have a market for his services ,he doesn't go into retirement with dignity,why we have to waste people's energy and time and money talking about it for ever.any one has an answer for the master.

Just hear things and I agree why would they give up the 12th pick.
But, now hearing it, the Buzz, it makes a little sense if you look at the Broncos wanting to add Beck a QB they may need at very least to back up Rex Grossman. They have the 18th pick and then add the traded pick at 25 in the first. Its the PTBD in this years draft or next that will make or break the trade thats all I herd.

The Honorable Jimmy Jhonsons , one more over rated dolphin coach who cared about his hair looks than his draft choices.

nj phinfan
yeah i agree what soulja said its not their style to give anything away. Drafts are soo unpredictable but if this does happen WOW.

D4life, how come your team was sitting duck in nfl cellar for 10 years if all these people had unquestionable talent.please stop talking about your vision b/c it sounds like comedy.

The Herald should mobilize their legal team to sue the Dolphins to disclose their draft priorities. The fans need - - and deserve - - greater transparency in Football's front offices. Surely the Sunshine Law or some similar theory should allow the public to weigh the information in the Fins' possession.

Dolphins for life,

I agree that Beck to the Bronco's makes sense (even though they have Orton and Simms, they still need competition b/c those guys aren't great), but what I was saying doesn't make sense is The Dolphins declaring they want to move up to get Ayers. Even if this did go down, the Dolphins wouldn't reveal the player that they wanted to pick... It gives other teams an edge and a chance to spoil the fin's hopes...Its just not their style...they like to keep a little mystery surrounding what they will or will not do... The front office wont even let anyone know who they like at #25 or in the later rounds either.

jimmy loved his hairsprayed hair dew to look good. He order those cans of hair spray buy the dozen.

Yeah it may sound like comedy SNAP they way brady whent down SNAP also sounded like comedy.

Yeah its not the Dolphins style to let out any thing regarding the draft I agree. Lets see how this plays out because I think it was a smoke sceen when they had visits with Rey Maualuga and earlier in the year a visit with Darius Butler. Or maybe their due diligence but as far as Robert Ayers have they even visited with them because I herd on the phinsider blog about this buzz.

Soulja. Believe me . Miami won't have to move up to get ayers . Than can get him at 25 or by moving down to say the giants at 29 , who would pobably want 1 of the wr's that fall , while getting an extra pick.

D4life ,if you read what you wrote you will know it's comedy after 10 years of misery how can you say any one the fins play ground knows any thing about vision but eat some hot dogs and talk with alien man on a blog,and that's why we sent you the the tuna boys from north.

P.S...NOTICE i didn't insult you

Hey everyone,

There has been an imposter "ACE" posting today. The real Ace never asks "if anyone is there" or "where are you" or insult Phin fans.
The real deal is here. Take that gopats/jetsrock

E&O meant to say Beck would back up Orton not Grossman.


Gopats will almost never insult you, but his alter ego jetsrock/des will put the boots to ya.

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I rest my case.

Great article Armando. I disagree with sparano that there are no more shutdown corners. Overall if we get a WR a CB and an OLB with the 1st 3 picks your article is covered Armando.

yeeeeees,aceman in the house

I'm sorry if you feel I insulted you I meant to do you no harm or hurt your feelings.
But if come on to this blog as a pats fan on a miami blog, wait are you the cuban?

ACE ,YOU DID REST YOUR CASE so we are not going to hear from you again,RIGHT?

D4 life , you didn't insult me, i was pointing out that i don't to be a part of fight b/c i am having fun and you asked if i am the cuban ?
like fox idiot would say "we report you decide"

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Just so we get this stright, the menace only comes on this blog as "cuban menace" though ive thought of logging in as Beef Supreme, Major Buckwald and some time's as Snake(yeah,snake SISSSSS) ive never logged on as these other alias. only as the menace..( i think though i have logged on once or twice as " chad henne's neck fat"

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I see alot of mock draft boards that have Ayers being taken from the 10 slot to the 20 in the first round
I agree with what you said about trading down and adding more picks. But if Ayers is still on the board after 20 I don't see the Patsies letting us get to Ayers when they pick at 23 this guy brings too much to the table to let him get bye and land to the Dolphins.
Only way to get him is to trade up if the Dolphins in fact do want him but we shall see.
I do like him (Ayers)but to move up and give up the a pick would be huge choice to make. You dont want to give up too much at the same time getting Ayers, this guy would solve alot of problems and we can then focus on Sean Smith or whatever CB is available with the best value at #44. If that happens Ron Brace might be gone when they pick at #56 so they might take the best center available. What do you think?

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cuban,are you Carlito and mr Bungle ? if you are tell and i will not tell any one b/c i really love you

WHY would I draft a CB early when I can draft front 7 guys that will make life so miserable on opposing QB's that "scoop" or any of his 20+ ID's could man the CB position?

THAT'S the Football 101 lesson for today Madden All-Stars and Fantasy Footballers!

A couple of observations from some posters:

A) I agree that CB is a glaring need. For those who think we have adequate cover men for TO and Randy Moss, THINK AGAIN! It's a big hole fellas and I hope that the Trifecta not only drafts well to fill this need, but brings in a FA veteran to compete (yes, there are still some out there). The transition soley to younger players is a mistake. You mix in a bargain veteran and let them compete. That breeds success.

B) What makes anyone think that John Beck has any trade value? He barely made the roster last year and he could be a camp casualty this year if he doesn't step up his play. Don't you think every other NFL team knows that?

C) JT bashers get over it. The man is two years removed from NFL defensive player of the year and is a model citizen. So he dances... if that's his worst vice, please send him a memo that he's forgiven.

D)WR is glaring need number two. If you think our wideouts are on par with our AFC rivals (minus the Jets), you're dead wrong.

Even Spararno states the obvious- "Sparano has said he doesn't know that there are any lockdown corners anymore. The fact is the NFL game is made for offense and, except for the rescindment of the force-out rule, the fathers of the game are always trying to help open up the passing game"

What does that tell us? Maybe we should join the party?

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